Attitude Notes – Documented 7/12/2021

labels don’t change a thing, definitions (considerations) do

scienitsts experts opinon

learning phase, and emphasizing facts phase since all is a form of learning

only one way to find out meme

wrong as a state of mind as of the process phase of idenitfying it as wrong, considering what ideally? interpreting such behavior as a new category called a ‘wrong’ behavior

the only thing that is a necessary evil is the republican’s existing themselves, we liberal elites exist to manipulate them to make them believe that we are the evil ones ..

considering defs indireclty judging, calling one as a baby

pragmatic motivation is contradiction with being more smart and needing to document

your reaction mean nothing to you years later

how intellectuals ruin society=they only ruin society from your feelings expressed via verbatim via the word ruin personally affected feelings.

pyschologically speaking, yes.

possible ideas=possible states of mind

one more couple more undocumented thoughts

sharing ideally meaning of supporting talkingisn’t much action behviaor needed

only possible way is this

tempt cause change varibable ask why don’t be dogmtic and mamke up conspiracies as to why academics lean left

moral obligaion

interpreting feelings in the spot immediately as a process to become aware of the sitaution and feelings and be on top of it and rather not conform to it

health is wealth, literally

‘solely ideally calculate’ as keywords

applying thinking skills first or second? (basically think first, then pragmatics or vice versa?)

imagining the imagining of hypothetical ‘scenarios’

how to become unconfuzed when confuzed as first?

I hate pragmatics first, I want to think first, but pragmatics is a part of thinking

don’t practice playing basketball without calculating the physics behind every shot

using the label facts to distort the actual facts, why the word facts is useless in political context

If you’re pro life then you are rather emotionally attached to said fetus. Interpreting their behavior it’s a family value alive bias. this also means that since you are emotionally attached that you apply the same logic elsewhere to naturally loaded words. See: thinking similarities.

what are you emotionally attached to

keyword: thinking styles

don’t stop here,

there is a reason why we have words for studying and pragmatics, using for ideally studying or blindly doing

know how to understand set the goal to understand that is and not to kill curiosity feelings motivation-some of it is a necessary evil, like stopping others from considering killing others, most of it isn’t.

opinion doesn’t mean much to me

What is the body considering, physically?

emotionally attached to only one possible interpretations

I wish the thoughts in my head could just me documented as the voice in my head states it. I think so many new things, that I don’t have time to verbally document them each. Quality over quantity though, as expressed.

possible interpretation of the weather map; asking what are the possible opinions, interpretations is proof of being more open-minded and not emotionally attached to one view-rather adopting new views as you go, the goal isn’t to run a society, and law and order, rather the opposite.

you wont want to anymore morality forms of develop opinions

possible opinions; why does it matter that its mine it’s just a box not necessarily my box, ownership is chasing something that doesn’t exist

opinions are useless, it’s the process of identifying specific facts (aka the only types of facts) that is; see: scientific method as a thought process.

see: types of opinions

how to make up new words is the same thing as saying how to learn science, or how to use the scientific method, how to use senses to find out more

the dif between a fact and a feeling can only be id’d via death

ideas specific to experience=fact identifying; ideas specific to yolo=identifying bias. it cannot affect the kid in the same way it affects the scientist, one is identifying formulas, the others is playing which is also a form of identifying formulas – knowing what the body wants, aware of what you truly want.

Taking notes on curiosity whilst practicing it

This so called free market only looks free to the personally affected. the goal is to keep them in such a state of mind.

Pay attention to how the free market is defined, if it uses the same formula for definition as comparing one thing to another past event then it’s only saying a lack of govt. interventionalist is what makes is free is like labeling darkness as compared to the absence of light.

others as a necessary evil and the others as using for pragmatics

Without putting energy feelings, into identifying the specific issues at hand then you will not be able to correct the actual problem.

Keeping problems personal is the exact way the rich rule. Study social phycology.

Mental health is a part of physicals health.

instead of criticizing ideals of anti g*y rather interpret their behavior as liberals to show how it personally affects means to you

as long as people feel the need to, there will always be…

simple ‘solutions’ = as cops; deemed as solutions based on how the information personally ideally affects you.

pro life is creating problem that don’t even exist in the head of one, same thing with chasing and identifying morality

imaginary words as a contradiction

calling it stupid is Just as bad as calling it indoctrination basically you don’t care to understand why

conservatives love to make fun of libearls’ reactions.

far right is an example of smart but evil

how to do things if they don’t mean much to you

why do you think, consider this piece of information? What is the motivational phase? A: feelings

Conservatives abuse people and expect people to not have feelings, rather harden or man up as they call it, unfortunately we only need both types of people in society.

loaded words by nature why consider this

making up words that don’t exist [1] [2]

is free will as an idea the problem or the solution to the problem?

us liberals know that conservatives are the problem and not the solution to the problem, which is why we censor them, they aren’t anything special to us.

realistic theoretically; realistic theories, not socialisms, rather capitalism, which looks good via interpreting behavior , not solely as ideas.

conservatives cannot interpret behavior, they are always personally affected and have an opinion on something.

considering new opinions

most of the time, you don’t know it, rather are personally affected by it expressing personal opinions, which is exactly what conservatives want, your reaction, your a okay to engage.

don’t just emphasize political views as if they specifically only matter, rather consider the jobs they work, as that too is a form of communication that should be considered.

tempted to develop an opinion is an opinion itself

interpreting the behavior of you calling me mentally retarded I can come to the conclusion that is it you the one who is personally affected and in your feelings in the moment.

Is criteria set or identified? See: forced opinion, morals are forced opinions

I document things by the second, I don’t feel overwhelmed and motivated to organize such pieces of information otherwise.

vague word should stay meaningless

studying senses=curiosity=science=studying forms of physscholgy

do we exist to work

theory: mental health=correlation with physical health, oops I meant to say that vice versa.

is the definition specific? “specifically vague”

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