Freethought Notes – Documented 12/15/2021

who decides what is just?

Insane and non-insane is merely a euphemism for criteria applied to evaluate it.

behavior proves my point, words don’t speak lounder than actions.

how you learn vs. what you learn

God is another word for morality or the ability to judge or more accurately the desire to punish

The “hard to explain” phase

the facts are the same for everyone, therefore, no one should be feeling anything different wen studying science

causes and effects of feelings

Is it possible to prove your feelings to be true?

“Feelings” you seem to be using that word much; I don’t think you know what it means.

emotional attachment, conformation bias, Measuring morality

What being poor taught me

8 Challenges Poor Children Face in School – FriarWorks

God is self control

Curious honest explanation

Young love using effects of obligatory focus 

Example of anecdotal comfortable complex 

Opinion implication breaking point


Good bad right wrong

Talking down into a scientist

The big question: how to get out of the phase of being opinionated? A: You must clarify what you want, since due to the nature of opinions – they are unclear. Second, you must identify the facts about your opinion and not to adopt another subjective worldview. And three, you must understand what mental tools are.

The worst type of diseases is needing help but being too scared to ask for it; It’s the fact that you need help, but people don’t treat it as if you need help, and rather take advantage of you.

The very thing that needs to change is something that is overlooked because of “morality”

This is proof moral perfectionism isn’t feasible.

moral desire < should be archived.

Curiosity is what keeps us alive

limits of thinking

if you have no desire to work, take that as a good thing and don’t work.

preset bias life conformation bias

life skills and social skills

If opinions are treated as a fact; then the way you treat it is a part of the problem as well; considering good to be a part of the bad, is a part of the bad itself; therefore, bad is good.


People who seek the death penalty for crimes should be given cognitive behavioral therapy. Since the goal is to change.

grey area

4 Ways to Focus on Facts Instead of Feelings – wikiHow

don’t even know that you are working against self – which is the worst part

compassion arises when you want to pursue your own intellectual goals but are in a moral state where you don’t want to put in the energy to avoid or resist anymore, but people still need help. This is an example of id ego superego in action and is what keeps people doing.

Dogma and lack of understanding is what motivates people.
not being able to answer the why questions as prompted because you are then bombarded with violence, distractions in the form of insults.

The poor are puppets for religion. They are used as moral support, mentally for people. And same with the death penalty.

Want to be moral

self-control is like going against the wind

Is wisdom just accepting the necessary evils in life?

intention vs. action

don’t let someone else set your goals

millions of dollars are made off the suffering of others

The Problem of Hyperindividualism and its Impact on American Life

learning outside of school is more important that what is being learned in school

All concepts are psychological

you depend on others’ trust

you depend on the government to make you uncomfortable enough for being pro-choice? You are working against your immoral version of the self. It could be you.

Moral wisdom

keep out odor

Biological problems: people are disposed to become a psychopath, which is why some babies should be killed in the womb


practical language

goal setting focus

goal setting solution focused therapy

Drug Tolerance – This explains a lot as to why people are involuntarily addicted (aa. psychological dependence) to nsfw contents.

tolerating presence draw line

there is no such thing as an unbiased fact; since the purpose of science is to answer the central question of what is natures’ behavior? natures goal of exxiting

perfect theory

moral explanation

moral is not self-explanatory it’s just peer pressure by another name (which makes it clearer now) their best for everyone diingigy

Middle-Class Morality

easy to be hard

corporate welfare


Understanding treating people as a situation instead of an object that should be respected.

Good means to keep the same and bad means to change; Meaning=implication; theoretical idea.

authoritarian personality theory

religious people should be treated like mentally disabled people, unfortunately, if we did, we’d have to lower the standards for people who actually have autism.

Is capitalism good or bad because of greed?

moral support guidiance

authoritarian personality theory

Moral behavior is an example of a confirmation bias

misplaced feelings


life without a manual

healing from opinions

change in feelings

reason i got h heart oin subect voraly

definition of morals respect

taking care of the self is most effective

facts are the same for everyone

moral = justification

happen to me

opinion conformity psychology

no one is too busy, we all have the same 24 hours

opinion content words explaining the what and not the how

opinion comfortable

measuring feelings

study, explain, morality is not real, set clear goals, all represents emotions

who will listen to you?

Opinions aren’t clear

self-control is like saying I love you but tolerating the presence of the very person that said I love you, by hating them.

Don’t hate morality, hate whatever is not complying with moral perfectionism; Since, if one breaks the moral code, you are no longer bound by these vague possibilities contract.

judge evaluation

Make morality not as an obstacle

Money is an inventive to be moral


judge observe

recognize change feelings want to want humans stupidity

money isn’t the only currency
money is not the only way to give

Opinion=content words=practicalism

The literal definition of opinion means to be respecting ideas all in the head

opinion science explains

targeted audience

practicalism philosophy

there is a name for that blah feeling

school makes me compromise my morals

there is a name for that

anecdote vs. tested science; common sense vs. science

What Research Tells Us About How Women Are Treated at Work (

ruin the fun

opinion moral perfection easy

opinion on criteria being used

practical words

real morality, tolerating

how it is possible stupidity

Identifying facts takes a long time.

You proved my point

if you’re scared of evaluating and criticizing morality, then you are only conforming to bad worldview.

use mentally

self control involuntary

root of all evil

understanding the bible

moral perfectionism isn’t real; therefore, morality isn’t real, and you should stop trying to achieve the unachievable

don’t confuse me with the facts

don’t confuse popular opinion with morality, because they are the same

false equivalency


explanation example

Politics pawns

opinion science

cheating is wrong

food eaten in secret is delicious

trust to untrust

stop treating opinions like facts mentally

pseudoscientific concept of wisdom

opinionated people

Problem solved

The limits of adjectives

Jesus matters

How do you care?

opinion=practical content words

know what is best for your desires

opinion on effects taking personally

some people deserve to die

remember, you as a kid.

practical usage


science is about understanding the bigger why since how is indirectly answering a part of the why
Every bit of knowledge we get adds to the how or why

the facts are the same for everyone, so why do people act differently? A: view facts differently.

If moral perfectionism does not exist, then morality does not exist as it has failed the test.

id ego superego self-control

Self-control is killing curiosity by another name

Perfectionism (psychology)

Yes, everything is a form of psychology
One just has to realize that things change based on the way it’s treated, since we are not solely observing, rather reacting and being a part of the experiment.

An example of [specific topic here]

I am not a Christian, because I understand Christianity

the Bermuda triangle of thoughts

opinions studied; fact realize

mental example

measuring crime

Men are more likely to commit violent crimes. Why is this so and how do we change it?

All lives matter, even the ones on death row, which is why we use them as an example of what happens when one gets caught in the presence of cops. But, it’s more specific than that.

Since vague=theoretical possibilities.

is being for the death penalty more opinionated than being neutral on the topic or being against the usage of the death penalty as a goal?

choose to thrive by choosing to think

If you were in complete control of your desires, you wouldn’t want to do anything else

Not all opinions are equal, some are more opinionated than others: a common sense view of this is atheism not classified as a religion.

Taken personally emotional attachment

We are born with no urge or desire until someone else’s desire is thrust upon us; hence why we are a product of s8888l satisfaction (or dissatisfaction), since someone else wanted us to exist therefore we exist, as a product of moral sense of togetherness.

Make sure your distractions aren’t your goals

I have programmed myself to where I can’t do well at my job unless I am moral throughout the rest of the day – like mental effects.

Self control does not make sense. It’s like “be curious” but as soon as you are curious: they say to stop being curious. And you are confused because actions speak louder than words.

Should have expected this. It’s not worth it but I am forced to do this.

Don’t tolerate immorality

Studying opinions is metacognition and is the same for everyone

Public conditions

Religion requires the poor


How you would treat it if this was you

Treated like an asset

Church is therapy

Bermuda Triangle= don’t be near the church as it causes thoughts of despair in private.

You’re getting mad that I don’t theoretically categorize (aka think) that idea?

God is nothing since perfection is nothing; and nothing is something that we cannot comprehend

Define nothing: no thing defined by it’s lack of something in comparison

Catch me if I fall

The only way to desire this is to…

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It would be great if you could tell yourself what to be ashamed of

Id ego and superego: self control tell them to shut up and sit down degrase Tyson quote

Morally confused

Access to scientist parents

My attempt at moral perfectionism

Got a better practical plan?

You won’t want anything if you understand its limits. This is why intellectuals don’t care to wear designer clothes and the poor do.

Focus on the feeling

Common sense is but a substitute

Facts are specific and answer many questions and are not vague

Documenting the change in my feelings – part 1

Example of an untestable hypothesis: the death penalty deters crime; this is because there are not measurable elements. And rather are words that solely exist in the head since they are not specific and are broad possibilities. And such broad possibilities have yet to be identified.

It’s like how crime is measured: it must be self explanatory, learn how to learn and answer a set of questions criteria formula.

Some people still need to learn the difference between fundamental pro choice and pro life: either way at the end of the day it’s your choice.

Literally a theory requires no effort and no bias and rather strict observation; you stating not to tolerate it require effort towards a goal and therefore a bias.

Do not unconditionally stick with goals

When you you shouldn’t be doing it

I ain’t going down without a fight

Common sense is science learning how to learn

Learning skills

Goal is to understand not to merely know

Ready to move on stuck breaking point

Morality is the problem not the solution

Politics shouldn’t be a word

Self control means to resist curiosity; don’t call it by another name: just be clear of what you’re saying. Only people who don’t know what they’re talking about use vague broad possibilities words.

If only the government regulated domestic abuses

Explaining opinions

Shouldn’t have even been a first time or ever met you

Limited by desire

I want to have fun but at the same time I don’t want to have fun and at the same time I want to stop having the desire to have fun. This is a clear example of ID. Ego. Superego. Or it’s a clear example of being exposed to the wrong things and experiencing unnecessary experiences.

History of Christianity and its relationship to facasism and opinion.

Capitalism doesn’t work and that’s why it works

No such thing as normal

Sure; looks the same

Afford to take responsibility

I didn’t know that you never asked

Either change desire go against them and reach breaking point or kill them off.

Money was an issue and if it is it makes you do crazy things

One more

Treated medically seriously.

Why isn’t school classified as a medically serious disorder? Why isn’t it treated as such? Same thing with poverty.

Stop avoiding problems, solve them: morally.

Treated evaluated

If I saw no one at school I wouldn’t have any sense of urgency to get things done as nothing would be morally Introduced to me

I don’t like graduations they reward stupidity

Clearly: using vague words indicates confusion and based on how it’s treated is a part of the problem (tolerating religion is just as bad as perpetuating the religion : both are a part of the problem); it’s just treated goodly to be stupid.


Observe the way people treat others and it’ll all make sense. Since, church defined morality does not make sense.

Hate is learned

This moral decline originated as I practiced not being moral documenting my freethinkers notes during problems: so, I just adopted a careless attitude

There is a logical explanation for everything

Google Docs

blaming everything but the problem apres stronger together i hate compromising

I need a break from

treated as a fact

back and forth repetitive

It will come naturally, you don’t have to put in any effort to feel comfortable being curious.

Don’t focus on the wrong things

The poor are used as pawns for the public good, it causes feelings of goodness.

What if the causes are the effects themselves too, at the same time?

It’s socially acceptable (meaning rewarded) to be stupid and compromise your morals.

without the bad there is no good

pros and cons to having limits, if you think there is a pros you are a biased person yourself, do not want to be together.


Equal life

pros and cons

All is a big deal

Confusion is a part of curiosity

Why does my comfort zone change? There was one moment when I felt comfortable doing what is right and not compromising my principlies but as soon as someone else challenges me I break down, since I am not constantly prepared for a challenge.

Good is a part of bad as it is required for bad to exist.

Psychology of everyday life should be taught; moral, routine.

Treat moral ideas as facts mentally

Indicates a stage factually not morally taken personally

causes of feelings

i can’t help a person who does not help themselves; do not respect their feelings.

Formal schooling

Liberal bias is a euphemism for pro science bias pro raw curiosity 

Criteria should be clear if not not reality.

sociology should be taught

Why don’t they teach it at an early age, it would have helped me solve so many problems, instead of teaching me opinions

should psychology be taught in high school

sociology should be value free means

sociology should be a value-free science

sociology memes

False equivalence since we are going to measure opinions, we cannot be subjective here, rather facts are objective; sociology seeks to get you out of that phase.

Not all opinions are equal

Experts are liberal – metacognition

standards are goals

Self control is the phase between id ego and superego.

Stanrdasd vs goals



made matter rewarding stupidity

Why does it mean much to you?; If you can answer this it won’t mean much to you anymore.

what to expect; made matter rewarding stupidity; expect the unexpected; draw the line dawa limits

psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes

don’t get mad, since you said you want to do it when you had the chance to say no

to tolerate  happen to me out of my control unaware definition of opinion

The need to act

victims of opinions

Equal life


I think it was change

copy off of others effort opinionated repetitive

Perspective of wrong

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