Freethought Notes – Documented 12/14/2021

practical effect takes care of self as its most effective

obstacles exist based on how you treat them, either they can help or not help; good or bad, depends on the way you use it

content explanation evaluating opinion

examples of example

common sense is an indication that you have been demoralized out of your curiosity

mental tools mentally use

toleration opinion phase organizing opinion is phase studying opinions

How does this effect your thought process?

opinions are figurative language

not all opinions come in the forms of words

ask questions get answers

you can’t change a person who dosen’t see anything wrong in their actions

you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

feelings decide

Opinions=content; answer the what? and does not answer the how.

Why is there even a word for God and morality?

Morality is deceiving

common sense sociology


moraltiy is an adjective

part of speech of science

study sociology

what question does this myth try to answer

I love you so much I want you to change your feelings about me.

It is possible to love someone so much that you want to kill them; For example, how Christians want to kill those murderers?

soft spot

Ask yourself: What is this an example of?

explain the unexplainable
unexplainable stupidity

practical effects

perform calculations

and this is what it feels like

and this is what i get

raw effects not your evaluation of it, observe
learn to observe

the word politics should not exist, it’s all imagined in the head

repec tide keep tofat

shouldn’t have to fight for its moral perfectionism is the bare minimum respect

thinking is hard

thinking is criteria

thinking is the best way to travel; Thinking=imagining

treat it as a mental illness

Why should we develop tolerance towards Stupidity..

What makes wrong, wrong? Remember, wrong is an adjective.

no problem is a moral problem, so don’t treat it like one

Morality is an inside joke, you only do it if you can; and you are always trying your best

mentally use

If your goal is not to explain, then get away from me.

what are opinions

Moral effects

I don’t need or depend on others

it’s just an evaluation

effects vs. view of effects; raw facts vs. alternative facts vs. opinion

looking for life

looking for an excuse

I know because I’ve been there

what is an opinion? A: confusion

manly is

focus on thoughts
identifying thoughts

Uncomfortable how effect goal: This proves that we always have a constant goal that is being set.

facts about opinions
To better understand the difference between facts an opinions search: facts and opinions about dogs – and see the differences in characteristics.

opinions are for stupid people and that’s a fact

Everything is as simple as criteria, goal, and emotional attachment disorder.

Difference Between Facts and Opinions

There is no such thing as morality – What you call morality is really an explanation as to why you choose to stay in society due to a cut off in access to other better sources.

This is why I claim staying together is bad.

thinking=limit; respect only exist in head

don’t think

Thinking once is thinking twice

I want to avoid distractions but I must go through them to get to the goal of getting grades at school: it’s like distractions are a necessary evil.

School itself is a distraction

To think is to limit yourself
Thinking = criteria

Psychology studies the effects of your (past) experiences on your thought processes.

Facts are not a noun, it’s an act of thinking (identifying)

respecting religion is tolerating stupidity

stuck in reality


cause and effect of feelings

used evaluated treated

How to Say No: 3 Steps for People Pleasers

Treat the death penalty as if it were a diseases

Can’t get mad if you don’t care or depend on it for its source of [blank]

you’re heard change the plan but not the goal; but if your goal itself isn’t good, then change what you want, change the goal; This is another hint as to why morality is not subjective

Treating it mentally in the head

This gives me an idea: Before evaluating anything, we should first take a moment to identify weather it’s worth our time reading by identifying if it’s fact or fiction.


Are the Bibles contents classified as fact or fiction?

I can’t pick favorites: That’s like saying deliberately have a bias and not care to understand the other

Should is such a peculiar word, it indicates a plan has not been put into action yet; For example, I should take out the dog for a walk or (rather impractical ones): I should be able to fly.

say what you mean and mean what you say quote

self-control fear

Pay attention to how your desires develop, if you do, then you won’t have any desires to begin with.

You can’t just get mad at one specific event rather look at all of the immoral perfectionism.

The problem with this world is that bad behavior is rewarded

How do opinions work

Explain opinions

Not all of them are equal

Taken personally

A part of me is also thinking that I should stall myself for the next 5 more months (not including this month), since nothing useful I’ll learn and it’s all about rewarding stupidity.

Displaced anger

Tolerating Stupidity 

If you think common sense is better than intellect then you are the one with a bias and not solely the facts and your behavior is only proof of it. Have a higher state of mind.

When will this end? That’s the real reward I need

Displace fear  is self control

Feels good to be angry

Causes of feelings

I should be angry

Opinions are how you view facts

You only know what you see like you only recall the colors that you’ve looked at. You can’t imagine a new color. Stop speaking on things you don’t know about. It’s a natural connection.

Is it views of morality or moral views? Since morality is subjective or not.

Liberal and conservatives have different views of good and bad

Be unapologetically moral

Goal bias understand feelings scale

I hate those take that advantage of my respect or betray my trust

I hate performing manual labor

I hate tolerating and procrastinating on solving problems, since they make me involuntarily like the person as well.

All of these problems are petty

Don’t treat them as petty evaluate them as petty rather nurture them as if they were a big deal

Why is manual labor rewarded than intellectuals

Common man is stupid

Don’t let yourself think that since it repetitive it’s impossible. Change the plan not the goal

The first step to changing is to Stop wanting to be in the same place


Don’t cheat yourself

Nothing is worth mental health

It’s not selfish putting the self first

Usefulness of words language

What motivates the motivation

Laziness affects other areas

Don’t trust; learn from mistakes

Never leave a job half done unconditionally

Make it quickly and don’t tolerate problems, immediately send them to their death

How do people learn respect? A; displaced fear

The poor are disrespected and therefore disrespectful

You get what you give, those emotions have to go somewhere

This is also a punishment for me s*****zing about Georgia and other opposite male partners.

Study humans as animals

You’re the one with biased goals in life

Rewarding stupidity

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