Freethought Notes – Documented 2/28/2022

We may be political opponents but we are still friends.

Tip: play by the rules and you will never be dissapointed, at the very least you will be sustaining life.

Never Tell Your Goals If You Want To Succeed In Life – (

Never tell your goals and plans to anyone (

What Works For Me May Not Work For You – TWLOHA

Stop Relying On Others For Your Happiness | by Darius Foroux | Personal Growth | Medium

11 Tips For Relying Less On Your Parents As An Adult (

Why Kids Start Smoking | American Lung Association

Why Do Kids Smoke Weed? Study Examines Anxiety, Coping With Abuse (

Blue Collar Intellectuals: When the Enlightened and the Everyman Elevated America by Daniel J. Flynn | Goodreads

The return to elitism in education | Eurozine

Elitism in Higher Education and Inequality: Why Are the Nordic Countries So Special? – Intereconomics

Opinion: Elitism in STEM is detrimental to both diversity and science itself (

Elitism is a Threat to Science – Daniel Toker (


I know all of your secrets so don’t lie, perfectionist, good means suitiable, greedy, what is good for me is also good for society, the miltiary is my college, transracial, multi-racial, lost my way, need bad for the good, use it wisely, use it to it’s maximum, milk it, same old, do something, common sense logic, No rest for the weary (wicked) – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, respecting religion, access to knowldege, rich liberal serving in the military, anger management issues, anger management, anger issues, the goal is self-reliance, death to, smoking claimed to be a stress reliever, ditch when I don’t need it, maturity, Tom Cotton, if i die i die, if i die young, if I am dying I am taking you with me, elitism in school, killing an off-duty cop should be punishable by death, morally disturbed, poor mother,

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