Used for discovering new possibilities (learning phase) or using for conformity (fear-mongering)

Used for discovering new possibilities

Liberals, millennials and learning phase. Refer to actively pushing limits. Refer to connection to past. Refer conservatives ideas are pragmatic ideas and not accepted based on how they were learned (hitting).

using for conformity

Means to attach an artificial emotional attachment to it; Like a child being attracted to a parent because of physical touch.

For example, just saying ice cream will remind someone of physical pictures of ice cream because of physical touch vs. saying ice cream to someone who hasn’t ever tried ice cream with the attachment of the syllables of said word.

Therefore it’s about the level of physical touch relationship; Now, I must ask the question, on the specifics of the learning phase and what it implies of someone is why, what should be done to keep them in the learning phase as a child-born scientist?

Room temperature is like normalizing touching senses.

Question the correlation, the relationship, plan out questions, no such thing as a stupid question.

Why is most of history taught in alternative facts, variables?

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