Freethought Notes – Documented 3/14/2022

no one is really bad, it’s just that they were unlucky to recieve a sentence of poverty or for bad things to happen to them

Some men are morally opposed to violence
They are protected by the ones who are not.


You can do so much for yourself, strategise and reinforce [Article] (

New Study: Excessive Social Media Use Compares to Drug Addiction (

Is social media a form of a drug that should be regulated by the FDA?

Clever sillies: why high IQ people tend to be deficient in common sense – PubMed (

Is it more important to have common sense than knowledge? | (

Letter: Education vs. common sense (

50 Characteristics Of An Educated Person – (

Lack of common sense in the more formally educated people – DX’d – Other –

Has formal education blunted common sense among people? – Quora (

You’ve Got This! 15 Quotes for Getting What You Want | SUCCESS

What do you do when you have no passion or drive? (Depression Help) | 7 Cups

Sending Out Our Best – Indiana Ministries

Make Your Own Rules – Dr. Kim West (

How to Live on Your Own Terms: 12 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Life On Your Own Terms: What it Means, Why it Matters, and How to Start | Life On Your Own Terms

What I Want vs What I Think I Deserve – The Generous Husband (

Why You’re Not Getting What You Deserve – Align-Mentality – Change Your Reality – Manifestors, Dragons, & Timeless Wisdom

find someone with enough self-control

Every one wants to be successful until they see what it actually takes – Baxter Cribbs

10 Poorly Educated But Incredibly Successful People – Listverse

Succeeding Without College — It’s Possible, But Complicated (

Why You Don’t Need a Traditional College Education to Be Successful – The Edvocate (

Bible Verses About Leaving Parents – King James Version (KJV) (

Army Lab Brings Soldiers and Scientists Together to Operationalize Science – DEVCOM Chemical Biological CenterDEVCOM Chemical Biological Center

How sweet and honourable it is to die for one’s country. (

Don’t give them the satisfaction. – Lessons Learned in Life


moral attachment, depraved, thank you for smoking, when I was a kid, disowned by parents, up to your discretion, figurative, social media usage equivalent to drugs, fun work, why are illegal thing fun, plato ruled by inferiors quote, too smart for your own good, abusing the penalty, what if you like the punishment, the more you talk about the situation, a little less talk and a lot more action, i have no friends, too good, you make me want to be a better man, that’s a given, take care of the body, satan disguised as light, like heaven on earth, no matter what your goal is: you must take care of the body first, try harder no one cares, don’t do it just yet, monitor yourself, smooth transition, alone time, enforce the law, i only want what i deserve, live life by your own terms, make your own rules, civic duty, responsible citizens, Do it for you – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, justice, self-reliance, vibe, hard work, laborous, battlecry, goal of science, everyone want to be my enemy, i dont take losses gif, you don’t want to see me rage, come back when you have more, verge of death, the world is unfair, like father like son, voluntary, if I mess up it’s because I want to, breaking my own rules, afford to be moral, give me neither riches nor poverty, athletic training, kid genuis, law and acadmics, practical relavance, prosecutor, victims families, hypocrite, childhood innocence and immorality, be an adult, teaching is for, motivation theory, motivational source, financial need, making friends, we are family, breaking point, change the rules if you don’t like them, sense of earning it, prerequisite for good academic standing, stop wasting time, seeing the end, focus on the self, getting tired of it, getting tired of people, be humble, information exchange, corrupting, no job is below you, we need everyone, judged just like everyone else, be proper, why I served, strange laws, self-regulation, second nature, justice has been served, taking control of me, liking the punishment means it’s not a punishment rather pleasure, pleasure derived from being punished, comforting, what to do with my life, im everywhere, priority, access to, high class, need something to keep me occupied, get in shape, make it known, sharing intel, source, can’t stay silent, be loyal to yourself and your own goals, looking for opportunity, lucky to be here, survival mechanism, perfect justice system, social justice, for now, spoiling child, purpose of science, basics first, try again, devaluing hard work, no one cares do it for you, listen, Character education – Wikipedia, use for good, be a kid, be a man, it is honorable to die for one’s country, bring back child labor, indecency, this is not your fight, body movement, I learned what you learned in 10 years in the span of 10 weeks at basic,

Full ride to colleges

When you’re asking many favors from others, you’re basically asking them to live your life for you. Living your life on autopilot.

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