Freethought Notes – Documented 1/19/2022

It’s a trap, life is an mlm scheme

I don”t memeorize or reember I learn fo longer-term memory.

Expect to think [this]; expect to learn; to learn is to change, but not all learning is good learning; one can learn to be a gangster too.

Feelings are like poop: no matter how hard you try to hold it in, it eventually has to come out one way or the other, voluntarily or not

Deliberately making new mistakes to learn from

decide for me

feelings are dogma; ex. murder is good vs. murder is bad and should be prevented at all costs.

what does thinking require you to do?
What does thinking require?

I wish I could save every second of my life – as if it were a videotape recording that has been forgotten to be turned off and just laying there in or on my forehead recording every moment of my life.
The ironic thing here is, is that if I wanted to go back and look upon the past, I would be taking time out of the recording to look at the past parts of the ongoing recoding itself.

Mental health in science

Why Some People Don’t Believe in Mental Illness (and Why They Need To)

A: Because they don’t have much thinking skills


now we are medicalizing virtually everything

School is not for everyone.

How To Stop Running Away From Your Problems And Face Them With Courageous Resolve

How to Stop Resisting & Leave Pain Behind – A Practical Guide

The abortion debate is certain to raise the temperature at the Capitol. These debates are always emotional and rarely is there any common ground. That will be evident Monday afternoon at three o’clock when the Legislature holds a public hearing on the bill in the House chamber.

If education really worked there would be no middle-class peoples, education teaches one to think outside of the box.

It’s all about intentionality

Tempted to do ‘good’?


I wish I could stop time; all formulas are formula for thinking for applied thinking; never make fun of a man who speaks broken English quote, I’m not good at life, it must be focused upon to be aware of, opposite and equal, legal=formal, follow the money, look back and laugh at this, unfiltered thoughts, raw thoughts, why set goals, why would someone want to, every moment spend documenting notes is a moment spend not multi-tasking and deciding between pursing nsfw desires or not, nothing means much to me anymore not even nsfw, access to comfort, access to resources, access to motivation, everything is a resource, inequality helps us all, we have human limits, stop thinking start feeling, guard down, proactive thinking (Aka moral proactivism), kill me, bad things happen to me, social order, elitist douchebags who write papers for a living, self-control motivation, mastering self-control, mastering human nature, body language, actions reminding me of nsfw desires, why does this only come now, nsfw is all about the actions, pictures are actions since they speak many words at once, pictures are multi-tasking, I hate driving as it’s a form of multi-tasking, implications and goal setting, forms of resources, clarity, confusion, master human nature, truth is everything is a drug-may not come in the form of a bottle with a cap but it’s a drug, invisible drugs, sense, necessary evil definition, concept idea fact opinion, why I do something I don’t want to do, why I do stupid things, feelings have to go somewhere, feelings don’t magically disappear, require manual labor, I can’t believe what you say because I see what you do, actions say one thing words say another, depends on what you focus upon, the actions of my feelings, focusing as the goal in and of itself, I hate being normal, I am an idea, the idea of me is a social construct, unclear, effectively multitask, you can’t serve two masters, there is no way I am sticking a needle in my own arm and doing heroin – if I am doing drugs that one I’ll never even try, mental health of a scientist, winning and losing are examples of abstract concepts, too much grey area, one death is too many, suck it up buttercup, one or the other, focus on the good = cherry-pick facts and keep doing drugs, feelings start thinking stops, everyday life, change in routine, stick with plan, open to possibilities, school is a distraction, not a goal, I don’t have a practical goal to chase, what is the purpose of, I give up resisting, smiling is a disease, worth it in the end, not satisfied, slow progress manual labor, stop bringing new problems, invisible pain, it’s not what it “looks like,” irreversible damage, cherry-picking is a necessary evil, thinking is a necessary evil, I’m tired of needing to lie to myself, cute animals, I need some motivation, set limits on learning, stop practicing bad things, psychology of voting behavior, voting behavior of, I want to be a scientist, everyone has a weakness, weakness, ability to.., focus as a goal itself, distraction to focus, whatever happened there stays there, empathy, from the perspective of an animals’ senses (body), I wish I could but I am not their mother, life on the line, weak spot, have no feelings, respect feelings, men have no feelings, spoiled, rock bottom, I want a friend, loyal friend (unconditional), first impression, feelings are conditions, so this is how it feels like, what goal should I set for myself, ready to die, ideas vs. plan, it’s all intentional, down to the earth, make me need it, vague reason, death penalty only in self-defense, if no cops most crimes would get the death penalty and no chance to change, vague areas, focus on the cells, focus on the process, vague words are a form of figurative language, nothing actually changes only in mind rather, temporary solutions, procrastination = tolerating problems, reduce the need and supply for fossil fuels, what does it represent, measure, cop killer, good moral figurative language, sense of urgency, social justice warriors are a form of figurative language, redefining strength YouTube, I am the poor meme, if you can find them, where does the bad come from, tempted to do good, practicalism philosophy, positive peer pressure, Convince Yourself, adjective list, derive, determination, destination, destiny, good intentions bad execution, vague language, this is not acceptable, I need some alone time, serves as a reminder,

I am healthily nervous of documenting these notes since I am not sure if g. is okay with me seeing things of that nature. I’ve yet to justify this but will only do if needed.


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