What possibilities (of ideas, events) does the word: economy classify?


Remember ideas can be a part of an event, like abortion caring to ask more questions or enforce morality.

See: variable, limited possibilities, words are tools, Economists who study economies,

Is using such words to describe said theories’ limits (opinions’ limits) is what is limiting your vision in visualizing possibilities? See: focusing on words’ contents.

Theory: The feeling used to identify answers like they do in “Win a Million dollars gameshows” is proof that the feelings is attached to the content being identified (solely ideally).

feelings is attached

I have a strong feeling (alive bias) that this has to do with the nature of the words, variables: like economy

Theory: The said feelings are mixed up and are derived from physicals?

the word: economy

Other examples include: crime rate, scientist new inventions rate, Job possible variable 

Cant have personal freedom without economic regulation; this proves complexity of opinions in relationship to identifying variables that don’t even exist (for example economics)

Opinions = being scared of things that aren’t even there.

The whole point is to convince you; meaning to make you unaware, looking at this from an unbiased perspective reflecting it doesn’t make me feel bad; for example death penalty.

The whole point of having opinions is to get over them.

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