If saying the word baby makes you recall a picture of a baby, then the word has meaning attached to it, thus making it a loaded word.

the important question is What does it mean to kids since kids=scientist, and we must be treated like kids and people must not push social boundaries.

What information is considered in order to determine, deem as meaning?

picture of a baby

how to describe words using more words

If you were a person who didn’t know English the word baby wouldn’t have meant much to you, however, if you do speak English and are a laymen who doesn’t understand how definitions of words are set and considered, then you will fall victim to vague words and assigning meaning to them.

setting your own definitions, classifying words using your own words as a form of a process that is to be considered as a part of the process, language, this is why liberals travel more and know more language and don’t fall victim to semantics.


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