Freethought Notes – Documented 10/9/2021

In the same way we differ in driving styles, we all differ in thinking styles: Some of us are more evolved than others

I expected better from myself

Can animal comprehend right and wrong?

reasonable expectations

What use is right and wrong?

under freedom forced opinion

What question are you answering?

treating them as if they are stupid expect rude answers

Is moral behavior to be expected or to be blindly trusted?

death penalty is like a blood sacrifice

What if we had no tools? Like no wheels, etc.

Isn’t God himself a form of an idol?

I cannot comprehend stupid because stupidity is not to be comprehend

morality is basically bribery

Reasonable vs. unreasonable are solely personal opinionated criteria rubric applied and used.

science offers an explanation, understanding for human behavior

there is a fact about everything, even non-facts

what you actually learn

I am incapable of processing feelings and opinions only facts

facts about criteria used, applied.

normalcy is a mental illness

challenge the norms

I don’t speak/comprehend stuipid

the name of the tool depends on how it’s used

mental illness is the same thing as saying threat; Why is it a threat to normal people?

we have the ability to love because of god

find meaning in studying science

Stop treating people like they’re idiots: you’ve done this reaction phase a million times and nothing has changed.

reps love freedom so much because they can polestryze people under it: without asking

republicanism is all about DIY healthcare.

feeling criteria
Criteria for feeling bad?

always tell the truth because you need to tell people what they need to work on
unapologetically truthful
Kids never lie

What if a kid calls you ugly? That must mean you are factually ugly, by the set measured applied criteria

fact about facts
Fact about criteria used and applied

There was one more thing about facts about []

science is a euphemism for an explanation

we’ve medicalize a lot of things that aren’t medical

religion is to set the norm

common sense science

common sense does not get you far in life

morality does not exist because people murder anyways, or can we even call them people (thinking affects behavior); morality is just a set of practical ideas

entitlement, i forgot to remember, what are you an expert in?

to science means to understand the why behind such behaviors of such animals: facts have no biased attitude

I bet you wouldn’t pay your doctor 500 dollars for a common sense diagnosis. Same thing, treat it specially to get special outcomes.

facts are a form of an attitude

Church is a form of a doctors visit

it was reasonable for it’s time: now it’s time to change it

Pro lifers want to keep people scared of women making healthcare decisions

iPhone notes

Tell your feeling what to do or vice versa will happen

Control your emotions or they will control you 

Good things take time and effort

Long term effects 

We are all not human 

Moral standards

Expect to work

Informal learning: Things that happen under the guise of freedom

I am ready to leave this life behind: it’s just that others won’t let me

Morality is the problem

Identify the problem: it’s not a moral problem.

Born poor is just as bad as being born mentally ill

Need authority

Scientific concept

Afford to teach learn.

Mentally ill people aren’t people 

Why categorize them as a person

Possible to think


Everyday use = used as a tool and not used to it’s full potential; for example, theoretically speaking, cars can be used to go really fast but we do not push the gas all of the way and rather follow the rules.

Or used for its intended use: for example, you do not use the lotion bottle to play softball with, using it as a softball- you rather use it as a bottle to press on and take lotion out of and apply to body, etc.

Why execute humans and not other animals for their crimes? It’s not like we have free will.

Common sense isn’t valuable, or shouldn’t be made valuable.

“Don’t put me on the spot!!”

Should companies be classified as people?

Pro life is a marketing is a horrible sales stunt

learning is not fun

mistaken intention

mistaken inventions

why do I get excited during 18+ desires but not excited to study?

Living is learning

teaching people right and wrong actually makes them academically stupider

Love is a form of hate

Love is the root cause of all problems
Ask question find answers

Answer in the form of words or actions.

Do not be average

Do not be discouraged

Usually in places of violence religion prevails

Religion require hate and violence to prevail

Social experiment

What about for the people that hitting does not work?

Fact about behavior criteria

Effective accomplished goal

Is it an acceptable or unacceptable goal?

By teaching morality via hitting others?

Doctors opinion on hitting others?

Common sense isn’t valuable

Idiots aren’t being respected as humans when acting like animals

Dodge questions

Young and immoral

Testing what?

You aren’t entitled to be treated specially

Gods decision

Right and wrong as useful and useless respectively

Common sense reactionary observation

Always doing your best and what is possible since only one possible thing can happen at a time.

Responsibility goal assigning opinions

Religion as informal therapy

Do what your feeling tell you to do: change your feelings

Morality is used to distinguish good goals and bad goals

You are not an expert in anything, not even morality; you used middle class crap yes I am an elitist Douche.

Hitting others is a practical idea

Opinions almost always develop via social interactions.

imagining god = schizophrenia

all advice is a form of medical advice, so get it from a professional

depression is a moral problem

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