Freethought Notes – Documented 2/6/2022


Finding Faults In Others Is Easy. But, Can You Spot Your Mistakes?

By calling me a human you are putting me in the same boat as Sadaam Hussein and Adolf Hitler, both of whom are either as terrorists or mass killers. Something I am not, so using the word – human – to describe me is an insult.

Addiction is NOT a Brain Disease, It is a Choice

^You can use yourself differently. You just must choose to.^

No, Addicts Don’t ‘Deserve’ to Die; They Deserve Help

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

Keep Trying, You are Way Ahead of Everyone Who Isn’t Trying

Can someone ever really deserve to die?

In self-defense, a person deserves to kill someone. But that person doesn’t necessarily ‘deserve’ to die. I don’t think anyone suddenly ‘deserves’ something done to them when they do something to someone else, but one can deserve to punish for something specifically done to them.

Evil People Are Not Human Saddam Hussein. Adolf Hitler. Fidel Castro. Jeffrey Dahmer. Osama bin Laden. These people are not human; they are evil. The world is a better place without them. There is no doubt they committed the crimes that they were accused of. There is no reason that resources should be wasted keeping these despicable people alive. The people they killed did not deserve to die, but they do.

Yes, we are stupid We have done to much bad to this planet, the entire race deserves to die, including me. We all have done something I think is stupid, I believe there is no god, gods, or higher beings. WE ALL NEED TO DIE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. JUST BLOW EVERYTHING UP!!!!!!!! Goodbye

The purpose of criminal justice, is to prevent people from repeat offending. Not to punish what they’ve already done, because that’s not justice. That’s vengeance. They’d call it a criminal vengeance system otherwise.

Academic Success Isn’t Everything – The Odyssey Online

“Academics is important but not everything. Take risks, try different things, follow your passion.” ~ Sundar Pichai [s]

don’t compare yourself with bad people rather compare yourself with better skilled people if that’s where you want to go. Predict your future by predicting your own behaviors, because your future is really your behavior – imagined and put into action.

Ebenezer Suresh

Don’t look back, you’re not going that-a-way

People Who Talk To Themselves Are Actually Geniuses

Justice Department to execute death row inmates
Why does God use his people to execute justice?

I could never find the heart to murder others

Loyalty isn’t something you learn in school

Statements from Murder Victims‘ Family Members | Death …

The government works for you as a law-abiding citizen: (government works for the people)

What is a Victim Impact Statement?

Covictims of capital murder: statements of victims’ family members and friends made at the time of execution

Can someone ever really deserve to die?

High School Dropouts Going Into Mandatory Military Service

I Dropped Out of School to Join Military Without My Parent’s Knowlege, CDF Robert Kibochi Read more:

Parents Sentenced to Death in Killing of Daughter

Children of Parents Sentenced to Death

Forgotten Victims: Children of Parents Sentenced to Death or Executed

Anti-death penalty in practice

The rights of the child when a parent is sentenced to the death penalty or executed

Shoulda been on here a long time ago! –

The Power of Educated Women | CBE – CBE International

I cannot remember a time when I was not terrified of needles.  And to my great dismay, it seems I’ve passed this phobia onto my daughter. The implications are extremely troubling for all of us.


I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy – The Free Dictionary

‘It’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy’: brother of 3 siblings killed in car crash speaks

You can’t understand someone and criticize them at them same time, it’s impossible to multi-task as such

Ebenezer Suresh

There was a good tweet I saw the other day, it said: Dear society, why do you make us get these advanced degrees and when you need us you ignore us. In response to the coronavirus outbreaks.

When parents and physicians disagree: What is the ethical pathway?

When the Sign Says “No Parents Allowed” – Parental Rights

Why My Dad Left

Oh My Goal – These guys are NOT human

New Legislation Will Throw People in Jail for Disrespecting Cops—Seriously

I’m Tired Of The Disrespect Towards Police Officers And You Should Be Too

Honoring the police isn’t an academics study it’s called a life skill

Barr: Rising disrespect for cops not only wrong, it puts us in danger

Teacher Loses Job After Disrespecting Fundraiser For Fallen Police Officers

Bullying the Homeless

Why Are Fox Bullying The Homeless? Russell Brand The Trews (E362)
Bullying the Homeless Social Experiment – Extended Reaction
Would You Stop Child Abuse? (Social Experiment) – YouTube

Susan Sarandon apologizes for ‘deeply disrespectful’ anti-cop meme after backlash

5 Reasons I Hate Being a Bad Test Taker – The Odyssey Online

Learning how to read

Fact: This Is Not A Fact

^Facts about facts and opinions


everything is justified, free yourself, western values, adopting to the necessary evils in life, it is a choice, be your own father, measuring learning progress, all ties back to level of formal education, I can’t forgive you, unforgiveable sin, the only “therapy” I need is seeing the perpetrators head detached from their body, everything is a part of the cause, keep people middle class, how to use, moral normal, success iceberg, research, moving forward by moving backwards, not everyone is the same quotes, just because we share some characteristics and call each other does not mean we are human (keep this in mind), comparing apples and oranges, everyone has a different potential, moral people, do it with confidence, everything is justified, public morality, self-improvement, everything is a cause, slow progress, mentally ill normal moral peoples, one of us, Abuse of power, it is better to have loved and lost lyrics, it is better to listen quote, talk to myself, execute justice, misplaced feelings, no mercy for, comprehend level, risky situations, getting myself out of depression, Literal and Figurative Language, bad to use, limited perspective, prevent crime by preventing poverty, untamable, your responsibility to predict ones’ own behaviors, rewarding insanity, war crimes, crimes against humanity, parents as teachers, parents sentenced to death, I have a family, effects, no feelings=not human, transitioning, darker side of myself, school of life, justice is the goal, the goal itself, for the sake of learning, purpose of curiosity: to find its purpose, self-fulfilling prophecy, justice vengeance taking people away goal, self-discipline, everything is a part of the cause, nothing is useless, grey area, therapy, botched executions are not humans, elitist parents, immigration should be limited, Go back to where you came from, healing from past, behind in life, version of me vs. nature of me, let me do it, Learn to be morally proactive and expect obstacles to overcome, Requires being morally proactive, survival, requires trust, alive in another way, learn to say no without explaining oneself, doctor told me to take a vacation, only thing I know, doctors abusing prescription drugs, medial torture, why live, academic lessons, see thoughts, informal education, doctor moral teacher, Finland doctor, constantly improving, author’s purpose, using adjectives as nouns, author’s choice of words, practical words, vocab list, judging based on one thing, prevent the need for bad, prevent the need for boredom, prevent the need for pleasure, finding flaws in others, occupy your time, occupy yourself, occupy your mind, talking to self in third person, normal people, public morals, trust, anti-death penalty requires more trust than pro-death penalty, parents are not doctors, academic studies of police violence, academic studies of middle-class behaviors, these are not human, control freaks over your own body, disrespecting a corpse, disrespecting cops, thank the police, bullying the homeless, elitist, goal: make a better world to live in, private information brings physical urgency to become stronger, rural needs vs. urban needs, criteria for human, penselvania, molecular level, meaningless, accurate adjectives, changing minds is a grey area, cops are not psychologists, changing mindset, changing mood, Reminds me of the rhetoric: “Everything is language”, southern men,

What are you doing when not in school?

Should it be personal responsibility to stop oneself from transforming into a monster in public?

We shouldn’t feel guilty executing murderers as they are not one of us.

You just know that doctors who support the death penalty are more likely comfortable, this isn’t not grammatical rather common sense.

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