Attitude Notes – Documented 8/12/2021

You will not understand death unless you actually experience it

Universes aren’t the place to foster religion dogma so if this is what your goal is: it’s never going to be achieved

Goals set

Liberal bias is a euphemism for non stigma fact based specific bias. And if that’s a bias that’s a personal problem.

Always chasing goals : so what goals what must one avoid?

Expect to feel?

Conservatism is a lifestyle so judge it as such. Consider how they were raised, etc.

Morality useful to me, deemed as a necessary for goal, based on what goals?

Progress isn’t going back.

Understand why liberals exist, and then you’ll want to become one yourself

Your opinion of me does not matter as it achieves nothing with out my reaction and rather you are judging me too quickly.

Left wing encompass more possibilities personalities than right wing does: this is why the right wing is frequently called narrow minded for encompass such a low diversity.

Whilst it’s true that the liberal party attracts criminals, we also attract Academics scientists, etc.

Remember the past and how much you’ve struggled and lear from it cause it was a necessary involuntary mistake

Is not introducing an idea a form of lack of forcing them not to go: for example, conservatives force their kids to go to church liberals force their kids not to go to church by not letting their kids be aware of it as an option .

Consider the entire process of setting a goal and be aware of it and realize that our entire life is as simple as setting and achieving goals over the passage of time.

are you what you do?

respect their existence

are you what you do

are you what you want to be

turning point reaction goal set

Setting the goal of becomming a scientist at this point; Why isn’t this information widely available on the web?

What does it mean if you’re happy and someone else is sad at the same time?

Know what you should and shouldn’t be curious about by looking at the possibilities before it happens

Compatibility status

Recognize their own goal setting bias

Performing the calculation of comparing myself to others status of existence.

Is this what you want to be doing for the next 10 years?

Goal: ask questions

Hard to ask questions about things that aren’t there.

Proving goal in identifying: but killing yourself isn’t patriotic

leave room for developing and pursuing other goals

Encompass definitions

Conservatives systematically want there to be more people in poverty

tired of thinking, just thinking, yes.

what are you expecting to learn from this class

worshiping babies=being pro life

Using the word indoctrination in any context doesn’t make any sense

Deeming something as a need depends on goal, and if something is deemed as unnecessary, then it has another goal, called a priorities, and sometimes, a bias.

goal is emotional attachment; The emotional attachment is the goal; emotionally attached to goal

lack of a better word

means to me

understanding why changes minds

punch my feelings

poverty lack of resources

emphasizing stigma

Considering their entire lifestyle since conservatism and liberalism describe types of, sets of lifestyles

only murders who are caught, are killed; however, the ones who are not are not be specific about that

Why feeling pride? Or will they be dogmatic and not answer that?

It’s all in your head it’s not a big deal

Morality is just a nice way of saying social stigma

Social stigma is just the glue of keeping people together

Faith is just a euphemism for social stigmas.

Criminal minds evil genius motivated to use information for the common bad

All there is to it.

Don’t engage in it since it stems from bad

Atheism just means that you don’t yet believe in the existence of a god. In the same way a child doesn’t yet believe in the existence of a god. See: the robot hasn’t yet learned the tricks yet.

Marriage is a social construct. Unless the respect it mutual it dosent exist but solely in your head- ideally using such pieces of information.

I can’t say that Christian dogma works since many people have died at the hands of the Christian endorses death penalty and left society or committed suicide because of the after/side effects.

The only possibilities, not the possibility. Because if you’re using the word the possibilities then you’re just not being curious, and don’t know everything about such a topic after testing it as such.

The Republicans need something to hate: weather it be Muslims , etc.

Anytime a Republican argues against me they only prove my point, give me an example of what I said

Mb’ing is like chasing feelings that aren’t there unless you create them

Using for specialisms

If there is no energy against it, then there is energy for it: there is no neutral

Don’t be tempted to set bad goals. This is called morality. And sometimes, morality is bad, bad the bad – if you freethinking.

If feels good to do bad because you’re not considering the long term goals of moralities effects or long term goals of whatever you’ve set.

Follow a schedule is all mental motivation.

Only doing one thing can get boring.

Too tired to put in the work to be moral or is it time to move onto a new schedule? This scheduling process has worked for 5 months. I cannot let myself down and do the same mistakes again- as I’ve done for the past 5 years!!

Science is a neutral artifice: meaning don’t treat babies as something special (sanctity of life as goals, emotional attachment to babies)

List moral motivation god hitting as a part of the process to become aware of

Maintain as a goal.

Abortion stigma is mental health stigma because getting an abortion could – in some cases – save a woman’s life.

I don’t want to do (feel) I just want to think.

Feeling scared enough to work is a form of having feelings too you know.

Scientists lead a very liberal lifestyle.

Who actually dreams as a kid “ I want to become a working class laymen” a: Nobody? Really because we are all born as atheists as scientists who endorse humans. People become laymen’s because they have no other choice.

Killing potentials.

How to become a scientist means to set the goal of becoming scientist.

Delicate sensitive

If it’s something that one must need I related artificial encouragement on (see: working for money) then it’s not worth it in the long run for you personally.

How does faith work? Faith as a belief system.

Manipulated to want to think that.

Science behind that thought process

Mapping out your thought process

Knowing why changes ones mind.

Morality and cooperation

How dare you?

if it’s easy: then it’s wrong

Feeling special or treating feelings as something that is special

What to get and not to get emotional about- this is what you call as control freaks.

Technically speaking systemically speaking we are all forced to be alive forced to be alive we are forced to have kids.

Right wing is all about an emotional attachment to babies and their money left wing is elitist by default and only elitist

Fact about Attitude = fact about science

Thinking is forcing yourself to mentally limit yourself

Great observation there buddy yes all professors are liberal.

You won’t know how distracted you’ll get when testing weather or not this light should affect your focus. As it automatically does, you will be curious enough to look for it as a first intuition, since you are not trained to be desensitized to sound yet, unless you deliberately set the goal to be as otherwise implying that you care about another goal. If you do not deliberately set that goal then you will subconsciously either be desensitized to it for now or still be affected by it.

Who plays what role in goal setting? Also known as decision making, decision making to set and achieve a goal.

For example, should I allow myself to be distracted by it as a first initiation or should I suck it up and tolerate its existence and unexpected conditions?

Tip: since everything is goal setting: don’t set the goal to be sad.

Goal to be disorganized or distracted or.

Conservatives take humans nature very personally meaning they are the emotionally attached ones to this certain piece of idealistic information

Allow yourself to cry and feel; allow yourself to be affected by it

Don’t judge someone short term, just because they exist.

Conservatives take the very existence of liberals very personally

Everything as a part of your health

Looking for one else

Thinking itself if a limit. Limiting yourself: that’s the only usage of thinking: is overthinking as a necessary evil: stop engaging in much of it; the more you engage in it the more weird you are making it

If you think your goal doesn’t requires specific then you have a pre-existing moralistic bias goal chasing. And morality is a euphemism for a distraction. This is a conservative tactic.

My house is my home

Morality is useful for studying societal energy also known as free will.

Conservatives want to make it seem as if the left has done nothing good for society even thought many of their ideas saved people’s lives: from suicide, etc. same thing with religion.

Engage dogma uncomfortable

Feelings programming

Knowing why changes ones mind

Treat them like one if you want them to be one

Take it sarcastically not personally

It takes time to get back to the phase

Abortion stigma is the same thing as a mental health stigma

It’s not just what you see it’s also what you feel as a form of energy that should be considered : do not be narrowminded. Narrow minded is a euphemism for a lack of curiosity bias

If you don’t want that to happen then you must systemically prevent it.

Teaching isn’t free will magic.

Conduct experiment on self

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<p>CollegesEngage aren'tdogma the place to foster and endorse religious dogmauncomfortable</p>
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Morality is a euphemism for social stigma


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