Freethought Notes – Documented 12/21/2021

the explanation of sociology

different breed, expect teacher

the science of self control

science is not an excuse

I’m Tired of Learning Something New Every Day

WZZN: Ever tired of learning?

purpose of punishment

words that shouldn’t exist

20 Words That Don’t Exist (Or Shouldn’t) – LetterPile

common sense, respect words

take responsibility for staying in society

What if everyone murdererd? If that’s impractical then so is the theory for the explanation of “free will”

Stephen Hawking: Greed And Stupidity Are What Will End The Human Race

Morality is a neverending fight between good and evil

“the end of human stupidity”

can’t help it

Moral ideas only exists to those who need it or recognize it.

Death row inmate characteristics, adjustment, and confinement: a critical review of the literature

Are murderers born or made?

end the need to use the death penalty

Men and Asking for Help

The Secret to Student Success? Teach Them How to Learn.

common sense tells me to stop trusting people

focus on the now

focus on ideas

free will isn’t real, it’s a grey area

Motives for Murder

Suicide Prevention as a Social Justice Issue

comprehension level

great thinkers

logic = thinking style

only a limited ways of looking at this

focus on the how you think not what you think

The law was made for moral people; that’s the nature of it.

murder is good as it shows murderers not to murder, see: it’s a self-replicating virus

all thinking no action

suicide is good

start small, then think big

Morality does not define what is human and what is not; recognize cells

only those who can experience pain and are like you

Level playing field, i want everyone to have access to mental health

When you say the death penalty deters, you mean it deters you, not necessarily others

Some people cannot afford to be moral, and some we cannot afford to make them moral

thinking is an example of what process? Calculating like a calculator. Good anlogy.

consder their whole life into the formulated question

When someoen asks you why not, when it’s a natural process of curisuty, that’s when the dogma starts adn opinions starts

most of our thoughts are comparisons

the people who need mental help the most don’t actually get it because of the attitudes towards mental illnesses.

Can you afford to be happy?

Certain words like people repreent how something is treated; For example, seeing at organisism and calling them people and treating them humanely indicates how something is observed and reacted. A sole observation would require no reaction, meaning that if you were to observe a person getting killed and dismembered, you would have to sit still and watch the torture.

all words are an indication and an impliation and a reflection of a particular experience

I don’t think you understand what your opinions imply?

The only way to stop mistakes it to prevent said mistakes

the only way to win is not to play


the only way to the father is through me

There is no such thing as trust, only getting used to something that can also be unlearned

Quote – “A false sense of security is the only kind there is.”

you only know it if you need it

Why morality isn’t subjective (mini piece):

  • self control only comes in one way for humans
  • Stupidity isn’t subjective
    • intellectualism isn’t subejctive
  • What is this an example of? Right behavior or wrong behavior?
  • what is right and wrong identifying? Is it self-explanatory? Meaning, are the nature of some things just right and others wrong? What makes it right or wrong?
  • Don’t mistake what it means personally to you, for what it means for others.
  • If it has to be enforced, it’s not a valid theory as it requires effort – a form of violence as meausured.
  • Serves as a “reminder”

Most of our thinking is comparison to a standard – most of the time moral standards, and multi-tasking

“stop describing yourself”

“allow yourself”

mentally use

you can’t think and go, stop and refect at the same time

“I didn’t do anything”

“Maybe that’s your problem!

From Google Docs

Respect is emotional attachment – which is a disorder and it shows; self explanatory

Fact is a formula an explanation 

Consider how

afford to think scientifically

What should you want

Format of a fact

Focus on the goal not the conditions of the situation or another distraction

Distraction depends on the goal itself if the goal is to learn how to learn then school is a distraction

Opinions evaluate symbolism and compare to other standards

“Kill me before I change my mind”

Respect the police

Who wouldn’t want to unless you are one of those who haven’t experienced it yet.

How symbolism contents 

Tired of fighting bare minimum and bare minimum of perfection 

Reality explanation

How did you learn it 

Thinking about the possibilities 

The theory of personal responsibility

Names aren’t real and rather only exist in the mind as they are socially constructed notions that stem from respect- performing respect is an example of an opinion. As it means your life is being threatened.

Symbolizing people is personification

Don’t say sorry

Love to learn

Afford to think

Morality is a set of attitudes that should be comfortable with

Evaluation scale facts

Vague possibilities criteria

No such thing as an unnecessary or bad experience only a learned one: be unbiased

Reality has a liberal bias

Facts are effects of our senses

If we were a rhino we’d still use the scientific method

Rewarded behaviors

Outside influences

not the same specific and vague

Stem from respect

Metaphors symbolism opinionated figurative language

Reason purpose goal and real reason degree of ignorance fear and curiosity

Trust gets you killed

Comparing conditions behavior

Enforcing morality

Meaning = implication

Stop talking about it

Deliberate thinking, voluntary thinking

Lastly, there is one death penalty almost all liberals support. The one where you kill unborn children for the crime of being inconvenient. Until and unless the coddlers of murderers start to oppose killing for birth control they pretty much forfeit their moral authority.

Lack of trust, opinion, measuring opinion: opinionated

“Abolishing the death penalty in my opinion is not the solution to this problem. We need to come to grips with the fact that there are people among us who kill, that’s just what they do. There are people in this world that are evil.”

Nature always justifies itself.

the death penalty is only justified when your life is at “risk” – this is a grey area filled with vague possibilties that have yet to be researched.

why is their no sanctity of life for all of the cells you are murdering right now? the ones you cannot see with your bare eyes?

Education funding is a form of murder prevention

In theory if murder rates rose due to capital punishment being reinstated, then people would not support it this is proof that moral needs changes from situation to situation.

real justice is preventing the need to murder, not letting murderers murder and then trying to catch them again.

change the situation, don’t let it control you.

only humans do this. I wish I wasn’t human. people change..

I wish the method for effectiveness was different. version of you.

The death penalty recognizes that some intellectuals escape it, via actions not via verbatim

This is not an exam question in a college philosophy course but a moral conundrum at the core of perhaps the most intriguing issue facing the U. S. Supreme Court today.

Why treat it differnetly?^*

Justice only eixsts for those who can afford it, it’s just a matter of time before people realize and measure life as such

Symbolism is an example of an opinion

Trust is a grey area, never trust.

example of, emotionally attached,


Keywords: Recognize, respect, necessary evil, anti-police, speak in words, interpreting actions, afford to think, currency, measure currency, value vs. price, minor inconviniences, morality objectivity, treating opinions as facts, give the same courtesy you would give to a janitor to a CEO and vice versa, give the same energy, how is the idea learned, god told me to hate you, there is a word for everythin, categorizing abstract ideas, money keeps me, respecting money, respect money, the “how” is a part of the “when,” anti poverty, question yourself, experience what I experience, empathy is the only way to understand, moral facts, afford to be moral, indirect effect, correlation does not equal causation, focus on thoughts, focus on parts of situation, afford to think, describe yourself, anecdotal evidence, formula consider, all thinking is a formula applying some sort of formula, actions affect other people, practicalism=goal bias, practicalism requries lack of understanding, anecdotal evidence fallacy, logical fallacy, fact interpret effects, why is this even a word?; pretend, like it, consider their past, deserve to trust, thinking style, your thinking style is the problem iteslf, only whose who know, consider how, if you know you know, don’t even think about it, fear the law, want to change your mind, in some situations, afford to understand, in their right mind, view effects, what if everyone murdererd?; asking the right questions; keep them mad, all talk and no action, perfect world, comprehending, equal life, what’s cowardly is formulating a murderer, trying your best always, i would want to be convined as otherwise: don’t take advantage of my anger, treat them like mad scientists, in theory, thinking, consider their life as a whole, treatment style, treated badly my entire life, the law only considers moral people, measuring pain, prevent the need for thinking, recognition, moral definition of human, learned behavior, treated badly, energy to be opinionated, direct effect=attempt to control, how to think, afford to think, morality only exists in the mind as a respected idea,

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