Freethought Notes – Documented 12/26/2021

we’ve heard of opinions on opinions but what about facts on opinions

Don’t lose dignitiy, don’t compromise on principlies, keep moral perfectionist goals, at the cost of your life.

respect criteira; how did you learn to support the death penalty; if you say someone getting stabbed you wouldn’t say “stop bleeding” rather you’d speak with your actions by going over to help the stabbed person by fighting off “the attacker”

perfection only exists in the mind; uncomfortable

Change what you want to feel; you feel what you feel because you want to.

perfection only exists in the mind

stuck between wanting to kill myself and leaving society as it only rewards stupidity

what should i care about?

What should I do with my life?

What should I be curious of?

It’s not a big of a deal as you think it is

stop playing the victim; stop secretly wanting to be mad (yes, you know it feels good to be mad)

Happiness is sadness with another name

you can’t do to things at once, at least not effectively; you can’t focus on your goal because you’re busy focused on your distractions or you’re dead.

i am not a good learner

crying save me from the inside

not all opinions are equal, evaluation criteria applied as learned from the past, what will guide the middle class?

Effects of thinking on behavior

How does it effect your thinking? If this answer is not in the format of an explanation, then it’s factually wrong, and rather metaphorical, in (the ideas’) relationship to the body.

Person A: “The idea isn’t a theory”
Person B: “It isn’t supposed to be a theory”
Person A: “Then you’re the biased one” – One who does not understand

SEE: Measuring opinions post on

From iPhone

Debunking moral criteria
criteria isn’t subjective, but it is a matter of comprehension (knowing it’s wrrong but still doing it)
but performing the act (as it requires desire), is an opinion; It’s like planning vs. doing.

Opinion objective performing not want to now time not specific to

Respecting opinions as facts

My own Bible

Wisdom headed pain – lucky to be healed

Learning opinions vs. learning a fact

Teaching evolution as an opinion vs. teaching it as a fact

Thinking affects behavior – psychology

Word formula

Use psychology when comparing behaviors and measuring

Draw the line somewhere

“All opinions should be avoided” is like saying “all biases should be avoided”

Why does it “look like” a fan? What criteria did you learn from the past and apply it?

Why I refuse to recognize pro life and pro choice:
There is no such thing as pro life only pro making it harder for getting an abortion.

“Don’t change I want”

Freeedom is dangerous- it allows stupid social people to mess you over. Such people need to be controlled and executed to make better people.

It’s getting repetitive and boring after leaving my comfort zone but not finding other moral opportunities-  no meaning in life, nothing to chase for.

Randomness is what keeps me emotionally attached

Fact = explains the criteria of nature formula of how it works stem by step – this answers the question: what is thinking and moral criteria and performing it.

Religious people are confused people with misplaced feelings of justice

Don’t learn from mistakes

Only one way to be emotionally attached as we measure opinions is respecting different viewpoints is a flawed theory.

Some words shouldn’t exist

For example, society should just be be defined as a passive aggressive form of behaviors

Words consider

Having an opinion on an opinion does you no good; however having a fact on one, does.

Psychology of opinions emotional attachment

When people say you can’t they mean I can’t

Anti opinion pro fact less opinionated as possible

The effects of thinking on behaviors is basically the study of psychology

Apply knowledge 

I’m order to identify it, you must first want to identify it; for example, I want to see myself on the stage getting a diploma.

Tolerating abuse

Body language

The more you know why part of the why


From Manual Typing

by definition, morality is a tool; Morality also answers the quetion of: how to live life, indirectly

There comes a time when you need to stop being bothered by minor inconviences and get to work

all thinking is, is considering; Therefore thinking=considering and can be used interchantably

religion isn’t stupid, it’s explainiable, and if it is being described as stupid what is really means is that it’s unexplaininable to them

religion explains a type of condition: one that is self-depreciating at the expense of others.

Religion people are so different that they should be considered a differnet species

moral goals; how are these moral goals set?

to respect means to tolearte existience, mean to be desensitized and not curious but not scared enough to run away from it, but rather to stare at it.

not observe but reating to what you are “looking” at (form of sensing) s= mentally use as a tool

identifying perfection

Answering the question of: “what are you identifying?”

“no one is immune”

clear thinking: using the word: “should” indicates/is a comparison to a theoritical idea; So, ask yourself: what allows you to think that? What is the thinking process? Since thinking is a process, not a conclusion.

respecting bad decisions
If you treat it as a theory it’s a theory
part of respecting bad decisions

When you buy something on sale for 10 dollars originally priced at 15 dollars, you didn’t save 5 dollars, you spent 10 dollars.

types of thinking; imaging, comparing, moral comparison, goal setting, filter thinking, formula thinking,

processed thinking, filter

What you call respect is formally known as emotional attachment

if it doesn’t fit you must acquit

if it doesn’t matter in 5 years

what does should mean and should it exist in our vocabulary?
Most of the time when people use the word Should (it means) =theoritical, but practical idea. Meaning to channelize your feelings to do things as mentioned.

just because you can doesn’t mean you should

limits of atheism

life ain’t fair it’s not supposed to be do the impossible

what constutues as a human? Since, we can’t get anywhere without defining it first

some men are morally opposed to violence; it is the soldier that grants us freedom of speech, not the campus organizer; you can afford to have high standards whilst others can’t

no time to be proud, sad, etc.

we men are emotional, you can see that if you read beneath our eyes


molecular level, moral research, friend, respect, moral support,molecular level, moral research, swaying feelings, respect stupidity, want to comprehend and understand then you will, formula thinking consider, being stupid, idenitfying reward and punishment, personhood, clearl state criteria, criteria of nature, criteria for fact and opinion, want to win the race is like saying I am manipualted into wanting to identifying myself as the winner of the race, religion and symbolic interactionism, put a word on it (like put a ring on it, cap a limit, put a limit on it), religion and symbolism, categorizing vague abstract ideas, emotional attachment to theoritical words; all words describe situations; I can change your feelings (with or without your permission); I don’t respect feelings, I change them; the limits of human beings; measuring money, measuing feelings using feelings, fact on opinion, opinion on opinion, don’t get comfortable just yet, curiousity and fear, curiousity antonym, regulating feelings, not my fault hormones’ fault (don’t throw baby out with bathwater), self control, war social construct, war on women, govt. is force, respect the law, happen to the law, change the law, goal, bias, opinion, breaking point, accept your death, accept your fate, don’t fight for control, middle class, bored of schoolwork, social order, mental illness denial, snap out of it, if it’s easy it’s not worth it, effectiveness, married to the money, married to the goals, emotionally attached to money, respect boundaries, opinion by definition make a big deal out of nothing, make it legal/illegal, recognize and respect the law, ne normal, body language, displaced feelings, make me feel special; freedom ain’t free; living off the backs of others, find meaning in suffering; resisting feeelings; I am innocent, practical usage of words, don’t tempt me; how to set moral goals; measure of freedom, life goes on, what should i want for christmas, restart my life, freedom is freedom to have a lack of accessibility to mental health care, freedom to fail, leave failures like me alone, I cannot afford to be comfortable, consciously set your goals (don’t let anyone else set them for you), moral perfectionism, excuseable, science is an excuse, naturalistic fallacy, stop expecting a reward, learn to respect, formal education, planned experiences=cirriculum, criteira goal respect differences coe, facts on opinions, opinion respect stupidity,

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