Freethought Notes – Documented 1/27/2022

iPhone Notes

Do not be too good to be true

Don’t worry what you truly want (unconditionally desire) will stay forever

I hate manual labor that’s why I got a robot and a secretary to do it for my while I work on more important things

Stop doing the same things over and over again and hurting by hitting your feelings

I am a feeling. A feeling of being alive. Capable of feeling pain.

The limits of you is where your pain starts

It’s there you just have to reach it

Everything in life requires sacrifice, don’t be afraid to sacrifice the good for the better. Let go of it.

You are valued

Only practical perspective possible

Why is personified even a word

Humans are intelligent life species

Layer of society

Executing humans are animals disguised as humans?

Practical effects

Guessing is just as bad as cheating

How to use people

A sign= goal

Turning point

How to use words = definitions

No such thing as normal- there are mental disorders and molecular level problems

Death penalty for anything results in a death of a law enforcement officer. Extra protection for them.

A couple of more notes

Your future self would be proud

Mentally trapped is what powers nsfw desire


I would like to explore nsfw desires later on

Stop feeling sorry for me for being sorry just shut up and do your work

Minuscule differences

Act equivalency to Accuplacer deployments act call dear gent one more


Multitasking unless I need to

More notes I needed to get

Easy as an indirect judgment

Pro choice is pro life

Choose to be pro life anti choice

It can either act as an obstacle or the very reason why you do it. We do things not because they are easy but because they are hard. No deterrence.

Hitting rock bottom notes

Too smart for practicalism

Don’t let it slip stand your guard

Mental variable moral expertise practical effects

Goal is to study vs. goal is to be used for practical usage

Figurative language: a step in the right direction

Capital punishment for kids

How the government is used

Common sense science

Science is supposed to change your mind

Perspective – how it use something and for what goal; since human nature is setting and achieving goals

Used for a goal

We need some gas. Like a car needs gas.

Pro life goals

Labeling how we use words is perspectives

iPhone website keyword

Vague words describe a multitude of possibilities


Moral test

Not ready or prepared to life

Practical intelligence

Peace making

If I am going to be in public I have to put some public moral limits which I didn’t do be proactive

Use your body

Adjectives list

Describe the feelings before it describes you

Want to know

Replaceable interchangeable

Study feelings

Embrace feelings

Feelings turning point physical

When the bad turns into the good

I’m glad someone else acted as an authority to prevent me from going down the wrong route

Wake up early and good early to prevent these bad desires

Nsfw desire as a reward keeps many people moral

Everything is a feeling

Sensitive weakness

My Achilles heel

Wait till you get into college

They say “I’ll miss you and I say, I won’t”


Use comprehend

Get back into the YouTube game

Work to live live to work

Unlock hidden potential

To learning from something you have to do something

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