Freethought Notes – Documented 1/20/2022

iPhone Notes

Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise

I need a place to rest I hate the public

Cooperated with

I don’t want to cry out loud but I need a place to cry

Get out of me

Restart my life

I wish it never existed

Too smart for own good

I don’t want to leave because it’s the only thing I know

Everyone keeps breaking my trust and don’t cooperate with me

I understand but… my standards are going to have to be compromised

It’s impossible to live a stress free life whilst doing things that cause stress. I literally told myself that this was a necessary evil. I hate remembering things. Thoughts come to me I am done chasing after you. Come to be or I won’t come to you.

Long ago I told myself that I didn’t need it and not I am suffering the consequences. I hate the human system. As the quote says, it’s been decided before.

Common sense calculations evaluations

if seem like a big deal via passive aggressive tipping behaviors to make it do something

I wish I didn’t have the ability to cope and rather died on impact of torture

As long as you are alive you have another chance at making myself stronger

I’m tired of caring about all of these petty standards I want to leave.

Thank and hate it. It’s a love hate relationship

Knuckle head

Criterion word consider

Bad will always exist

Circle around the same ideas over and over again

I hate cheating
I hate lying
I hate performing so much labor
I hate stupidity being rewarded at school

Caught and trapped aspect of it is the s* aspect of it

Guide me life

Acting on impulse

Stop learning and make a conscious effort to do

I am not challenged at school enough they require to much of rewarding stupidity

What if there was no need to resist?

Blame it on hating being a human

Why is everything such a direction

I don’t want to be and like being a middle class idiot- I’ve seen these guys entire childhood I’ve considered it not cherry picked pieces of events.

Avoiding pain seeking pleasure

It does it for me. Why can’t good things happen to me? Why do bad things always happen to me?

Don’t confuse movement with progress

I don’t know where I’m going but at least I’m going somewhere

I’m hurt

I wish it didn’t require going back and forth and working against the self

The greatest strength is mastering human nature going against Feelings and achieving Nirvana neutrality and gaining the guts to kill oneself

I hate this socializing crap it’s the problem

I’ve done it before I need to review lessons but I don’t want to

I don’t want to pursue neuroscience because I am obligated to say hi to people and stupid middle class people- some of which I’ve known for my entire life don’t get it.

It’s impossible to “do without being told to do” – and sometimes I just can’t accept it and pass it off as a necessary evil and focus on the wrong things and cry about it later

You can prevent it by not pursuing it knowingly

Suffer for whom

No thinking no need to think
No murder means no need to murder

There is no clear button on the body to tell you yes don’t do this no don’t do that it’ll lead to bad things

Normal shouldn’t be a word

It’s evolving just backward

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