Dividing nature into object nouns = feelings formula = proving feelings phase (sensitive to specifics)

Why specifically me must I perform this calculation? When i am nothing but an interchangeable variable a throwaway worker, not all of my talents are being used, potential being reached.

Feelings phase formula:

An ice cream store determines the cost of its sundaes by using the formula C = 0.50s + 0.35n + 0.25t, where C is the total cost in dollars, s is the number of scoops of ice cream, n is the number of scoops of nuts, and t is the number of liquid toppings. A Nutty Sundae costs $3.55. It has 3 scoops of nuts and 2 different liquid toppings. How many scoops of ice cream are in this sundae?

C = 0.50s + 0.35n + 0.25t

^ By following this formula, this is the feelings formula (refer all is a form of mathematics)

Theory: dividing definitions = phase; refer to categorizing definitions=awareness (for example the thought process of using the word steal, see: words are the thought process in and of itself, and stealing is only a label)


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