Freethought Notes – Documented 1/27/2022

To do section (had some ft notes, and didn’t feel like reading the whole thing so I am documenting the whole thing)

Work on human geo, college and career readiness

Sign up for the act and do better on it to get a scholarship for rotc – I promised I’d get at least a 27 as a lie.

ask ms. brasfield for  accuplacer scores and when next asvab test will be conducted

academic common market colleges that have neuroscience

Western new england

A public college so that I can attend for free paid for by that state

Keep me fit

dillon jones as a reference

All of this can be learned in school

Figurative language

Florida, louisian, boston, maryland, delaware national guards

Block littleoneot (finish the link) and mommas(finish).com and atas(finish).com and a couple of other known links or hotspot links on another category and block them for a very very long time (until the 5th month of this year, may 2022, until I graduate so I can decide what I can do with my life then)

Reserve army vs national guard

Ft note: allowed to mess up in public


Disable downloading apps

Delete chrome

Delete limit adult website

Make it harder on iphone to access nsfw websites and on personal laptop as well

Make access restricted to allowed websites only

Goal: finding websites to block or should I be allowed to mess up in public need to draw the line somewhere

Block images from loading too, block the image hosting page, ex.

Sp fe hugging after getting source off boh good and bad

Block registry wide

I could have linked one more nsfw thing that I forgot and took advantage of

Know your limits

Some website that i was going to block on the

Save search practice iphone

Block pinterest nsfw

k no exception i hate the public but must get used to it

Law limits focus cherry pick

Force investment worth it fight back

Twitter sae mode

Let it loose not as special anymore

Public rong practice

Need to have a problem to solve

more safeguards extension one more outside locker and blocker

Block sitewise is the only solution for 

need to block this on my school laptop and on iPhone

Can’t help it can you do it in them moment, that’s like asking one to stop going down on a rollercoaster, like no it’s against the law of gravity science and human nature

Buy a new Chromebook and iPhone that blocks bad websites

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