Freethought Notes – Documented 3/2/2022

The physical body is never satisfied, as long a you are alive. As never benig satisifed is what keeps you alive.

‘I am being punished for someone else’s mistake’ | Mumbai News – Times of India (

Change Is a Choice – Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope

ᐅ Lying is Immoral | Ethics Philosophy (

A 14-Year-Old’s View of “Hidden Homelessness” | Growing Up Poor in America | FRONTLINE

If you pray for someone’s downfall, then…? | Christian Forums

Don’t Celebrate Other People’s Downfall | LIFESTYLE & BUSINESS BLOG – BIBLE (

Are College Students Spoiled? | Psychology Today

How to stop punishing yourself for your mistakes – The Self-Worth Experiment (

How to Stop Punishing Yourself (

Was Donald Trump in the Military? Desk Photo Shows Challenge Coins on Display (

Trump Has Long Dishonored the U.S. Military (

Articles to research:

Hoover Fellow: America’s College Kids Are Spoiled, Prissy Brats |

PJ O’Rourke: ’60s Losers Are Today’s Professors |

Uncle of NJ Carjacking Victim: ‘I Want Them to Die’ – ABC News (

4 Reasons Why We Don’t Like Growing Up (

25 Signs You Grew Up Feeling Invalidated | The Mighty

Military Households Still Back Trump Over Biden, Despite Bombshell Atlantic Report: Poll (

Urban Dictionary: Keep that same energy (

From The Scientist: Science is “an elitist sport now”? – Uncommon Descent

7 Ways to Deal With People Who Want to Bring You Down | Psychology Today

Science Is Elitist for a Reason – Bloomberg (

Why suicide is more common among celebrities, CEOs and creatives, and how therapy helps | South China Morning Post (

Suicide Rates Higher For Americans Living Among Wealthy Neighbors: Study | HuffPost Life

Poor more likely to commit suicide than rich, data reveals | India News – Times of India (

Having children is not life-affirming: it’s immoral | Aeon Essays

The problem isn’t that life is unfair – it’s your broken idea of fairness (

Culture of Life | Knights of Columbus (

^ This is based in connecticut, a progressive place


I can respect that, respectable, moral level, pd’s get hurt in prison by other prisoners, can’t help it, born with it, terminal disease known as life, hiding mistakes, mental safe place, being punished for someone else’s mistakes, changeable choice, choice not a medical condition, moving on, maturing early, choose to live, automated life, so needy, not all authority is bad, guidiance, moral boundaries, why is my body so needy, everything is an organ, just to sustain life, why is everyone mad at me, unpleasant surprise, bad user interface, come back to haunt you meaning, nothing is a choice soley made by you, stop being needy, all is science, science is a euphamism for understanding, the gates are closing, just mad, just a feeling, purpose of guilt, never feel guilty for being right, sometimes doing wrong is doing right, you are no longer required to uphold contract when someone does not uphold theirs, I went to the miltiary to get the basics down, they notice everything, integrity, cheated my way thru [insert here], can’t let it effect whole day, life not lifestyle, self-conscious, is it even worth it anymore, growing up poor, why have kids if you are poor, punitive, purpose of feelings, realy on others downfall, lose everything you have, empower the individual, new batch, at your own risk, at your own discresion, I don’t want to have to pursue, let’s finish this old fasioned style, peaceweaver, stage of life, stop punishing yourself for others mistakes, privilege, 31 bravo, a victim of poor parenting styles, emphasizing, cherry-picking, waiting for it to happen, selfish crime, moral barrier, moral requirement, is the military worth it, recording executions, how to gain the confidence, it’s changable it’s not a medical disease, describe yourself, don’t want to see you shine, wish harm upon you, you never had a good family, communication with nature, accept risk of living life, involuntary living, living life on autopilot, block people irl, born knowing laws, born moral, clear user interface, how do people work, how to use people, knowledge, hope you’re better than me, fight for access to knowldege, self sacrifice, still have that same energy when you came in, not caring as a defense mechanism, not caring as a priviliage, find your calling, all is gathering knowledge, just doing something to survive, how you were trained, not worth it, the punishment isn’t worth the reward, is the potential reward worth the risk, life is not for everyone, do the thing feel scared later, most of the time pro life is mere lip service, culture of death, modernized,

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