Freethought Notes – Documented 4/15/2022

Promoting justice through leadership and innovation – Fair and Just Prosecution

What Did I Do To Deserve This? — Dr Hayley Watson

Stop Deny your experiences – pretend it never happened

stand with victims

trauma-in-early-childhood.pdf (

Angela Johnson’s answer to Why do my parents expect me to be perfect when they didn’t raise me perfectly? – Quora

Overprotective Parents: Signs, Examples, & Impact on Mental Health (

I 100% believe we all have both. It just needs to be brought out.

I’ve seen the sweetest, kindest, most loving women (my grandmother) turn into the actual spitting image of Satan. What cause this? Methadone Withdraw. I’ve seen some of my best friends turn into monsters due to trauma, drugs, etc. The underlying similarity is that the evil was in them all along, it just had to be brought out. I consider myself a very kind, giving. Selfless person, however I know I could tear my enemy into pieces if it came to that. And as bad as this sounds, I would enjoy it. Doesn’t make me a bad person, doesn’t make me a good person. I guess were all both deep down.

Does evil exist in everyone? |

Will Jesus Be the Only One in Heaven With Scars? | Finding Your Way (

Closure and Justice: A Qualitative Study of Perspectives From Homicide Survivorship Experts | Springer Publishing

Am I the only one who’s struggling? – Tshanina Peterson

‘They’re struggling behind closed doors’: Doctors reveal disturbing stories of child maltreatment amid pandemic | Better Care Network

6 Signs Someone Is All Talk (

An alternate way of learning would have worked better for my success – The Washington Post

Being Rich isn’t for Everyone!. Think about this: if everyone was RICH… | by Sandy Shapcott | Medium

“I WANT TO CHANGE BUT I’M JUST NOT READY YET” – Freedom Nutrition Coaching (

No, Not All Parents Deserve Forgiveness | by Rachel Presser | Medium

Examples of Vulnerable Populations (

Cultural Conditioning: How the World Influences Our Beliefs (

What America Would Be Like Without Blacks | Teaching American History

Enlightened Solutions – Crying is a Sign of Strength, Not Weakness

Does everyone have a dark side? – Quora

Apathy – Why It Matters If You Stop Caring About Anything – Harley Therapy™ Blog

I had a bad childhood. How do I heal? – Quora

Teachers Turn Classes Into Boot Camps | Education World

1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good character.” (

The Gospel–The Poor Deserve to Be Poor and The RICH Deserve to Be Rich (

Are there people who deserve to be poor? – Quora

What is life without the guidance of parents? – Quora

Sportsmanship starts with respect for opponent (

Dad Tattoos His Son’s Cancer Scar On His Own Head To Boost Son’s Self-Confidence | Bored Panda

Scars of honor[1]-

Able-Bodied Privilege Checklist | Project Humanities (

Freedom Is Earned – Motivational Video – Fearless Motivation

Why ‘Acting-as-if’ Will Make You Twice As Successful | by Barbara Grace | Medium

Poor people and the law (

What is the rule of law (

Opinion: Texas Abortion Restrictions Only Make Poor People Poorer – GSO (

The law of this country is only for poor people. Do you agree? – Quora

Stop Putting Yourself In A Box! (


success is a priviledge, what are you willing to sacrifice to reach your goals, sacrifice is everything, it must be replaced, you can leave anytime you want, culture of life, jeopardizing security and freedom, naturalism, cut short, reliable, trustworthy, we are not your parents, taken for granted, Spoiled child – Wikipedia, be your own prosector, normalcy is a mental illness, life after high school, life lesson, learning boundaries, how it works, every bit helps regulated enviornment, even a little difference, room for growth, excersizing is a privilege, do it for me, live my life for me, no matter what, using death as a punishment and using life as a reward, limiting consciouness, cheapening consciousness, killing curiousty, how does mental illness work, don’t like labor, from homeless to, starting cars, easy to get easy to let go, justice system, ability to change, what made you make the decision, let the citizens decide, therapists decide, victims rights advocates, it is a priviledge to support the death penalty, nothing is complex it’s all about the basics, cleanse me, why not, i have faith, giving up everything for, proteceted by law, sustain, life isn’t for me, know your rights, someone to relate to, police are the law, part of society, how to behave in public, use it as an example of what not to do, I want to change my mind but I can’t meaning someone else is controlling me, hitting my feelings, don’t like the law then change it don’t follow it to change it, get to the top then change it, victimology, focus on, descriptive, disowning, real world, rural, from fat to fit, no going to get better, getting used to being a human, high end, develop your own style, be confident, innocent children, gen z political views, i don’t want to deal with life, options, opportunities, Children don’t judge, goofiness, You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks – Phrase Meaning, Origins (, you deserve respect, child abuse should be illegal, closure, dependency, prolonged pain, abuse of trust should be punishiable by death, no motivation, how to decide, incompatiable, surround yourself with compatiable poeple, rewards sutain, social status, you are not welcome here, self-regulation, same old advice, survival is getting boring, survivalism, causes of liberalism, causes of lonliness, people turn conservative when they don’t have much of a family, causes of wanting to go to school, handling stress, unquestioniable desires, physical power struggle, using people as tools, start from scratch, how to live and die, guidiance in life, feeling support, everyone has a different progression model, nothing is the ending (no, not even death), no guidiance in life, from all angles, i like helping people, moral priorities, good sportsmanship, confidence booster, healing from scars, not in this alone, struggling with you, struggling together, know that you are not alone, intrinsic natural, making progress, intrinsically good and or bad, what makes it good or bad, dogmatic, asking for help is a sign of strength but is not treated as such, crying is a sign of strength, education first, you have options, know your options, workout motivation, how to be social, dangeous freedom over peaceful slavery, equal treatment is not fair, Pick on someone your own size – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, to bring dishonor, why does the law allow for poverty to develop,

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