Attitude Notes – Documented 7/6/2021

System judging are the types of feelings creators.

Or judging the virtual holographic system ?

There was something else; along the lines of..

When you are manipulated to want to go to a party you were chasing feelings state of mind

Refer to the quote: catch flights not feelings

Meditation enlightenment quotes .

Respect is physically I’m doing it by being you and not developed desire to want to kill you

Desires can only go one way and that is for or rather manipulation to want to be against it 

Legally defined as forced birth is (not is is*) just as bad a forced abortion proves nature of the content also be considered for feelings calculate. See: limits of imagining.

Deeming pressure as good takes a privileged state of mind, like a conservative boss not caring and wanting to act tough, proving humanly.

How can you be both pro choice and pro life (see: labels are meant to dramatize and divide people) 

Why bad is actually good since bad is a form of motivation.

Hating is just as bad loving.

How others saying “they such” is the same thing as saying “that’s disgusting” and is only a form of expressing feelings via verbatim and is usually one or two words done as a reaction but can still get one or two words out by death time.

I haven’t came across any information that leads my to such a conclusion of a god physically and solely ideally (using the word: god is rather just a state of mind of a lack to understanding of the universe): rather God is the theoretical ability to plan to feel love as a thought process.

A scientist is just a kid who never grew up. I am sensitive and that’s a good thing. Self care quotes.

I wish you didn’t tell me that you were.

State of mind as it’s relationship to identifying which ideas? And it’s relationship to feeling produced (like patriotism).

The reason why I am a Democrats is because I am in a state of mind where I understand conservatives ideas, like understanding, understanding.

Keywords: ideally calculating, motivation to stigmatize, ignoring feelings dosen’t mean they’re not there dear Republicans who are patriotic feelings, wisdom doesn’t exist, 

“I don’t know, can you?…” meme

My behavior shows I’m an atheist and that’s all I need to say, in the same way I don’t need to explicitly state that I am pro choice to promote pro choice cause since in this case silence isn’t violence.

If you’re not mad then you’re not aware enough quote from a leftist to a black Republican.

What motivates this behavior? It isn’t magic or randomness, it has a well known correlation if too cared to study it see left wing criminology and social justice reasons for existing.

Sociologists care to understand how humans work.

Loving is a process a form of fear stems from fear. Being aware of this as a fact.

Haven’t decided on an end conclusion as a form of an opinion.

Lawmaking takes testing.

What is the end goal in legalizing abortion?

I am “against” abortion but I am not not pro birth in the same way many pro lifers call themselves, rather would like to put in the resources rather than malign it illegal. 

I’m pro life not government mandated forced birth. Don’t abuse me my body and my mind by forcing me to listen to you under the guise of freedom.

Skills can only be measured one way: see only one way to go from rock bottom.

Abortion is setting the criteria for matching the possibilities of experience, situations to judge from.

2 more thoughts.

Waiting for perfection is just waiting for your death.

Bottling up emotions, conformity to violence and morality law.z

Only people who say the left wing as dangerous is if you were doing something Wrong.

Deluded reality then call it reality’s what republicans do, such wishful thinkers. “You must be deluded if you think you can take my guns away from me without be forcing to use them on you.”

as simple as it sounds, don’t judge, understand, and your problems will automatically go away.

End goal.

Liberals tend to… well… be more intelligent. Sure there are criminals but you are only interpreting their behavior wrongly.

Knowing how to understand sympathizing with how

Socia conservatives is just peer pressure 

Possible reasons = possibilities motivation = possible possibilities= outcomes = 

After slavery we learned to set rules regarding it after learning from it. Lawyer thought process.

You’ll understand when you get older is an example of a feeling.

Having friends is a lack of understanding of other people; you wouldn’t have friends if you properly profiled them. Shared trauma brings people together. Like God unawareness is actually rather bad.

Thinking is painful

Physiologists know how hypocritical Republicans are

Forms of caring focusing one thing equals desire or feelings attachment

What should you let affect you that you feel so uncomfortable enough to change it? My friends’ group status, etc.

You should think of it as the possible state of mind to reach not to stigmatize; for example, criminals fantasize about how they’ll spend their stolen money.

When I get something I want to focus on it for the rest of my life and then finish it I don’t want distractions – like having to go to the orthodontist office or forma lol schooling.

The only place this can lead to.. is bad

Why share this piece of information now? Is that supposed to be taken as a threat? Since you are sharing this piece of information how. This is proof that deeming one as a threat is based on when.

Saying I don’t make mistakes is false, saying I don’t make mistakes anymore is true.

Legal definitions are what is taken into account

Identifying rights as baby dividing nature

The only way opposition can end if if they judge mental

Progressives will legalize murder and solve the root cause, so you can’t use abortion outlaw murder is the same thing as legalizing murder. It seems as if Christians want someone to be authoritarian. Refer to the story in the Bible is Israel asked for a king

Possible possible ways to die dramatizing information 

Plan possibility specifics

We are programmed to be unaware and believe in and god itself.

Should i create a new term for this as a part of the consistent leaning phase and start using it?

Politics takes is nothing but motivation to keep someone alive. So is being pro life as it itself is a form of an alias bias.

Skeptical of authoritarian 

To understand yourself means to predict your entire lifestyle.

Ideally using email format

What is the format of an action? And is it the same thing as a system?

Format = what to look for.

Virtually stabbing your self

Pro life is fear mongering confirming.

Liberal elites end goal is to 

Conform to violence

Should you care or what any conservatives has to say, they only have old ideas as only possibilities.

In my opinion, just means for my lifestyle

Are you aware of the variability being calculate

“I’m purposely going to get mad at you (even thought alway when you are mad you are only manipulated to be mad)

Why is my body and nature itself so complicated ? A: so that we spend our lives and generations understanding it.

Nothing is funny anymore because I understand it.

Testing my desires via experience experiments 

You should have a pre set goal to understand not just to know and be satisfied 

Pro cop anti cop energy

Waiting controlled by surroundings hierarchy

Strats are what makes it interesting.

If religion is defined as whatever keeps you from killing somebody else then by the definition atheism too is a form of a religion

Can you be bored of new things can you be bored of being bored?

What are the limits of seeing one is the problem and saying it as a solution they must have some sort of rule correlation

Indonesian death penalty

There are only a certain set of actions that can be classified as obsessed that’s why we have a single word for it alive bias.

I am not being a human I am becoming a human I am becoming a heartless skinless robot

What is required in order to develop the motivation to control it?

Only possibilities?

Feel like I can do it too tired mood expressing feelings

I want something that I can look back upon.

In reality nothing in reality also now the scientific nature is simple. We are all born scientist.

Intention indirectly affects reality feelings

Weather or not you realize it, specific language do matter..

Do you like give me a chance

Prompted thoughts coming out of nowhere 

Lack of understanding is motivation this is called curiosity and we always have it running.

Thought attachment: why is it that sometimes that we cannot calm ourselves down even though we know that we are controlled by your shower rings

“Just don’t kill me”

It’s not a crime unless you think it’s a crime – it’s also not classified as a crime unless it’s enacted as a laws

I’m trying to prevent a midlife crisis.

What do we all want? Either to completely satisfy your curiosity or to be dead forms of dying.

Controlled by surroundings awareness

Forms is dying suicide manipulated to want to think badly about oneself (how do we differentiate thoughts, is this proof of feelings attachment and motivation to formulate and identify feelings? Acting based on feelings) and feel sad

Pro cop is based on feelings, however, some claim it’s valid rational feelings such as a healthy dose of skepticism.

Control behavior means to control desire

As long as they can virtually do behind your back his tolerance mentally is physically 

Since wanting to be alive is the only form of an opinion. Being dead = no opinion since the body cannot want anything after death.

It’s about how you gain the possibilities of said ideal, it’s about how you gain said possibilities of said idea that leads to the next step.

^ study this and how ideally used for scientific method.

In the same way your friends are able to leave you they weren’t real friends to begin with; the same thing can be said with this so-called liberal bubble, if you are able to leave this defined liberals bubble, then it wasn’t really liberals to begin with.

How do you pro lifers by emphasizing pro life talking points only perpetuate the problem of which that they seek to destroy.

It’s impossible for the baby to develop the desire in order to have a choice. Governments are supposed to evolve, evolve into utopia. Cooperation for utopia.

What is the different in between (Insert word here) and (insert word here)?

How did you reach, forms of adoption such a state of mind?

Weird is just based on how you feel about it as well, it’s not a fact that they’re weird; rather it’s a fact about how the user of the word feels about it.

Rational made up term placeholder interchangeable

Lookout for vague possibilities 

Republicans started it. Started the feelings. And life hence pro life Republicans.

Everything is only a state of mind realize this. Referring to one as a conservative or a liberal does not make them equivalent they are false equivalency‘s. For example, conservative ideas by nature are far more judge mental and liberal ideas.

Conservatism = Feelings of patriotism and dogmatic enforcing

Is the fact that our schedule will be constantly changing lifestyle will be constantly changing proof that we are constantly gauging?

The only perfect lifestyle that exists is one that constantly changes.

The words all exist in your mind only if you focus upon it these are called abstract nouns if you do not focus upon it does not exist..

Our bodies are calculators

Correlation of the military budget and the fact that one claim that it should never be seven times as much as anybody else’s this proves Possibilities correlation condition Variable 

Does evolution encompass a creationism? Is creationism a part of evolutions definition?

consider the words used as they are too a part of the thought process. Make sure to remember the desires to use such words.

Focus on your circumstances not the ideas that are able to be heard whilst in certain circumstances (see: listening to teacher whilst in classroom)

Expressing your fears by planning to be pro-death penalty.

Small changes states of mind they matter.

Something else about something else it’s an idea that i am looking for.

Maintain position in power.

It’s about how the information is shared.

Forms of self defense is abortion rights ; weather or not it’s not up for you to decide and it shouldn’t be, IMO.

What else about ideas i feel like I’ve forgotten something…

How do idea work?

I know all possibilities now I just need to put them into action

Republicans are an abstract idealistic thinkers their pragmatic doors

Aware of limits

Are we born thinking or are we boring doing?

It’s only too much analysis if you yourself allow yourself to calculate and come to the conclusion that it’s too much analysis

I wish I existed and idea

It’s not liberals who are emotional, it’s republicans who try and push our buttons and make us emotionality changed.

Tip you and only you do not make your decisions your decisions are influenced by other people basically other people play a role in making your decisions and morality and cooperation and stupidity reward addicted generation

Aware of one limit at a time aware of one thought at a time conclusion mindset process decisions making process 

Are possibilities the limits or must it be limits of possibilities?

Aware of ideas. Something else…. I suspect it is a loss for something but ideally calculating

What does consent mean and how is it differentiated from pressure ?

Appeal to senses

What information gained variables’ does this piece of information actually classify?: see: ideally Miscategorized creates feelings.

Asking me to consider the baby in special way. Don’t make decesions for me.

I wouldn’t have came this car if it weren’t for mistakes

Why do we even have a word for this? Says the law school student.

Supporting the death penalty requires feelings experience process part of.

Supporting the death penalty, no matter how calm, is a form of virtually calculated violence.

Considering your past experiences is known as holding a grudge process

State of mind = conclusion = aware of conclusion.

Is mandated birth = mandated abortion?

How to learn get into the scientific method thought process.

I don’t want to constantly be In gauging mode

Focus on your state of mind

Whenever you’re questioning something you’re actually questioning how does your lifestyle working with a possible possibilities.


The beginning is always hard and gets easier 

Possible Applicable questions, scientific method, Analyzing in the situation

Being picky quotes 

Why choice dosent exist

And other word that represent as such that I long lost forgot as something that is yet to be documented

Socia Conservativsm Voters a peopel and wored victim to peer pressure

Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable so that you can know what to change. Let your feelings decide what to do next and reflect on it later

Feel uncomfortable but use the energy wisely don’t bottle it up 

Words are a form of a thought process itself.

Pre-set pro-life laws as a form of passive aggression

Ideally use pro-choice laws for good by interpreting behavior and voluntarily not wanting to get an abortion but rather support the right to others to get an abortion.

All is only a state of mind that is to be sympathized with.

What are you looking for?

Politics is just something done whilst alive

Why can’t we all just be perfect?

How Ben Sharpiro manipulated and stigmatized his audience

My hypotheses on conservatives more talk show is that they love to easily judge.

pro life and pro death penalty aren’t different, rather are the same persons lifestyle.

Looking at biased news from an unbiased perspective: What are any facts about your thought process (as previously practiced, now reflecting upon)? What are any situations where quantity=quality?

Don’t spend time to hate g*ays, or hate the mere thought of women having access, getting abortions as a process.

Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable so that you can know what to change. Let your feelings decide what to do next and reflect on it later

Feel uncomfortable but use the energy wisely don’t bottle it up.


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