Freethought Notes – Documented 1/19/2022

Expect to think [this]; expect to learn; to learn is to change, but not all learning is good learning; one can learn to be a gangster too.

Feelings are like poop: no matter how hard you try to hold it in, it eventually has to come out one way or the other, voluntarily or not

Deliberately making new mistakes to learn from

decide for me

feelings are dogma; ex. murder is good vs. murder is bad and should be prevented at all costs.

what does thinking require you to do?
What does thinking require?

I wish I could save every second of my life – as if it were a videotape recording that has been forgotten to be turned off and just laying there in or on my forehead recording every moment of my life.
The ironic thing here is, is that if I wanted to go back and look upon the past, I would be taking time out of the recording to look at the past parts of the ongoing recoding itself.

Mental health in science

Why Some People Don’t Believe in Mental Illness (and Why They Need To)

A: Because they don’t have much thinking skills


now we are medicalizing virtually everything

School is not for everyone.

How To Stop Running Away From Your Problems And Face Them With Courageous Resolve

How to Stop Resisting & Leave Pain Behind – A Practical Guide

The abortion debate is certain to raise the temperature at the Capitol. These debates are always emotional and rarely is there any common ground. That will be evident Monday afternoon at three o’clock when the Legislature holds a public hearing on the bill in the House chamber.

If education really worked there would be no middle-class peoples, education teaches one to think outside of the box.

It’s all about intentionality


I wish I could stop time; all formulas are formula for thinking for applied thinking; never make fun of a man who speaks broken English quote, I’m not good at life, it must be focused upon to be aware of, opposite and equal, legal=formal, follow the money, look back and laugh at this, unfiltered thoughts, raw thoughts, why set goals, why would someone want to, every moment spend documenting notes is a moment spend not multi-tasking and deciding between pursing nsfw desires or not, nothing means much to me anymore not even nsfw, access to comfort, access to resources, access to motivation, everything is a resource, inequality helps us all, we have human limits, stop thinking start feeling, guard down, proactive thinking (Aka moral proactivism), kill me, bad things happen to me, social order, elitist douchebags who write papers for a living, self-control motivation, mastering self-control, mastering human nature, body language, actions reminding me of nsfw desires, why does this only come now, nsfw is all about the actions, pictures are actions since they speak many words at once, pictures are multi-tasking, I hate driving as it’s a form of multi-tasking, implications and goal setting, forms of resources, clarity, confusion, master human nature, truth is everything is a drug-may not come in the form of a bottle with a cap but it’s a drug, invisible drugs, sense, necessary evil definition, concept idea fact opinion, why I do something I don’t want to do, why I do stupid things, feelings have to go somewhere, feelings don’t magically disappear, require manual labor, I can’t believe what you say because I see what you do, actions say one thing words say another, depends on what you focus upon, the actions of my feelings, focusing as the goal in and of itself, I hate being normal, I am an idea, the idea of me is a social construct, unclear, effectively multitask, you can’t serve two masters, there is no way I am sticking a needle in my own arm and doing heroin – if I am doing drugs that one I’ll never even try, mental health of a scientist, winning and losing are examples of abstract concepts, too much grey area, one death is too many, suck it up buttercup, one or the other, focus on the good = cherry-pick facts and keep doing drugs, feelings start thinking stops, everyday life, change in routine, stick with plan, open to possibilities, school is a distraction, not a goal, I don’t have a practical goal to chase, what is the purpose of, I give up resisting, smiling is a disease, worth it in the end, not satisfied, slow progress manual labor, stop bringing new problems, invisible pain, it’s not what it “looks like,” irreversible damage, cherry-picking is a necessary evil, thinking is a necessary evil, I’m tired of needing to lie to myself, cute animals, I need some motivation, set limits on learning, stop practicing bad things, psychology of voting behavior, voting behavior of, I want to be a scientist, everyone has a weakness, weakness, ability to.., focus as a goal itself, distraction to focus, whatever happened there stays there, empathy, from the perspective of an animals’ senses (body), I wish I could but I am not their mother, life on the line, weak spot, have no feelings, respect feelings, men have no feelings, spoiled, rock bottom, I want a friend, loyal friend (unconditional), first impression, feelings are conditions, so this is how it feels like, what goal should I set for myself, ready to die, ideas vs. plan, it’s all intentional, down to the earth, make me need it,

I am healthily nervous of documenting these notes since I am not sure if g. is okay with me seeing things of that nature. I’ve yet to justify this but will only do if needed.

Freethought Notes – Documented 1/18/2022 -Version 2

Start now prevent later
the root of education is bitter

I keep subsconsiosuly judging but I don’t want to stop

The Myth of “The One”

can you request to delete pages you archived in the archive machine?

why don’t I sign up for online accounts? A: it’s too complicated

shouldn’t have touched nsfw contents but it was in the way of documenting my ft notes

This is because version 1’s post editor has glitched and now is quickly automatically alternating back and forth with some twitter link and I don’t want to deal with stupid technical and manual labor issues.

Why You Should Never Depend On Anyone But Yourself

Make your life dependent upon it, it’s like food to make

nobody knows the things I do alone…

After seeing the worst in human nature, I don’t think I have much faith, it’s as if I have Trauma and PTSD from war, but in this case it’s from seeing nsfw contents at a young age.

physicals sway opinions, everything else is an idea yet to be identified/discovered.

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”

― Ernest Benn

Only Let Yourself Make New Mistakes

Words that shouldn’t be a word, reference: how to create a word

Relearning there is a word for that

focus on what part of the effects

how to learn how to learn; metacognition, paradox, 

What are you doing when others are not around

*k* shaming

There is no possible way to fake this

What is a word for that blah you’re feelings

If I really wanted perfection I’d make it a convenient to attend an elitist all private school

Accept fate, trust source

It’s just an opinion

Learning How to learn, shouldn’t be a word, how to make a word, words imply and indirectly state criteria,

Learn how to learn in school

Stop trying to achieve perfection when you know for a fact it isn’t real

At a crossroad here again

I don’t want to stall myself

Your loss not mine

People reject what they can’t afford

No imperfection no notes

Jesus came for the military


Normal is a pretty low standard

Standard = subconscious

Keep thinking attract common sense is anecdotal evidence

Public school authoritarianism school teaches

All is temporary

Integrity should be cared about

Be patient

No thoughts left behind

It does not get better you just get used to it

You only see what you focus upon

Social order effectiveness human nature

Over achiever

No way

If you focused on protecting yourself all of the time you wouldn’t have any fun

In the same way they don’t care how you feel as if you protected your feelings all of the time then you wouldn’t have any problems to solve

Protecting feelings

This is what it feels like

I find it hard to pursue moral perfectionism as that implies that I would need to take more notes
However, I pursue moral perfectionism in other areas: such as not using social media, so I should treat my nsfw addiction the same.

From School Documenting Notes Session

never underestimate the power of virtually anything

Research lying and human nature

Medium gray area

Thanks for being hard on me

Common sense is anecdotal evidence

Save mistakes or attempt to correct them?

Physical effects exaggerated=feelings, drama queen

All feelings stem from dogma

Don’t trust, left me alone,

Trust as a social skills

Social “sciences”

focus on the feeling

focus on feelings not thoughts or vice versa – they are only ideas that “your body” has identified

The effects of feelings
What are thoughts and feelings? In order to define this you must first know it’s limits- to understand.

understanding feelings=understanding the limits of feelings/fear

All obstacles are physical objects that are over exaggerated

Vibes as a tag/category

Don’t focus on the wrong things, it will come automatically to you

indirectly judging too

do you have a plan to change or improve it why

So called protection, unless you have a systematic plan other than loud and violent

feelings virus

Decided for you

Fate is decided far before it happens you are merely the longer term effect in action – aware of it or not. Focus upon it.

Faith is believing before seeing (thinking) evidence is doing then thinking, believing

Opinion-belief, vague

name for feelings

“manuals are for losers”

Facts specific to when answer all possible questions to be asked

Science mag:

Everyone is not the same despite what common sense says

There is a formal diagnosis for everything

formal medical diagnosis

property rights

Social hierarchy

See: political compass test

stop imagining fake scenarios

imaginary=fake, it is literally defined as fake,be%20caught%20off%2Dguard%20again.

Displacing feelings is love it does not “come automatically” and isn’t magic and can be gotten out of

Is it possible to cure cancer? Is it possible to cure an “nsfw” addiction? Yes, if you see it as a problem, never lower standards for comfort, unconditionally here.

doctor is next to god

soldiers angels
soldiers are heroes

Soldiers are considered as pawns to some

Mother as a doctor, janitor a verb

Existing as an action, just be no change but just be

Participation trophies for just being


Doctor hierarchy

why do i imagine fake scenarios

It happens

recall bhoov dancing involuntarily at the sight of noise, that one scene event in the movie: home

Break rules by documenting notes is okay other purposes not, must have justified reason to keep social order effectiveness

How to build an artifical sense of urgency

Honestly, I don’t feel okay… even though it’s thought to be “normal”

Limits, stop using human nature as an excuse in the same way explaining why isn’t an excuse for letting a nsfw person who preys on younger ones go free.

Know the difference between a necessary evil and bad

iPhone Notes

One day I’ll be laughing at this and I want things to look back upon to laugh at. Like I am documenting events in blogspot.

Don’t take advantage

Literally and figuratively speaking here

Feel the pain now so you can rest later

It does not matter if it’s going to happen again, you still must keep integrity and high moral standards


Common sense requires stupidity, thinking and feeling correlation, feeling is doing, tabs tails linking, going against conscience, do you really want to pursue this, feelings had whilst doing are not focused upon as if they were you wouldn’t be motivated to do practically, necessary evils, getting mad if it’s not there, feelings are formally called what, common sense, learning how to learn, Layers to feelings, physically effect, did my deed, tradeoffs, being a mom is a job, you don’t want to know, that’s different, double standards, defenseless, (figuratively speaking,) me and you are like puzzle pieces that don’t fit, in a perfect world we wouldn’t need to live, greatness thrust upon them implies feelings are being shared upon to you via contagious feelings, can teachers tell if a student has a thing for another, came from nothing, self made, from humble beginnings, thinking brings us together, artificial sense of urgency, mistakes then back again after mistake, don’t lie to yourself saying that you didn’t make any nsfw mistakes along carrer and tolerate b.s., requires caring to focus upon, obstacle desires, can’t make myself do it, hidden talents, testing my patience, testing my feelings, working the system, only good faith, burn burn burn song, drug tolerance, how do scientists set limits, I should have felt this bad when I was documenting notes without headphones or in bad faith knowingly and keeping posts, set limits for your child, stop lying and saying that you feel fine, set up screen time limits for your child, mass psychology, common sense diagnosis, evaluation type, bad addictions, the myth of one last time, satire, figuratively “run” for president,

Dear nsfw contents, I may hate you, but I really miss you too. You’ll always have a part in my life.

> They think in situations where they are supposed to feel

Source: why intelligent people lack common sense

only pleasure forettign notes, area with more notes in two other areas, hitting rock bottom,

I feel so hesitant to let go solely because it’s hard finding these good sources again

Learned this in bad faith

Think of this as secretly collecting samples of contents that make me feel this way so I can study it and solve my problem. Don’t do this in bad faith.

Add this one (nsfw link, do not open with others around) to nsfw desires as well. I want to laugh at it when I get older. But forget this day.
if I am feeling bad about this, why am I not allowing myself to feel bad about the post I archived via BlogSpot titled inspiring examples in the archive machine? Why is the system so complicated?

This is how I developed desires, via bad faith.

Done secretively.

Should have never archived my nsfw from chats shouldn’t have even started as it lives with me for the rest of my life and will continue on as a disease that has been passed upon into via organs for generations to come. Like most people do.


hyperindividualism, yes that’s a real word, I don’t want to go to school too many distractions and obstacles, real science has not obstacles, content goal, conservative=survivalist lifestyle, middle class voting patterns, keep us divided, prevent start temptation, focus on what part of the effects, requires common sense, unteachable, a crutch people use is common sense, reviewing concepts, relevant as a goal word, target the root cause, take this as an example, protecting the defenseless, protect as a goal word, boy scouts awards, social interpretation, goal, try not to sz3ize it, take this as an opportunity, grief counseling, looking for trouble, only way to know, a day in my quote book, a day in my shoes, role model, focus on effects, only make mistakes, formula of thoughts, keep me occupied, no one knows what the future entails, perfection is boring, is science boring, perfection=no need for change, words can’t explain how I feel, conditioned feelings, go easy on him (way treated), class is a communist concept, discipline, comfort, informal, professionalism, ROTC, respect=tolerate the presence of, price, value, die for…, no shortcuts to successfulness manual labor is it, method matters, integrity matters, world police, Amorality, lying addiction, think about ideas, think about death all the time, death, life, and in between, and s8, Thinking too much, restricting yourself, thinking=restricting channelizing feelings, doing requires feeling not thinking, opportunity to help, formal legal, feelings goal, thinking correlation with physical, allow yourself to be lazy, outside motivation, build a lifetime resistance, psychological drug, your past does not matter here, acknowledge human nature, how do scientists set limits, this drive comes from small talk tolerance, that’s different, new problems, temptations, automatic, resilience, recognize the lives lost, traces of war, the scars never fade, the past never lies, the present is the past, bored of taking notes, channelize feelings, shouldn’t have to do this, pleasure, don’t let feelings goals change, don’t let feelings change your goals, resilient build in public places; for example no staring in public, use necessary evils to advantage, necessary evil force/violence, root of evil, in my way,

Freethought Notes – Documented 1/18/2022

I wish magic were real

Not to go back to my Anti natalist phase but, I hate this meat suit – And I find that very relatable

back when I was serious about getting out of addiction, I spent long hours documenting notes, because I didn’t have the distraction of going to school

There is no one size fits all for life and for some people even learning morals don’t work which is why they get the death penalty to reincarnate themselves.

Is School a Waste of Time?

No such thing as a bad feeling, only feeling bad

Can a lesson be made out of this

Logic in attempting to change human behavior

Forced trust

Saying “Stop resisting” is like telling a depressed person to “stop being depressed” there is a reason why there are advanced degrees for that

Lack of self control no excess of bad contents made conveniently accessible to younger students

The cause of these thoughts is that I am in the nsfw phase but in the sfw only area and not willing to go. At least I put it in writing. I should want to add more barriers physically so I don’t get mentally distracted but I don’t have the power to block sites router wide.

Something I forgot in between here

The only thing I trusted for a long time and it was dependable was that I was conditioned. Reverse conditioning. Focus on how to learn.


No such thing as anti abortion only make it harder to get one


Confusion is curiosity

Stalling myself at this point in time

“Abuse” not using properly, the content is fine untouched but it’s the way I use it which stems from the way others use me.

My life ain’t worth much but it’s worth something

To focus on is to cherry pick and most thinking is cherry picking so cherry pick good things only!

I want to stop changing

I don’t know why I do this or want to do this

It’s as if only had things keep happening to me giving me the bad puzzle pieces and it being all wrong

I don’t know how to express myself

It’s all fuzzy in my head right now

I hate staying in this body

I hate this bodies needs

I am not in control of myself

Everything feels like an obstacle- being morally takes too much manual labor, too much of a big deal, and a need for change. Why can’t I effectively do that an easy way? Is the only way a harder way?

These are like petty  technical issues

Mental health is for everyone

Ruin trust

Everything is reprocessing me

Mental Bandaid

Make it easier on me

Show your skillls

I hate these feeling inside me telling me not to

I used to do corny generic things but at least it was out of good faith

How did you learn about us?

I used to think that I needed more drugs but now I see that comfort and drugs are the problem

Slave to our emotions


Ability to change

I want to be able to sleep forever

I fell ill to a social ill

The poor are more likely to kill people


stop resisting, requires leadership, stop having unrealistic expectations of feelings be practical not idealistic, usefulness of a closed mind, everyone is ignorant to something, science is not boring, ready to learn mindset, pre set bias, resisting change quotes, change for the better, adapt, cause of thoughts, don’t want to be alone, avoiding bad conditions, avoiding distractions is like avoiding school and work to study science, quick do it before the feelings attack again, have a sense of urgency, here to stay, storms come and pass quotes, nothing is permanent even the bad or good, maturity, comfort, focus upon, expecting feelings, moral goals, social utopia, bad conditions adjectives list[2], stop feeling bad for outgrowing[2], nobody can save you but yourself, take it personally, it’s your fault, need to feel guilty about staying in society, program your own feelings, natural impulse, logical behavior, questioning the process of learning, be proactive, don’t wait till you need to, do without being told to do, put yourself in a situation synonym, ever wonder how I think these will be the last notes I need to take but I end up taking way more and it’s continuous,

I need a therapist

I want to stay in my headphones[2] and keep documenting notes and being curious as it prevents those nsfw desires without looking at it (focusing upon it) and going into the imperfect and unregulated world.

I am an idea! I am a social construct. I am too smart for my own good.

I can’t trust myself with all of this power, it’s as if I need to chop my arm off

I’m calling it and putting this on paper, I need a therapist, so dear future me, if you ever see this and end up somewhere that shall not be named, remember, the past version of you claimed this.

Which is partly the reason why I am posting this on my main blog – this blog. To make myself take this seriously.

Is this a form internal or external motivation. I wish there was a how to book on your feelings.

I need a safe space for myself – for forever

Why do we need safe spaces? – Safe Space Alliance

My body is attracted to nsfw contents because it is a form of a stress reliever, if music made the same feeling I would be attracted to the music. Point is, it’s about the feeling and practicality.


I need a doctor, limits of fear, stress reliever, coping mechanism, our Achilles heel, weakness, be work, mentally trapped,

Moral Dilemma – Documented 1/17/2022

study how it exists observe it, don’t react; If you can’t get the first step of the scientific method down, then you’re failed.

without imperfections you wouldn’t like nsfw desires, the very reasons you overlook is the very reason you are developing those desires, so make a big deal out of it, you will thank yourself later

I am stuck between you know you want it and I want to genuinely leave fast asap and using violent implies as that is what has worked for me in the past (I deleted all of the nsfw pictures in the past thanks to my violent desires to get rid of nsfw contents from my life)

Ready to have a new goal

I have done this before and I am tired of doing it again

I want to stop this form of extrinsic motivation.

I want to be able to be off guard and it still being effective at deterring bad omen.

I got used to being immoral by documenting notes without headphones on, but nevertheless did I realize that it was one of the only ways to get notes. Actually no, previously I was much more curious with headphones on however I did lose some notes

This is a back and forth, fighting an uphill battle.

Some days I feel good and the others I feel bad

I used to have much faith in doing so, but now that I focus on the facts of human nature, I don’t have much faith anymore
SEE: human DNA error, attempt at moral perfectionism, normalcy, repeating mistakes, bottled up feelings, suffering for someone, blame science.

All of this is unintentional and involuntary

I don’t know when I am going to hit my breaking point

At this point my subconscious feelings have changed their goals to chase nsfw desires.

What does it mean to be? to exist as is with no altercation? It would mean to not be existent as we all always showing only a version of ourselves depending on how we are used, treated.

I wish mistakes weren’t the only effective way to learn

Notice where the desires start (usually this is done subconsciously and slightly little by little (see: pinochio) until it reaches a point where you can’t even stop it in public) and at that moment stop it in the moment

Support victims of racism if you can’t speak up in the moment. Depending on the situation, it may be too risky or dangerous to make a public stand in defense of someone. In this case, take time to talk with the victim and see if they’re okay. If you sense that someone is in physical danger, call the local police for help.


Another factor that contributed to this was the fact that I was unable to see any sensitive information (ex. Ben Shapiro’s arguments). But I now realize some obstacles must have to be gone thru.

Another factor is that I’ve patted myself on the back too many times. I’ve judged my progress and have gotten too cocky.

No one can help you unless you first help the self by asking for help. I hate the systematic channeling of feelings (if that’s what it is called).

make my good desires go against my nsfw desires for me, do it automatically

If I were to be perfect, I wouldn’t need to learn (to change).

Ebenezer Suresh

Be comfortable. Just be comfortable being moral.

Gain the guts to go against the wind and say, “hey this is wrong, so stop rewarding it.” No matter how hard it gets focus on the right things to get the right practical behaviors.

Imagine Ms. Sangeeta lecturing you upon these desires as a mother.

Acknowledge that the feelings are real and focus on them to validate them

why do bad things come naturally?

don’t think too much

I need someone to keep me moral [2]

Dear future me, I am documenting this partly because I want something to look back upon years later and laugh at how petty this issue was at least compared to the science experiments I will conduct as a neuroscientist.

never get bored of this.

Freethought Notes – Documented 1/17/2022

Manually Documented

All words specify the theoretical situation unless the goal is to specify the word

To understand means to be aware of its limit

I don’t understand why seeing others presence is even remotely relevant to my goals, it’s as if the public is trying to distract me, moral practical motivation here

no mistakes means that we wouldn’t exist, but cheer up but not too much that you become lazy

put your life on the line

make yourself vulnerable

moral=practical motivation

I wish I could quickly change, and it be effective[2], but permanently blocking someone forever and for good takes effort.

Effectiveness of torture for interrogation – Wikipedia

thinking about feelings, isn’t it funny how when you focus on thoughts you get less feelings?

focus on = cherry-pick

more mistakes=more learning; Not always, the mistakes must not be consciously done
it’s like knowing that it’s immoral (categorizing as immoral) but still doing it anyways

to limit yourself to become limitless

opinions are objective because they are real (indirectly judging, using words, limits of using words) feelings

Kohlberg’s stages of moral development

Focus on the past or not learn from it, focus on death or focus on life?

“I may be evil, but I have a heart”

An example of not focusing on the wrong things is this: When you (I, Ebenezer) typed out this very sentence, I focused upon the screen and not the keyboard, implying that the effects of thinking and behavior are there.

Goal: gain more knowledge or apply it; pure vs. applied sciences

I find it hard to let go because it’s my only source of motivation and trust

medium between, interpretation, focus, nothing is normal and informal and taken for granted so stop treating it as if, people who live are self-ish.

Sometimes I document notes out of rushing, this should not be taken advantage of. If it does, I will have to lose some notes due to following manual labor protocol documenting notes with headphones on only.

“Here lies Squidwards hopes and dreams” Side note: these episodes can be really helpful in my therapeutic self-care journey. I can say the same thing about Bible verses. I would have never thought they’d be so useful.

And this is not figuratively speaking, rather literal as well. “Figurative dream killer”

i have to focus on lie to myself to be morally perfect

Opinions are a medium between a fact and a lie

Ebenezer Suresh

How to Find Yourself Again When You’re Feeling Lost [2021 Update]

I need some moral guidiance, I admit it.

depends on the goal

don’t be too cocky and egotistical for help

One of the patterns I’ve noticed with my feelings is that they always stem from physical touch exaggerated some way shape or form. feelings physical.

Part of me is missing – Sandy Hounsell

What is the goal in over educated idiots? as over educated is merely a label indicating a criterion to be applied.

Changing the law vs. changing reality.

The smarter you are the less of a sense of urgency one has to attend to practical matters or become unconditionally emotional attached to some idea.

goal gather knowledge or to apply it for the good or for the bad, notice the change in feelings and write that down as soon as you feel it as the very reason you feel good is the very reason why one feels bad

Socialism’s Three Disciples: Educated Idiots, Uneducated Idiots, & Evil Puppet Masters

Do scientist believe in “Love?”

An intellectual is someone who found something more interesting than [nsfw]

Scientists try to measure love – Love is the measure of never-ending human stupidity, taking things personally.

Indirectly training people to take things perfectly

school isn’t for everyone

Why Business Needs to Get Over the Ivory Tower Myth

iPhone Notes

Future is imagined

Use imagination to set goals

I now understand the meaning of “Manufacturing consent” manipulation desires; changing voluntariness phase

Focus on how not the what

Psychology of convincing = sales tactics

Sorry not sorry

Authority, social order

Describing how your feelings describe it

All words used as self-explanatory, it’s just that the definition isn’t looked at closely enough, rather practical

Moral curiosity is another argument for objective morality

Asking (and answering) the big questions

The usage of the word, unidentified in the acronym UFO indicates that we’ve yet to know more about it as it’s our goal to know more about it and currently evidence isn’t sufficient enough.

Academic research are rather theoretical than practical

It’s easy to say that when you’re not on the frontlines so never get cocky

Accept the fact that you would fold under pressure, but also accept the fact that you would avoid it at all costs, it’s not like criminals turn themselves into the investigation and asked to be tortured, no they make it as much as an obstacle for the catchers as possible.

Feelings are the adjectives or are adjectives the feeling?

Describing only a part of it

Describe the way you describe, become self-aware; see: self-aware wolves subreddit
the-flat-earth-society-has-members-all-around-the-globe-4273592.png (500×334) (

“Possible interpretations”
Describing yourself all of the time
Only indirectly proving my point

What it means = implications

What are you describing? Expressing? Feelings.

If i ever go wrong, please for my sake end me.

I’ve never had a real friend, probably due to imposter syndrome. Yes there is a name for that.

Also make a blog post on the personal blogspot blog about how you’ve seen a person for the first time in months at the site of the driving test.

Different paths for everyone

We are only crossing paths as respected. It’s not that special, we are all-in-one. We are a part of each other on a molecular level.

We are a part of nature / the environment on a molecular level not apart from it.

How coeducational schools shape one’s life. Become aware of this and be a scientist.

Describing a theoretical situation

To describe means to specify and if you’re not specifying it to the core you’re using common sense anecdotal evidence bias

More about feelings.
Think about them.
It’s like asking questions about questions, ironic isn’t it?

I’ve always wanted to get a “real” education, not repetitive stuff. I’ve always wanted to learn not to get a grade. Maybe it wasn’t the school’s fault for training me like this. Maybe it was my home lifestyle’s fault.

Check out gta v wallpapers

Become aware of your involuntary subconscious mind feelings and identify other involuntary bodily functions as well.

“This is how I cope- by writing”

Emotional layer, health.

Attracted curious goal to find out get more info

Movement of feelings

Transition- not as big as you think it is, sanctity of life

Stop focusing on what you can’t afford and focus on what you can. The rich can’t afford poor things and the poor can’t afford rich things.

Treated like people to recognize

Cherry picked facts focused upon

Is forgetting the new punishment for not following own personal rules

Limits of learning and start doing

Make a post titled: motivation to live

Republish those posts in blogger the ones you’ve deleted

Condition yourself or do you need someone else to hold you accountable like extrinsic motivation

Seeing people in person whilst walking down a hallway done involuntarily is like common across nsfw contents whilst browsing at a school or work laptop. It’s not appropriate, unexpected and shouldn’t happen.

It’s like a phone that keeps showing you photos from tjr past you want to forget

Technology isn’t always the best

Feed I hate multitasking

Nurture is a part of nature

The reason why I keep thinking it is because I don’t want to be put in a situation where I get addicted again so thinking this is a form of being on guard

Lowest point motivation

I am at a crossroad where I can decide to pursue keeping contents I’ve learned in bad faith or discard them out of good faith and learn them again

Weather you know it or not every second you are making a decision to live

Pursue to live

Motivation to live

Can you put the idea into a formal academic lesson or a book? Like pro life ideas being taught as a fact.

Limits setting trouble

Distracting goals; distraction is a goal too

I want to forget it, I want to make it impossible to be immoral

It’s worth it

Practice the smaller standards to achieve practicing the bigger standards. There is a reason why you’re given a smaller test before the semester test. Just use basic psychology to get thru it.

promise goal robot make friends thought machine formula for document thoughts Chechen golden egg story

Good comes out of bad is discipline; good requires bad phase

Take it personally, it’s not others’ fault, it’s yours. Stop relying on others to be moral and make it moral. It’s not a test to see it’s nature of existence, it’s a test to change it!!

I hate talkative co-workers

Do it out of love

Do it out of full heart

Goal to live

Thirst for knowledge

One more thing I forgot to put into words

Everything can be put into these words, even the feeling conditions you’re experiencing right now, it’s really not a big deal but you yourself must be willing to. But, what would be really awesome is if you did this all alone. Meaning allowing no one to butt their head in your life and tell you how to live it.

Side effect prove nothing is 100 percent perfectly effective

Stop embarrassing yourself

I need to be dramatic which I can’t and am not allowed to express I should be like a mother willing to break the rules or save her son

Feelings dump

Why is it bad and feels so good

Why do my feelings force me?

Chasing something that does not exist

Unique phenomenon

It’s for science

I don’t want it affecting my body

Problems keep us alive. But I don’t know if I should feel guilty for doing this or not.

I train myself to bottle up my feelings and when it comes time to act upon my impulse I can’t actually do it as my brain is tricked into thinking it’s not effective or whatever.

It’s like enforcing the death penalty. It’s bottled up anger crossed so “professionally”

Focus on and feelings created when focused upon

A “How to” raise your child detailing the exact steps to be taken but not work since unique child’s needs and grey areas

Remember you are an idea, so act like it.

Kill me if you have to clear thinking

Feeling confused vs. confused on how to interpret feelings

Moral normal

Moral Norms (hence the root word in normal)

Moral majority

Unlearn what you have learned- it can be done if you believe. It’s the physical that’s affecting you. If it didn’t happen to you (not saying that it’s not your fault and shouldn’t take it personally) you wouldn’t act as such – in other words if you were treated better by life.

If only nsfw were actually rewarding but only things that make you feel bad at first are rewarding I’ve done it before and I can do it again. All I need is the resources of having quiet time forever.

Learning limits

Psychological dependency

What my body is doing for me is that it has learned to decrease learning limits standards and wants to get hon.

Developing the desires to pursue nsfw desires is like developing drug tolerance. It sets new limits. If only honesty were rewarded.

Goal to set another goal

Think before you feel; is feeling a part of doing?

I need to set limits on learning – come on I broke my phone many times for this don’t make it worth nothing. I’ll do it again.

bad things happen to me which cause these feelings

Take as much time as you need

Learned behavior false equivalency bias

Focus on the past to consider it

Most people want to escape the fact that they were born for a greater potential. Just stop being so unconditionally moral.

Exist as an idea.

Forcing and done in the middle of a session (meaning in public) [NSFW LINK, DO NOT OPEN WITH OTHERS AROUND] is what gets me h*

I’ve still yet to get the formula of how these notes are being formulated
Something else about conditions

If you feel the need to get h. Choke yourself, tap your throat. Punch if it needs to be. Just physically punished yourself some way shape or form.

Just a test

Self control

Feelings letting loose not not

I need a stronger deterrent one that isn’t possible to get past

Rewire the brain

It’s there even if you don’t focus upon it. It’ll always come if you keep focusing on social constructs

The very thing I think I need is actually what I stop needing. Document notes. “Needing to need”

The only way to stop this desires is if I am dead and make no mistakes

The only person who makes no mistakes is the one who is not alive.

I’m good at putting myself in a bad situation and getting out of it.

Avoid where it starts

I need to come to reality and admit that takes nsfw desires that encompass (but not focused upon the fact of) that one needs to 

If it has flaws and is not nature it’s fake and is an obstacle that exists in the head only. Some people who’ve failed the obstacle course end up on death row. 

If I were to stop taking notes in public or prioritize taking notes I wouldn’t even be taking notes as I wouldn’t need to. That’s the paradox. No problems, no notes. It’s not like this is planned.

Set some time to honor yourself

I notice the pattern where I need to be h. Whenever I don’t look at my daily dose of politics

Treat yourself good when you need to

Know your limits and behaviors

Never stop raising the bad

Stop rewarding it

Relaxes my muscles

Dress code to prevent nsfw diseases from developing

Uses for good

The problem is is that I have to do this in public

It’s about putting yourself in a bad situation and getting out of it. That’s the main part, it don’t matter who put you in it. It’s your job to use the power of focus to get out.

I’m afraid that I’ll abuse myself. I can’t trust myself with two arms. I need them chopped off like they do to untrustworthy thieves in Iran.

I’ve been being too strict with myself and not allowing my body to rest and express itself – healthily I’ve been bottling it all up.

I need to find my social place

Failure is a part of success as without it you wouldn’t be reaching the limits of learning.

If you didn’t have any bad experiences and people making you question your sanity or moral behavior you wouldn’t need to document these notes. So think of these notes that have the very blood of you upon them.

I need to feel guilty for doing so as such.

There is a reason why people don’t murder as much as they pursue nsfw desires and that’s because it’s rather punished rather rewarded.

If I were to be in private areas (perfect environments) this wouldn’t be happening but then again I wouldn’t have anything else to learn rather why I’d be perfect.

How do I make myself stop learning set limits?

When I was 13 I would have asked myself what’s so nice about a back getting hit

I need to have these moments where I phase out to transition from one phase into the next.

What allows me to do this

I have some energy that I need to release

I don’t feel comfortable in public

The public is where most dreams go to get killed



creating feelings, unconditional feeling, describing feelings, my feelings don’t matter, my feelings don’t make any sense, phobia as an irrational fear, moral fear, good motivation, you never know, you only know what you focus upon, thought experiment, back and forth, focus = perspective, categorizing trains of thoughts as perspective is stupid just call it a train of thought stop respecting it as a “perspective,” unpredictable future, the future does not exist, passive aggressivism, attracted to feelings, later better than never, make an effort, describing adjectives, describing the definition, describing words, requires recognition and pain, informal communication, psychology of learning and motivation, focus on opportunities not problems, once in a lifetime opportunity, disturbing feelings, do the thing then find an excuse, don’t find an excuse then do the thing, knowledge practicalism, life is torture, target the root cause, science is a big deal, save it, pain is the best teacher quote, mistakes are the portals of discovery, don’t procrastinate quotes, long term effects of motivation, I’m just the unlucky one who was born sane, don’t focus on the end even though it’s going to be there, don’t show me how to live my life, donuts, petty technical issues, permanent goal, goal distractions, what if your goal is a distraction, realignment, love hate relationship, effectiveness, unlucky, if you really care you wouldn’t play with dog or bring parents to recruiters’ office, morality not royalty, Don’t rush, caught me lacking, take too long, We all depend on each other, good comes out of the bad[2][3], focus, excuse, I hate having friends they motivate me to be moral, motivation=forced by feelings, social hierarchy, we all go thru the same things, Morals who interacts practical behavior unconditionally morals without the bad we wouldn’t be here, what if your grandma saw it, treat it as important as signing a contract, signing a contract under stress, the only way to make the decision to stay in society is if you have any form of extrinsic motivation, not supposed to do this, I find it hard to trust, nature genetics, blame evolution, only one exception, effectiveness of violence, crossing the line, at all costs, motivational blogs, acting on impulse examples, good stress vs. bad stress, to change actions one must change their motivation, stop trying to change the effects without changing the cause, everything is a condition, emotional conditions, we all go thru it in private we just don’t focus upon it or look for it, mental health can happen to anyone, don’t believe in mental health, all words are adjectives that put the pieces together of a theoretical situation, information communication, learn from the past, goal stregish forward, be calm, goal of anger, anger management, purpose of feelings/emotions, is this really necessary, be willing to die for it, perfection does not exist so don’t stress out but never let that stop you from striving for it, release the stress, need problems in my life to keep me alive, crying is a sign that you are alive[dumping water in face after passing out), lifeless body, breaking rules, double standard, seeping thru, we all need some drama, Torture is needed to keep people in line : this is called social order, a need for … change, science lab safe space, hitting rock bottom quotes, no rules rules, paradox of, self-fulfilling prophecy, step 1 mess around, sense of fear, I would say I want to take out the fear part of the brain but sometimes fear is a good thing, a necessary evil, drunk blog post, drink responsibly, be willing to give your life up at any cost (torture interrogation, torture doctors, be willing to die for your beliefs), middle class motivation, starts from childhood, summarize your entire life story into one word (this would make a great Tumblr post, microblog post), rewarding bad behavior, feelings=dogma, stop it as soon as it starts, I can feel the pain thru the screen (nsfw do not open unless safe with very mild gore, picture is safe you can open with others around), all you have to do is say, street rule, moral middle, learning how to shame, embarrassing past, science is elitist, I lost a lot of good notes due to be following petty rules, but I probably gained a whole lot more due to following them idk, all you have to do is ask, better safe than sorry, everything is self-explanatory if you look at it that way, counterproductivity, get used to it, don’t want to have anything to hide, hide feelings but it’s the eyes that show and are open for interpretation, I have let myself go how do I get back, accept it as a possible practical possibility to occur, get back into society, I don’t need it, I found a better place, coming from you means a lot, it’s not you it’s me, very opinionated, actual change, make life easier, forced trust, stigmatizing abortion does not stop it, matter for what goal, possible ideas, practical solutions, target the cause not the effects, abortion shouldn’t even be a word, goal understand moral, practical morality, practical magic, do the math, do the right thing, illegal=/=impossible, when I’m gone, only men, thinking behavior, on another planet, to learn means to change, your actions describe yourself, To do means to feel, opinion developing, care about the facts, science is an obstacle, start practical goal, stop learning, repetitive and boring, where does it start, necessity is the mother of invention, permanent learning, long-term learning, new obstacles, new temptations, how to resist temptation, how to live your life as simple as that but life does not come with a user manual (something to be used as one anyways), copy and paste life, common ki*, common fears, do not tolerate sin, someone else’s thoughts are coming upon to me, it’s not worth the time, can’t do the time don’t do the crime, caught and trapped, calm down, why I stopped caring, theory of human behavior, from humble beginnings, I wish I wasn’t human or a man, back to where I started, can’t help but to be curious, easier to prevent problems, logical thinking, make more mistakes…on purpose, can’t be trusted, deliberately sin, never stop trusting people, stop blaming others, not my fault, developing desires, rewarding bad behavior, sage wizard, if you stay morally perfect there are no mistakes to learn from, stay out of trouble, it’s all in the head, man up, practical words, mental pain, mentally trained, expected moral behavior, gathering knowledge, self-control, Ivory Tower, Ivory Tower Syndrome, feelings bias, acting on desires, facts about feelings, properties of feelings, let it be, unpredictable future,

Never settle for anything less than than your best

don’t follow petty rules as an obstacle to documenting notes, this is good dogma

Moral Dilemma – Documented 1/16/2022

The problem is the fact that I am not willing to write down all of what is triggering me to do this as I am investing energy in other areas such as secretly wanting to pursue nsfw desires.

In other words, yes, we are going back to the olden days, back to how this website was started! And yes, this will be documented on this site to show importance.

Now, I’ve written bits and pieces of letting go of my nsfw desires in my recently published previous ft notes and some on BlogSpot, however, I think I need to review some of my notes and retrain some of be subconscious programming to do as otherwise.

Goal: letting go of ego, social status, being morally proactive again

If you’re going to do something, do it loud and proud – even if you’re wrong or in the wrong once you find out later.
This is the only way you can learn to trust yourself.

Ebeneer Suresh

Don’t just write advice, also make sure to follow it. Or else you’re a hypocrite and only say, but don’t do.

Well done is better than well said.

Goal: To find a healthier coping mechanism – like listening to music.

“Everyone needs a role model”

In the same way everyone needs a hero to copy.

I am like an adult holding onto a teddy bear and that teddy bear is nsfw desires, it’s like playtime but for older people.
*Something here I forgot a thought.

There was also another quote I’ve came across: before you heal a person, ask the person if they are willing to let go of what cause his problems in the first place.

I could follow the rules perfectly, but I had to ask for leniency on some things such as not paying rent or for phone bills. And if I followed the rules, nothing new would come in my life – sure the bad would be filtered out externally but so would the goodness. I have to balance the two.

Do not be angry with an ungrateful person; probably they are confused or inexperienced.

Do it regardless of how you feel.

I am finding the limits of my feelings.

An adult treated as a child

Practicalism is motivated by authority

be so busy that if something negative pops up you get very angry, imagine winning the lottery and someone snatched the ticket from you. Misplaced feelings.

Do not all the badness to cross paths with you, it should be prevented and filtered out many stages before

I lost hope in my dream lifestyle after being forced to experience the presence of many failures in my life. However, as I promised myself, I will never give up, as I will even die trying.

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand” ~ Captain Jack Sparrow
A classic quote I’ve used throughout this journey of self-improvement.
“Anything is possible if you just believe”

I am willing to forget no matter how good.

keep yourself occupied by giving yourself a problem to fix

I still have mixed feeling about nsfw desires as I want to delete them as I deleted by things, but this would go against the user interface and involve legal penalties and its effectiveness would be a lot more complicated than hitting someone and expecting them to conform.

recently when I was in the shower, I imagined a word called bars-fish bait (if you can decode this) – it has something to do with nsfw desires

According to the user interface of life and morality, it’s not effective to just yell and slap laptops [2] and expect them to delete nsfw contents off of the internet

Freethought Notes – Documented 1/16/2022

An intellectual is merely someone who found something more interesting than nsfw desires; why do you think Issiac Newton died with his v-license?

Ebenezer Suresh

anecdotal experience is referred to as common-sense applying criteria which is a privilege, some soldiers can’t afford that

say sorry by not committing the same mistake again

how to say sorry by not saying sorry

less acceptance=more opinionated.
how did you become so opinionated?

suicide is good as it shows others what not to do

Went there for some other reason and got another reason

Police are not doctors so stop respecting them, treating them like one

I hate the fact that thinking is effective

If you are not being supervised by a therapist or a doctor, expect to make mistakes, and don’t start crying when you make mistakes because I am telling you now, you’re trying to do the impossible.

if confused ask yourself: how does this event effect your thinking

Chase after your goal – it does not come to you, you go to it. In the same way you travel to India, India won’t come to you.

everyone is biased, the matter is against what; A scientist is biased against bias = opinions, an opinionated person is biased against facts – that are to be accepted not to be changed

Being pro-life and pro death penalty is proof that it’s an opinion not a fact. See: Dogma

Can you even imagine perfection? A: no, actually yes, it’s nothing, and we can’t imagine nothing – It’s beyond our comprehension.

Asking doctors what keeps us alive
is it the moral dilemmas? the struggles? the troubles? the “healthy” shame? Or does it have something to do with feelings? What?…

“Perfection is boring. If a face doesn’t have mistakes, it’s nothing.” – Kevyn Aucoin,yourself%20and%20then%20go%20out%20and%20accept%20others.%E2%80%9D

Do without thinking
Turn you into a monster
Come naturally

Treat it as a moral issue or a health issue

School Funding: Learn the facts and how to use them

the desire to pursue nsfw desires is a survival coping mechanism, so leave the survival version of yourself. And let go of such desires.

Discipline is freedom solely because it makes it impossible to develop desires to be curious about nsfw things.

America: Land of the free and home of the brace

Take ownership of your wins, and your failures
By taking ownership of our failures, we can then only take ownership of our wins.

Ebenezer Suresh

Positive Self-conditioning

You’ve done it before, you can do it again

Facts don’t change, only your views of them do

Ebenezer SUresh

What Holds Society Together

Are nsfw references intertwined with certain thoughts? Is this one of Sigmund Freud’s theories?
For example, how the app for dancing and singing ruins every song once people see it?

Cause and effects of feelings

Need to think

Make it hard to commit sin

Can’t help it but to feel sorry for you

Not to kill


Works for me but not for thee

Control shouldn’t be a word

Take sociology for the sake of it


Comfort vibes

Bottling up feelings

Strong adjectives…

Types of thinking post on freethinkers notes: Conclusion, process, focus

“He/it/they who/whom/which shall not be named”

As long as I’m alive I’ll keep fighting attitude

I shouldn’t even have these thoughts as they are learned in bad faith.

Treat your feelings as if they are subhuman and tell your feelings to go die. So that you can use their body parts and make them a better person. Don’t make it sad.

Stop practicing the not following rules. By following the rules even for “petty” things you will practice yourself to follow the rules for the bigger things. It’s like that meme: “why won’t you give me extra credit” “a: because you won’t do regular credit.”

And stop judging your progress
And spend your energy writing. Write your way out of it. Or, actually, I mean to type-to type your way out of it.

Don’t get distracted by the wrong things. Meaning get distracted but not by the wrong things.

Let go of that desires

Go out the way you can back in

I know how to let go of these desires effectively. It’s like how the body can heal itself, it’s instinct.

I need to balance my open to learn mindset with filtering out nsfw things and immoral things.

Learning the harder way

Don’t allow room for mistakes is like saying no opportunity to look for newer things

It’s okay we’ll get them next time
Take the risk

Slide guard

Rip ebtheelite

Health bad things

Web cache

Not my problem

Wait for it to happen

Go against religion size it

Make a post for Lilian Hiefner

Politics is taking figurative language taken seriously

Life lesson school academic lessons

Durkheim and his theory on crime

Even crime has a place in society! It shows the good people what happens if they are caught doing “bad” things.

using the word bad to describe a theoretical event that exists solely in the head – hence the word theoretical.

What does it mean to be “normal?”

In medical law and medical ethics, the duty to protect is the responsibility of a mental health professional to protect patients and others from foreseeable harm. If a client makes statements that suggest suicidal or homicidal ideation, the clinician has the responsibility to take steps to warn potential victims, and if necessary, initiate involuntary commitment.[1][page needed] The majority of people have, at some stage, had thoughts about killing someone.[2]

why is it not called a mental illness when we don’t have the heart to kill someone out of moral love?

Sharing your presence is sharing problems

Purpose is to change feelings, purpose of feelings
indirectly effects feelings even though not explicitly focused upon or discussed.

I am not strong because I don’t need to be

Ebenezer Suresh

Stay attached to your goals, either consciously or subconsciously

Ebenezer Suresh

Be so good that you can do it in your sleep

Ebenezer Suresh

Change when?

Social Media Is Destroying An Entire Generation Of Kids


Very reason why

Trust effective

Fact about feelings

Moral limits

Biased cherry pick

Measure bias goal set to understand or push dogma

Grey area

Don’t apply if you know you’re not doing to get in

I got bored with schooling a long time ago… it’s like being dead at 25 and buried at 75.

Anti military is pro military since you’re preventing soldiers getting killed as the very reason why

History learn from it

History science project only source of knowledge


All credit goes to me and the school for putting me in that situation with a false sense of urgency

Jobs keep society together

I am the environment

Bobby jundal

Rural Michelangelo memes


Bog wrle

Gaining information on bad faith (see: law dismissible evidence) and not repenting is the root cause of the problems. Wait till you’re out.

I don’t understand your confusion

Either I leave or stay and follow the rules

Thinking rules and other notes


Watching nsfw contents is like watching someone get tortured and not being able to do anything about it

Giving up is Never done voluntarily at first it is virtually demoralized out of the person.

Giving up control of feelings

Money is of different value to different people

Keeping society together

If I can do it you can do it

Moral degenerate

Internet age: 2000s


something from nothing, perfect natural, love hate multitasks, love me or hate me, Social Hierarchy, physically effect goals, measure trust, too much trust, people only show what they learned, too much trust too little worry, not enough people to govern, stop trusting technology to keep nsfw contents out of feed of life (in other words stop trusting the wrong things), moving forward by fixing the past, social ills, once and for all, set it and forget it, don’t want to have to, teaching opinions as facts, focus on pre-reqs, what it requires, I control my phone not vice versa, works for me, social order, hierarchy, control, trust, happiness implies sadness that is not being focused upon, don’t ruin the moment, cherry-picked facts feel better, all thinking is systematic, all thinking is forced, definition of thinking: to think means to limit oneself, respect my choices, money as motivation, false sense of “life depended upon it,” push your limits, stop acting like a psychiatrist or other medical authority, guide actions, diagnose problems is the problem, listen to understand, practical, authority guides society, Feeling intuition conditions, conditions of feelings, ignoring feelings, training yourself to think differently, conditioning self-help, crossing paths, someone has to say it, practicalism requires dogma, get the bad out of your way, prevent the need to use violence, reduce boredom via curiosity, newness, had to be curious, better to offer, pushing limits, died for you, sociology of the military, Respect My Choices, Be Your Own Authority, give yourself a problem to fix, good faith, bad faith, words mean much to many people, keep asking why, use the power of dogma to your advantage, opinions change, Brain Mind Body Connection, double standard, no such thing as control, unintended side effects, recognize, lack of authority, authority is informal and runs society, informally is the dead-beat of science, science is always formal, yolo, stalling people, all thinking is systematic, even crime has a place in society, you’re the only one we’ve got, limits of feelings, calmness, ready to lay your life for a cause– to be morally perfect, don’t be desensitized to injustice hence the rhetoric “silence is violence,” systematic=channelizing feelings, directly effective, loud and dumb but effective too or stealthy and intelligent – systematic, I wish it was physically impossible for me to do immoral things, ability to adapt, ability to repay, I feel like, feel the need to, been thru it, nurtured, see drive, think in situations one is supposed to feel in, feelings about society, what my body thinks vs. what my mind thinks, some things require that you do first then believe, being against nsfw desires requires that you think first then the doing will come next, is fear of death normal, okay so what if they’re babies, feelings are created by taking advantage of respect, criteria for babies, acknowledge, practicalsm, liberal utopia, work the system, specify the criteria, purpose of vague words, show what you can’t say, what my body does for me, trigger finger, you must want to let go, avenge me, if they get past me, self-control, imagination=theoretical idea, care for others = live longer, stop being lenient, part of me wants to, mixed desires/feelings, multi-tasking feelings, I don’t have the heart to hurt you, society is a mental illness that is rewarded, stop sharing your presence and problems with others, withdraw from society, society and survivalism, show regret, who will show us any good, win win situation, unintentional feelings hurt effected, effects on feelings, side effects of being opinionated, health issue or moral issue, blame others is moral responsibility, trust, more opinionated=more authoritarianism, clear-water level of understanding of social issues, opinions identify contents grey areas, psychology of opinions, religion as a drug, societal level, root cause, resources, common sense is only as common as.., things that matter, stay in society, way of life, too young for…, this only works if you let go too, don’t be neutral at injustice, people are struggling in silence only if you could see and focus upon it or care to know regardless of physical obstacles, side effect medical term, how will you know if you never try, middle class diagnosis, if you’re not a doctor I don’t want to hear it, “sociology,” gen z failed, political research, common sense research, learned via bad faith, unconditionally follow rules, unconditional feelings, give an anecdote, most of what you talk about isn’t science rather common sense anecdotes, event, experience, theoretical, practical thinking behavior, politics is shared imaginations, relevancy is an opinion towards a vaguely-set (or clearly) goal, the only clear goal is to id. the present tense as no one knows what the future holds – it is not calculatable, valid reason = logic,

Other Resources:

Freethought Notes – Documented 1/15/2022

Manually Documented:

Trump is a symptom of the problem
an indication of a part of a bigger problem
^ Treating it as if it were a medical emergency, no informalcy

By calling it subjective, you are not ackwnoledging their real-feeling feelings

If your goal was specific to all format, the goal would be to identify the answer to: What is the goal, not to have an emotional attachment to other things and curiousity driving you to pursue manual labor.

prevent all bad thoughts but some bad thoughts are overlapping into a grey area and I will have to prioritize my goals over other goals

How to make new words

dividing feelings


We show what we want

Make you want this

Poverty is good and a necessary evil says the peoples

why do children carry blankets


Indirect comparison to a standard

All set goals stem from curiosity

Focus on the feeling, it’s a choice, deliberate not automatic.

I am sacrificing a lot of my standards in order to document these notes as a form of a coping mechanism of mine to stay sane whilst in an imperfect society.

cirriculum = planned out life

supply and demand – since we are limited human being in nature, we must be existing as/doing some-thing – we are something we are imperfect

focus on the small things to prevent big mistakes and desires, you are showing what you want by the second

Sorry this is a bit-nonsense: can’t deny the effects of others, but still your responsibiltiy to take care of your own feelings. of mistakes stop. from require msitaes mora only way to get b fact effect formuka apply practical dogma constitutin as a placeholder, seriel killer gene, possible interpretation vs. most practical one atm.

using information to find out more of it is called implications and curiousity
Know the limits of your ignorance

“Help me, I’m feeling” ~ The Grinch

regulating by others presence don’t want to do it in front of others type of feeling
Why do you not kill others? A: Just beause of their nature, that is not how to use people.

someone to admire

most of our lives are spend merely staying out of trouble, channelizing our feelings accordingly

We Are ‘Carefully Taught’ to Hate

Hate Is Taught, Love Is Not

Document-Worthy Information

Document-Worthy Information

Any information that I come across that is worth being looked at later in life as a helpful guide. Documenting and organizing anything that I find worthy of coming back to later; This is to be used as an easier source to come back and look to.

When you get confuzed

Look at a picture of a baby and observe it’s behavior

And then compare it to your; Ask yourself: Is it learned behavior? And if so, then you can change it.

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to gain control of your life, you must gain control of your motivation
notice the trauma triggers patterns – harder to hate up close bad u.i.

faking a smile is like cheating on a test -> an example of doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons

adjective in action there are certain things we do that are only done in front of others
it’s not magic, as experience your pain as well the exact same pain.

life tips: Calmly remember thoughts, it works.

I get mad because I put in so much effort and I am only surviving not thriving

Does illegal status prevent crimes? mentally? recognition criteria

practical, theoretical ideas, specifying a noun, I am only a human being too, chasing feelings chasing highness is like chasing curiosity,

“To think is to limit oneself” – see: causes of thinking

Ebenezer Suresh

moral isn’t subjective as it is a process and without being able to think of good or bad you wouldn’t reach such a dogmatic practical conclusion

common morality

What if one knows that their actions are immoral, but still do it anyways?

5. Emotions are contagious. Feelings spread between people like a virus, even if we’re not paying attention to emotions. Whether we’re in a group or with one other person, we can “catch” both positive and negative emotions. The evolutionary basis of this is simple: humans have only survived and thrived in groups. We are social creatures. And because of that, we have a tendency to pick up on each other’s emotional states. Think about it this way. If you see fear on someone’s face, you are more likely to survive if you react quickly – if your own fear response is activated instantaneously. It could be the difference between getting eaten by that tiger your friend just saw – or getting away.

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If you don’t want me to, then don’t make me; Simple as that.

Ebenezer Suresh

the word abortion describes a theoretical even; to describe means to specify, why stop at a vague possibility?

iPhone Notes:

Cause and effects of feelings

Anecdotes are valid

Why do I need this? Feel the need to do this?

Boring coping mechanism

Exposed to

What is means to have an opinion

Opinion Dogma

Useful to different people

Your opinion is a bias distraction

Don’t ignore the causes and focus on the effects

Be conscious

I am an idea pain limits

I am holding onto the very thing that causes the bad things but also fights it.

I hate the user interface of life.

A real man wouldn’t hurt people and that’s not treated or rewarded with respect

Deadly boring



Form of reminding me not resisting level measure

“The actions of my thoughts”

A need to document these notes

A need to remember this all stem from nsfw contents I am not going to lie this is human nature we all require a break … even from our loved ones.

Blood sacrifice

Effect affect

Share your talents

Ironic isn’t it but I’m tired of writing notes

Nsfw Desires is a Preventable disease if you treat it as badly as your desire to murder. Even though I’ve taken the lives of many ants I am a murderer.

Dry trust forbidden

One more thing…

What stops you

What stops you from caring

Is it something to let go or care about it? * I think this was the thought I forgot about

Trust = cooperation. The problem is, is that I have neither.

We are all blobs of meat so recognize each other as it. We are all unique and not as common in “common” sense. Do not size. Anything.

Comfort as a goal

What sets your goals?

Trust gives up control of parts of your body to someone else in the form of caring

Everyone has a secret mine that I want to get killed soon.

Unpack and unwind

The goal is to change my feelings

The purpose of this goal is to be a moral person to engage in freedom.

My notes that have been deleted and unnecessarily forgotten either via keystroke copying new text or deliberate deleting them due to repetitiveness. I wish I could get them back.

Coping mechanism

Formula for physically caring

Take your time

Don’t rush it

I need to allow myself to get angry to complete my goals but I can’t because I live in such an area

Level of comprehension- otherwise known as informally on the streets as stupid or slow in the head

We are always identifying what we want, it’s just that what we want is so unclear and done subconsciously.

“It’s not a big deal which is why I want to play with it”

“Real world” is always bad as it entices nsfw feelings

Prevent bad disease from developing the same thing with developing desires. Prevent them.

Keywords; obstacles, input, sustain, orbit


Confused feelings, necessary evil limits, actions is/or/of feelings, taken advantage of

I don’t trust the public to keep my desires sfw. Only regulated places like my room with headphones.

Fast lane to success

Fast and slow indirectly compare

Morality Keeps society moving

When you’re fighting you don’t have time to cry you must displace those feelings and stall them as long as you can. You might have generational issues, but that’s that.

External motivation vs. internal motivation

Stimulating things is like enduring torture and still not sharing information

Round 2 of iPhone notes:

Understanding society
Uncomfortable at first
Bringing people together
Earned this privilege
Practical method

I asked myself the same thing
And I figured I’d just do it

I don’t trust technology to keep nsfw contents out of my feed life which is why I keep having nsfw thoughts in my head

Treat me nice I’ll treat you nicer treat me like crap and I’ll wish you weren’t born

I’m doing all of this to merely survive but nothing to thrive

Think in situations one is supposed to feel in

Doing all of this to prevent nsfw contents in my feed

Ethan England keep me from boredom

Ready to lay my life for this cause

Ready to fight

Just doing my job

Makes me want it even more – it’s counterproductive to say calm and and expect one to “calm down”

Informal conversations open up pathways to arguments

Cause of the problem

I developed an interest in neuroscience due to its helpfulness in my self-help journey from being a drug addict to now being a person to sustains a healthy survival lifestyle

Manually Documented:

quantum physics everything is connected; If this is the case, then focusing on thoughts is a form of cherry-picking facts that have an unintended side effects on others mental health

What makes October babies so special

a battlefield is free from rules, is that what it menas to be free or is moral perfectionism, discipline mean freedom?

describing words using words = definition of definition
self-explanatory, describe itself, no further explantion needed, explaining what

The wrong things you were taught about desire!

How to change people without crossing respect boundaries

Do Millennials Have a Lesser Work Ethic?

I Want You To Struggle

Limits are what makes us human, embrace it, don’t fight human nature

Ebenezer Suresh

Chapter 5: Theories of Motivation – Organizational Behavior

Feeling Grateful for the Small Things

The psychology of what we focus on and how it effects our feelings. our feelings tell us to what specific degree we are cherry-picking information.


No emotion is an emotion

Ebenezer Suresh

How do feelings work? How do they change?


do it for me, live off the backs of soldiers who fight on your behalf, involuntary subconscious, automatic, discipline the self, safeguards for addiction – ex. time limits, make it uncomfortable as much as possible to deter people – like stealing under the presence of a cop, demons in my head, how we act when others don’t see is called integrity, everything is physics/physical, can’t do two things at once, how to run a society, how to make a new word, definitions of words are consideration of information, focusing on thoughts, I’ve done it before I can do it again, Fastlane to being successful, laws of human nature, how to show my love, how to express feelings – should it come naturally and not even asking this question, focus on what it requires – the past, go out into the real world and see, behind closed doors = sociology, held accountable, synonyms for civil, no one invested in me, socialize, degree of ignorance, pursue desires as a goal, find out what you truly want, goal: to identify the goal, self-fulling/serving philosophy/prophecy, suicide is never done alone, it takes two to make or break a person, I require no one, placeholder, only way to make this bad decision to feel this is, focus on parts of the situation, grades are the bribe they give you to forget your dream, priorities: follow rules or freethought, rules are broken in a figurative sense, indirect language=feelings creating=things that are not being focused upon, keep society moving, no mistakes no notes, thinking is cherry-picking focusing, I appreciate your recognition of me as a human respect, focus is cherry-picking, why stop there, define=limit=acts as a criteria for what, news and social media is a form of socializing, I’d do the same thing too, survival is an obstacle for many, only comes when taking risks, does not come without sacrifice[2], i get tired, sociology is the study of applied statistics used to study society, give my life, fine-tuned comprehend, aware of what you know, grading system, know how much you know, mental tools, afford to apply my knowledge, currency isn’t always in the form of money you know, mental energy, measuring mental health, feelings health, dividing feelings, sharing feelings, actions of feelings, you are only a version of yourself, everyone needs a safe space, not your fault but your responsibility, cause and effect of feelings, feelings indicate what part of the whole picture you choose to focus on and give more importance to-symbolize, feelings focus, focus on feelings, the idea I am a social construct, hide feelings, I love being angry, why do I like being angry, as long as it’s motivation to live (ex. angry) it’s fine, reblog and publish, moral recognition, how is it learned, the science of caring, use properly, focal point, people aren’t bad how they are used are, as long as we have each other, caught me off guard, October baby traits, what makes it hard, caught lacking, conscious effort, practical moral motivation, moving on, common sense is only as common as, safe place to express feelings, not allowed to be sick, desensitized to injustice=silence is a form of violence (born with a sense of justice), rights are a form of a thought, make it hard to be immoral, murderers can change, use them to change, get a real job, job markets, real world, getting attention, proving point, indirectly proved my point, mentally trapped, immediate feeling, don’t feel sorry for me, dependent, learning opinions, learning science is like learning a new language, involuntary thoughts, tired of caring, my brain is an involuntary muscle, moral trust, broken trust, taught the wrong things, dream killers, the best justice is one of a changed heart, feelings change implications, no choice but to, events, happen to me, coming back, out of my control, moral control, reminds my feelings of fear, I don’t like meeting new people, survival as a goal isn’t made an obstacle anymore, fact, measure, thinking is measuring, people need therapy, freedom from what, let go of what, taming your desires, what you call an opinion is what we call a changeable phase, taming your gremlin, taming your outer child, pride is bad, bad=need to change via sense of urgency, pride comes before the fall, prediction, all persons who drink water die, need to feel guilty for what you have done, slow and steady, knowledge comprehension, it’s coming back to me now, make a mental note, mislead, acknowledge, focus on presence, thoughts are physical, smart but no motivation, nobody’s smart but me meme, book smart but no common sense/manners, measuring feelings, purpose of geniuses, feelings attachment as a goal, purpose of feelings, gen z sociology predictions, shoot on site, immediately effective, user interface, rewarding bad behavior, zero toleration policy, psychology of morality, depends on the thoughts you focus on, social hierarchy, consistent automatic, not special, school is a distraction, focus on distraction as a goal, want goals curious, I want you to struggle, teaching life lessons through… movies, cocky people who’ve yet to experience real torture, treat all problems as if they were your problem, stop blaming others for lack of morals how about you teach them instead, understand the limits of motivation, discipline motivation, life depended on it, once you understand it you want to move into something you don’t understand, common goal, team work, thing that make you human, care to survive, don’t know don’t care, knowing requires caring, caring about this requires caring about this, talk policy, society rewards stupidity, your mistake but I am suffering for it, predict, unclear behavior, physical obstacles barriers, it’s a hassle, get life together, teach me and I remember, a cured patient is a customer lost, teach the way we learn, constantly fight the same battles, holding power, power only exists if it’s respected, I never let my schooling interfere my education, never let your guard down quotes, I am not my feelings, embarrassed to be alive, respect in the head, put me out of my misery meme, reality exists in the head, everything is all in the head, real protection starts from childhood, grey area or gray area, society is a form of violence a passive aggressive, for idiots, don’t have the heart to, get out of my way, can’t please everyone all the time – don’t multi-task, trust society, real trust is being anti-death penalty, focus on past life, emotional intelligence, opportunity to be happy, temporary happiness, equal opportunity, hit with a bad phase in life, where does it start, be a man, law vs scientific theory, intelligence quotient, not your feeling, criteria, criterion, not your fault, One size fits all Gray area: one parenting style does not work for all kids, scapegoat, God as a euphemism for magic, you have a vivid imagination, moral as an obstacle for most peoples, parasite, opinions are a form of figurative language,, Don’t Make Me Do This, Don’t make me think, categorizing ideas, logical fallacy propaganda, religion is an opinion and you know what they say about opinions – the more you have the stupider you are, putting myself in a life or death situation, root words list, parts of speech, how words are used, parts of speech can be used to identify opinion or a fact,

For Moral Support:

The pronincuiation “hodge podge”

6th finger


Freethought Notes – Documented 1/14/2022

My rights don’t end when your feelings begin

Words like obstacle indicate how something is used

if you spend your energy on priorities you won’t have time to be pursuing nsfw contents since you’re busy with priorities


reaching and maintaining a healthy weight

the harder you work the greater the reward

for me it’ll only work if i have standards, for others it’s stupidity rewarded, have higher standards

unexpressed feelings turn into generational problems, this is why most people have kids anyways, as life is a disease, its just treated as a good one.

be aware of the limits of personal competence

be aware of the limts of your knowledge, your ignorance

no mistakes no notes

find it hard to trust

My head says yes but my heart says no

Get a job and work

Didn’t have the opportunity to and if I did my trust was broken over and over again

I’m glad I failed

Don’t get hopes up

Sometimes it’s your own family that stabs you in the back

Book smarts vs. street practicalism smarts

The more smart the less of a need you feel to do

It does require dumbing down of people

I’ve never had a real friend

I’m glad I’m experiencing this now and becoming more mature self control

Feelings remind me

People say it but actions say as otherwise differently

For my generation, for my kids

I only show you nice side

A wise person know when to say it- practicalism common sense


No one should have to be poor

Don’t allow yourself to cry. Be morally perfect.

where does the comparison start? That’s the cause of the problem right there.

If I am not supposed to blame others for “my mistakes” then why do they keep making me via their actions? Their words say as otherwise. Is this where self-control and ignoring feelings come into play?

ask yourself: Why do you like this particular type of food so much?

Big Government vs. Big Family, either way some type of governance is going to need to happen. Comprehension level.

Why do these thoughts only come to me when I am outside?

I am not strong because I don’t need to be. I didn’t put my life on the line as such.

Is it really a choice

Only stupid sources do this

Why are smart people wired

Causing feelings

Moral emotions

The needs and goals of both liberals and conservatives

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water

I am not bad the way I was used in the past was

Why is there always money for war, but not for education?

The needing to use the death penalty is a sign of a lack of trust, not for it.

Not using towards its fullest extent

Generational issues

Lifetime problems

Focus on the only way this is possible

I’m a human too. I have feelings of

Passed down generational poverty and health issues

Discipline is not a straight line it is unconditional it will get you places is it something else
Self control calmness privacy

Discipline one more thing about discipline that was really good

Make it hard to willingly be immoral, make it an obstacle

Everyone has a mental illness. It’s called desiring to live and exist; it’s just not treated or diagnosed as one.
Suicidal thoughts isn’t a mental illness it’s a “normal.”

Feelings show the parts we are not focusing upon

“Sold my soul” as a form of figurative language and love you all as another one as well.


It’s only there if you focus upon it

Not reachable. It’s a “waste” of time trying. No, at least you know that it does not work.

Nothing is worth your mental health-not even schoolwork

Every moment spent preoccupied is a moment spent avoiding nsfw contents.

Moral support is Done in regulation. Like to “do responsibility.”


I’d rather have discipline than all of the impractical book smarts in the world

How to use feelings




Make decision when happy version of you

What was I thinking?

I wish p. Sites had a restriction that only allowed one to access such sites if they were in a passive open to learn mood not a h* mood.

You are your person that regulars what you should and shouldn’t feel. You should feel bad for doing bad things so that you don’t do it again.

If only pleasing the self were treated as murder. Whereas in the Middle East one can get their cut off for doing so as such.

Force hitting requires trust to be broken which is exactly what I find nice.

Permanent, more words to describe it that’s the goal

Private and personal means to bottle up your feeling and express them elsewhere like a work life balance

Formula diagnosis vs. informal diagnosis

Measuring choice


Look deeper into nature

Pressure is temptation and technically some of it is good

I found my interest in neuroscience via an interest in a necessity for self help. I had to help myself get out of a bad situation and used science to help me as a tool.

In short, a distraction is any action that pulls us away from what we really want to do.


What if what we really want to do itself is a form of another distraction
“distracted by distraction from another distraction”

10 Surprising Reasons That Smart People Are Weird

A: Because you don’t know what normal or weired is.

i never knew you never asked

The formula is this for anything: if the goal does not intertwine with other goals, negatively impact the progress of other goals, you will not care much about it. For example, 4 months ago, I would have told you I don’t care about nsfw contents, now I will tell you I care since they are effecting my main goals which is to get a good education, since it is not interfering I will not start to care, it’s as if it’s an endless cycle back and forth with newer temptations.

i hate the fact that this is possible, i hate the fact that no one came to help me,

How To Bring Yourself Out Of An Anxiety Attack

To be normal means to hide your pain and mental illnesses.

Practical dogma religion
On another page
Help each other

Program yourself to like science

Broken by the system
Thing happen to me out of my control
Blame my bad childhood

If I can’t blame others, how can I get justice? It’s like murdering my dream but others telling me what not to whine about. What about my dream? It’s like killing someone but the killer is not brought to justice. No one cares unless it affects them – that’s the rule of human nature

Social justice Ftw!!

Law abiding situation

Resisting temptations

Staying neutral on bad things is being desensitized to it which is a part of badness.

Secretly want to admit it and change it

Care goal setting formula

The only purpose of the law is to be moral

I can explain

Democrats honor troops more because they don’t want to use them as pawns and kill them. They are pro military by being anti military. But sometimes it’s a necessary evil to do so as such.

Pro life and pro death penalty proves that pro life is an opinion


How to use

Don’t lower standard go after goal

Multitasking gets you nowhere or only back to where you started

I can’t help but to feel happy about these things

Grey area = unpredictable, moral prediction trust

Present tense prediction

Where I’m from

Bad comes from within

Ntists have been desensitized to skin

There is no such thing as killing oneself, there is always a form of extrinsic motivation, in other words suicide is a team effort

Reason to not to be middle class

Is The Only Purpose of Customer Service To Change Feelings?

If you’re sad, don’t force yourself to smile; it may make things worse

Depression Often Starts in Childhood

Building civilization starts from childhood

The Solution Is the Problem

Morality is the problem not the solution in the same way ronald reagen said Govt is the problem not the solution.


distraction action, begging for attention, hyperbole, figurative langauge, literary devices, input output, we are all aliens somewhere coldplay, possible perspectives, recognization, i d kill for you, opportunity to, i am a human not a robot, professionalism means to have no feelings, i am not a robot i have feelings, someone to look up to, yet to know, change yourself, states rights, change your desires not the world, Change Your Desires Easily, make your mark, comfort yourself by saying others do it, logic does not work, critetiria logic goal, pick on someone your own size, smarter than a 5th grader questions, appreciation week, focus on what, focus on the part not the whole picture, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, born perfect, going against the nature of god, rural needs, I am an idea exist as one, Thank me later, dividing feelings, on your guard, estimated guess, risk, we only have each other, common sense and repsect for human life, taming the money, tame thoughts, why not isn’t valid as it requires more than what is being considered, it’s okay to be smart, self-control, surroundings cooperation, taking advantage of respect, self control resisting skills, safe place to block websites, have to use it unconditionally since it is my only source of inspiration, bring yourself out of depression, you are you okay, stop resisting God and all will be fine, God as a form of figuarative language, stop resisting others (opps), stop resisting temption, resist temptations that will lead you to pursue immoral things, I don’t need God, cheating is wrong, I know it’s immoral I just don’t care, inside the mind of a seriel killer, act on impluse is good sometimes, the difference between right and wrong, kill them with kindness, moral obligation, feel bad if I don’t, in sight of, with or without you, feelings start, feelings stop, politics, stop divide feelings, indirectly dividing feelings, once you’ve had the best, my goals are beyond your understanding, give in, what keeps you alive, annoying, take care of it suffering, focus on the fomrula, what keep asking me instinct, something to be proud of, where did you learn that, ready to give up, catch me if i fall, be willing to change, opinion not a fact, you can’t i can’t, disrespecting my respect, characterization, live for these moments, unconditionally moral, in order to get it you must want it, before you judge me walk a mile in my shoes, the purpose is to change feelings, answer all questions, you only know what you care to know, why didn’t someone tell me this, against my will, forced to be happy, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, stop describing yourself, using words, guard on, illegal vs impossible, adjective, symbolism, recognizion, goal, criteria, fine tuned universe theory, avoid pain, some words aren’t real, goal-setting, criteria of nature = explanaton, common sense grey area, respeted idea in the head praticaus emotiona rive actiojn, your feelings are actions, your words are just words, you’re not human, you will lose as much as you are winning, wisdom, settle down in life, focus on=cherry-pick, love, method, trust, vulnerable, justice, law, retributive, make yourself bored of it, care relationsho thinkong care anout thi too, starts from childhood, quit blaming others, have faith in necessary evil goals, comprehension level goals, order in the court, explained by sociology, moral phase, required to forgive, limits of dogma, using words, understand how to learn[2], good source happen to me, nsfw curiousity, reaching and sustaining, distracting thoughts, focus on thoughts, effects of thoughts, nsfw discipline control, nsfw promisc…, thoughts force obstacle physical, a degress of willful ignorance is good, left unsupervised, Symbolic Interactionism, is logic a form of emotions, impossible human nature, block sites on data, scare yourself, control your emotions by giving yourself a false sense of urgency to scare off nsfw demons, personify your feelings, fear is external – it happens to you it does not come from within, promise test trust, live life on the edge, risk of, im afraid of others seeing me,