Freethought Notes – Documented 10/7/2021

It’s simple, a bit too simple for me to comprehend; comprehend how to understand.

Skills must be constantly worked on to sustain

I’ve yet to perform that calculation of weather or not a God exists.

it’s hard to calculate moral behavior, I don’t think you’re supposed to this is called faith aka. trust

Responsibility is about chasing something that doesn’t exist; taking responsibility by getting an abortion

Man made socially constructed words

Why characterize the existence of such atoms as a baby? (since we are all a clump of cells technically speaking)
It’s not a self explanatory word, it stems from somewhere..

Science offers a logical explanation for, even, as deemed as illogical behavior, as if something is illogical, it’s personally affecting them

Teaching right from wrong is bad.

religion is fake, it’s all in the head

Right wingers think everyone is the same and can comprehend the same morality and has free will

kids don’t lie

Common sense, observation, survival instinct

I want myself

Is learning natural and take no effort?

anti intellectuals value common sense over the identification of specifics facts, value applied knowledge.

studying is a form of behavior

chasing morals or chasing facts resect socially acceptance correlation between morality and death penalty for animals

deserving is a form of opinion

facts are to be identified not changed why think? I didn’t ask for your opinion on hum nature dear pro lifers

behavior, lawyer, same species, respect people

Giving up control is morality, but this requires a good relationship and no problems

Can’t afford to die

Professional diagnoses anywhere
I need a doctor!

Opinions are just a set of criteria

Lose track of time

No opinion

Insane seems sane

Death penalty works in theory


You’re not a doctor, therefore, your opinion isn’t valid (to me).

you’re not actually mad at school, you’re mad being forced to go to school

Ask yourself: What question does this answer?

i cannot feel emotions, comprehend emotions

resist curiosity, asking the wrong questions

If that’s a problem that’s a personal problem why because you are the ones thinking that


Differ on the definition of freedom


Opinionated energy observation notes

Everything is a logical explanation if you look for it

Everything is a science

One more thing

Pracricalism and emotional attachment

Going to church is like going to doctors office

Medical experts on abortion

It’s all in your head: we all have schizophrenia: it’s called respecting others.

Sharing feelings

God is whatever you don’t understand

What if we had a doctor access 24/7?

Be your own doctor

Immorality is good

How to use?

The law is a piece of code running in the back of your head

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  1. There are many forms of documenting history and living is one of them; Yes, you are leaving your mark


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