Cops: You either love them or you hate them

But the situation is more complex than that, more complex than morality.

Pay attention to the development of opinion, feelings used to set goals, or facts about situations, planning use to set goals.

In this case: “it’s either One or the other” as a possible possibility, being asked to share, develop opinion is proof of focusing on content plans.

“Sense of security” as a feelings word/phrase, a feeling that can be measured by your conscience and expressed via behavior and only interpreted as such (All laughers are a form of an evil laughter, just like how all smiles are only fake smiles you just must be aware of this and how morals force feelings).

In the same way one must be forcefully for the dearth penalty, no one can be passive and not for the death penalty. Same thing about ones’ attitude about war.

I don’t know and I don’t want to know; This is proof that time alive is opinion expressed.

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