Freethought Notes – Documented 1/20/2022

integrity is deterring yourself in some way shape or form -be it a punishment – for doing bad things. Identify the problem.

Due to unexpected circumstances, the winner is only determined until after said object crosses the finish line

measuring how we use things: opinions feelings attachment, for example, using people as puppets or as soldiers or as pawns or as things to be treated as special

There comes a time when you reach perfection and the only way to go is down again
once you’re perfect, you feel no need to change.
but don’t give yourself a false sense of perfection.

Dear Participation Trophy Generation

schools reward stupidity

Shouldn’t There Be a Word … ?

normal shouldn’t be a word

Personifying our emotions

I give great advice but do I follow it?

Documenting these notes is a form of therapy for me.


everything is so fake and dry and compilated, I don’t have the resources for happiness, fathers sacrifice, all I ask for is some focus upon and recognition, whinny middle years, complicated diagnosis, the tongue is a two-edged sword, silent treatment, I don’t want to talk about it, memes for every mood, patience is key, simple solutions, avoiding mistakes is avoiding life, nsfw is like gas I need to focus upon it sometimes, everything is a distraction, science is real, misunderstanding science, treating morals like facts is treating opinions as facts which is like saluting a private, smartphones should not be allowed in school, keeps me alive, mass psychology, mass psychogenic illness, mass psychosis, sage wizard, I need a psychiatrist but can’t afford it, I can’t afford a psychiatrist, common sense, an intellectual very studious academic person, mental illness stigma, no one knows I am suffering from a mental illness, good and bad require each other to be defined, army ad to get to them you’ll have to get thru us, till the day I die, hear it from your mouth quotes, I never thought I’d say this, I’m doing this solely because it’s the only way I can get notes, defending education, defend the police by defunding them-the need for them that is, drowning in emotions, lifeguard saves, what if you saw a drowning baby, don’t die in front of me, don’t have the resources I need, everything is a resource, anger management, I’m over this, my life is so repetitive, part of the resource, without the basic necessities of life, move on, without the bad the good wouldn’t exist, feelings are decided long before they are felt, my life is so boring without it no moral support, let go of drugs, you must be willing to let go of the life, letting nature take its course, curious, lucky in life, the theory of love, measuring love[2], Correlation and dependence, feeling disrespected, too smart for your own good, practical motivation, motivation to find out,

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