Freethought Notes – Documented 1/27/2022

ft notes 1/27/2022

Don’t feel bad school isn’t for everyone, reject what one can’t afford

Hidden talents

Study the usage of words

Why not false equivalence

Respect recognize as a human

intellectual honesty thought experiment


Moral goals setting

Involuntary consent

id as a process of thinking as a process

stop thinking, stop feeling

goal setting implications

money for executions, lives on

use for a practical goal

dirty doctor

ethical evaluation


cause temptations

hard use equal utopia reality

railroad, moral obligation

value, let vs. force behaviors

theoretical scenario, using differently , respect use

goal: identify or change to make equal

premise, perspective, use gaool

chuman,change mind, evaluate

dogma practicalism, circumstances, use for a goal, left alone

Make believe practical theory die

Peace civility

Getting used to the public and tolerating it

possible, mental processes thinking is a process

Practicing the bad will lead to the bad, something to look forward to

Breaking rules is too vague, breaking what rules specifically matters.

Unleash animals

Purpose of law, common goals

everything is philosophy, political

Morality language

using as motivation, animals, very reason why dogmatic feelings, boring test, truly want

how is this possible, not all of us who look human are human (some of us are superhuman and others subhuman)

Everyone deserves to live as Jesus died for them

I am you, or at least, a part of you.

Check on jaquan brown. A kid I knew from middle school, a kid who was not a “good” person, but apparently is now a better person.

Tame your fears

Good fears and bad fears

Fear of the unknown

Scientist feelings, not open to change my mind

Criticize out of love not hate

Identify the nature of it or try to change it

Don’t compare yourself with stupid people, you’re not going that direction.

I am society

Using laziness to my advantage

Costs money and more importantly it costs effort

Measuring love as a grey area abstract concept

To those who wish me dead I don’t respect it

those who sleep will be poor

Artificial sense of urgency

possibilities, downgrade

Respecting paper = using money

Multiple ways to use money, respect money

everybody is ignorant only on different subjects so take advantage of that and be lazy upon being immoral

father figure, example of, role model use as an example of, dogma, 

Measuring dogma

Science is not dogma, it is supposed to change one’s mind from being moral to immoral

human touch, flaw, one more thing about sources 

Money for executions

corporations are people, personifying people

Draw the line for people

Discipline yourself

We all know that we act differently around different people, such as informal to parents know boundaries.

learning to trust

a keeper, don’t lose them, 

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