Freethought Notes – Documented 12/20/2021

no vacation till you’re done

Sacrifice is necessary because you don’t need all of the old useless junk

We live in a world where good is bad and bad is good

Moral guide practical behaviors

you wouldn’t want to be a roman gladiator

make yourself at home

relationship between death penalty and effectiveness (differnece between working in the head, wanting it to work and etc.)

God Does Not Exist: Philosophical Arguments

God is imaginary, only exists in the minds of people.

Thinking effects behavior

Most of our thinking (overthinking) is imaginary

For example, imagining consquences, etc.

deductive reasoning examples

respect is opinion opinion psychology

comprehend respect realtiy

Understanding how to understanding, learn

How to Learn Through Observation: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Learning just for the sake of learning is misleading. The thing Is humans are actually built to learn. Our brains reward center activates when we learn and makes us feel good, just like when we exercise or eat. Learning is actually fun and a very natural human thing.

Source [2]

opinion practical scientific method


facts explain every aspect of the situation where no other question that is left unanswered can be asked

language of mathematics

theoretical thinking

based on way you’re treated: words like poupulist is an example of an attitude (ex. populist attitide, treating me like a commoner) treatment style; attitude based on how you treat me.
I claim this becuse one can only think of such words in such attitude conditioned as it indirectly implies as else.

Stay Loyal To The Goal, Success Won’t Take Long To Come

stay loyal to your goals, even if they’re more theoritical rather than practical

Ebenezer Suresh

Morality only exists for those who haven’t found out what “should” means

What you need depends on the goal, and morality depends on the goal

change and comfort zone quote


the real world

Is Morality a Social Construction

yes, actions speak louder than words and the need to use violence only proves it.

how does behavior effect thinking?

morality is a practical guide on how to live life

Want to believe vs. beleive

morality is a social construct

degree of understanding

i would have done the same

preventable diseases


“no one should ever have to go through this”

On the psychology of poverty

Speak in actions not words.

work for some and not for others

Vague words, like abortion, shouldn’t even be words, explain clearly what pieces of information you are considering.

morality is tolerating minor inconveniences

It takes more energy to hate


The way you diagnose the problem is the problem

6 Ways Being Poor is Expensive

Why can’t nature just be morally perfect?

Can You Afford to Think?

social scientific method


perspective evalutions

Must we continue to respect stupidity?


You think it works, but it does not.

The Psychology of Hate

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.


Morality in humans is a form of conditioned behavior

What does “should” even mean? A: Look at this quote linked here.

natural curious instinct vs. conditioned behavior is not the same

Moral bias is when a person’s “should” prevents them from seeing the “is.” 


how to want to live

the very fact that you have to put in effort and use violence is proof that your theory is flawed. It is rather a goal set for being scared and biased rather than an unbiased observation.

Categorizing factual information.

There is only what we know and understand vs what we cannot comprehend or care to comprehend

Study shows that exposure to religion renders children unable to differentiate between fact and {symbolism}.

why judge

indirectly affected

a need to know

effective theory.

my challenge: make yourself want to stop being a normal average moral average joe into a scientist


the effects of behavior on thinking

the effects of having an abortion vs. the opinion on the effects (making is a big deal, making it happen)
For example, if you travel to a society where they reward adults for having an abortion.

a need to know

Performing the calculation of (evaluation) Comparing behaviors relative to moral criteira is not a fact.

Opinion=imagining ideas (theoriticial scenario), evaluating facts; By definition, that is not a fact.

Moral criteira isn’t an opinion, sure; But performing moral behavior (a need to perform moral behavior), is.

investing energy=trusting

Morality allows us to think

Possible interpretations

Don’t equate vagueness to specific

Identify specifics

Fact theory is based on how it’s treated

Body is a tool scale for measuring

Death penalty for self defense – in no other situation is it moral tolerable

Criteria characteristics

Not all people who look like humans are humans

I hate unconditional goals

Needs are based on moral failings after being morally failure

I hate opinions and staying in society

I hate flawed thinking forced by human behavior first and not observation first 

Moral test procrastination comfort zone breaking point tired of writing for nothing no progress showing tired of ideas leaving my mind 

Does it make sense for school to make us lazy and tell us not to be lazy? Doesn’t make sense right?

Easy to want to be mad

You only know if you want to know

One more about identifying process

Symbolism of nature

Biased is measured relative to facts not morality

What does morality describe?

All forms of opinions develop from a lack of understanding

Symbolism is an opinion not a fact and so is respect which is a form of symbolism

Knowing vs. understanding

Effort violence goal bias

Bottling up feelings

Emotional attachment

Opinions= conditioned behaviors

Facts = non conditioned behavior; pure curiosity

Fact attitude opinion sanity

What scale are you using to interpret the behavior of nature?

We are all a clump of cells

A fact is a desire to identify itself

Morality is a practical guide on how to live life

Performing the calculation of 

how are you going to show me nsfw pictures and expect me not to be stimulated?

Would you still be moral, if you conditions changed? For example, if the whole world aborted their children, would you and you alone prosecute all of these individual cases?

Weathor or not you know it or believe in it – it’s a fact as reflected by your behaviors learned upon observation and observation only.

“Comprehending factual information”

consideration = formula


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