Moral Dilemma – Documented 1/19/2022

the problem is, is that all of these requires artifical energy to focus upon these quotes, hence why it’s focusing and I don’t have access to those resources all at the same time 24/7

there is no such thing as normal only what you look for bias

morality as a language, “Normalcy” itself is a form of taking advantage of a mental illness. As normalcy is a mental illness, all forms of opinions are mental illnesses, it’s just not treated as such. If only we were to come to accept facts,

If I really were to be serious, I would have to delete my entire site as a punishment

“nothing is petty”

Why do I always get the bad ones?
There is always someone worse.

Immoral curiosity, Immoral learning

Stop trusting your gut, it will fail you, i need motivation to pursue good goals meaning i need good people as moral support.

I used to think that I needed to test my feelings in the morally middle grey area desensitize my disgust for grey anger

I need an artificial sense of urgency to keep me out of trouble

I have no advice but to force yourself

Informal education=driving car, common sense learning.

lifetime effects

I never would have thought that I would be doing this in the name of documenting notes, in the same way some people would never think they’d end up

Stop trusting the wrong people and things to keep you moral, do this when you’re the sane version of yourself which is right after you do the thing and are now guilty [nsfw reference picture].

Words of encouragement

Pick your head up

‘Keep your head up:’ Students take part in Orlando Martin Luther King Day of service

keep, moral process help, things you don’t share to anyone else ever but yourself, but everyone has it (depression the secret that we all share it regardless), don’t let it slip, be careful who you are around with, someone to worship, I don’t want to be normal, why do these notes only come in real world doing things? he’s a little confused but he’s got the spirit, same goes to you, you may not know if person is mentally ill, give me liberty or give me death, planned education, introducing, balance trust, stop bad curiosity, what is stopping you from killing others, no one can resist, irresistible, hope it doesn’t go good, implies you had a bad childhood,

killing your dreams is never direct rather misleading and indirect
see: trying to live without work from Abraham Lincoln, America will be destroyed from within

Neutrality requires cooperation, something others are not doing

Fault is an opinion

How we kill our innate curiosity (and how to stop doing that)

killing curiosity depends, if it’s nsfw curiosity it should be killed.

The process of desensitizing the American public.

Desensitize yourself to public speaking anxiety | The Better Communicator Blog

too much responsibility, actions say as otherwise, most people have childhood trauma (hence why they’re middle class), forget the past, just focus on the present, how to live life, set it off, desensitize public, recognize, killing brain cells, don’t even want to look at my past, suffering for other, too smart for own good, how would I get to know only one way, for immediate notes but taken advantage of, no bad notes, guide my life, take my hand take the wheel, darker impulses of human nature, keep document notes, work with me here, requires cooperation, accept change, willing to let go, act like a child meaning, cause of anger, triggered, everything effective takes violence, define freedom, define definition, balanced lifestyle, police aren’t perfect, version human nature, direct effect definition, blame it on human nature, has to be fast, no one wants to, attaboy, work like this, hate the labor that is required to document notes, nemo, if I can’t kill it I am attracted to it, which other one is there, let go of the past, don’t let me do this, the user interface is so hard to navigate, died with that anger,

examples of things that you know people do without even having to focus upon or ask them, it’s implied as is. ex. mgb.


why does it require pain?

The worst mistake is forgetting it.

Why Do We Feel Pain? | Everyday Health

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