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Why Physical Touch Is So Important for Humans| KCM (

Humans are made to be touched — so what happens when we aren’t? | (

Why Physical Touch Matters for Your Well-Being (

Involuntary Joy | (

The Difference Between Voluntary and Involuntary Singles | Psychology Today

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Spontaneous Orgasm: 6 Reasons Why It Happens and What to Do (

The Disturbing Pleasure of Involuntary Cruelty | WENDY POWITT

What is normal? | Reinvent Normal | Why label? |

That fear of being found out | Financial Times (

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Can You Get Someone Committed to Rehab Against Their Will | Sober College

To My High School Friends, As We Go Our Separate Ways (

Deprivation and discovery motives determine how it feels to be curious – ScienceDirect

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“Fearless”: Improving Sexual & Reproductive Health of Female Sex Workers | India HIV/AIDS Alliance Blog (

Understanding the Sexual and Reproductive Vulnerabilities of Female Sex Workers | India HIV/AIDS Alliance Blog (

Advocating for Stigma-free Healthcare for Female Sex Workers | India HIV/AIDS Alliance Blog (

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If I am not planning on pursuing a masters degree right after a bachelor’s degree I should consider the option of commissioning as an officer.

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whoever-criticizes-others-must-have-something-to-replace-them-criticism-without-suggestion-is-like-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

quote-i-will-tell-you-what-i-can-t-abide-and-i-think-the-internet-has-really-created-a-space-jennifer-garner-10-67-08.jpg (850×400) (

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Keeping healthy relationships with people is not the same as seeking fame or validation. It’s a healthy source of seeking fame and is rather healthy validation. You don’t have to be known like Micheal Philips in order to be a great swimmer or Usain Bolt to be a fast runner.

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“Deep down, everyone is just faking it until they figure it out.” | by Brendan McCaskell | Medium

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A Thank You to My Parents – Because I Don’t Want Your Stuff – Just Call Me Homegirl

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I want to have fun, but my parents won’t let me! | Annie Fox’s Blog

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You need to allow your kid to gain independence step by step. You don’t keep them dependent because they are already dependent, if that was the justification, then how would they change?

When Labels Don’t Fit: Hispanics and Their Views of Identity | Pew Research Center

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Life is not as simple as you think. It is simpler… –

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Quotes-from-Girl-Stop-Apologizing-by-Rachel-Hollis-2.png (1000×1500) (

dont-bother-apologizing-if-youre-just-going-to-continue-doing-the-things-you-said-sorry-for-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

1632621505_Stop-Apologizing.jpeg (700×700) (

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Girl, Stop Apologizing! – Happy Mama Tales

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My tactic for the physicals is to find the perfect person (if not finable, make one up in your head and draw it irl) and then to compare everyone to the standard of perfection, until I find a real-life person.

Throughout your childhood, your body was just getting ready to be a parent. That’s the goal of this all. The goal of life is to be a good parent.

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We all have a trap that we’ve fallen into and are getting out of. Stop being in that nsfw cycle, find something else to replace it.

Things That Are Absolutely Okay To Hide From Your Partner In A Relationship (

Is It Ever Okay To Keep a Secret? | Dr. Alison Block (

When You Hide Something From Your Partner, Here’s How Your Body Reacts (

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Difference Between Self Defense and Retaliation – Ask Any Difference

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6595020-A-H-Almaas-Quote-When-will-you-begin-to-exist-then-When-will-you.jpg (3840×2160) (

Did Humans Exist With God Before They Were Born On Earth? (

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I-m-stubborn-not-stupid-There-s-221273.jpg (640×643) (

quote-i-hate-it-when-girls-act-stupid-cause-they-think-it-s-cute-intelligence-is-sexy-niall-horan-79-62-22.jpg (850×400) (

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Why Stereotypes are Harmful – Momentous Institute

Why stereotypes are bad even when they’re ‘good’ | Oliver Burkeman | The Guardian

Harmful Psychological Effects of Racial Stereotyping (

Exercise for the treatment of depression and anxiety – PubMed (

Make a post titled: What people don’t get about addiction and depression and maybe make it to a ted talk

Does Other People’s Success Make You Feel Bad About Yourself? (

SESREX on Twitter: “Remember putting others down to make yourself look or feel better helps no one. You don’t always know what people are dealing with or trying to overcome. Just share the love my stranger friends 🤍” / Twitter

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If Self-Discipline Feels Difficult, Then You’re Doing It Wrong (

Why no-one can “make” you feel anything. – Caroline Ferguson, Mindset Trainer

Explore Yourself and Explore Your Style (

More Is Less? – The Minimalists

Why Successful People Leave Their Loser Friends Behind (

Richard Marks’s answer to All of my friends at school do hardcore drugs and drink. They bond over this addiction and constantly talk about it and do it. What should I do? – Quora

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people-will-provoke-you-until-they-bring-out-your-ugly-side-and-then-play-victim.jpg (620×620) (

main-qimg-32f76ee173fbea678c0978615f19ae5b-lq (563×549) (

Why do people get mad and act like they are the victim when they do something wrong and get called out for it? – Quora

People will provoke you… – WomenWorking

To Achieve Success and Mastery, What Are You Willing to Sacrifice? — Mr Feelgood

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What Are You Willing To Sacrifice? – BooknVolume

To sacrifice means to replace the bad ones with the good ones.

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Mark Minervini on Twitter: “Whatever is most important to you is what is going to show up the most in your life. Ask yourself: When it really comes down to it, what does everything else take a back seat to? Is your dream worth prioritizing? It better be! Because that’s what it’s going to take to be great.” / Twitter

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what-are-you-willing-to-sacrifice.jpg (3840×2160) (

804ea491fdab8222055edeb3b33f8dfb96ebec7a515d319d363e4df970820114_1.jpg (720×740) (

It all comes down to what are you willing to sacrifice for your goals

People-think-depression-is-sadness.png (700×875) (

real-depression-is-when-you-stop-loving-the-things-you-love.jpg (620×620) (

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Depression_is_real_as_the_word_itself_Be_nice_to_people_you_don_t_know_what_they_re_dealing_with___1597919478_5238092.jpg (800×500) (

Depression-Quotes-1.jpg (680×480) (

20-min.jpg (800×900) (

195020-Terry-Pratchett-Quote-If-there-was-anything-that-depressed-him.jpg (3840×2160) (

Depression-Quotes-8.jpg (1004×704) (

Depression-is-real-It-happens-We-go-198806.jpg (1200×630) (

689130860-People-talk-about-depression-like-its-something-weak.jpg (600×600) (

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sad-lonely-depression-quotes-its-always-worse-than-it-seems.jpg (500×325) (

quote-depression-is-a-real-demon-in-the-woods-for-a-lot-of-creative-people-you-know-it-s-part-ethan-hawke-86-69-36.jpg (850×400) (

quote-if-depression-has-been-viewed-as-a-taboo-subject-in-the-church-then-suicide-and-suicidal-sheila-walsh-160-37-76.jpg (850×400) (

The-absolute-worst-part-of-depression-is-that-even-though-you-know-youre-depressed-youre-unable-to-stop-yourself-from-getting-worse.jpg (720×405) (

the-people-who-succeed-despite-depression-do-262859.jpg (1200×630) (

quote-how-can-you-frighten-a-man-whose-hunger-is-not-only-in-his-own-cramped-stomach-but-in-john-steinbeck-36-90-36.jpg (850×400) (

Depression-is-very-real-It-ll-back-114009.jpg (1200×630) (

6c8cabf37877cb80e5aeb620881e0128-fighting-depression-quotes-depression-recovery-quotes.jpg (736×736) (

803419009-548094_362643350440088_193325447371880_1011518_1937087855_n.jpg (720×629) (

quote-i-ve-had-a-tremendous-problem-with-depression-in-my-life-i-d-rather-not-talk-about-it-henri-nouwen-21-62-57.jpg (850×400) (

quotes-on-depression_quotes4-11_820.jpg (350×194) (

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i-was-in-a-self-induced-depression-welcome-to-me-real-world-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

photo-1588031710692-25195b092ab1 (1000×1000) (

quote-i-was-in-a-self-induced-depression-welcome-to-me-real-world-natsuo-kirino-41-56-31.jpg (850×400) (

KCRF_HPC_Meme_-_Dr._Kelly_Brogan_1.jpg (700×700) (

115-Depression-Quotes-and-Sayings-About-Depression-37.jpg (735×959) (

depression-in-life-quotes-by-avijeet-das-1981592.jpg (900×600) (

Anxiety-is-Having-64-Tabs-Open-But-In-Real-Life.jpg (700×700) (

Untitled-5.jpg (1280×720) (

the-only-valid-cure-for-any-kind-of-depression-is-the-acceptance.jpg (620×620) (

williamjames1.jpg (600×315) (

“People-understand-me-so-poorly-that-they-don’t-even-understand-my-complaint-about-them-not-understanding-me._-1024×1024.jpg (1024×1024) (

When-I-m-depressed-I-ll-lie-159685.jpg (1200×630) (

Earl_Nightingale.png (1848×1000) (

271669127_299370552223173_4479199179425114581_n.jpg (490×490) (

Stenson Fullson’s answer to Why do some people lead a relatively easy life while others struggle all their life? – Quora

People Think They’re Better Than Average, but How Much Better? | Psychology Today

The Illusion of Average: Implications for Scientists | CSPO

14df9834df932adb4fef06f1dfff249a6499c9888060132d97b6aad6201b4c74 (980×551) (

There is no such thing as a mistake, there is such a thing as a turning point and/or changing goals. A mistake is inherently and indirect comparison, so calling something a mistake is a comparison.

Why do some people never face any problems? – Quora

stereotype.jpg (771×466) (

Being Too Independent Stems From My Trauma (

Anna Chlumsky: ‘As a young person… I was for sale’ | The Independent

I was not ready to be a mom, but I am one. And I want out. Am I alone? | by Modern Parent | Modern Parent | Medium

Ever since I was young, I’ve always had the desire to harm the vulnerable. I gained pleasure from seeing such things suffer. For example, I wanted to kill baby birds when I saw them.

> Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can. [source]

Copy-of-Blue-Dynamic-Fitness-Youtube-Thumbnail-3.png (1280×720) (

ifyoulovelife-min.jpg (575×491) (

94d9c8696e3c553f439a5d4894c1b920.jpg (2048×2048) (

1721927-Bruce-Lee-Quote-Stop-wasting-time-in-playing-a-role-or-a-concept.jpg (3840×2160) (

Quotation-Steve-Harvey-Your-reality-is-yours-Stop-wasting-time-looking-at-someone-82-48-54.jpg (1200×640) (

Wasting-Time-Quotes-Relationship.jpg (600×857) (

quote-the-thing-is-to-try-to-do-as-much-as-you-can-in-the-time-that-you-have-kenneth-more-90-0-090.jpg (850×400) (

bf4eeebad08324764174038d818c6963.jpg (680×517) (

Everyone is entitled to a safe home, and if that’s called being entitled (in a bad way) then I don’t know what good entitlement is? If no one is entitled to anything, then that must mean they aren’t even entitled to life in general, which is something murderers would say. Don’t make yourself comparable and justifiable to what murderers do.

Whatever you do, just make it a goal to not fall into the trap of nsfw-curiosity addiction

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a75203b3a344c512c96a9aa78b123f3b–quotes-for-girls-fall.jpg (500×250) (

quote-it-s-so-important-to-reach-out-to-people-you-trust-and-who-can-give-you-honest-feedback-tim-gunn-129-20-81.jpg (850×400) (

Knoco stories: The biggest barriers and enablers for knowledge Management (

1*3CeVouv2cOXIQny0j7_i3Q.jpeg (1400×1053) (

You think you have it worse? See this: main-qimg-9244aa5d12bb89d77173d24afb4c5638-lq (602×1071) (

main-qimg-f7385f21e9ce6e4c8cde678c7b4efd87-lq (602×803) (

Five reasons why I won’t cover my scars – Bring Change to Mind (

6727919-Augusten-Burroughs-Quote-This-is-the-truest-thing-I-know-Scars-are.jpg (3840×2160) (

img-20220422-62623bb792c9f.png (1080×1080) (

Making Habits Automatic — Sustainable Evolution

Compare yourself to better people if that’s whom you want to be like

Actors Who Committed Suicide | List of Male Actors Who Killed Themselves (

e5ea84c87c7000faf8192248eb151119.jpg (640×644) (

When You’re the Unlucky One – Still Standing Magazine

main-qimg-74d8c309fd7d3d6f4249f7a6cba6bdcb-lq (602×803) (

quote-i-m-the-luckiest-unlucky-person-tig-notaro-86-87-93.jpg (850×400) (

Think-youre-escaping-and-run-into-yourself.-Longest-way-round-is-the-shortest-way-home.jpg (720×405) (

edgarallanpoe1.jpg (600×315) (

quote-home-is-not-where-you-were-born-home-is-where-all-your-attempts-to-escape-cease-naguib-mahfouz-114-31-80.jpg (850×400) (

1008980-Naguib-Mahfouz-Quote-Home-is-not-where-you-were-born-home-is-where.jpg (3840×2160) (

654a79bc4b7928812c0bb67c97003ebc–running-away-quotes-travel-posters.jpg (474×474) (

i-want-to-run-away-and-never-come-back-quote-1.jpg (400×600) (

1077119-Portia-de-Rossi-Quote-I-was-trying-to-find-a-reason-for-having-had.jpg (3840×2160) (

Don’t want my kids to experience hardships even though that’s the only way they can grow. A healthy dose of hardships is okay, just make sure not to kill them.

nipsey-hustle.jpg (1080×1004) (

Simple-Not-Easy-Low-Res-250×300.jpg (250×300) (

8bcdf2_2dd38236777d44e3a1a68bd4334b6004-mv2.png (711×400) (

950369.jpg (300×387) (

people-will-provoke-you-until-they-bring-out-your-ugly-side-and-then-play-victim.jpg (620×620) (

Why can’t we give reviews on our military recruiters on their responsiveness, etc.


10 Proven Ways to Judge a Person’s Character – Lifehack

Get the judge out of my home

when-you-judge-others-look-at-yourself–you-too-have-flaws.jpg (620×620) (

73.png (600×400) (

1466440611-look-at-yourself-before-judging-others.jpg (600×400) (

1729433078-quote-when-you-point-your-finger-at-someone-three-fingers-are-pointing-back-at-you-anonymous-280930.jpg (850×400) (

3e289d0a68a55bf6cc67b0d2c3985776.jpg (704×711) (

583004e1a029ff066f44b7d6915df9fe.png (720×1280) (

abba87dc02afb10467363fc299d84845.jpg (236×301) (

d68ed5246e862f0191bee84f36eea1f5.jpg (480×854) (

WAly6564.webp (720×720) (

74dfb7e82a0c29d924c06b9d4d3024ad.jpg (500×488) (

9ec028b1225e90e61fd51edfdeff484d.jpg (640×640) (

When Work Becomes a Game | Innovation| Smithsonian Magazine

Make the Job a Game (

just-when-it-seems-like-life-is-getting-good-something-always-has-to-come-along-and-ruin-it-quote-1.jpg (560×720) (

459674ffb42a1f35ce6dc37fbbf00e53.jpg (630×400) (

why-is-it-that-every-time-things-look-like-they-are-finally-going-to-be-okay-something-goes-wrong-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

im-one-of-those-unlucky-people-who-had-a-happy-childhood-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

9220681d1bac874795ac03fea4e8ec23.jpg (500×665) (

now-and-then-there-is-a-person-born-who-is-so-unlucky-that-he-runs-into-accidents-which-started-out-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

4522916-Gary-Ryan-Quote-It-s-simply-not-enough-to-just-show-up-and-do-your.jpg (3840×2160) (

be-a-role-model-not-a-critic-dont-tell-your-children-your.jpg (620×620) (

quote-we-as-parents-are-our-children-s-first-and-best-role-models-and-this-is-particularly-michelle-obama-69-37-53.jpg (850×400) (

1098756d273235db8a9112363bf10740.jpg (500×353) (

Quotes-About-Role-Models-214-Quotes.jpg (1000×694) (

4e1169df28326c87289dbd955b1c627d.png (400×200) (

c4f9b9e37a49b0d5ccbc6db5bb584dc1.png (520×520) (

2ad287c6bff9c83b0a024d1a10eedba8.png (355×563) (

Why some people want facial scars – BBC News

I Feel “more body confident & less scar conscious” – Kechi Okwuchi as she spends Time at the Beach | BellaNaija

all-you-need-is-motivation-false-you-need-fear-and-an-approaching-deadline.jpg (551×380) (

4750f46d347ca3433bc7bfe98fa11e22.jpg (585×582) (

motivational-memes-22-720×944.jpg (720×944) (

motivational-it-is-not-this-day-memes.jpg (600×451) (

give-me-some-credit-for-the-hell-ive-paid-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

2912065-Evita-Peron-Quote-Put-down-me-for-a-lifetime-of-success-give-me.jpg (3840×2160) (

Everyday sadism: Pain And Pleasure: Why It’s Funny When We See A Person Falling Down (

Ever Wondered Why We Laugh When We See Someone Fall Down? (

5f9400c4a834b408668b37b2111a50c5–videogames-every-day.jpg (236×236) (

Is it wrong to join the military because you want to die meaningfully? Whether that be by stray bullet in a war torn village, or stepping on a anti-personnel mine/IED on snowcapped field. I’m being specific so I can be understood. – Quora

1384948432-Have-to-fight-for-attention.jpeg (500×500) (

3763c2cdd94063d34be17891c121584d.jpg (590×829) (

4fbf45736033c80e0aa86d1fd62b9ec5–luck-quotes-wise-quotes.jpg (500×660) (

Why Do Some People Suffer More Than Others? (

Are those who don’t suffer only there because of those who suffer? I think so. Think of it like this: Without soldiers, there wouldn’t be safe spaces for those teachers to perform their teaching lessons, etc.

05195b92f065e049987291e63bceff9b0e6569-wm.jpg (640×920) (

i-hate-that-phrase-the-real-world-why-is-a-478112.jpg (660×400) (

i-hate-that-phrase-the-real-world-why-is-a-478112.jpg (1200×630) (

c969f6549d65b56ea016c8346f544aef.jpg (640×920) (

People have always hated “The Real World” |

The definition of stuck: Why Do We Always Seem To Repeat The Same Lesson? –

but-sometimes-in-order-to-win-you-have-to-make-sacrifices-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

one day but not today

martinlutherkingjr1.jpg (600×315) (

Just know that if I have to hurt myself to get rid of the nsfw contents, I am ready to do so as such: I will give up my life for a cause.

friends-rachel-green.gif (288×200) (

Enable Me To Grow – Building Baha’i Inspired Homes

sprout.png (560×315) (

The Minds Journal on Twitter: “Not every place you fit in is where you belong #FitIn #WISEPICK” / Twitter

CxNXIz_WQAE22cV (700×700) (

Fitting in | It’s Only My Opinion (

Getting mad at certain things shows you’re a sane human being. For example, getting mad at those who hurt vulnerable things is a sane person’s quality. It’s something we mostly all share.

1015849116-ea31ff01512ce332da94dac3cf665993.jpg (720×419) (

stop-being-mad-4fb05e4ff5.jpg (600×702) (

anger1.jpg (500×500) (

If a man is left behind, you are as good as that man that was left behind.

Why does the mere presence of someone bother/irritate me? – Quora

Science Has a Word for Those People Who Just Really Annoy Everyone For No Apparent Reason |

theres-only-so-much-you-can-take-when-constantly-try-with-someone-and-all-they-do-is-push-you-away-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

i9.png (700×700) (

KNkvO0-Vnug-KLnfF7Q_Vpes-e6V9BVzLGTId66zo4E.png (600×432) (

polar-bear.jpg (524×772) (

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zJZJOxY5Iksbew8dE5k091vDo47jbmTubAH8rxwKSV0.jpg (640×720) (

main-qimg-a9f842a777058bac2addd7b35e375f99-lq (602×845) (

Some people just don’t deserve to be parents (

big-INTen1306_3.jpg (354×500) (

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720) (

3960352-Max-von-Sydow-Quote-Movies-give-me-an-opportunity-to-go-places-I-m.jpg (3840×2160) (

M2p93675.webp (720×720) (

just-give-me-an-opportunity-butters-stotch.gif (498×498) (

charity-work-is-very-important-to-me-and-gives-me-an-opportunity.jpg (620×620) (

I-will-not-give-a-chance-to-anyone-who-did-not-giv (800×800) (

1849167108-chris-perry-quote-ive-got-to-take-advantage-of-the-opportunity-they.jpg (289×361) (

619OkxC68hL.jpg (907×1360) (

2121156-Earl-Nightingale-Quote-Don-t-wait-for-change-You-change.jpg (3840×2160) (

Don-t-wait-for-the-world-to-60187.jpg (1200×630) (

315576161-stop-sticking-around-waiting-for-change-when-all-you-really-need-to-change-is-who-youre-with-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

6707480-Jesse-Itzler-Quote-People-are-always-waiting-for-something-to.jpg (3840×2160) (

Social Norms and Why We Need to Question The World Around Us | by Shruti Karthikeyan | Medium

Why Questioning ‘The System’ Should Be The New Social Norm | HuffPost UK Parents (

Is it possible to be born as a female and to think I should have been born a male? – JFCS of Greater Philadelphia (

i-shouldnt-have-been-there-i-should-never-have-been-born-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

4777870-Thomas-Hardy-Quote-I-wish-I-had-never-been-born-there-or-anywhere.jpg (3840×2160) (

frankaclark1.jpg (600×315) (

Quotes ‘nd Notes: Image (

I don’t feel comfortable with my body, not in a self esteem sort of way more of it doesn’t feel right. – JFCS of Greater Philadelphia (

original.jpg (722×1125) (

Force Yourself, Yes, Force Yourself to Do That Task | Psychology Today

Forcing yourself is the only way to make yourself do things.

Never rest until you get to where you want to be

the-force-is-within-you-force-yourself-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

415GxVrXcgL.jpg (320×500) (

> Every life has a story…. if we only bother to read it; So, be open-minded and stop being so prejudiced

Everyone Has a Story | Empathia

There are times when you should be open minded and others when you should be focused

Don’t redeem your reward yet, have self-control in times of trouble

How People’s Prejudices Develop (

I am not settling for less than I deserve

Life is easy only if you follow through with your initial instincts.

Looking for perfection. Heaven on earth is what I am striving for.

If you wait for others, then you’re giving them control, be very cautious when doing so.

I Used To Be A Bully | Teens Against Bullying (

> The bullies themselves are victims, too, and need help just like the children they bully. “Because bullies are so aggressive, they are viewed by peers to be so difficult to deal with, so they are rejected,” writes DeLisi. Many bullies experience some type of abuse at home, and bullying others is simply a coping mechanism. Counseling can be provided as an avenue for bullies to talk about their feelings. Bullying may be a growing problem, but we can stop it by treating all victims: the bullied and the bullies. [source]

Used to be a bully | Childline

How does nature communicate with us? – Beyond Words Publishing

if-you-could-do-it-again-would-you-meet-thenm-40235201.png (500×521)

a51253a8a4658640b51540bd6d70ecbc.jpg (500×750) (

45616761_2330517103643159_4143824407556521984_n-85358107.jpg (960×952) (

if-you-could-do-it-all-over-again-would-you-change-anything-quote-1.jpg (500×452) (

1050-Life.jpg (960×960) (

65136-Yogi-Berra-Quote-If-I-had-to-do-it-all-over-again-I-would-do-it.jpg (3840×2160) (

original.jpg (480×360) (

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Being around productive people: it’s like a completely different society.

A Different Society Altogether (

a7fa6d2091746d12ef2ebd116934e8a6–pollution-environment.jpg (736×736) (

b7d6c33c88d29a568be9f1b894fa8ed2.jpg (416×239) (

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Future-Generations-Quotes-Sayings-Future-Generations-Picture-Quotes.jpg (620×800) (

960986982-quote-if-we-intend-to-provide-a-better-life-and-a-better-world-for-future-generations-we-can-t-ignore-john-kasich-98981.jpg (850×400) (

bc997e964fff346e082acb01ee5fccef.png (1000×554) (

the-future-depends-on-what-we-do-in-the-present-quote-2.jpg (800×600) (

abrahamlincoln1.jpg (600×315) (

original.png (726×724) (

naomicampbell1-2x.jpg (1200×630) (

2530923-Lewis-Howard-Latimer-Quote-We-create-our-future-by-well-improving.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-future-generations-will-judge-us-not-by-what-we-say-but-what-we-do-ellen-johnson-sirleaf-86-68-66.jpg (850×400) (

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images (225×225) (

Don’t waste time fearing the future, instead create it.

Fear is an indication that you are wasting your future.

quote-we-make-the-future-better-than-the-past-we-don-t-hide-from-history-we-make-history-john-mccain-64-63-98.jpg (850×400) (

What is stopping you from living the life you want? Attachment to bad things

What exactly stops people from having the life they want? – Quora

Initial discomfort, go through it: Niklas Göke’s answer to What exactly stops people from having the life they want? – Quora

What Is Stopping You From Living Your Best Life? – Here’s What You Should Ask Yourself To Start Living Your Best Life – It’s Rosy (

27567-Albert-Einstein-Quote-The-world-is-a-dangerous-place-to-live-not.jpg (3840×2160) (

Quotation-Albert-Einstein-The-world-is-a-dangerous-place-to-live-not-because-8-72-82.jpg (640×360) (

I don’t know where he went

Don’t fall for the lower standards, rise to a higher standard, and tell that to others as well. The best thing you can do is change their mind.

Is Giving Out Cash With No Strings Attached The Best Way To End Poverty? : Goats and Soda : NPR

They’re just like you – sane and competent people, they’re just poor – So, remember, you could be in this same position to, be humbled: The poor know they’re poor: the roles of shame and stigma in the everyday lives of people in poverty – New Mandala

Ending the shame and stigma of poverty (

The Stigma of Poverty | Making Change Happen (

To end global poverty, invest in peace (

IMG_0170.jpg (720×405) (

Poverty-Quotes-1.jpg (1587×2245) (

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Poverty-is-the-root-of-disorders-in-the-country.-Mozi.jpg (600×327) (

images (236×214) (

682306-John-Legend-Quote-The-best-way-to-fight-poverty-is-to-empower.jpg (3840×2160) (

1892070664-nelson-mandela-quotes-poverty.jpg (650×330) (

mother_teresa_quotes_1.jpg (640×548) (

ffd98192973eb4b661ecdf01e369997e.jpg (509×509) (

61362666e286eddb1177591925829514.jpg (526×526) (

8f9418a50724e7411946ffb3b007de99.jpg (650×650) (

Why I Disagree with “Don’t Be the Smartest Person in the Room” (

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311.gif (600×282) (

2643880-Muhammad-Yunus-Quote-Poverty-is-not-created-by-poor-people-It-is.jpg (3840×2160) (

poverty-is-not-just-a-lack-of-money-it-is-not-having-the-capability-to-realize-ones-full-potential-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

69960-Poverty.jpg (320×320) (

b64527b258727b6df7d27b549764993b.png (1587×2245) (

quotes-on-poverty-education-1.jpg (564×705) (

Quotes+Poverty+exists+-+NaijaStore-715047.jpg (720×720) (

616697975-Famous71.jpg (1024×768) (

0cb6bc675b078358c7961454839d0124.jpg (650×488) (

quote-rich-people-play-the-money-game-to-win-poor-people-play-the-money-game-to-not-lose-t-harv-eker-57-25-42.jpg (850×400) (

76452-Robert-T-Kiyosaki-Quote-The-world-is-full-of-smart-poor-people.jpg (3840×2160) (

5c8d9e8f7c000c86c34bdd0fafb8ef3a.jpg (640×856) (

jeanpaulsartre1-2x.jpg (1200×630) (

Poor-people-dont-have-time-for-investments-because-poor-people-are-too-busy-trying-not-to-be-poor.jpg (720×405) (

219771-Gloria-Steinem-Quote-Rich-People-plan-for-three-generations-Poor.jpg (3840×2160) (

Rich-People-Plan-For-Three-Generations-Poor-People-Plan-For-Saturday-Night-Poor-People-Best-Quotes-Rich-People.jpg (2269×2850) (

images (225×225) (

quote-our-poor-people-are-great-people-a-very-lovable-people-they-don-t-need-our-pity-and-mother-teresa-34-89-91.jpg (850×400) (

poverty-quotes-tvrrmu5qtt0=_d.jpg (1280×853) (

dreams-quotes-txpnmu9urxc=_d.jpg (1280×588) (

rich-people-are-poor-people-with-money-345770.png (1080×1080) (

2586974-Newt-Gingrich-Quote-I-will-continue-to-find-ways-to-help-poor.jpg (3840×2160) (

Always-it-is-the-poor-people-who-52225.jpg (1200×630) (

bf89d98fffc1f6d427cc0a0cae217047.jpg (600×600) (

quote-poor-people-know-poor-people-and-rich-people-know-rich-people-it-is-one-of-the-few-things-moss-hart-66-11-82.jpg (850×400) (

images (214×236) (

images (660×360) (

the-best-way-to-help-poor-people-is-to-not-be-one-of-them-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

ee03c99c1d80eff4bc8fac697f154ed1.jpg (500×660) (

ive-heard-that-the-best-way-to-help-poor-people-is-to-make-sure-you-dont-become-one-of-them-quote-1.jpg (560×720) (

normmacdonald1.jpg (600×315) (

62218e1397169f1d46cd3797_mother-teresa-quote-about-hunger-feeding-poor.jpg (1200×629) (

images (300×168) (

MR8e5418.webp (720×720) (

578388-Charles-Barkley-Quote-I-like-to-help-poor-people-who-got-no-chance.jpg (3840×2160) (

Steve-Wynn-Nobody-Likes-Poor-People.png (800×453) (

quote-if-we-want-to-help-poor-people-out-one-way-to-do-that-is-to-help-them-explore-and-use-muhammad-yunus-65-92-16.jpg (850×400) (

It-is-as-difficult-for-most-poor-56342.jpg (1200×630) (

quote-the-only-difference-between-a-rich-person-and-a-poor-person-is-how-they-use-their-time-robert-kiyosaki-57-40-12.jpg (850×400) (

crime-is-for-poor-people-you-dont-need-to-rob-the-bank-if-you-own-it.jpg (620×620) (

George-Orwell-quotes-92.jpg (600×315) (

23.png (600×400) (

ive-learned-to-never-underestimate-the-impossible-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

original.jpg (720×540) (

help-status-269×300.jpg (269×300) (

quote-help-young-people-help-small-guys-because-small-guys-will-be-big-young-people-will-have-jack-ma-82-40-21-1-e1454450408481.jpg (600×282) (

some-people-think-that-poor-people-are-lazy-actually-it-takes-a.jpg (620×620) (

1646256954-082657ad52af979cb3714faad7dd21b8.jpg (400×480) (

dc3bbe9f1feb9ffa555cf0e01c0410d5.jpeg (648×469) (

where-rich-people-can-make-honest-money-poor-people-have-to-steal.jpg (620×620) (

it-is-easy-to-romanticize-poverty-to-see-poor-people-as-inherently.jpg (620×620) (

do-you-hate-poor-people-or-do-you-just-hate-poor-people-with-jobs-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

d24f06124250b278c1f4f02639de2b2a.jpeg (487×540) (

the-best-way-you-hurt-rich-people-is-by-turning-them-into-poor-people.jpg (620×620) (

It-is-the-consumers-who-make-poor-55078.jpg (1200×630) (

quote-do-not-really-like-rich-people-as-they-make-us-poor-people-feel-dopey-and-inadequate-george-saunders-119-69-26.jpg (850×400) (

if-i-ever-get-rich-i-hope-im-not-real-mean-to-poor-people-like-i-am-now-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

Poverty-should-first-be-addressed-in-the-59845.jpg (1200×630) (

2488704-T-Harv-Eker-Quote-Rich-people-take-advice-from-people-who-are.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-poor-people-in-america-today-people-who-are-officially-in-poverty-have-a-higher-standard-michael-medved-133-46-44.jpg (850×400) (

481618378-quote-when-rich-people-fight-wars-with-one-another-poor-people-are-the-ones-to-die-jean-paul-sartre-162953.jpg (850×400) (

foreign-aid-is-taking-money-from-the-poor-people-of-a-rich-country-and-giving-it-to-the-rich-people-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

quote-my-empathy-for-poor-people-comes-from-having-been-one-of-them-for-so-long-from-knowing-michael-eric-dyson-127-95-10.jpg (850×400) (

our-poor-people-are-great-people-a-very-lovable-people-they-dont-need-our-pity-and-sympathy-they-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

d6e320e4b692ff1d9a1047149fe1ee01.jpg (600×1050) (

humanitarian-quote-helping-people-1-picture-quote-1.jpg (450×450) (

The-death-of-a-billionaire-is-worth-22540.jpg (1200×630) (

i-think-clever-people-think-that-poor-people-are-stupid.jpg (620×620) (

n857uynf86m41.jpg (640×821) (

There are many people out there that deserve praise and recognition but don’t get it.

I had to go through it to realize its value, therefore ifa not a wasted experience rather a learned one, so, don’t call it useless.


i am my own dad, it’s ok to be the odd one out, think about the children, think about your children, you don’t want to have kids whose father was a nsfw addict, how will you act as a future parent, Think of the children – Wikipedia, former depressed, utmost importance, we all need physical touch to live, hiding secrets is the same thing as changing clothes in private, anhedonia, involuntary pleasure, normalcy trust, false feelings, reinvent average, things to do private, against will, no one will treat you like i did, no one will treat you like family, you love your family as it is a source of trust, family isn’t a set of people rather how people treat you, don’t let someone slap you and them offer to heal you and call it love, means so much to me narrow minded, deprived of knowledge | English examples in context | Ludwig, knowledge deprivation, stop stigmatizing nsfw, out of control bodily functions, I can’t believe we are over, nsfw-yrisk, some nsfw is nsfwizion, controlling my body, allowing control, forced entry, ignoring reality, smacking the face is real, acting as both the solution and problem, breaking point boundaries, Arousal – Wikipedia, it’s not hard unless you make it that way, everyone goes thru this, slightly buff makes me horn, schadenfreude, have it all, don’t like being known, i like my privacy, it keeps happening, never forget the feeling, don’t worry about it, you’ll never forget the feeling, age-appropriate, exposed to violence at an early age, mental develpment, done in small doses, Urban Dictionary: First Love, never forget my first love, public access, bad childhood memories, good vs. bad boundaries, there is a fine line between good and bad, overboarding physicals, drugs make you forget (problems) and thus make you more happy, drugs make you more narrow-minded, narrow-mindedness isn’t always a bad things – it’s like focus you must do it on the good parts only, are we all just faking it, military voice, physicals, stop making fun of people we are all finding it out, those who understand the struggle know how hard it feels to keep yourself surviving, law making process, we all have problems, arguably bad, objectively bad, stop me from making mistakes[2], i want to learn something new, stop parents from doing things for you, tricking thinking process, happens more often than you would think, everyone is going thru a phase I’m doing my best to help out by not insulting them and keeping quiet, how would you parent your own kids, don’t know what I lost, start somewhere else, allow it to happen, allow morality to help you, social circle, I know that I am not mature enough for social media, soft skills, post high school graduation, stop apologizing, semi fit, make some compromises, i make no promises, paradox of consent, I like being forced, good and bad at the same time, control involuntary, stop making it complicated, i can see it happening, i can imagine it, you are not your body, get fit, it’s okay to hide things, both smart and fit, retribution vs self defense, guaranteed rights, you are someones’ dad[2], people can change, they think we’re stupid, stereotypes are bad, stop being narrow-minded and explore the world, explore new style, best first better next, retribution, I’ve been humbled, it’s all fake, stop being narrow-minded about the wrong things, you can do it without help, you can’t do it without cooperation, it all comes down to what are you willing to sacrifice, detachment from objectively bad things, not there yet, life is not in my control, finding heaven, change in family dynamics, coming from the best, Stereotype – Wikipedia, not all crimes should be punished, not all criminals should be kept in prison, not all criminals are bad, enablers, Enabling – Wikipedia, mental games, mind tricks, why many people think they’re above average, Illusory superiority – Wikipedia, learn to feel, learn to get comfortable failing, open to make mistakes, breaking stereotypes, hungry for more, self-fulfilling prophecy, you don’t see that everyday, make it the norm, forced lucky, either way you didn’t choose to live, no excuses, explanations as an excise, explaining why I’m right, barely escape, tactic, practice scene, real, make it regular, don’t miss out, personality shows, independent person since young, i am not ready to be a parent, internet history, slightly buff, quick, escape, stop being vulnerable, vulnerability looks cute, stop being deceptive, tiring, stop telling white lies, stop oversharing, stop being submissive, learn boundaries, learn physicals, everything is physical, perfection forever is never ending, find something to replace bad curiosity, nsfw curiosity, non-nsfw curiosity, spongebob, live for the moment, pharmacists are basically legal drug dealers, stop stalling your goals, if not now when will the time be right, stop letting others control you, stop trusting others/the wrong people, trust is giving up control, denying scars, as long as you do your best, no damage is permanent, no one makes it out alive, being alive is something special, ability to feel feelings and experience emotions whilst sustaining life, lawless zone, reparenting yourself, the law does not care, fitness best version of myself, Urban Dictionary: being extra, express yourself for the goal of stopping the need to be so extra, home is like prison, it’s easy to live a healthy life, Simple, Not Easy – Medium, how many people fail step 1, top 1 percent kids, surprise me, know something i don’t, i just want to have fun i just want to spend money, i just haven’t found what i’m looking for, What are some of the common problems faced by people every day? – Quora, nothing is useless, deformed peoples, at least you know how it feels, finalize, how to judge people, learn to judge, best i can do now, they think we’re stupid, nobody is stupid they just need a bit of help, give the bennifit of the doubt, see the good in people, i shouldn’t be affected by the things i am not in control of, i shouldn’t be alive, complex feelings, acting as a human firewall, filtering system, just to show that it’s possible, they need it more than me, bragging about skills, all society is is bragging and showing off, boundaries between showing off/bragging and merely existing, shouldn’t have dressed like that, how does it feel to be scar-less, all you need is motivation, i’m not ready, Enmeshment – Wikipedia, you’re not fat you’re moldable, looking for a strong base, Give me credit – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, not my fault you were raised wrongly, emotionless, Rush it – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, changing families, getting a new family, restroom trained, put off the urge, closely, sacrifices have to be made, once addicted always addicted, missed out on life, we owe it to ourselves, stop waiting for others as it implies that you overly trust and depend on them,  financial independence happens step by step not overnight, growing takes allowance, strong foundation, white culture, my goal is to be healthy fit, stop hiding, get the basics right, glimpse of heaven, stop being mad, explore yourself, know your boundaries, desire to hurt cute things, fake it if you don’t belong, there is only so much you can do, survival mechanism, there have to be boundaries, version of me, Cooperate with me – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, the best you can do about mistakes is to pretend like it never happened, no scars, if you’re not ready to have a child who does not live normally you don’t deserve one, unmotivated, i should have been born as a, follow instincts, depersonalize it, dehumanize it, force yourself, everyone has a story, i used to be so prejudiced, it comes naturally when you’re ready so don’t try to, life is communication with nature, put your trust in, pretend like it never happened, unavoidable, preventable disease, a new father, don’t ruin your body, care enough, a new family, bitter making this, don’t want to have to do this, my own little corner of the world, right authorities, lawyers are douches, right authorities, basic human needs deprived, lawyer social boundaries, face of the future, understand the motivation behind it, we are the future… literally, keep grinding everyone else is, get back on track, anyone can make it in america, we are the future generation, stop being attached to poverty, attachment=wanting, narrow-minded focused, adult moves, big boy moves, you are a human robot, personality disorder, school should teach you how to learn, language is communication and communication is everything, get the basics right, back to kindergarten, school should focus more on language and how to learn using it, customize it, 

Physicals Section: Fairly Fit Peoples (people that are just starting out on their fitness journey)

how-to-close-a-bank-account-hero.jpg (1306×704) (

It makes me really happy when a f. Has slightly fithands, makes it look femi. But still strong

Right hand side kids’ face: 2B54C20400000578-3196558-image-a-89_1439476333990.jpg (634×911) (

DT_Fit_Guide_ShopByTops_Semi-Fitted.jpg (648×842) (

436×436.jpeg.7dec430038d346c7b780a3a650e8bb4a.preview (200×200) (

Meet #Rowan2025: Elementary Education Major Madison Jacobs (

400px-Jessica_Jacobs.jpg (400×532) (

d3a934d2_720.jpg (1280×720) (

823DB520-E04E-4F82-86EE-17FE59E1678C-Madison-Jacobs-1170×550.jpeg (1170×550) (

Keywords: semi fit people, start local, more often than you think, Make excellence the norm, stop being clingy, 

Position themselves in a disadvantaged position and only give them one way to get out

Unlucky-in-Love.jpg (792×456) (

main-qimg-102f44c194dac25b42b22da5dfe660c3-lq (512×342) (

woman-bad-luck-shirt.jpg (1200×630) (

11 Women Reveal Their C-Section Scars and Recovery Stories (

realworldcastnow.jpg (1240×775) (

‘Americanized’ By Sara Saedi Is The Painful True Story Of One Teen’s Experience Growing Up As An Undocumented Immigrant — EXCERPT (

They look better than me: These middle school students have a warning about teens and social media | WAMU

Texas girl dies from brain-eating amoeba contracted while swimming (

Fit In Twenty – Home | Facebook

Are Those Mysterious Phantom Bruises Something to Worry About? – ClassPass Blog

hero-image-calendar-429829.jpeg (1280×853) (

It’s nice to see these people doing regular human activities other than binding

Local physicals:

Arkansas skating on YouTube 

I am just now realizing the world is larger than school and I had missed out on sports and a social life.

Daily Dose of Laughter – Funny Section:

b0461f0c8523ad874b014a7726edb92f.jpg (450×556) (

6d1.png (457×347) (

q96dsr1bjtc51.jpg (534×536) (

Sad Moral Support:

1*ddSHtfbclMneHaSBKNJt7A.png (778×464) (

“We’re sorry to see you go” – roast my unsubscribe email! (

Why Is Mental Health Stigmatized in India? (

To Do:

Check as there are some posts there that I’ve yet to archive and reblog that I’ve liked.

Copy rich people: Top 10 Colleges with the Richest Students | CollegeVine Blog

Get a hard drive reader

Transfer Billing Responsibility – Wireless Customer Support (

Ask recruiter the following question:

Explore what grey’s anatomy is all about – it seems as if all of the successful rich peoples’ kids are into it.

Watch the sunset.

Quora Question from a long time ago – part of freethought notes:

Will there always be something we do now know?

 I originally asked this question after thinking much on the topic of creativity, will creativity be infinite, meaning will creativity be alive and well forever, such as until the ends of the universe? In case of any of you are wondering the answer to a similar type of question is over here.

As many of you know, we humans are considered the most smartest race on earth, according to many scientists here in the United States. But I always wondered, are humans limited to what they think? This question astonishes me from certain perspectives, for example when you wonder about this, you often tend to think of what is the point of doing this work I am doing right now, what if I just don’t do it, i’ll just let someone else do it, I will enjoy my live because the average lifespan is 76 years. What is the point of doing this….. 

Sorry if I kinda seen vague I will be adding more elements and information soon.

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