Freethought Notes – Documented 1/28/2022

iPhone Notes

Self fulfilling/prophecy definitions

Maybe block versions of keywords on cold turkey make sure to block on Chromebook and on iPhone as well

Motivation requires a passive aggressive physical effort. Which is why physicals are a good investment. I just need a good moderated source.

Allow more time

Block website on iPhone; jailbreak if needed

Thinking indeed is hard work

Be attached to curiosity

Acting, uses for goal, exist, multipurpose

The purpose of intellectualism is to change your mind from doing stupid things and of those stupid things are practicality

Practical goals use

Something about mental and physical

Practical effect focused upon

Comfortable sitting by me is honorable

Everything you do is a goal achieved in the same way every second you have a choice to do good or bad

Relative to what you don’t have

Limits of pain

Realize life

Want to like


Who threw that and rewarding

Clear feelings or confused feelings. Describe feelings or they will be used to describe you.

You can’t cheat nature.

Nature will always show and reflect what you’ve truly done. It’s mere science not assumption and trust.



Voluntary =/= choice; blame, trust

There is only effort, not failures or success only effort all actions represent effort

Can animals comprehend a God?

Teaching is learning

My kid asked me if we were poor

Regardless of what you say it’s what you do

All thinking is overthinking it’s a self fulfilling prophecy

No way to measure perfection as perfection never ends

The effects of feelings on behaviors or are behaviors (an expression of) feeling themselves?

The feeling (or is it called a sensation) of a needle slicing skin whilst getting a shot

Feelings, by definition, are over exaggerations

*Something else that I am confident I documented*

Pride comes before the fall

The effects of efforts

The effects of

Exist, use as goal = purpose. Can be practical.

Getting used to being a human and feelings.

> it does not get better, you just get used to it. Develop a drug tolerance.

“Reviewing notes”


addicted to the feeling


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