Freethought Notes – Documented 2/15/2022

iPhone Notes:

2 things about privates, and one more important thing that I needed to document that I forgot on the way I was driving my car. Was it something else about skill? It was something important that I thought to myself.

All notes are learned via bad faith, so don’t bother repealing those.

Everything can be put into a programming language. The process of doing so is called becoming aware.

Unsolicited conversations

Getting Tired of going back and forth I want to die and stay still, nature or private, everything is physical, no end in sight, coping and survival mechanisms, trust requires cooperation but where does it start, 

Not allowed to be mad, bottled up feelings

At that time as a part of thinking behaviors

Self control doctors

One more

Depends on the goal

I am remembering things I forgot a long time ago. If only there were a website like mine with the same goals and all existed it’d make my entire life easier.

It’s as if someone barged into your room forcibly and hurt you “against your will” – in other words, abused your trust

Give up contorl

I know I can but I won’t.

I hate nature

Life transition as a tag


stop tempting me

Goal is to describe or describe the goal?

Don’t hide it be loud and proud if you’re going to do it

Prevent immoral thoughts and one day you’ll want to see them again. I remember it. I remember one day I found what I was looking for – b.w. – and I never thought I’d existed. It involves the same types of people I wanted in the dom. And anti,opp-dom place too.

It’s like how you’re stomach is churning and the only way to solve it is to take a poop

People will go crazy for

I want to be hurt, * drive, hiding private contents makes it more valuable since it’s needed to be hidden – it’s like hiding drugs – the more one hides it the more the prices increase due to its scarcity it raises value like the law of supply and demand, turn on (the fan, me), deceitful, shameful,

Exploring my * drive

I have a brain disease known as * drive

If you really love me convince me see past own desires

Limits to learning

Multitasking short attention span and remembering things

Add to blog post;

Should have applied to udelaware umaryland

One more thing with this

I have to know as in “I have to know what happened to my friends”


Mentally weak, catch, using knowledge for the common good, safe place, make more mistakes get more notes, characteristics of a principled person, requires cooperation, deciding factor, it’s not magic, I am a human too, no other way, block off all distractions, treat it as a distraction, self-help advice, yet to reach a conclusion, still a theory, deterrence theory, threat, self defense, forced by my feelings, control feelings is not subjective (only one way to do it), make them think you’re stupid, goal in identifying, goal in using such words, searching for it, looking for opportunities, for memories, use your body, feeling, remove access, take the right to education seriously, gets me every time, there is no ending, no conclusion to good or bad, it’s up to you to choose the lesser evil, learning to be easy, daily motivation, requires safe place, everything is education, I don’t want to have to hide it, didn’t have a place to show talents = lack of opportunity, conservatism isn’t just a political philosophy or a word meaning cautious – it’s a lifestyle, 

I need to get my daily needs satisfied including those of unnamable nature.

I archived those pics of me for the sake of memories, as going down the lane, years later I want to laugh at what I found hard to resist at that time.

Thank you for your service
Thank you for serving our country

Someone has to be stupid to show the rest of us who not to be.

Keywords: allowed to make mistakes, everyone is different, setup format, serve, all out, if, Correlation, My own little world, better practical ideas,

What you will do when older is what you will do for the rest of your life so don’t mess with the younger years. Try to be old during the younger years. So you have memories. And don’t regret anything, learn from it, meaning to change it, change from the bad version of you. Don’t sustain it. And don’t change those bad memories.

Conservatism isn’t a political philosophy it is a lifestyle and a personality

The goal is to describe the goal; meaning to describe itself

The multitude of possibilities under the law

Don’t let your guard down unconditional

There is no “oh if this condition happens then you can succumb” – you must die for it.

At least be a professional. If you are worried about the law, get a law degree from Harvard. Professionals. 

The goal is to find how the new thing finds out a new goal. The goal is to find out the why. Be curious. Why be curious? That’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

Race car driver as an example of odd jobs


There was one point in my life where I broke my research rules as I had to find out if security guards had the same powers as a cop

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