Freethought Notes – Documented 9/26/2021

Unknowing lie

Why should we program people to feel sorry and want prosecutors to seek the death penalty?

as a scientist, you must realize how privilaged you are to even be able to trust depend and rely on the source you have: you are priviliaged

I am a mere idea

God is a label that is used to identify whatever cannot be comprehended.

I want as easy access to a science lab as I do distracting applications on my phone.

what are the questions to ask?

Science is a euphemism for understanding why, so do not used it as a body of knowledge.

Only when you’re not being proactive moral will naughty feelings start to develop

what is the target audience of anime/apple products/prageru/etc?

life saving training

If I was not moral I would not be embarrassed getting hit as a person in public.


Some of the most intelligent people I know are homeless people who’ve had no families

actions speak louder than words, that’s why I am pro choice

you don’t think it’s a form of forcing because you’re used to it. Conservatives need a brain scan.

religion is not something you learn in school: it’s learned under the guise of religious freedoms.

psychology of religion

Thinking that you suck, is exactly what is causing you to suck
The real question is: what is causing you to think that you suck?

Do you care to answer that question? perform that calculation of expecting someone elses’ behaviors?
“expecting an answer”

Conservatives tend to be middle class people who failed in life and want to take out their anger on children and go to religion as a comfort mechanism.
You want to know how I know? my dad was one of them, a clear example of these words in action.

you’re not special, this is all expected behavior, yes, even your lack of expectation

intelligent people forgive and ignore and prevent.

it is physically possible to think that abortion is healthcare?
Abortion can theoretically speak be healthcare. Practically?

Don’t speak on situations you don’t understand. Don’t be moral.

Politicians and morality

reasonable expect

do average people understand academic work?

How to raise a scientist? You must monitor their whole life; I hate moral control

How to raise a scientist

Moral issues are not issues at all, morality is self control.

Much feeling lack of thinking.

I just stay with problems longer, if you are curious about something and it’s specific (as science and facts are always specific) make sure you can go visit a lab

Why should my views on abortion have an effect on my views on capital punishment? It’s not an issue unless you make it an issue

If you’re calling the act of murdering illogical, you are calling, what is, as a part of Nature is illogical, and it’s only illogical in your mind (illogical as a socially constructed loaded word), stop labeling things before you get to understand them.

Morality is not neutral

republican think that everyone lives in the same moral universe as they themselves do

I don’t want to take responsibility to control
I want something else to take responsibility of me.

If Christians don’t like something they get motivated by emotions (what are emotions motivated by?), and start to insult it.

Science is for understanding.

come up with own observation

is morality healthy?

Morality is something that is solely used mentally but has practical effects by focusing on such thoughts.

“how to use mental math

“Human beings get better at what they practice.”
So don’t practice the wrong things.


expected behavior

conservatives require liberals to exist.

Why force me to follow these goals?

curiosity is a form of having an opinion? Or is it more of an opinion than being nothing

Just so you know, we all go through hard times, you are not special

Morality=counting on you.

reality is to be accepted not to be changed; opinions are a form of evaluation that causes feelings of change
Did the feelings motivate performing calculation or the calculation came first? It’s kind of like the chicken or the egg story.

Understand why women have abortions

There is nothing to understand about morality-morality requires a lack of understanding.

I don’t want curiosity to bother me and motivate me. I want to like curiousity.

opinions: it’s not a big deal unless you make it a big deal.

In theory everyone would be a perfect conservative.

Conservatives are creative, but practical as well.

Abortion is a form of self defense.
Sure it may not be legal but it’s still a physical possibility.

Is man made law a part of natural law, since we are a part of nature?

Moralistic fallacy

science doesn’t have to be in a science lab

understanding why, the motivation is real science, not enforcing dogma from either side, weather that be person hood rights over privacy or vice versa

there is a science behind everything; just so, doesn’t make it wrong or right.

goal oriented words

judging atoms
We are made up of atoms, we are literally part of nature.

Science is about studying senses even if you’re not actually (intentionally) studying your senses.

calling a kid stupid could make them stupid because you called them stupid

doing something you don’t understand
What if you don’t understand what you’re doing; What if you don’t understand how to understand.

facts cannot be chagned/disputed

you can’t accept something and want to change the truth at the same time

consult an expert

Morality isn’t a fact, solely a fact, but, however, you can make it (make your perspective) reality.

all words describe a type of situation

right wing arguments are a great example of the fallacy of a single cause.

pro lifers don’t argue on the basis of solely science, rather attach emotions to it.

science is about understanding, all aspects.
you can’t enforce dogma and understand at the same time

Why am I not motivated


don’t fall into the wrong mystery pool

permission moral criteria

Friends are a source of [happiness]


back to being a kid

What are doctors opinions on the prison sentencing? Why are non-health professionals the ones who are giving out the sentencing?

Why consult an average joe with no experience in anything but being a commoner first before an actual expert?

permeant solutions; oversimplify how nature works, why think that? in terms of that? Because you feel like it?

race traitor

only you can allow yourself not to be attached to things and make yourself ready

why can’t we see specifics? That would make science a lot more easier to come across and to get interested into

I am not actively trying to apply moral criteria, deciding what I should and shouldn’t be curious at.

do all scientists have phds?

why bring body specifically? What is motivating non-professional scientist me to become a scientist after 18 years of my own cursorily not being fostered

Can you be a good scientist if you have physical problems? Like middle class behavioral disease (yes, middle class is a disease)

Planning to ask questions from a pre-deposited set of questions
know what questions to ask

Does make sense means that you are expecting another response?

Care to understand why people have abortions?

Why does it matter? Why do you want to make it matter? (adding criteria)

Does it make sense to believe something just because someone else believes it? But why does it happen in nature? You see, nature isn’t always rational, and the fact of the matter is, is that they are not being irrational, you are because you are the one who is symbolizing their behavior as such. There is a science behind everything.

science is learning how to learn

to think means to consciously control regulate limit behavior: this is why I hate thinking

I hate systematically channelizing my feelings to show curiosity formally

we are all a part of each other, so, when harming one of us, we harm ourselves: This is why it’s important to treat each other with care.

“worst nightmare came true

“Forced to change over time” Forced to live at the hand of nature. Forced to be. Forcing morals.

Regulated by natures’ law.

How to set moral goals?

What is the purpose of information? A: However you use them as a part of nature you are, what motivates your motivation?

Is science always safe?

Are we powered by the same energy? Or is the energy all the same just invested in different ways; For example, is the currency actually different or is the price just different?

Scientists know when to stop researching when they stop finding new things.

speak like you’re talking to a scientist

How to judge atoms? Divide them by atoms as calling me a human limits and divides me as a part of nature that is separate from my surroundings even thought objects require a location in order to exist to begin with.

The programming of how nature works is really easy to study because it’s the science of your thoughts, it’s right in front of your face

The goal of morality is to cooperate, it’s a reward that takes the form of an experience itself.

Pro death penaly’ers and Religious people are not mentally healthy

don’t rule out whatever is worth studying and what isn’t as that shows a bias: performing the calculation as such, ask yourself, what motivates you to to think like this, question nature, yourself

science is easy, if it’s not, it’s not real science or you’re making it too complicated

practical ideas don’t specialize in fantasies, rather specialize in practicality

I don’t care to change anyone’s’ mind, I don’t think kids are born sinners.
I think kids are born scientists.

Guide on how to treat people

no such thing as one size fits all morality

Thinking as a form of behavior

Thinking = Calculating

Due to the nature of politics it gives no real viable solution

You words say you don’t want people to murder, your actions say as otherwise, dear pro death penalty republicans’ politician.

Republicanisms’ ideas prevent people from becoming scientists.
Treat people as you treat nature: with love and care.

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