Attitude Notes – Documented 8/3/2021

If you’re not going wash the dishes and take care of self entirely (ex buy groceries of yours) then don’t ask them for lenience on other chores (such as unbagging groceries form the car)

Distractions are a form of a goal too school isn’t just a goal it’s a distraction form being a scientist – as you were born with such desires

Crossing and interesting paths

Other notes: that one note I forgot 2 days ago regarding the liberalism to it means something about encompassing the whole consideration of whole life for example control freaks conservatives vs. personal freedoms liberals curious.

Manipulated desires want to kill someone else

Typically the more dogmatic you are it correlation with being opinionated; highly opinionated 

End goal of comparing 

Atheism behavior not idea

Ideas supported = behaviors

Family values are a euphemism for peer pressure

Opinion on the existence of his opinion

High school friends closure: no need the only real friend I have is me in the end weather or not I know it.

Intelligent wisdom measured 

Practicing racisms isn’t bad in certain contexts

Life moves on nature works

Parts of me died when I realized that she too moved on.

Don’t be willing to compromise your goal for any other possibilities

How I work; treat me nice, I am nice; if something happened to me as something bad, the I am bad

I hate physically taking care of my key

There is a difference  between intention and desires wants (goals)

If you’re not getting what you wanted then you’re letting someone else influence and confuse your desire via respectable

If you’re not getting what you wanted you’re waiting for it to happen to you,

You’re not chasing it yourself

^*This is basic ap physchology.

Avoiding bad feelings is the same thing as avoiding jumping in front of a car.

Check on pushing moral boundaries the more one engages with morality the more one is then pushing them thus creating feelings 

Make a mind map for: “if you want this, then you’ll, you should do this (if you really wanted it)..”


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