Freethought Notes – Documented 1/25/2022

In order to overcome your fear, you must first understand your feelings[2][3], you must understand the cause of these said feelings.

Ebenezer Suresh

Ask yourself: Why are you scared of blood draws and vaccines and needles of the like? A: Idk; This status of not knowing why is the very reason why one is scared.

Mental limit vs. physical limit; A mental limit is a place where you stop thinking and start feeling (trading thinking for feeling; See: implications deductive reasoning), a physical limit is the potential of the body yet to be awaken.[2] (ex. running faster when seeing a bear)

Everything is really wordplay, if you treat it as such

How many people are scared of needles?

Trypanophobia: 5 Tips to Get Over a Fear of Needles

Woody Allen Quotes About Life, Love and His Movies

words indicate how information is used, used mentally that is, for example, representing information as words (symbolism is a goal in and of itself, and considering – cherry-picking- some information for a new word is another word)


It’s not fair to ask everyone who does not have access to the same resources to be expected to do the same thing.

I recall that I made so many posts and did repetitive things which kept me from pursuing nsfw desires, and I am not willing to do such labor again.

requires no education, so what does it require in place of it; That’s like saying I lack blue eyes, like duh, but identify what I have (sure deductive reasoning helps)

The best thing you can do is balance and make it as hard as possible for people to be bad. Root cause of crime. (Lack of self-control)

Good side of me bad side of me, depends on how I am treated and used vs. leaving me alone and letting the nature of me just exist and rather gain info by observing me. Using what we know to find out more is called curiosity and implications

The world is so full of possibilities that dogmatism is simply indecent

Albert Einstien

if my feeling were a person, it wouldn’t be very happy.

Why Punishment Doesn’t Reduce Crime

Changing the Equation: How to Turn Bad Habits into Good Ones

Fear turns into hate…

Curiosity: The Good, the Bad, and the Double-Edged Sword

Everything is curiosity, temptation. for example, I have everything what if I lost everything? that would be an example of a necessary evil judgement to be bad as bad curiosity.

once you put something on the internet you can’t take it back user interface

Why Do We Draw the Line There?

Why Are Intelligent People More Prone to Mental Illness?


Clear format, good fear, bad fear, baiting, temptation, everything is a form of temptation, templated to do good and/or bad, multi-tasking feelings=mixed feelings, humans aren’t perfect, socialism requires perfection, human nature and striving for moral perfectionism, mental things, change mind, psychology, facts about feelings, organizing feelings, from confused to curious[2], purpose of information, relevancy, start of fear, stalling, the actions of “my” feelings, lack of understanding the cause, to understand means to become aware of the bigger idea of the cause and not just to focus on one part of the effects of it, invest in me, at what age can you comprehend death?, only one way to, how do you know?, living with a murderer, bias, shouldn’t know, inadmissible evidence, how is it learned, science is liberal, facts have a liberal bias, word, understanding feelings, marketing tools, it takes more effort to understand someone, treat it like a mental illness, science is an excuse, I hate (needing to) patience and waiting and it being effective/required to reach goals, I hate the way nature works, understand the cause of fear, scared of death, indirect dogma, why does the word abortion even exist, born scared=instinct, haters are my motivators, pin point your fears, reality is not relative, difference between perspective (how one uses information) vs. nature of information existing, just observe regardless of conditions (ex. if you see someone getting stabbed, you should not try to save them rather observe), mistakes are my motivation, your loss not mine, subhuman (see the adjective/language of the usage of the word animals), superhuman, normal human, normal depends on what you look for, for all I know acknowledging the presence of cells could be normal, show-off, as long as you are alive, physical source of inspiration, blue collar intellectuals, enlightenment era, failed attempts, restart, no feelings attachment, any feelings=attached to feelings, how to have fun, newtons’ 3rd law, fantasize, dominant, root cause, no you don’t understand, put out of misery, I am my own father, how the information is used as a tool to identify words, the secret is in the very words used, children on death row, in honor of, God’s plan as a form of figurative language, feelings are waves, feelings are fake, the bigger picture, feelings depend on, Why is that even a word?, making life harder, life is already hard, moral leadership, recognition, respect, overexaggerating, drama queen, savor the moment, I wish I hadn’t deleted my account, your actions reminds me of, actions are words, actions are a language, in the form of, guiding life choices, doctors who smoke, source, appreciate your appreciation, what is normal and why is it even a word, vague indicates you’ve yet to id. specifics, respect cells life, we are all a clump of cells, setting goals, Respect for non-human life, acknowledge the presence of cells, keeping society together, expressing feelings, representing feelings, make excellence the new normal, kill for you, can’t help the feeling, one size fits all educational system, never done, skill set, too much fear, the world does not stop for anyone, no one cars, last time you tried something new, moral reasoning=/=logical reasoning, thinking skills, reasoning=goal-setting, say it as it is, there is more to life than feeling feelings, review the past posts, I want to give up on life, nsfw desires is a coping mechanism, life is imperfect and unregulated (hence why crime exists), restlessness, some people are just born stupid, source of rest, sleep represents trust, measuring trust, identify the problem, molecular level, make it fair, magically be self-reliant, Some things should not be accepted, voluntarily change voluntary desires, framing opinions as facts, something good comes out of the bad, are serial killers human in the gene rather than by look, how to continue living my life, I’m only human, academic thinking, little Einstein, words as tools, I have limits, you shouldn’t be here, I need to stop putting trust in bad things[2], cause of feelings, it all just kind happened, love isn’t magic, it means nothing, meaning=dogma or implications, feelings=dogma, don’t sacrifice the good for the perfect, feelings raid, my feelings feel like a raid, what are my feelings doing, random raid, feelings as a person, existing vs. using for a practical goal (rather thana theoretical identifying goal), I hate needing to trust, too good to be true, I hate manual labor, life itself is manual labor, I hate life, too much too little juuusst right, spice up my life, you must be willing to sacrifice, we depend on others, purpose of high school, avoiding bad takes a lot of work, set your goal to stay committed, without the bad there is no good, root cause of evil, mentally trapped, keep secret, keep private, just as bad as, love vs. lust, is this the end, fear turns to hate, turning bad into good, long term effects of violence (back to where you started), life is a temporary solution, you must treat it like it’s forever, effectiveness of violence, getting things done, practical effects, cooperative, work with me, practical effects, bad education, boring labor, getting myself out of depression, I wish I had stricter parents, perfect forever, conscious, forever grateful, punishment fits the crime, mental abuse as a crime, toothpaste back into tube analogy, treat p as bad as murder, curious about death, treated like my own kids, just try it, needle attraction, if it’s not going to kill you it can help you, I wish my whole life was on record, routine, having a bad day, stop hurting your own feelings, start feeling, interpret behavior, things that matter (for what goal), identifying goal is the goal itself, keeping politicians in power, thinking goal, the goal is to find the goal, I want to stop sinning but I can’t, thinking and feeling at the same time, you dropped this king meme, thing that make you human, politics is proof that we all need a mental stress reliever – a mental tool, restarting my life, death penalty to dream killers, self-reliant, worthy of respect, why do you care (because their survival depends on it), need a break from thinking, tired of thinking=conclusion, using feelings for the better, implications of feelings, making decisions under pressure, social skills, small talk, infj hate small talk, physicals source of motivation,

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