Freethought Notes – Documented 2/11/2022

Seize Every Opportunity That Comes Your Way : Harrison Barnes

Patience Is the Most Underused Investing Skill – TheStreet

I remember buffet saying that his method is simple, but most people fail as they lack patience

I require cooperation.

I stay here to show that anyone can do it

If I don’t block it from the beginning, then it’ll come in the intricate ways I stop following morals. let’s restart this even though I’ll lose some of my time.

I hate manual labor and it takes manual labor to document these notes and think. For example, this very text should be posted on the Blog post page, but I am posting it here since I am too lazy to scroll downwards.

If only I had a therapist with the ability to read mind accurately, I would be screwed and happy.

Social Media Usage Statistics for 2021 Reveal Surprising Shifts

What is Social Statistics?

White Male Patriarchy + Misogyny – Feminism = Trump’s Election

whites Say, Their Culture, Patriarchy…Permits white Men To Abuse Women, The Poor, Non-whites, & Children

Use this to crititisize and create new ideas:

Those who can’t teach make laws about education

Ebenezer Suresh

Murderers are wolves in sheeps skin. They may look human but are not really human.

Ebenezer Suresh

20 Remarkable Pro Choice Abortion Facts and Statistics

NEA’s Bad Lessons: National Education Association Pro-Abortion Stance Is Deadly For Students

Do laws work to stop abortion? – Laws focus on the wrong things.

Quick answer: No one is forcing anybody; the woman is already pregnant.


Actually yes, you are you are forcing the person to sustain being pregnant.

Quick answer: Sometimes when murderers are killing people, the murderer gets hurt or killed in the process. Should we make murdering legal so that the murderers don’t get hurt or die?


Making life harder for peoples.

Why is human even a word that is being used? In such a loaded context, too?

Pro-Life Laws Work

Thanks for saving me against me against my worst self.

Ebenezer Suresh

Who’s More Pro-Choice: Europe or America?

15 Reasons To Be Pro-Choice

Pro-life vs. pro-choice: A debate continues

Pro-choice supporters hold biggest-ever protest against Polish government

Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion Worldwide


Why Women Abort

Causes Of Abortion – 1033 Words | Internet Public Library

13 Most Common Symptoms And Causes of Abortion (Miscarriage)

What are American Values (Berkely Center)

When You Wish Good Things For Others – Mind Journal

What would a kid do?

What Counts as a Medical Issue?

Gen Z: Proudly The Most Sensitive Generation

Pro-life books have too many adjectives

A source

Pro-Choice Literature

Suffering – a part of life

Cop Busts Mom For Stealing Groceries But Sees 3 Starving Adopted Kids And Changes His Mind

It’s still wrong but we need another solution rather than punishment

“Nothing else you want to do after your dreams come true. You’ve become numb. You shouldn’t have ever stopped dreaming.
“Video games are a waste of time for men with nothing else to do.” Ray Bradbury

Comprehending Feelings = Empathy, Compassion

The cure for boredom is curiosity.

There is no cure for curiosity.


Coping mechanisms are equivalent to drugs, so make sure to take the right prescription

New York military police Soldier finds path to civilian law enforcement career


Let nature do its thing.


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correlation with death penalty, grey area, goal-setting, indirect comparison to standards, adjective, slow progress, start somewhere, justification, morally justified, in principle, not written by doctors or professionals, use of adjectives, moral means to do something, unconditional, evidence says, academic, goal: to change mind, viability, laws focus on the wrong things, evidence, turning point, public morals, not a professional, ignorant, ability to be moral, ability to feel, good curiosity vs bad curiosity, isn’t it true, thanks for the thanks, persuasive, physical coercion, serves as a reminder, devolution, most of the time the people making such “pro-life” laws aren’t physicians, capital punishment, murdering someone just means that person need to change, still in that mode, change mind, anger, justice, only support death in the form of self-defense (can death penalty be used as deterrence, threat, self-defense?), horribly heinous crimes, cause of the problem, laws are for the poor, life is the problem, survive, opinion=bias article, biased against facts, facts about moral feelings, causes of abortion, not the same, can’t understand, specifics, everything is medical, productivity, need healing, uncomfortable, Texas abortion law, you must be stupid stupid stupid movie line, You must be stupid if you think that you can replace my medical doctor, honor my wishes, your opinions are not facts, bias against understanding, morally disturbed, killing killers, medically illiterate, everything is a language, curious, chase answers, question yet to be answered, all they can understand, limits of desires, practical value meaning, practical value of philosophy, what goal does it serve, why does science matter, why does it not matter, born with a bias, brain interworking, learning disability, specifics matter, science makes you feel better, camera, nature of me vs using me, bad describes the cause not the effects, everyone has a breaking point the point is to not to reach it, Xbox car game, victims of society, life is a literature, read life like a book, animal death penalty, animal death penalty, death penalty to bacterial cells, purpose, dying breed, hidden talents, opportunities, debate, debating which is the better goal, do it for the sake of doing it-the experience not the external reward, wish good on others, justice for the poor, have yet to reach a conclusion, ask for help and you shall receive, done in good-faith, keep convinced, impossible to be good at everything, practical usage of words, definition=formula, staying in the same place, anti-death penalty books, bring together, books on pro-life, we don’t need the govt. to enforce morality, everything is a risk, calculated risk, grey area, sustaining life, symbolism feelings, no such thing as a stupid question, too much fun, doctor things, limits on everything, there is a limit to everything, there is a limit to what one can learn, balance of nature, slower-paced life, come back to catch you, wish you harm, elite peoples and examples of grey area, sociology of abortion, clear cause, military standards, waited too long, cure for bad addiction, give yourself something to do, self-motivated, nothing else to do, albert Einstein on boredom, why ask why, right dosage, set boundaries find peace, against myself, against my worst self, stimulus, you can live without it, boredom barrier, saw my therapist in public, the public, urban liberalism, before I forget, I don’t trust myself, requires remembering, necessary evils, overrides, never trust those who tell you others secrets because they will share yours, minute, direct correlation, devaluing money, focusing on the problem you’re making, even criminals have standards, bailed out last, make life easier, studying physical, right to silence, I don’t know how to use my rights properly, abusing rights, rights and responsibilities, prevent it from happening again, only when I need it, sustain, balanced lifestyle, everything is fine meme, everything is a medical problem if treated like one, I had too much of the dosage of private contents I was advised to not take more that I needed to for the goal of curing boredom, don’t get addicted, sensitive generation, practical education, rural people disabilities, being bad isn’t cool, criminals don’t follow laws, assuming they work like you, common sense, purpose of law, good and bad depend on the goal, good and bad aren’t flexible your ways of following morality are, we are an imperfect creatures, give me a reason to live, help the poor, we need something to hate or we wouldn’t be productive, hate repeating myself, principled, stop trusting the wrong people, taking advantage of human nature, give myself a try, next level of life, mentally ill normal moral people, normal people coping mechanisms, suffering is good, why do I feel the need for, can’t help but to cry, men don’t cry, suffering is part of life, find what you want, can’t afford to rest, can’t afford to be lazy, no ending, the end to moral behaviors, definition describing, using the word to describe itself, overdose on entertainment, everything can be considered medical, moral compass, guidance, do I really deserve this, the cycle of making mistakes, be exclusive, change what they want don’t punish them for it, see past the violence/punishment, I want to be a politician, it’ll come to me, sociologist, practicalism, we do things not because they are easy, it’s supposed to be hard, came from the bottom, avoid the first cause, why ask why, military family, life coach, military police, fun is a distraction, no fun allowed, work crazy hard and then rest harder as resting is a part of working if you’re doing it in good faith, I’m going to regret this, military community, right wing, let nature do its thing, practical effects of morality, repent now, I wish I was perfect, irredeemable, organized, make it the law, helping criminals, seeing is believing, shouldn’t have to worry, the bad is the good, respecting the bad, bad version of me, don’t give them the satisfaction what if I want the satisfaction, don’t give them attention, don’t give them what they want quotes, rationale, not an excuselost time, suitable towards goal, it takes time, change your goals change your life, the science if practical behaviors, chasing something (identifying something) you want, obsess, usage of words, how to use time, depends on how you use it, abusing the system,

You can’t stop a drunk man to stop doing drugs when he’s drug that’s why you wait till, he’s calmed down.

I am pro-choice as I understand everyones’ situations is unique and not the same and needs to be tended to accordingly.

It’s like typing, you shouldn’t think about it whilst doing it.

In principle, I am pro-life

In order to remove all distractions, you must first accurately identify them, if you don’t the rest of the steps don’t suit the goal.

Being angry just means it does not the suit the goal.

Actually I am glad human nature works like this; we should make it hard to be immoral.

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