Freethought Notes – Documented 2/19/2022

You’re never too important – The Powerful Mind

I only do as much as I am invested into. So stop expecting me to do well when I am not invested into.

Teaching repsonsibilty. Without morals there wouldn’t be any academic learning. Responsibiltiy as an academic lesson.

Obsessing over morality.

Responsiblity isn’t magic, it is learned.

You’re never too important to be nice to people, in real life or at the gym.

“You are never too important to be nice to people.” | Self-Improvement Daily Podcast (

without the soldier nothing is possible, no moral changing of minds

Do Military Recruiters Belong in Schools?

Being less religious doesn’t make people immoral – study — RT World News

PAKISTAN BAN, TikTok Over ‘Immoral And Indecent’ Videos – ClinchBase

VIDEO: Retired Gen. McChrystal calls Trump ‘immoral,’ says he’d never work for him | American Military News

U.S. Is Immoral and Racist, Russians Say in Poll – The Moscow Times

Just because you failed does not mean I have to, too.

7 Reasons The Ungodly Prosper –

In the end, only the morally good people will prosper

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Evolutionary biology is a justification for immoral behavior in men – Survive and Thrive (

7 Ways to Find Out What You Really Want in Life – Lifehack

What do you really want? – Raam Dev

Why do some people hate competition? – Quora

COMPETITION SUCKS!. I hate competition. It destroys… | by Susan Lippman | Medium

I hate competition and it’s not because I am not good at it.

Pelosi: House to mark 1 year since Capitol riot

As a part of the military, I am a part of the govt.

Foreign Terrorist Organizations – United States Department of State

Why do people commit suicide? What causes suicidal thoughts?

Quick Answer: How do you deter bees from yourself? – Kitchen (

Smart but Evil? Student-Teachers’ Perception of Educational Researchers’ Epistemic Trustworthiness – Samuel Merk, Tom Rosman, 2019 (

The reason why you’re not a charity is the reason you should become one: for perosnal satisfaction, you shouldn’t want to feel that way. Yes, we are trying to change your feelings.

EJ1229774.pdf (

Girls make higher grades than boys in all school subjects, analysis finds (

Do Girls Perform Better in School? | Psychology Today

Study: Girls do better in school when taught by women — Quartz (

Yep, School Makes You Smarter – Daniel Willingham–Science & Education

Study Shows that Women Perform Better in College Than Men (

7 things science says women do better than men

Why are Indians so intelligent? – The Student Room

What It Means When Someone Says You’re “Hard To Read” | Thought Catalog

ACT score averages and standard deviations, by sex and …

ACT scores are up, but gaps remain by preparation and race/ethnicity (

Stop trying to find people like you, try to find differnet people break steroytypes and be away from the majority to improve thinking and doing

Why do people become scientists? What scientists told us | Pew Research Center

This is how scientists feel – Is this how you feel?

Never lower your standards just because you are lonely. It is… –

God rewards the patient

A letter to my five-year-old self – YoungMinds

It’s Poison, Not Medicine. Duh. – Empowered Sustenance

Students admitted to the JD/MD program typically complete both degrees in six years, beginning their studies in the School of Medicine. As in the regular MD program, the first year is devoted to the basic medical sciences and the second year is devoted to the basic clinical disciplines.


Rich Scientist, Poor Scientist | Science | AAAS

“Everyone’s situation is different.” With Jason Hartman & Dr. Guy Baker – Wealth Teams Solutions (

Matthew 7:24-27 ESV – Build Your House on the Rock – Bible Gateway

Why People Are Running Away From Academia: A Scientist’s Perspective | by Joy N. Ismail | Medium

The language of academia is elitist   | The Daily Campus


life on trial, documentary about death row prisoners lives, revenge, you didn’t have to cut me off, practical goals, one more along with this I forgot in the bathroom, probably a note that I already had, moral fairness, people who work out are more right wing, entitled to a fair life, fighting for this country, sensitive, I am one of the few honest people I know, mental prison, better to be strong and wrong, military teaches life skills, properly use, self-control, intended use, morally good bullies, positive peer pressure, moral purpose, communication using words, viabliliy, survive eat, eating is never satisfied, Voting Behavior, leniency, we are all brothers and sisters in christ, stereotypes of teenagers, never gets old, Follow the money, prison targets the poor, manual vs automatic, stick shift, illusrate the point, you are never too important to be nice, mental ability to be moral, moral conclusions, parts of thinking, competitve academics, don’t be embarassed of your body, out of sight out of mind, the opposite of love, computer science professor at Yale on the application of the death penalty, balance, brains vs. brawns, feelings are to be produced, taking advantage of people, trust is an obstacle, true freedom is a freedom only for the good, purpose of freedom, giving too much credit, moral work, most youth don’t qualify for, withholding, military credit union, most youth gangs are, making a big deal, most youthful looking old people, military service, blowing smoke, strictness, seems impossible vs. is impossible, restrict the bad, youtuber, let it hang out, let it be tempted, tempted to do good, Veterans’ Preference Act, hair problems, treated like a human[2], former verteran, no such thing as a former veteran – a contradiction in terms, take one thing and be exceptionally good skilled at it, can’t pass if not treated as a human, moral requirements, behind that smile quotes, moral sense, theoritical notion, practicalism, don’t be scared meme, military recruiting in high schools, cycle, human attraction, I look real good today, it all just kinda happened, moral majority, me vs. the world, republican, principled, don’t worry about the others, academic competition, don’t worry about the others they don’t help your goal rather only hinder it, don’t tolerate distractions, theoretical notion, good temptation, respect, me, demanding respect, start first, guide action, moral science, science cannot exist without moral observations, deserve body, academics, lord I do not deserve to live, why do bad people prosper, attraction, attracting money, Jesus came for the sinners, defending sinners, western morality, too busy for that, be careful what you wish for, be proud rebel, health issue vs. moral issue, i like customizing things, nothing better than doing nothing, the world constantly moves on, the time dosen’t stop for anyone, we all have the same 24 hours, use it properly, productively, short-lived, life fast die young, studying society, studying critisism, common sense doctor, reason for joining the military, good old, i choose not to, military standards, military transformation, elitist, jo smell, gaining clarity and clearance, discipline yourself, sales webinars, sales tactics, physics engine, how to feel, feel good about yourself, exclusive, investment, show-off, designed for productivity, supposed to, intentional action, design for producibility, death penalty isn’t healthcare productivity, master password, well-being, dishonesty, trustworthy, monitor my health, reason to lie, tutor, sentenced to death, bullying soldiers, immigrant stories, cause of thoughts, because you think your cooler than me, self-fulfilling prophecy, purpose of liver, everything works together, love survival, the thing i do for survival, I don’t want to share names, doctors are healers, rich and smart, deter yourself, men, character traits, recycle bin, moral possibilities, women and children, real value, moral intelligence, moral intellectualism, be productive after school, format formula, visuals, unregulated, type of learner, organize everything in your life in one place, exponentially grows, anti-welfare, invests in me, don’t change my mind, tell it to my heart, open to changing my goals, life is programming, constantly change, you’ve probably done some programming and not even knowing it (setting a clock is programming using a very basic and an easy-to-use user interface type of programming), sanctity of time, deter, pre set, start from scratch, someone has to start there, it takes a lot of effort to make to look easy, biteable size information, if you were god what would you do, obstacles in life make you stronger, I am deformed, we are not a charity, immoral intelligence, fit to live, smart and strong, people around with, only what you need, you should want to pay taxes, brain development, challenging barriers, communication gap, coddled, stop learning quotes, learning never stops even after death, to learn means to (want to pursue) change, elitist, still work to be done, off the backs of meaning, consult a sociologist, born raised, killing time, too lazy to join, social media makes me feel bad about myself, symbolism, liberal science, under what conditions, poverty conditions, conservative criminology, human evolution, poverty peoples are less evolved, lying, lack of opportunity, moral guidance, systemic racism, it’s not cool, systemic discrimination, thinking filter, resistiance discipline, that’s all my body can do, comprhension level, purpose of words, purpose of words, power of words, breaking trust, power does not exist without respect, breaking point, sub, are you sure about that, hate is a strong word, cheated out of, downhill from here, forgetting, tell it to my face, I am a waste, there is always someone worse off than you, there is always someone better than you never get cocky and be humble, never be satisfied, s* natured curiousity, luck in life, super human, sweet spot, opportunity, looking for opportunities, women in hiring, sacrifice life, comming across obstalces, don’t make it hard for the self, do in private, don’t share embarssing stories, just focus on yourself, happier that way, toxic comparison, competitive comparison, safe job, the world is dying, they want to see you do good but never better, academia, one-size-fits-all, wasting time should be a capital offense, fulfilling my purpose, so be it, hurts innnocents as well, suicide rate in, on the backs of, indian brain, auto=for it for me, different types of people, took me by surprise, never ending, forever grateful, resltlessness, bad test scores should be taken as seriously as bad health conditions as all is realted to health, as long as you don’t bother others no one cares, allow yourself, come to peace with that, testing new boundaries, putting feet in water, can’t read me, not allowed to be, different brains, it’s not a big deal, barriers in life, I am glad I was not spoiled, could have done some things differently, nice-looking, synonyms for intelligent and smart and strong, educated women, still here, femininity, ignore it, occupy, I don’t need them, only have what you need for goals and you permenantly never have to worry about them, best military movies, arm wrestling, you have some man in you, medical condition, best of the best, elitism, stereotypical, I have a disabiltiy called I am mentally weak, minorities in the military, part of generation, pop quiz, purpose of pop quiz, focus on the right thing, physicals, intentionally do, balance, overcomming, skilled, immoral skills, ignore distractions, immoral poor, the wicked never succeed, ignoring school, do scientists ever feel, science and the death penalty, under what conditions is lying okay, moral questions, moral is a boundary, applicable to your situation, it’s own reward, before they are broken, do not lower your standards because you’re lonely, change you, you won’t find me here, philomeon, exposure sites, I am still here savable, bored of this, Minority leader, bored of being bored, undo button in life, heaven on earth, classical morals, shady, afford to be moral, pacsun, everything is gathering knowldege (some just requires more physical touch than others), feel sorry for, limits of feelings, listen to the doctors not conservatives commentators, good first, describe feelings to get over them, causes of feelings, test funny, fellings are a self-fullfilling prophecy, chasing feelings, ignoring how we learn, teach how we learn, start now, financial illeteracy, on the job training, as long as I am happy, what will you like when you’re older, i am an animal, i don’t care, keep your eyes on the prize, can’t take my eyes off of you, involuntary control, never was in control, too smart to be happy, wasting food quotes, normal people vs. child prodigy, I can but I don’t want to put in the effort, the country needs you, the country serves you well, all people are different on the minute level so stop treating them the same, celebrate, don’t thank me just yet, I try so hard, not over yet, success isn’t final, social shame, healthy baby, is it the soldier poem, mental health status exam, share with colleagues, don’t give me too much credit, I appreciate the thanks, let them be, superhuman, i’m happy where i am, becomming mature, school development, academic development, child labor, be realistic, Average dosen’t exist irl, candidates must be in in good moral standing, access, ability, not everyone is like you, reasons, moral develpoment, passing time, to kill time, give (something) (one’s) best shot, I hate elitists with a passion, their best, that’s all they can do, in my position, spoiled people are not like you, human nature says we are not all human and that we all work differently, different humans, obsess over politics, not caring about politics is a privilage, that’s all they can do, didn’t ask for an opinionated goal, goal in identifying/thinking, recruiting a recruiter, think about thinking, 4k quality, psy, python, pains me to say, comparison false equivalency, don’t compare yourself to others, that’s a whole vibe, everyone has a coping mechanism, working aganinst nature, it’ll sort itself out don’t be worried, study, tired of waiting, physical barriers, knowing, get what I deserve, ntist, subject to the same laws, cop priviliage, don’t jinx it, ambition, done in my lifetime, facing reality, bending the rules, academia toxic elitist,

I consider mysefl to be a self-employed blogger as a job

It makes me sad when I am forced to see others doing better than me

I hate going to school reminding me of those steroytypes, I hate the govt. forcing me to do this. They’re rewarding stupidity.

Obstacles are what you focus on when you take your eyes off the goal

breaking the law is a form of figutative language


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