Freethought Notes – Documented 1/3/2022

Manually Documented

No mistake=nothing to write about, you secretly love torture you sad.

It is a choice it takes effort

Effort is a Choice

Motivation for self-control? After all, fuel runs out, that’s why they recommend it on a routine/daily basis.

How to Build Better Self-Control in Addiction Recovery

10 Secrets to Soaring Self Control

Forcing vs. allowing is there a difference?

degree of proactive preventitiveness, I’ll tell you what you should feel

tell your feelings what to do

What to do with your feelings

You’re Allowed to Feel the Way You Feel

learned behavior is measured in relativeness to being born; Since we are all born curious and unbiased willing to identify the facts

An observation is the first step of the scientific method

don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see

“You know, sometimes it’s easy to just say something on Facebook or social media. We always like to say, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see,” said Smith.

I wish I didn’t need to do this in order to achieve the goal of forgetting nsfw thoughts; opinions (goals) being pushed onto me, like fuel comming into a car; think of it like this: you are preventing suicide even though you don’t focus upon it, same thing, prevent developing nsfw deisres by preoccuping the self.

Don’t wait until you need your defrost to learn it doesn’t work

thoughts, like feelings are a process to be developed, no matter if the thought is a conclusion – it always has a how. A how this is possible; The trick is, is it possible to comprehend.

COVID and mental health stress: No one is immune, says Harvard professor, ex-WHO expert

lose some thougts two more things pck updog no temptation just ante break

procastination is tolerating problems

why wait when you can do it now and it’d make no difference?

emotional worksheet

iPhone Notes

Relief, motivational website page

Getting cocky isn’t my fault it happens to me (meaning it appears in my feed) in my life and requires self control to convert the mental energy.

I was up there then I willfully and involuntarily made myself stupid to give myself something to do.

It’s not easy to achieve good goals. I wish it were easy so that everyone could do it. And make it easy for everyone.
It shouldn’t be hard.

Primates under control urges

Tell your feelings what to do not vice versa; I don’t want to be satisfied with meritocracy

Only way to be social

Ignoring feelings and warning signs

How desire changes over time
Symbolism and authority for meaning in life

Living with other is flaw that why I put it off

Focus on the goal with the end in mind

It all seems so pointless

Want, curious

I gained nsfw desire because I didn’t spend my time respecting or honoring others’ decisions to play a role in the presence of my life.

It requires a village to keep people alive.

I can’t bring myself to believe how I did what I did. I can’t accept that everything serves a purpose for the greater good, even the bad.

Imaginings’ effects on thinking

Prompting thoughts

Mental effects

I hate this cycle

I can’t even start my life.

I don’t want my feelings of justice not being served to make me attached to what I am supposed to hate.

How feelings changes.

I now see the problem, I want to get it over with using my anger as I didn’t before but this time that’s now how it works. It takes patience, patience is rewarded, at least in this case. That’s how it starts out.

Use your anger to stop itself. It’s all useful.

How I fell into the trap of pursuing my nsfw desires and lying to myself:

Focusing on the wrong things, making decisions under pressure (a rule I remember that I emphasize a lot, I should start doing it again).

I made the decision to pursue vague goals and multitask

I made the decision to listen to my feelings and not my head

I was not morally proactive

I was stuck between respecting the house rules I’ve set for myself or to pursue testing my s* desires and curiosity.

I chose to pursue my curiosity as it was something I figured I would only have to do once.

I stopped sleeping when I needed to

I stopped setting my boundaries and telling mother to still rather I fit the mold and adapted not vice versa and compromised.

I quickly made the decision to pursue my desires of focusing on the nsfw contents rather than my standards and goals. I changed their priorities.

I am documenting this so I know what to avoid next time

I compromised too much

I developed drug tolerance for nsfw contents

I just didn’t take it seriously enough

I keep imagining such contents

I chose not to respect their rules. Actually, I choose to respect their rules at first and focus on the fact that I had to compromise and it creates bumps in me. However, once I was done tolerating it I focused on the wrong thing. Oh well, it is what it is and will have to leave my work up there on the laptop for now.

My feelings will never follow the rules my conscious will though. It’s as if my feelings are a completely different part of me with another mind.

Don’t change the goal, change the plan, the effectiveness because nature is bad and does not work the way you want it to work and don’t fight with nature.. you’ll always lose.

My goal was to test my patience but I figured it’s never end so I had to put a manual stop to it.


On the moral support page make sure to customize the rss feed.

That’s too bad, tell your feelings what to do.

Make fun of your mental health. Be your own therapist.

And this time, when clearing out past history, make sure to show no mercy, regardless of outcome. If you lose valuables, oh well, get them next time. Do not compromise your values.

Also, if needed, make sure to restore those photos in Amazon iCloud and Google photos to recover the sfw and motivational photos that I mass deleted along with the nsfw contents out of laziness. I am really mad at myself for not controlling my desires and clearing out such contents in a self controllable manner according to the u.I. As given but it is what it is.

Quote: “You know too much psychology when you can’t get mad at people because you know why they’re doing it.”

Mental illness and imaginations are “normal.”

Remember that meme where the captain slaps the dude in the face? Well all I needed was that, a sharing of feelings so that I could gain moral support to continue doing my work here for the next 8 months till that juice runs out.

Tell your feelings to stop feeling. Tell your feelings to stop being active then.

Most of the time it’s your subconscious mind

Coming home

It’s harder to hate up close

Everything I am doing is a survival mechanism

Take it seriously. Personally.

On yt.

Self control for now.

Being ignorant about certain things is a good thing as it will only bring a lack of curiosity.

If hot want to do stupid things. Just wait till college.

I messed up my college applications because of my moral confusion and nsfw situation. I am now better.

Only done if Allowed to laugh

Be your own soldier- that voice in your head

I’ve always liked small places to stay like a fireplace. Let’s stay there.

Is there too many restrictions in some areas?

Soft spot, over thinking (security checkpoints for thinking, don’t want to allow a bad thought thru), curiosity, I was told to hate you, preventing anger, one more? Was it preventing anger?

I should document all of the times I think up of said bad words and why I think of it. I think following my standards should work.

I need motivation for practicing self control as it has to come from somewhere. There is a reason why people don’t poop in public no matter how bad.

I like school, I just don’t like the people there.

Only if you get tired of resisting will you develop such desire. Don’t test yourself as there is no end to such immoral evils. Be moral, try as much as you can.

Where I’m from they don’t call police we call family

I was too scared to harden the belief, scared that I might do some damage and thinking I needed to perform whilst wearing headphones.

This desires also developed because of my lack of desire to chase moral perfectionism. This arose from me thinking I needed to do more than what I needed to succeed. This is why I need a plan. So that in case I forget, I can fall back on something.

Religious people’s attitudes towards mental illness.

Focus on something else: for one thing you are doing, you are not doing a million other things. So keep yourself preoccupied.

Talk about the physical traits of the developing desire. Talk about how it slid up your throat if you’re not morally proactive.

Underlying causes, root cause analysis.

It takes too long in nsfw mode. I am with a lot of people I don’t want to be around. Thus, making me want to complete my things ASAP or the desires will develop as I am comfortable with something that should not be comfortable.

School isn’t for everyone. And everyone isn’t for school.

I’ve tried and I’ve failed

During my nsfw times I’ve developed such a desire because I thought it was hard to think in the midst of hearing random voices and unnecessary information, nevertheless I did not realize that it was a necessity to documenting ft. Notes as without it I wouldn’t have anything to document. Self control is a necessity as long as you are at bad places.

I trusted it with perfection (my surroundings, that is) and it failed me. So I am going to have to go back to self control and moral proactiveness to prevent such bad desires from developing.

Just a reminder: if you want true perfection join the military. There, they will have you focus on moral standards and as such. There, you will be separated by gender so there are no distractions.

Don’t judge as it is a mental act of self defense not trust

Discipline, self control = freedom there is no other way all other ways include hiding from others etc. no peace of mind.

There were many other things that I forgot to document. In the same way you wouldn’t expect one that recently has their hands chopped off to start writing about said experience and how they can recover.

I need to spend my energy respecting others. Not trying to hide my nsfw activities

If you wouldn’t show your grandma

Remember, this is all for populism. When you get older you have something to guide you. Like your own Bible.

Consider This is my own moral Bible – one more.
Only one way to get better and that is to keep practicing self control.

Morality is not subjective. They are objective as there is only one way.

Study buddy motivation

Predict your own behavior by planning your day- plan out what you’ll learn

It’s supposed to be hard. The rewards for being anti-social aren’t the same as being social and trusting or having trust issues. You can’t say I’ll be willfully stupid for now and be smart later you have to have that sense of urgency right now.

You can’t live your life on autopilot all of the time there is subsconscious automatic control of your life. Think of yourself as a robot, you’re not special. Input and output.

Require resources to access first

Respect everything came across

Don’t judge bias

In one ear and out the other

Knock some sense into yourself

You have to see them as an obstacle

You have to set limits, practical limits, so you can do something for the self

I wish one didn’t need to get hurt to do certain things but that’s how the world works.

Moral encouragement, types of caring, not supposed to know the real reason willfully ignorant conscious bias.

If you’re not comfortable with something immediately change it or else you will get used to it. #stuckinlife

Head on does not work

who has won the battle has already been decided long before the battle takes place: moral of the story: prepare and do to reap benefits

pointless to harm myself make myself stupid and be curious to get back up and try again I consciously made the decision to fail, longer-term and I knew it

Whatever is used as a barrier and an obstacle, can also be used as a motivator

I’ve documented so many good notes whilst on the NSFW desires and drugs, but it’s time to stop acting on my urges.

I got scared when I needed to avoid nsfw content like bad words

I feel so bad for not documenting the notes I took whilst on the inprivate tabs

All obstacles are unnecessary, that’s why they’re called obstacles and not helpers

You are controlled by your experiences

5 Easy Tools to Resist the Urge of Bad Habits


acting on urges self control, I hate thinking, recognize government, process of setting goals, considering, nsfw curious desires, tired of learning, sense of urgency, no matter how small you should still follow orders (petty), easy to do and easy not to do, breaking point, trusting the wrong person, guilt sense, only when i need to, prepare to change, moral provative self control really want to change recalculating, unnecessary petty obstacles, facing temptations, overcome temptation, tell your feelings what to do requires feelings itself, where do the desires come from is this the God dogma?, not being able to view certain words is bringing me back (either I pay bills leave house), allowed to feel, allowed to fail[2], be yourself, why are bad things so easy to do?; make it easy to be good and pressured to be bad, passive, broken trust, people are a distraction, following rules at the wrong time, social order keeps society together, how to run a society, stop acting on urges, life is a punishment, survival mode, social expectations, feelings come externally like fuel to a car not from within, forced feelings onto me, softie, I want to get it over with, meaning, parts of speech, adjective, raw thoughts, religion and psychology, forms of violence passive aggressive, measuring self control, distraction to desires, distraction to what you want-the goal, coping mechanisms, requires manual labor, actions feelings, thoughts become feelings feelings become actions, feeling=emotional attachemnt, how to read feelings, how desires affect others, do in need to wait till i need to, don’t wait till you need to[2], prevent the need to, do it now reap bennifits later, everything is learning (even the most smallest of things) so take it seriously, if you don’t like it then leave, thinking is a process (of considering information), tough love, relationship to reality, goal setting, darker impulses of human nature, why is there a word for (enter word here, example, atheism), how men cry, no one is immune, don’t put it off, emotional worksheet, justification, revenge vs. justice, using ideas, intellectual property, thought crime, forced to think, what keeps you in society, don’t kill it, trust the government, wisdom is having the right opinions, wrong feelings, don’t target the symptons target the cause, treat it as a medical problem not a moral problem, homemade medicine, thank you for shaping my life, immoral thoughts, moral degenerate, lack of self control, moral degenerate, greed and curiousity, chasing something that does not exist, moral is a type of observation, thinknig (way of treating something), how to set goals, what stops you from growing,

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