Freethought Notes – Documented 12/19/2021

A fact is an attitude about the present-tense not a theoritical thoought

Opinions are about the what, facts are about the how

focus on thoughts

choice is an ability to guilt trip

imagine abiltiy to think possibltiy

force trust

effective mistkae correlation common sense (common sense moraltiy)

Texas Governor Vetoes Mental Health Bill Because He Doesn’t Believe Mental Illness Is Real

What Does Social Justice Really Mean for Psychologists?

Moral coinscience = trust

Moral Reasoning

We are facts

7 Lessons We Learn Outside Of The Classroom

Informal Education

biased goal


emphasizing characteristics

A goal is a type of idea, a criteria; ideas are criterias


how should you interpret it?

measure definition

pre-set bias, what fuels that; What goal other than curiusoty and idenitfing pure facts?

By the logic that the death penalty is supposebly effective we should also punish the victims to as it may deter future criminals that think backwards.

laws were made for enforincg morals

Answers what question? What is their name? In order to ask that one must first respect them, as if I studied their behavior i’d observe and not react.

Performing respect is an opinion, no a fact.

form of effectiveness

People beleive the death penalty should be effective – only to them as implied

explanation this effects

facts describe effects not how you should interpret things

contents vs. how

What is the criteria for information to be classified as a fact?

theoy goal in identiying

opinion, process, formula; Learn for the sake of learning

why identify the presnce of a clump of cells and define and assign a word to it called a human being? Why think that? Why draw a line?

why take personally?

Question answer, example, what identifying?

6 Terrifying Serial Killers Who Were Never Caught And Are Currently Still On The Loose

goal of nature existing

This is proof that the death penalty is not a theroy, rather a goal.

it’s not about the what it’s about the how desiring to recoginze somene as a president (thinking behaiors here) is an example of an opinion (taking the presence of people personally), a fact would be applying the scientific method that is flawedless and deductive reasoning

What are you measuring?

Good and bad are Defined relative to each other

Behavior is an example of what?

What is right Is often forgotten by what is easy 

Comprehend opinion liberal attitude

You’re fighting an uphill battle if you think the behavior of nature is inexcusable

Facts are an excuse

Don’t let it go to waste

opinions are goals words

facts about facts; facts = explanation for reality, opinon=goal set to identify a practically appliciable goal.

Desire to pursue a goal is an example of an opinion

facts describe critea of nature

Morals guide our practical application of behaviors

meaning of good and bad

deductive reasoning implication

The psychological concept of drug tolerance can be applied in many aspects of our lives

Literal and Figurative Language

“educated by the streets”

treat me like a scientist.

an opinion is an attitude and so is fact, it’s just that a fact provides an explanation and not what to do; a fact explains why things occur, and an opinion gives you what one should do (in theory).

Desire to idenitfy thoughts

A fact is a scale of interpretation

What is the difference between moral and opinion?

A: Nothing, they are the same; desires are self-explanatory.

The very fact that you desire to identify me and debate me is an example of an opinion – not a fact; a fact is a process a way of thinking a way of explaining natures’ behavior – and if not self-explanatory, it is not a fact.

How NOT to Teach the Difference Between Fact and Opinion

Facts are an attitude, a way of thinking; Facts are using the scientific method

Why use this word at this specific time; ask the right question.

Differnce beteween socially constructed words and facts: A lesson

Me: “I believe that George Washington was the first president. Is that a fact or an opinion?
This can be neither as it is a theory that uses vague words, possibilties, and requires the recgnizing of a person, which is giving respect, which is an opinion; In reality, Geoerge washington was really a group of hydrpocloizide cells mixed with water and dust, but why do we specifically refer to him as “Geoerge washinston?” this is proof that the very claim you are making is an opinion. As facts describe the present-tense and opinions don’t.

Him: “It’s a fact.” {Commentary: No, it’s actually not, the very fact that you recognize such a group of cells as a person is an example of giving respect, which is an opinion} – Think about thinking here. one of the charasterisics of facts is that they lead to implicatios they do not have an end

What is the critera of proving something? The evidence is all around you, it’s just that you are stuck in a langauge interperting phase where you cannot interpret facts.

Me: “But I believe it, and you said that what someone believes is an opinion.”

Him: “Yeah, but it’s true.”

Me: “So it’s both a fact and an opinion?”

The blank stare on his face said it all.

[source] [archive]

This is an example of what we call social constructivism; Weathor or not George washington is a president or not is an example of a practical word, an opinion – a vague classification, indicating many possibilties
The very fact that we recognize George wasington as a person is an example of an opinion – an opinion stemming and developing from the given respect. Respect to recognize people.

What this confusion leads to is students’ unexamined assumption that all statements of value and morality are simply opinions. Is it wrong to cheat on tests? Should students respect people who are different? Is it OK to kill someone we don’t like? Since we can’t use the scientific method to find answers to those questions, students assume there are no answers.

A: This is because you’re asking the wrong questions. Such questions require there to be respect of people established first as that’s how opinions are devleoped to begin with.

Keywords: fiction, self-control; an opinion is a euphamism for a goal, a goal for anything that is not identifying a fact that is motivated by pure curiousity. Deductive reasoning,

Facts are science and science is learning how to learn

Facts are to be motivated to be identified via the scentific method to avoid bias (bias = goal, conditioned behaviors; conditioned behaviors are an example of an opinion, facts are identified and motivated to idenitfy via pure curoisity), an observation to be made and not a reaction

Using certain words indicates the way you treat them, mentally.

Again, another great freedom of homeschooling! With a literature-rich curriculum that inspires questions and conversations, we can teach our children sound and logical thinking from the beginning. And we can set them up to understand that things can be true even if we can’t prove them with the scientific method. Amen!


Goal: to idenitfy facts; theory, hypothesis, testing it from all sides.

Why think?

Why characterize as vaguely? What other outside influence other than your curiousity is affecting your thinking style?

Only know if you can comprehend it.

A fact is a desire to idenitfy itself; It is self-explanatory.

being against abortion because it’s killing is like being agaisnt the death penalty because it’s killing

applying criteria on nature, what is your opinion on the effects; Facts describe and explain effects and do not symbolize nature.

desire to symbolize = opinion

facts about opinionted criteira

Free speech forces us intellectuals to tolerating stupidity

The Moral Argument: Do Individual Opinions Determine Right and Wrong?

accepting violence effort

indicates treatment style

all thinking is, is applying criteria – that is the very definition of thinking

If people were morally perfect then there’d be no need to live or anything else as life would already be perfect and no need to change anything

examples of conditioned behaviors


“psychology solves everything”

should vs. should not

understanding science

part of reaction obsrevation

If you are comparing behaviors, you must consider how it’s learned as well; For example, how is the opinion of supporting pro life sentiments learned? A: via fear.
How to learn to be pro choice? A: understanding of human natures’ desires, an observation

treat me (treating someon=evaluating=observing) like a human being

Theoritical ability to change

Sometimes, definition aren’t explanatoins

Myths About Mental Illness: Why It Isn’t Just Sin That Causes Struggle

struggling with immorality

nothing is really bad, even bad can be used for good; Nothing is useless.

Measuring good and bad

respecting bad choices is a part of being bad

it’s only there if you focus upon it

do you truly want this from the bottom of your heart?

If life treats you badly, people need to expect that people will be bad.

you calling the concept by a differnet name does not change the contents of the definition

most problems arise because of lack of clarity

No matter what you think, it’s our morals that lead our practical decisions; Moral guidance practical dogmatics

Tolerating problems = procrastination


Liberal attitude; liberalism and conservatism is a type of attitude as measured

Thinking has a strong correlation with behavior

You’re bound by what you think

explaining morality

Society is violence explanations

manliness is associated with violence

moral guidiance effects

Morals motivate practical behaviors

manliness is a sign of

don’t tolerate problems

Thinking acts as a filter

not all ideas are theories; and the difference between a theroy and an idea is based on the way said idea is treated.

Self-regulation theory

morality is an obstacle for many

moraltiy isn’t real because it is not specific and only ffacts are real, opiniojns are not; that’s why one is called a fact and the other – the latter – is called an opinion

“The need for moral justifications”

force pec oal cier

why apply thought

judging opinions

able to speak

stop learning

strict parents raise the best liars quote

why purpose is important


what change goal

scared human natuer efect


Libearl science = explanations

Question your thoughts

Fact opinion contents, opinions don’t change much or do they?

Don’t stop learning

undiagnosed mental illness

pro choice possibilties is pro life

How expected

how do you measure murder? And why do you stop there?

possible interpretations; draw the line

marry yourself

We’re All Hypocrites, It’s Just a Matter of Scale

is wanting seperate from doing

I am trying to identify how people develop caring for people – an emotional attachment, a subconciosuly set goal, that is not in your control rather the feelings is controlling by someone else.

the ability to do work is called

Theoritical abiltiy

minior invonvinience no one cares till you’re dead

depeding on trust

on another page, too smart to know

Convineinent to a kid, convinient to a scientist

“ignorance is motivation”

When people stay in society, they are asking for it – it as in getting killed

Why We Don’t Learn From History


There are immoral people if you care to look for it

Opinions answer the question of: “What is this an example of?” except the facts do the same; One gives factual contents according to the criteria the othre gives an evaluation of the facts.

relative measurement = comparison

brainstorming ideas

teaching trust

compelling changing feelings; how does this event effect your feelings?

only if you think so

criteria not facts opinion

Life is a constant struggle between good and bad

What compells peoples’ feelings?; See: cause and effect of feelings

Moral possibilties is a grey area
If you are not going to prevent the need for it, don’t talk to me about it.

“it could be you, so how would you like to be treated?”

Mental violence, emotional attachment, transition, Distraction (goal setting), scientific facts.

Interpreting actions

The answer is simple: stop trusting

Goal see

Greater goal; why lack of understanding

Practical goals trust

Born a murderer

Answer the question of: why set this goal?

Science goal coward bully

I watched you change


Stupid in the head

The need to be moral?

Not everyone can afford to think – be in an ivory tower. People have practical jobs to work and maybe that’s the problem.

Can’t do two things at once sociology

Are you for or against it

I can claim god and also claim that making is objective whilst supporting bad values

How to think

Use presence mentally as motivation

Educated by the streets: the dangers of informal education

“What you learn outside of school is more important than what you learn in school”

Conservatives are animals

Bermuda triangle of thoughts

Are you noticing a pattern here?

Look up to adults

Daddy issues

A fact is a set of criteria that defines how nature operates

Factual criteria

Stricter laws instead of accepting  nature make more liars

Cause and effect of feelings

Bad isn’t bad bad is used for good as it can be shown what happens to bad people to potentially bad people and keep the fake good people good

People who support the death penalty acknowledge that the usage of the death penalty isn’t going to end the need for it and rather more people are going to be put to death in the future. As a fact.


Rewarding bad behavior

Lack of a clear definition

Philosopher and sociologist

Possibilities opinions working against the self

How do you see it?

Common sense theories

Trust goal – one more

Daddy issues

Do you trust the government to enforce moral norms?

I’ll make you not want to be moral any more

Moral challenge

Afford to

Shock prevention

Big deal

Emotional attachment vs. goal; being attached to goals or goals to become attached?

People always show their best even though they’re not focusing on trying it – it’s subconsciously controlling

Different people react to it differently based on level of openness to comprehend

Goal of actions: To explain it to fear?

Psychology studies how behavior influences thinking.

Moral compass is what motivates our practical works

Thinking possibilities and thought crime

How you take it – only those who can comprehend

Morality tells us how we should use knowledge, not just how to gain it.

Content adjectives 

Asking the right questions is about Identifying the variable that is to be measured

Limits of adjectives

Emphasizing certain characteristics about a situation

Bottled up emotions

Suicide rate

Moral bias

What criteria are you applying to evaluate their behavior

Be clear

Personal achievements

The more opinionated the more stupid

Opinion = less accepting of the facts about human nature and nature in general

Only thing it can do

Explanation of motivation to “do”

Figurative language is unrealistic reality

Working against self is the worst place to be – needing help but physically unable to ask for it

What is it mentally used for?

Respecting ideas, mentally.

not believing in mental illness should be classified as a mental illness

if only church were classified as a thearpy visit and religion a mental illness

afford to be moral; trust one else

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