Freethought Notes – Documented 10/8/2021

responsibility is a euphemism for bottle up for feelings and “be a man”

take responsibility not by having birth, but by getting an abortion, take responsibility for own healthcare decisions

It theoretically can be categorized as such; morality isn’t facts, and I clearly prove it’s possibility by thinking up of it.

Works best practically.

Anyone can easily do their best with the bare minimum, but it takes guts to go against all odds and pull yourself out of poverty by own bootstraps.

Theoretically work for everyone but doesn’t

What you don’t learn in school are non academic concepts right wing ideas known as common sense

Motivation for participating In clubs

Motivation for studying science is like motivation to study how we study

Taking about morality

morality is willful ignorance

limits of morality, ability to comprehend morality

how to prevent nsfw content from even entering into my life? I don’t want the opportunity to see such things (what is the programming behind this?)

Acceptance and understanding

do others decide (trust via moral control, giving up control) what is valuable for you? Morality over academic leaning?

religious effects

atheists who attend church

I wish I couldn’t comprehend happiness or have the ability to feel pain

don’t be too available; but don’t try, let it happen naturally

Understand the difference between fact and opinion, and please review the definition of possibility

Serious medical disorder
Wait till it gets serious

I don’t speak stupid

Responsible for death penalty applications

I want the same energy enthusiasm I apply to dirty thoughts: applied to me studying neuroscience: meaning I want to program my feelings to like studying neuroscience.

Criteria applied to judge

I don’t speak stupids

Curious about the right thing



Opinions are just a set of criteria that is applied
How did this opinion originate?

Why do we have idiots making kids? Only doctors should be able to reproduce.

I believe in quality over quantity, therefore I am pro-choice.

Will you be moral in all circumstances? Even in the cases of overpopulation? Or is morality supposed to prevent that?

Conservative doctor

Everything is a health condition

Only the elite should be able to reproduce and have kids

Change your feelings towards it

Attached to theoretical ideas

Get mad at the right things

Stop tolerating it

Study science spend time be curious not attachment

Purpose goal

Know the difference between opinions and facts get tired of it
What does it mean to you,?

Stupidly motivation

Do what feelings say do not tolerate and be within moral boundaries

All ideas are theoretical ideas but that’s kind of understood


Morality is the problem

Require morality


English literature devices

Ridiculing ideas put into good grammar

Asking the right questions

In terms of rights scale

Practical ideas words

Understand intentions goal

All effects Health

Pushing respect

Understand the guise of freedoms


Practical use of words

Be a “man” is a synonym for accept mental illness

Conclusion being drain times

Stems for emotions and pushing boundaries

Existence of criteria are facts

Opinions are the way you perceive things the things you focus on the process of focusing on something.

The what, asking the right questions

Why chose to apply knowledge now?
Why not be curious?

Knowing is applying in the form of being curious

Forced pregnancy is a crime against humanity



Wrong necessity

Should feel bad

In the eyes of the law everyone is the same

Make it easier


Social order and structure practicalism

You will always be average and as expected

Stupidity is made unless you’re born mentally retarded

Personifying things

Personally affected observation

Science is just pointing out the obvious

Coming out a different creative

Not moral normal anymore

Hack your brain

How to make leaning fun?
The only way I’ll learn

Laughing at your laugh

Science is about solving problems until then apply temporary solutions: this is what conservatism is; acts as a temporary solution it’s rational for its time and now has to stop needing its

Like a baby who outgrew their bib and mother like a man who outgrew religious scitzophtenia.

If science is the brain leaning about itself

Leaning is leaning about how to learn.

Moral is a part of health and normal people are not health experts and are rather manipulated under this guise of freedom.

You need to be an expert do not be ignorant

Google Docs

first impression is a lasting impression
When does it end? Subconsciously influenced, if you are able to remember it you are being forced to remember, same with all feelings; if happy, you are rather forced to be happy.

there is no such thing as normal; People go through things you have no idea about; It’s called being moral, moral temptations.
Tempted, bribed to be moral.

Do we all have schizophrenia? Yes, most of the world is religious.
And if not, respecting others is a form of chasing something that doesn’t exist: love; love isn’t real, it’s imagined, all feelings imply an imagined notion.
Respect is a form of imagination, it’s treating humans as if they are special, when, in reality, are not.

Are all numbers the same in every language?

What question does this answer?

Reverse psychology and the practice of morality.

There is an algorithm behind everything: yes, even confuzion: the process of this transition is called: becoming aware, yes, there is a professionally designated word for it.


Stop looking for distractions.

Practical thinking

Trauma triggers

Identifying someone as a Christian: using such a label, is a personal problem, thinking as a form of behavior.

“Give me neither riches nor poverty” and needing God; people aren’t put into stressful situations, hence why they don’t need God.

there are no atheists in foxholes

There are no such things as accidents.

Stems from respect, mortality

Underdeveloped countries seem to value religion the most.

Longer term

It only happens if you make it happen, vague words, opinions as reality.
They only exist in the head and stem from respect/mortality.

minecraft music

Minecraft story mode

I am tired of fighting for once I want to be fought for. I want something good to happen to me.
I am tired of wanting it, but there is only one way out of this and that is to fight it.

What if questions

Morality in theory.

there is no such thing as free; it takes effort

there is no such thing as free speech

I can be
Theoretical can be, practically not.

Morality is not to be expected

Police can be considered as a form of a gang.

southern high school fight rate

Comprehend pro life ideals, comprehend freedom, comprehend God.

respect and direct control illusion requires that stress exist

Stem from emotions loaded words.


How is this idea learned?

Bored being moral.

How to learn, comprehend morality? Is morality a health issue?

Academic concepts

Need morality? Need god?

Make the choice for you. Originates.

How to use scientific information

Does Not imply that it’s wrong.
“One method of destroying a concept is by diluting its meaning. Observe that by ascribing rights to the unborn, i.e. the nonliving, the anti-abortionists obliterate the rights of the living.”

Depends on kids

without punishment

Why call it the perpetrator? Why practically use words? Some answers are not found in words, rather actions.

Mental Health problems
Mental health symbolism

Religion and mental health

post-abortion syndrome


“He argued in January 2008 on his New York Times-syndicated blog that the humanities are of no instrumental value, but have only intrinsic worth. He explains, “To the question ‘of what use are the humanities?’, the only honest answer is none whatsoever.”

“You should feel emotional about this though, it’s socially acceptable”’
I don’t speak stupid or am able to comprehend stupidity.

The norm is to be schizophrenic.

High physical demand, often difficult to move up in the company, easily replaceable, often underpaid.

intellectuals … are pretentious, conceited … and snobbish; and very likely immoral, dangerous, and subversive …. The plain sense of the common man is an altogether adequate substitute for, if not actually much superior to, formal knowledge and expertise.

You started out as an intellectual.

All is a measure and what scale is used.

I don’t speak stupid

Common sense abounds among those who reject critical thinking based on sound cognitive principles informed by tested fact. Fake news is an aggressive attack against truths found unsuitable for those whose promote personal aggrandizement. Propaganda which is fake news. Gobble, the former minister of information in Nazi Germany, demonstrated the effectiveness of fake news. Fake news informs one of how others and tyrannical authority think in unison to create a majority opinion. That is standard practice for both Nazi and communist governments. History chronicles their results effectively well. When Nazi Germany conquered a country — after it conquered the minds of German people at the time — the SS gathered Intellectual people as members of the condemned as Holocaust victims. Groupthink was the a norm then as is now in America. What is common in belief seems a usual mental process for those — but not all — who reject innovation. Acceptance of shared thinking no matter how incorrect the consequences compromises personal integrity in the end for many who innocently went along.with the group behaving badly. Usually in groupthink a communal mentality –as were — operates as a single mind, for many relinquish his her brain to habitual thinking thought generally popular informed by groupthink. What is popular in beliefs might seem right but still be incorrect. A believer in common sense would think otherwise despite

Manipulated on free will goebbels quote.

Personal feelings over what

Practical sound judgemental; Why apply knowledge now? Did your feelings tell you to do so as such? Medical diagnosis.

Always professional, always consult an intellectual.

Intellectualism is a behavior.

Asking new questions, no dogma.

Common sense is a euphemism for _

Why problems are a good thing

Symbolizing is a form of mis-identifying

theoretically thinking

Learn for the sake of learning

Understand the difference between ideas that exist only in the head and in reality. Reality is specific and doesn’t require any personal forces
This is why that study proved that religious people have trouble distinguishing reality from non-reality facts from opinion. Because they built their house on an opinion.

This is why foundation is so important


Never give up on dreams keep sleeping

There is only one way to find out, what’ll happen if you kill someone.

Just because it’s endorsed by a religion doesn’t make it religious

NSFW Contents Included Deliberately change yourself There is no step my step process for that Raise expectations for yourself Schizophrenic Teach them to hate people: how you should feel accordingly to society Immoral geniuses Freedom from what? the federal government? Asking the right questions herez Freedom from responsibility? Why is it up to you to deem what responsibility is? Is responsibility whatever is punished? Make ridiculous ideas look good. Practicalism Informally normalize hitting again. Self served punishment What if we couldn’t comprehend fear What if we couldn’t feel embarrassment for getting exposed?

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