Attitude Notes – Documented 6/25/2021

iPhone Notes

Stay hating is that a part of the lifestyle?

What does it mean to hate someone

What is this an example of?

Dosent mean anything

Behavior is used to understand actions is used to criticize

If social physiologists are liberal they why don’t you consider the fact that they know something that you don’t?

Parents can ask as long as it’s within reason 



Imperfection is perfection that’s the way you can learn – only way learning curriculum, know what to look for alive bias

Study feelings,

What variable to look for this is called results, etc. and words of the like.

Something about feelings formulas – the how does one get to laugh feel bad? Etc.

The why is the how. When your body is asking for the meaning of life, it’s asking what what does this imply; this proves awareness of past events and the nature of its contents is what makes feelings change.

Your body is actually subconsciously (forms of) following the rules and applying pragmatics. Now aware of the how. For example, by not killing anyone at the moment and doing anything but (see variable, created by Alive bias proof) you are following the commandments of do not murder dogma.

God, as a theory, vague idea, all form of 

Interchangeable variables are content variables alive bias

And pragmatics I think.

Abortion as an idealistic vs. pragmatics moralistic.

It’s much easier when you know what phases to avoid and not be pragmatic feelings phase skill and dogmatic.

See: don’t even remind yourself of the temptations

If you’ve questioned every single specific thing as why you will get the inclusion that everything is only a chemical reaction to your body. This is why dogma is good.

Also check on other notes on Google docs and on the laptop.

Factor, sill set, what else? Something that’s starts with an s. I must have had it documented earlier.

Being aware of the thought process coding behind it

The reason why is the reason that you don’t know.

Theory: Hierarchy isn’t real, it’s only repetition and alive toleration bias that you think it’s real.

What if people don’t want to become hard headed conservative CEO’s?

G*y people’s feelings being hurt is valid. That’s like saying I can punch someone and laugh at them when they cry. That’s the only way to reach a conservative mindset. That’s the how. And conservatives aren’t aware of how or the why, they are children who haven’t lost their scientific innocence.

Denying it is only proof of it is proof of interpreting behavior.

Conservatives cannot connect the dots and make conclusions with variables.

Add to keyword: deductive reasoning is proof of identifying via verbatim, (what else?)

And abortion is murder (definition thought process here) and that supposed to mean what? Meaning is the goal that is set for identifying refer to how judging creates feelings after judging happens – either long term or short term phase. I had some notes written on the phase of feelings.

Expecting anything but death as a possibility.

Dirty business tactics used by conservatives

The only way to be aware of this conclusion is if you are not physically inclined

Killing a baby is a vague process words that isn’t specific, proving phases.

Vaguely set criteria, not specific

Wish I could document ever second of this life as a video file and upload it to a website by the second.

Add to funny word; unabomber

“Walking brain.” Meaning idealistic 

Sidewalk counseling: what factors play into deciding weather or not to like a certain feeling?

Does anything feel uncomfortable enough to want to change?

Change- why specifically me ?

Why specifically me in the sense that I must go write the drivers test? Etc.

Diversity is an example of a context variable, we need diversity in the sense that we need more racial diversity not necessarily perspective diversity.

Change goal, no bias is liberal bias

Change variable on ones own lifestyle.

Don’t panic when making mistakes

In order to not fold under pressure you must practice not folding under pressure from the past 

What is your planning based on, depend on? Virtually (expectations of respected) and physically.

Calling conservatives anti-intellectualism doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad thing. This is proof of judging ideas.

Tip: formulate a schedule when in private and not disturbed. That’s the only way to do something not out of a reaction rather being proactive. However if you were really being proactive you’d be a scientist studying the present tense – the only thing that can be understood – unless you want to plan out the specific content variable interchangeable pragmatics variables as in move 90 degrees north.

Check on liberal physiologists know something that you don’t.

Half – a**ed understanding.

Feelings are just what you feel when alive, most of the time it’s in the format of reward and punishment 

Add to keywords: boring, new

In order to have to tell yourself to never test these possibilities like murder it takes rewards and punishment testing like dogma

Do you intentionally think that? Is that out of your will meaning someone else is thinking for you called content interchangeable variable (and pragmatics)

Check on relationship to other variables

You’re going to have to tolerate the least amount as possible. I don’t want to be in public.

Acknowledge it

Stop practicing it wrongly

Deeming murder as inadmissible in any circumstances is an example of possibilities 

Proof that we think out of fear.

Feelings in the middle whilst we are alive

Stop formulating hypothesis and not test it. Yes, including testing your limits on murdering someone else. Get away with It. As long as you have a plan.

Short term goal; long term goal 

Distracted just means to be curious

Pragmatics part

The very thing you think is helping you is actually hurting you; an example of this is friends.

Why are people liberal?

Like conservatives ideas are learned via violence manlihood. This is why we don’t like conservatives pragmatically applied goals.

You wouldn’t know the color blue if you hadn’t experienced it.

On the same way, you wouldn’t know these of ideas proving specific to lifestyle.s learning phase.

Coding behaudine thr thkbtj pieces of pro life 

The purpose of thinking is tor calculate acceptance and to be aware of non natures system proving alive bias as toleration

Once Chan he 

Attentive thinking no hurt frustrations 

Specific skill set step by step 

Calm under all circumstances 

Safety dosent happen by accident

Form of excuses

Don’t do small talk

That female

Skill set specific push tolerance step by step

Small matters and 1 thing else protocol only with others no get close

Adoption to a new schedule routine everything is a part of the schedule called system 

Don’t think know 


Become aware of knowing 

Physicals specific 

Curiosity morality tolerance phase

Repetition Stockholm syndrome 

How to live life


Opinion to be here

You can’t choose to be stupid someone else must do for you

Specific lifestyles 

Physicals system 

Relationship as father and relationship morality saying that’s disgusting 

Scale practice feelings phase

Safety cooperation with others system passive toleration aggression 

Specific schedule dramatize reflect

God is a form of a language. Content. Symbolism.

God is a characteristic word like dog form of language

We are on drugs now; just a different form of drugs. All doesn’t have to be one.

How did you do it in the past?

Something are just wrong


Opinions is Just another form of drug addicted, for example, wanting to smoke itself is an opinion. Check on it’s always manipulated to want to do, not just to do.

Labeling one as a facasism is an example of judging feelings and facts describing thought process itself: see using word to describe itself.

Distracted is just a euphemism for curiosity.

Mixed feelings, lack of understanding coming to peace, I don’t want to meet new people.

Morality as a form of language

What do we do when we don’t use words? Are we feeling?

What is the purpose of comparing? Do we have an end goal when performing that calculation? And what does this imply about it’s motivational energy?

Docs Notes

Caring about what others think.

What is conservatism’s end goal?

You’re constantly gaining new information

Manual labor as a form of physically abusing oneself see content words.

Help how end goal vague

Know how to control feelings.
They have different end goals, and we have different end goals.

Studying the senses vs. applying the knowledge, like a doctor vs. researcher.

I know how to question words.

In order to id. it , you must first develop it.

What do people mean when they state you’ll know it when you feel it?

iPhone notes set 2

Stop it before it happens

Pragmatic morality is proof of tolerance

What else? Something else about part pragmatic and morality tolerance.

What does likening one really mean in terms of learning phase

Liberalism’s is a personality type.

Like moving robot blocks

“ explain it to me like I’m a new person”

Using words to document itself is a form of documenting. Remembering.

dear liberal indoctrination claimers: do you just not understanding and are aware of of how people turn into liberals?

You do care about their political views, just not directly in nature; in the same way I only care if you can do this task but in order for them to do said tasks they must’ve been a Trump supporter. This proves placing your desires according to being aware of the how nature works.


Was that female in her car when I was talking my test?

What else it was something about linking certain Reddit posts 

Goal end is the feelings hende the eye foe an eye

Population control

Lineal mindset when arising wonder mid sr when apply on g 

You do care about their political views, just not directly in nature; in the same way I only care if you can do this task but in order for them to do said tasks they must’ve been a Trump supporter.

  • New

Following system rules

Specific on abortion aware

Conservative mindset later and liberal mindset when doing.

How to live life.


How to formulate an opinion
Does Not argue that all libs are indoctrinated.

Scientifically CHemical reaction I am a liberal because I experienced such a diverse viewpoints. Not because of a lack of diversity as conservatives argued.

“Conservatives don’t understand liberals?”

Morals aren’t real. Like other people: making vague opinions a reality like pro life isn’t going to happen in real life because people are still going to forms of breaking the law. Like vague loaded words only pro life arguments like save a baby.

taking conservatives opinions as something special is the only way.

check on the rhetoric, dumb people think good ideas are dumb, what makes them dumb is your feelings about it.

Conservatives are biased in the sense that they want to use information for pragmatism, like how is this supposed to help me “in life?”

The problem with judging people based on content of Character is that based on how the system of nature works, the “why” is that wh**e people could have stolen black peoples’ dignity and used it for themselves. Only looking as specific facts here and not motivated to “do.”

feelings in the middle of life

Deeming something as a personal problem is an example of deeming what (lifestyle variable, since all is a a variable) needs to be changed (proof that level of badness is level of desire to change uncomfortably feelings phase that we don’t see each others personal lives). Also proves tolerance.

All about feelings is conservativsm

Great thinking we profcess of identified

Comfort zone 

Somrtnktm abori sidding conservatives 

Curious Proving theory of exploring feelings

Introducing ideas

Calm as boring

God as an idea that keeps you alive and coming back.

New notes documented via keyboard:

Conservatives using the argument: “you’re hypocritical for being pro-choice and anti-death penalty, therefore should feel bad” This is proof that feeling bad and non learning phases are creating feelings limits.

The system is this: Make sure you are aware of the thought process, ideas used, ideally though process used; This is how you can debate pro-lifers as a pro-choicer and win. Be aware of the thought process, because the thought process is being aware of this non-natural system. Debate using words, not physicals intimidation.

Pro life takes energy to id. like morality, in the same way it takes energy to hate non-straight people.

Pro life doesn’t mean anything unless you’re physically attached, motivated to it. Proving that morality is motivated to identify.

It’s not government mandated forced birth unless you’re manipulated to do it. Don’t hide behind the pro-life thought process for this.

My attitude towards pro-life is this: “make my day easier and get off of my body”

Morality as a form of language, content words. Since it’s not a scale like below picture: rather words that are used, proving unaware of how and pragmatics and physically affecting as a subconsciously considered but not as emphasized factor.

How simple your plan is vs. how complex your plan is will show how much pragmatics is going into it. Loving babies is just being physically affected by it in some manner.

Scale for interpreting words; This is why it feels comfortable to learn and not apply, and say that one needs to go back to the 5th grade. God as a form of a language scale

Why does forcing birth the same thing as forcing abortions’ (forcing to change opinions)? A: This proves content planning variable Like this irks me just thinking about it.

Focring as being entitled to hear – proving awareness.

Why is okay to force kids to have an opinion? But not manly indoctrination conservatives adults?

Formula is just being aware of the how; For example, how to formulate questions, is a question itself, proving awareness needed to ask teh question how to formula question.

They want to use their freedom to convince you via content words. Part pragmatics.

Any pragmatically applicable thing is Dogma. Is this why morals and dogma make society “Go?”
Alive bias, proof of judging dogma. As if murders are a bad thing. only the conservatives who triggers people.

How can I be pro-choice and anti-death penalty? Because I understand why. It’s called social justice.

Applying pragmatics is always motivated by dogma.

You can only do this if you make mistakes. In life you make mistakes, and then find out that they are meaningless in the end, once practicing the ideally reflecting thought process.

What is so different about a baby and a rock? Nothing verbally and ideally.

Just because you’re not exposed to many viewpoints doesn’t mean you’re indoctrinated, I wasn’t exposed to pedos and I know that they shouldn’t do what they do regardless.

Forms of doing vague; Like subconsciously forms of following the law.

Already following the regulation laws introduced by the so called facaist liberals, therefore they’re not really forcing you.

I am concerned about others just not in the sense where I only care if they don’t affect me and follow the vague dogmatic law. Proof that cares must be specific to the present-tense situation.

Nature isn’t fair system.

Liberal mindset two faced ideas.

Using it as a milestone in lifestyle.

Dogma conservative death penalty

Applied sciences.

Thinking about thinking; what are thinking variables? Proving attitude is background and pushing limits is the only way to id variables’ limits, results is a limit of ones’ variables.

I think religion is great as to how to live in society.

What do practicing morals stop?: cooperation.

Morals and it’s language,how it was formulated, like a language scale variable, all languages need one, it’s the formula,not the pragmatically applied dogmatics.

What are life skills?

“Since nobody seems willing to state the obvious due to cultural sensitivity … I’ll say it: rap isn’t music; rap culture is disgusting and degrading; rap creates racial stereotypes and revels in them.”

They only exist if you think they do.

What is the purpose of saying this? Is it have a reaction? End goal?
Classifying definitions

“being smart”
Alive bias deemed as, no different in deeming as a result (used as a piece of information)

What are you expecting to make sense out of? Expecting = making sense.

Abortion something about homeless people learning emphasizing information on one’ lifestyle.

You’re not going to change my mind on aboriton no matter what type of mindset, just stop talking about it so that I don’t have to deal with it.

Lifestyle judging how.

Forms of hate shown; Aware of feelings.

Judging by one’s lifestyle – interpreting this specially is proof of interpreting lifestyles as specifics.

By planning it, you’re being aware of the content variable of the results

Systematic doing – systematic thinking (pragmatically) this is why the army is so strict on the little things as well.

This is how one should systematically think and not produce feelings like pro-life. labeling parts of ones’ experience, This is called systematic thinking here. And you must be motivated to do it.

First understand this, then only can we move onto the next goal.

Curriculum is a form of a plan.

I know how to understand situations that create no feelings.

Is the reason why politics even exists to “defeat the other side?”

Vague words are an indication of ideas that are only a part of the situation, basically a half-as*ed understanding.

By denying evolution via verbatim you’re only proving it to be true. this proves focusing on content and barriers of taking it personaly.
the content is the what. The content of the variables of result.
^ This type of attitude
Defining the limits and experiencing the examples of of in action

Morality as an example of stupidity rewarded.

It’s not liberal indoctrination, it’s just that studying phycology will only make you a liberal. Because you are then aware of the real reason.

Conservatives have no scale, no idea, clue on how to interpret behavior, which is why they claim liberal indoctrination. after all, why do you think that phycologists have the liberal mindset (curious mindset as least when hearing others out)

Saying I am a conservative means that I support conservative ideas, goals, plans.

God as a form of a language scale.

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