Attitude Notes – Documented 9/22/2021

symbolism and expectation; don’t get mad at me, this was only expected
You can’t get mad, if you expect things.

If it’s hard you’re doing it wrong 

Why are we still struggling for the bare minimum?

Something else about the bare minimum.

All is a survival instinct

Predict own figure 

Limits of curiosity 

Don’t be engage in curiosity kill the car scenarios

Goal: to deliberately change feelings to Be comfortable studying science

The world is stuck between a loop of gaining knowledge and applying the very little we know, I hate practicalism.

what is the science behind abortion?

abortion isn’t murder as long as you don’t make it murder

What to expect to learn?
You are merely transferring information into your brain into memory, like a USB stick transfers information.

keep asking yourself what is required; for example, Miss. Sangeeta told me if you don’t understand complex problems, you don’t understand the basics, so go back and review the basics

first you must stop wanting to be attached to what you want (at the current moment)

In an ideal world, hitting would never be necessary. However, some parents feel that on rare occasions it may be necessary to hit their child’s. This article does not intend to either promote or discourage hitting, but rather is intended to give parents the facts, and when necessary, the correct instruction on how to hit your child in the safest way.

From Google Docs

actively resisting

judge and define the existence of a body; waste my time

too good or too bad

i want to be comfortable studying neuroscience

Is there ever such a thing as being too good?

i am a robot

categorizing mentally

I hate being comfortbale doing stupid things.

bare minimum schedule for motivation to pursue studying neuroscience

knowing why

we are forced by the past

I didn’t choose to live this life, I didn’t choose to be comfortable.

we are forced by the past


“practically possible”

I need to know how to use the user interface, the user interface of life.

I need enough time to rejuvenate.

i wish i had strict parents

i can’t just not are proactive morality; i wish i had strict parents; i wish i didn’t forced to see others, but others are forcing motivation onto me.

symbolism; bare minimum; i wish i had strict parents

i need the right amount of dope to survive; n the same way right cause and effect feelings as motivation

pinpoint diagnosis

taking advantage of respect

I hate what happened to me (I’ve been judged):

occasional physicist


do scientists have friends

I don’t want manual labor to be an obstacle, but if labor was classed as an obstacle, then life itself is an obstacle.

The information is used as due date

what motivates a scientist

how are scientists motivated

how are scientists and engineers similar

delayed response

use it or lose it


Nature vs. nurture: geniuses are made or born.

No life no problems

Opposite of intentions.

Put me out of my misery.

Practical religion

what do you care about? Can you put this into words?

hear yourself

Forced pregnancy

equal rights equal responsibilities meme

Forced pregnancy is a form of violence against women
Reproductive coercion

Deeming as relevant facts is an opinion itself, tno a fact.

applying scientific methods


give opportunity

give yourself the opportunity to

responsibility is a synonym for force: sometimes, forcing one can feel good, other times as bad

enforcing dogma, or caring to understand via the scientific method.

Physical communication, literature via verbatim or via actions, practicalism. Living is literature itself.

affirmative action intentions

Do not emphasize habits- do not work on this much.

telling my feelings to stop

how to deliberately develop opinions on abortions [anything]

How am I supposed to be social?

Why do I always end up with bad luck on getting sources?

What question does the definition answer?

reward system



abortion stigma: a systematic review

Putting fears into words.

if i don’t stay hating thm, then i will start developing a liking for it

Be honest with yourself: it’s an opinion not a fact

observe feelings without judgement

feelings programming;
Programmed to feel as otherwise

you are being conditioned

i want to hate my ex but i can’t

moral decay

cause and effect motivation

living itself is a loaded argument, thus, proving that peer pressure is forcing morals onto someone else

pretend like not real

We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behaviour.
don’t judge a book by its cover

Resisting temptation

if it does not come naturally leave it

This is my theory on encouragement and discouragement: if it requires encouragement, artificial motivation it is not worth it. I will study science when life’s events allow me to.

slavery by another name

It’s all in how one defines the word itself.

It’s impossible to be perfect even doing imperfect things, so stop trying to make the impossible possible.

What does it mean physically impossible deductive reasoning?

in order to first fix something, something must first be wrong to begin with: that’s where this feeling bad comes in

Conservatism requires more restrictions, therefore is more opinionated and less understanding of why.

On Learning Styles

As for mentioned in the article here, the 3 types of learning styles can be categorized and organized as: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic.

I will now critique all of these learning styles, outlining their strengths and weaknesses.


Uses the senses of the eyes to symbolize concepts.

This concept is useful for memorization.

Photographic memory.


Uses the senses of the ears to symbolize concepts.


Uses all of the senses, and very minimal symbolism, and rather focuses on studying the actual experience itself.

Ex. lab experiments.

Attitude Notes – Documented 9/21/2021

 I was motivated by hatred to pursue anti poro and anti mast. goals

Analyze the limits of situations s

Rules are goals that are to be set by lawmakers and achieved by the masses of us.

Military standard 

Meaureint bias

Giving up control -trust

Format of thinking is professional format my

Impracticality and being impossible

Limits of feelings put w word in it

What are my feelings doing ?

Morally depend 

Cause and effect motivation Self defense as confirmed 

Practically applicable

Sustain same goal

Immoral to talk to others

If you hate something go to a therapist, not my problem

Sounds like a personal problem

Relationship with else l

Just be yourself and act natural

How do you like to learn? Symbolism live itself,

Accept my opinion don’t change it or desire to change it

Asked in good faith

Sometimes I look at stupidity and question weather or not they’re real

Let me process that

Life is an obstacle

As long as it’s not life threatening you’ll be fine

Overcoming obstacles

Understanding the motivation of nature

is it physically possible?

deductive reasoning

trying to make life easier by understanding nature first and then applying my knowledge

According to my feelings programming: Please someone, treat me badly so that I will be motivated to leave society.

politics is a religion

police is a gang

deeming something as a distraction is based on the way you treat it which depends on how you react to it, which depends on….

symbolism = imagining

respect sources symbolism used in the head

I need motivation to study, without social motivation, I will be lazy

opinion is a form of measurement; what do opinions identify?

the battle is solely in your head

the moral goals should be to live and cooperate whilst using each other as motivation to be moral

define forcing and you’ll see that it’s different from person to persons and therefore is an adjective, an opinionated words

aware of the format of thinking?

opinionated reality
Begs the question: What are the limits of your opinion?

cowardice compared to what

; don’t decide for me, since someone has to make the decision weather that be god or some middle class butt fk

categorizing pieces of information as relevant is still an opinion

there is a word for that: it’s called focusing on thoughts as a format

deeming something as prohibition depends on your perspective

don’t want some middle class butfk making decusions on behalf of me

science is just physical information

if sleeping is a habit, then your entire lifestyle is a habit

practical changes

sharing opinion

facts don’t reach a dead end, facts lead to more discoveries implications, facts are not a body of knowledge

self defense against babies

opinionated reality; part practical abortion; dignity part of womans’ privacy.

the law is made for moral people; science is not a body of knowledge rather the ever expanding action of pursing curiosity, understanding the why behind human behavior

Stop using the words, facts and science as labels that denotate a body of knowledge.

Sway opinion purpose supposed to feelings

Abortion rights is self defense against the unborn babies

why don’t people think rationally? And how can we prevent it?

Accept it’s plausibility, and when it should be used, because the death penalty could be useful sometimes, as an unfortunate reality.

rights are an opinion; some opinions are more restrictive than (the more restrictive and against nature, is the more opinionated) others as measured as a fact about ones behavior

religious coping mechanisms

law is made or morals change opinion make reality like changing law

rights are opinion

asking wrong question

I am glad I am not tempted to be addicted to what my parents made, and am glad am not too poor to the point where I am dying, rather in the poor middle class where I can have the opportunity to work my way up without life threatening, but still uncomfortable situations, hazards

the death penalty is a social construct, meaning that it isn’t real unless made real

Limits of beliefs

Opinions are basically symbolism 

Opinions are basically oversimplify or overcomplicated facts. Characterizing by a specific issue. Like calling something by it’s color.

Most of what you do in life is symbolism

I wish I was born In the year of 4020

Forcing is wrong then living itself is wrong

What is that force that makes us live? What is it called?

Why does curiosity exist? Am I answering my own question by asking this question?

Applying rules

Good at something and bad at something else

Religion and healthy

Normalize infj

Geniuses are born not mad

Idiots are mad 

Idiots are people who okay with being comfortable with poverty poor behavior geniuses are not. Keep asking questions.

Why do I feel like this?

This is a long term effect of being addicted to the virus known as schools

See Charles’s buttowski quote: born a genius and buried an idiot

Habits = lifestyle if you don’t like habits; you don’t like your lifestyle.

You can’t just hate the shot and like the after effects: that’s called being conditioned against your will.

Even if you feel like it’s a mistake; reassure yourself that it’s supposed to feel like it’s a mistake, according to your feelings programming.

So if you feel bad; look  at the root cause, specifically and avoid it.

Middle class is poverty, to me..according to nature your actions speak louder than words

Define habit

Cannot move on without bare minimum 

Being lazy is good it allows the programmer to be motivated to make another program that does the work for him. Like a Kisok for free.

What is the effects of thinking that people will always murder? What needs to change?

Self government is morality and self control

Pro lifers and pro death penalty’ers live in la law land where they think nobody breaks the law 

School isn’t healthy

Make me intentions


When intentions don’t meet actually practical effects

Saying impossible practically

The world doesn’t have the bare minimum 

Make me, intentional.

Diagnose the problem

Not my problem moves societivsl energy.

How am I supposed to know

I have low tolerance for manual labor

How can I diagnose the problem if I can’t think clearly? Is that the problem that I need to fix? Does that need to change?

Why do I have dumbahh middle class idiots making my everyday decision for me? Why don’t we have access to experts at ease? For example, why do I have catholic bishops making my reproductive healthcare decision for me.

I don’t want to be attached to this anymore.

Nature work for me

School isn’t a good return of investment

One size does not fit all

Going to school isn’t ever voluntary

Using the government is also not voluntary 

Bare minimum first to go to school

Make me show intentions

I do want to be trained in handling problems. I don’t want problems that have to be solved to be existing to begin with.

I didn’t choose to feel this way.

Science is easy since it’s just obvious observation in nature right in front of you; it’s hard to miss 

Visualize math.


Begging thst this dosent happen to me again.

Don’t just stand there, react, do something!

Leave after 2nd period and do English work at home

Comfort will ruin your life, you don’t live in 2050 as where leftist ideas can be practical.

Strong foundation first

Google Docs


i didn’t choose my feelings

i promise myself i would not do anything great unless i get the bare minimum
No attachment

there is no such thing as a small, small compared to what?

respecting authority means to give up control of the self and to trust someone else

robot emotion
Coding of emotions

Limits of opinions

How you think parts of nature should work as opposed to how it actually works is an opinion

The only way

Having opinions just imply a lack of understanding of the past.
Understand and accept.


caring is a form of an opinion

Moral trust

culture is a virus

Opinion symbolism science

adjective list

adjective list know understand part work keeps us togeTher response of people behaving differently when they are receiving attention is known as no contradict the self

Don’t say via verbatim, say via actions.

gun laws don’t stop criminals
So why have laws? Like abortion laws?

counter productive

i wish i was treated better

Make life easier

it’ll work out if it’s meant to be

choose what you want to feel

Choose moral
Choose to follow the law.

Attitude Notes – Documented 9/20/2021

How it works depends on how you treat it

The law tries to change human nature

What am I looking for in life? A: to make life easier

Practically speaking, how does nature work? It does not and should not conform to you, you rather adapt to it.

Uncomfortable change is the only way

You will only feel feelings if you give someone else control

Common sense as a survival instinct

All science is a form of data so the category of data science is useless

Bare minimum first then expect the moral behavior 

There is no such thing as

Why do we share the same moral feelings?

There is no such thing as “too curious”

Irony: doctors smoking

Preparing is the most important part it determines your trajectory for the day

All obstacles are unnecessary or are they? Is manual labor life and is life itself an obstacle?

How many hours of our life do we spend driving? Because I don’t want to spend that much time wasters on logistics. I could have saved so much time!

Habit is lifestyle itself

More accent = more stupidity

No such thing as a neutral opinion 

Forget everything you know from birth and then learn science as times passes curiosity is inevitable.

I wish I was used to something else 

Professionalism and preparation are important they determine the overall trajectory.

Basic psychology applied

Military strict

Stop doing useless things that have no goal

Empty out useless information and make space for useful information

Take the small things seriously

Tough on crime is the wrong question

How to teach responsibility

Applying knowledge


Lifestyle include neuroscience in them

Behavior of the poor 

Social consider 

As good as questionably 

Medical conditions

Control what you think


Long term effects of having feelings 

Treat politics as a health diagnoses because everything can be categorize as such

The law was made to enforce morality

How can you reasonable expect me- a part of nature- to do well in the job market and in school if I don’t have the bare minimum?

Not all forms of forcing us done via the government. You can be forced under the guise of someone else’s freedoms too. It’s just how your mind and body (take the responsibility) to react to it.

Health decisions 

Make learning easy

No logistics


Greater mistakes = greater outcomes for learning

What are the limits of making mistakes? A: just don’t make one that will result in death 

A need to live or a want to live?

Nothing is immediate

Observe behavior

Don’t want to, meaning don’t have the desire to pursue the goals of (insert goals here)

Goals are just ideas

You attended school even when you were sick, show the same attitude when your fighting.

When stating I am a republicans you are stating I am a republicans personality type.

Get used to it

What’s cool isn’t always healthy 

What’s healthy isn’t always cool

What would my doctor say?

Watch and learn

Bored braking point

At least be Mad at the right thing

Find something you’re good at.

Make it to the point where you don’t want to leave or you find it hard to do the wrong thing.

I don’t have enough moral motivation anymore I need social support like the recruits do.

You’re actions say “you’re asking for it”

Love is just confusion

motivation to leave a toxic relationship

learning is actually easy

is it possible to be pro choice and pro death penalty at the smae time?

Is it possible to be a murderer at the same time? Yes. practically and physically.

cause and effect of feelings

Why are women treated differently? Because they are different, they deserve different kind of respect
In the same way we don’t treat dogs like humans expecting them to return a high five

practicality is dogma

Words in context

I wish I could be a doctor at a young age so i know how to take care of my own health and prevent injuries

Asking the wrong questions

Common sense reality opinions cooperation would be yes, since being tough on crime works for me it must work for everyone else. Right wingers don’t realize that not everyone shares the exact same moral expectations as them.

easy to do easy not to do

military life skills


fear, no one should have to, too good to be true,

What if we could damage our organs permanently as a punishment and as a deterrent for doing something nasty?

Dear culture war Conservatives: Where do you get your energy from?

Expect respect

the death penalty kills a part of nature

require others? implies it’s a non-requirement

preparation trajectory

I want to settle down permanently

I don’t want to make it an obstacle


Common sense isn’t reality: it’s mortality

Common sense as a survival instinct

Weather prediction

What does your success rely on? A: Others moral encouragement, behavior

it’s only hard if you don’t have an encouragement and are attached moral attached

why do people stay in society
why do people stay in abusive relationships

Expert: Stop complaining about the moral decline of Western society (link)

I am just like you, just a version of you that values moral working hard:

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (link)

How did you learn religion?

I am religious is just as bad as saying I have recieved the death penalty to my critical thinking

use energy for changing not for hating

learning then applying

difference between bad person and person that acts badly

Nature: physicals

there is no such thing as a bad boy the circumstances view of problem behavior

Symbolism (aka. respect) is practiced on the regular

source to respect

Isn’t everything a health issue?

moral labour

moral s03x

no opinion

responsibility social construct (link)

redefining responsibility

If i followed the rule not to do anything until you have the bare minimum and we were still living in a medieval setting: I’d still be fighting for the bare minimum

Cause and effect motivational feelings

I don’t like her means I don’t like the way I evaluate her; That’s the variable that it means
This is why change your attitude is a valid quote
know what to hate

change my opinion

That’s just my opinion

Funny thing here is that their answer is in the form of numbers

love is giving up control of your feelings to someone else

Evil Genius? How Dishonesty Can Lead to Greater Creativity

The Sociology of Right and Wrong – JSTOR

Higher social class predicts increased unethical behavior

Do not be mad at past, have a good relationship with your past

Moral expectations

Life itself is an unnecessary obstacle

I am just looking to pass and forget academics, and going back to being a kid, aka a scientist.

Getting angry is not the problem

You thinking that getting angry is the problem, is the problem itself: change your thought process: apply the scientific method.

You getting emotional is not the problem: it should be an expected result, an expected feeling; The problem is the cause of the problem
Getting emotional is a good thing, as it shows you what to pursue and not to pursue.

so don’t get mad at your feelings (know what you are getting mad at, so that you can change it, as a goal to be set and achieved)

I hate hating things and not being able to change what I hate

Attitude Notes – Documented 9/19/2021

Moral economics

Education and poverty 

Consider your life since the day you were born.

categorized as ideas not a person; authoritarianism makes people obsess over practicality

Politics is a euphemism for culture. And not everyone shares the same type of culture.

For example. It’s not Ben Sharpiro that you need to focus on it’s the ideas he is misrepresented as a fact.

Where to draw the line?

Saying and using the word should and shouldn’t indicate an opinion – you should have leaned this in your English class.


Most right wingers I know should go back to English class and not common sense morality and school of hard Knox.

For example. Abortion shouldn’t/should be legal.

Variables you care about 

Healthy and unhealthy at the same tome

Acadmicas opinion on (etc)

Marriage is a social construct proving that you yourself are a social construct expectation 

Woman’s are human that need their privacy

Don’t mistake opinions for facts

It’s not a big deal unless you make it a big deal

is punishment’ healthy?

I knew something was wrong with society that’s why I left

I had a strong intuition

Treat this like a video game scene dark and stormy night

Pushing limited

Don’t get use to the wrong thing

Learning is living

Own kids in the death row

Moral behavior

Dumb and immoral

Bare minimum 

Family values expect 

If your goal is to confuse us then you’ve succeeded 

Question gauge focus

Law is to enforce moral that’s its only purpose

Specific advice

Your family may treat you special but the reality is that you are just like everyone else.

change the law: change opinion

it’s not a fact unless the scientific method is applied

Don’t accept the theory that “humans will always murder no matter and that is why I advocate for the death penalty” (give ppl the bare min): Change human nature Change peoples’ opinions.

The death penalty is impulsive

long term solution

what makes you want to be [insert here]?

Saving isn’t a fact; It’s a fact about the opinion; The word: Saving itself is an adjective, thus, making it not a fact.

how does nature work?

pressure exists in society: somewhere, some way shape or form; As without it: we wouldn’t be able to be afford to be attached[s] to each other
We are able to be safe, because the poor die on the the death penalty.
What keeps people coming back and mad?

Republicans don’t consider stats, and how their ideas: practically work: they only care about exemplifying their moral superiority, They think saying do not murder, actually stops people from murdering: that takes doing not just talking.
The point is, talking about and categorizing things mentally doesn’t change reality.

define fact

Define morality; and If you gave definitions, can you tell me why such examples are an example of being moral/immoral?

Morality is for the purpose of being cooperative.

“How to deliberately change your feelings?” Is it even possible to document such events via verbatim?

stop caring stop having an opinion on it

only idiots vote republican’s, are attracted to the rep. party

I don’t want to be satisfied with small things: I want to feel like I need more

I don’t want to be attracted

Influence freedom

Crash and burn 

Nature is neutral

You won’t be distracted unless you’re looking for distractions

It’s all in your head

You must understand your own opinions

I am trying to learn as much as I can whilst I am young 

Practice like it’s the real thing

Student first athlete next

What is a source?

To me it’s all or nothing.

Make it easy to learn

All I want to do is to be curious

Bad days

Controlling behavior

Put me out of My misery

How long

It’s a fact that opinions aren’t facts

Fact about facts

Every problem has a solution and vice versa

Shame me: it’s the only a way I’ll work.

Theory: Everyone is the same just different versions of ourselves at the same time.

a source is an influence: something that is to be respected

An example of cause and effect feelings is this: Long lasting, lifelong friendships; Friends that you’ve gained as a child and there since 100 years later, at death

as long as you don’t harm their personal goals, they don’t care to ask
They only care when you’re dead.

Why should I feel bad for being forced to live?

It takes time to change

Change your opinion change reality

change opinion (in this case let’s called opinion as the law) reality
Take row v. wade for example, in order to change this opinion, officially, you must go through a whole court process.

Can you Afford to be moral?

Many religious people treat politics as another form of religion

being moral is stupidity rewarding, unfortunately most people take that route

the majority is moral, because if not they would not be considered majority

slavery is good because it gave us something to learn from

science as a noun, verb, adjective, etc.

The only way something can be classed as a fact is if the apply the scientific method thought process has been used.
science as a way of knowing
Science is A way of thinking

Expected behavior: conservatives and their anti-intellectualism don’t learn from history do they?

force opportunity

Who makes the contract?

moral dependency

morality as a contract

public opinion proves how easily people are able to be manipulated

Discussing the changes that are happening by the second via verbatim

Historians are scientists 

As long as I am not dead that’s a reward

Cause and effect of feeling.

Moral expectation

Mental skills don’t be surprised reacted

Sharing behavior

Chorus middle class

Reasonable more expectations

Practical expectations

Why do most people not murder ?

You are supposed to give a reaction when the knee is hit if not then you have weak pain sensory.

Supposed to= how it’s coded

Remember writing

Don’t waste time defending and keeping up with the bare minimum 

Ignorant of understanding 

Apply same thought process to politics

Lowering downs

Artificial energy 

Take personal 

An Economy works for everyone

You know what else is a fact? That people still get abortions regardless: that’s human nature and I choose to accept that as a fact. I don’t want to change facts.

Define fact

Priority to attain the bare minimum habit

Change the law, change human nature change reality

It’s not human nature unless you think that it’s human nature. Categorized as human nature.

Apply knowledge 

Live fast die young

Facts are to be accepted

There is no such thing as a perfect school lifestyle but there is such thing  as a better one.

I am trying to strive for a perfect lifestyle I don’t want to not achieve that mark. I don’t want to deliberately limit myself to school lifestyle I want to gain the opportunity to be a scientist and lower the pressures on logistics and the bare minimum.

Perfect in nature


Conservative drill sergeant

Social order is morality

Every society depends on a productive work force

I hate being in this meat suit.

It’s just critique limited

Moral superiority 

Bare minimum education 

Actions say they want to use the death penalty so called I don’t want to have to. I don’t want to want to.

Preventing mid life crisiss’

Pure curiosity pure facts curiosity as a behavior

What do doctors think of processed foods?

Middle class good guy

It’s a good thing that you hate morality, and vague goals: now change it.

I hate vague expectations because vague goals never work out long term

Curiosity is an unbiased fact

Moral emotions – not accepting facts trying to change reality, practically

Death penalty looks bad on paper good irl.

Middle class 

Since life is leaning: what are you actually learning?

Quality over quantity 

Simple dogma=morality=oversimplify situations lack of answers more questions. Specifics matter. What are you planning to do? To make another plan.

Using facts

Math has a right and a wrong answer

How do you use information

Choosing formula 

Choosing is magic 

Prevent the need to use the death penalty and abortion

Lazy and unopinionated

Sometimes I’m too lazy to press the button on my phone and end up pressing the wrong one.

Initiative must be took

Mad when goals fail

Treat it seriously 

Forced feelings

Punishment as a form of Bullying even if it’s for good common

You are doing more harm Than help by giving them the answers 

Why do teacher give out hard tests, put people next to each other and expect then not to cheat?

In order to expect something you must first control something (the specifics) this is why we use control experiments

reality of nature opinion cooperation nature

there is no such things as a right and wrong opinion; therefore no such thing as morals; only what is deemed as socially acceptable, since some people cannot follow morals

Can you afford to be moral whilst in poverty conditions?
Is it reasonable to expect as such?

When you put it into words: when you limit it
Care about the variable “What you think”

What is the effect of science on morality?

I want to set up my morning schedule, to where it puts in the effort and works for me not vice versa.
Why do bad things always work out but good things rarely work out?

everything is a medical procedure

No medical professional helped write Texas’ abortion ban bill.

Everything you do is a part of your healthcare

I didn’t choose to be scared fear chose me

Uncontrollable fear 

Origins of feelings

Predicting feelings

Change what you want

I am tired of organizing symbolism

Symbolistic goals

Identifying your triggers

Cause and effects of feelings

It starts off small.

Rational desire 

It takes effort to be moral in the face of trials

But we are all the same

I didn’t choose to hear this

Societal energy

Why is only bad things easily accessible? Why are drugs more accessible than doctors?

Science of killing babies

Science considered all aspects if you understood why you wouldn’t want to stop them anyway. You must sit there and watch. No moral instinct. Do not act on impulses, instincts.

If you really cared about stoping abortions, then you’d show that you’re pro life and not just say it via verbatim. Actions speak louder than words.

Take it personally or dogma.

There is no such thing as normalcy it shouldn’t even be a word

Specifics is reality if not specific it’s not reality

Format of a fact

Teaching respect

Doctors opinion on respect and morality

How am I suppose to gain the energy to document good thoughts when it require manual labor which require stupidity.

No one will teach you this

Let go of useless information

Be strong enough to let go

Treat it as a distraction 

Is it wrong to have babies?

What are the limits of limits of opinions?

Does it make sense to be pro Life only in the cases of rA83 or inces+?

Auto correct in pro life pro birth 

Opinions are always dogmatic

Facts are not. Fact about the origins of this world.

Is being pro life compatible with atheist 

Treat differently expect differently results

Change human nature

Asking the right questions here:

How am i supposed to apply knowledge if gaining knowledge itself is an obstacle?

Sources are symbolism of words and respect

 Common sense morality

Republicans value common sense more then specific facts

Economic Facts

Attitude Notes – Documented 9/18/2021

Difference between abortion and healthcare; nothing, don’t treat it differently
It’s not different unless you treat it differently.
Pro life is a form of ra*e; Do not treat r*pe diffenrelty.
Treat humans like nature, the environment because we are a part of nature.
Don’t give nature the death penalty.

take care of earth and earth will take care of you

symbolism, influence, respect, counts as a source

know the difference between personal feelings and facts; Calling it rational or irrational is an opinion and opinions by def are dogmatic

Pragmatic is (requires dogma) dogmatic.

every action you take can either be healthy or unhealthy

Is it moral to force people to be moral?
What are the long lasting effects of morality?
moral behavior always has a starting force

Taking things personally=dogma.

I was never looking to satisfy anyone elses’ opinions

I am looking for facts about natures’ behavior

I am not looking forward to judge and characterize the existence of nature by it’s skin layers

“Make abortion illegal again”
Murder is a legal term, it’s not murder is killing babies is legal.
Make your dreams come true.
Make your goal: reality: Unfortunately anti-abortion efforts don’t work on humans, don’t expect it to work.

You work based on how you are treated.

Facts are to be accepted not to be changed
Hence “born a sinner”

What will future look at us like
if there is a future that is to be lived and a history that is to be looked back upon.

purpose organize

life kills me, literally; Life kills you in the end.

expect to feel bad, if you do bad things

Why does it matter so much to you?

What difference does the law make?

God is just there to give people something to talk about civilly: See: talk amongst yourselves

As long as it is not a fact, is is none of your concern

If it uses certain words, it’s an opinion piece.

What is the relationship between law and morals? Are they the same thing?

cop = professional bullies

Treat life as a puzzle.

is abortion natural?
Everything is natural, you and me, and morality is natural, we think we have the choice, we are really forced to live and speak by the passage of time; See: we cannot stop time.

responsibilities is just a nice way of saying dogma

Abortion laws are like socialism: it just looks good on paper

abortion is wrong but wrong isn’t reality unless you make it happen

define opinion; scientific method used=fact

Theory: if you’re in my presence you are touching me, this is why it is hard to resist people as you are supposed to allow them in your presence.

You remember the argument via the person who presented it.

What is the psychology behind debating?

complexity of a situation

Why do we speak in terms of rights?

the law is literally by definition for moral people, natural law isn’t mad made law is

Why does it matter that life begins are conception? And why make it matter via the law?

distinguish between fact and opinion

Pro lifers expect women to conform

Abortion stigma is a form of harassment

Why does pro life only apply to humans?

Just because you use different words does not make it separate.

Religion was made for practical purpose: for those who were too tired to think and are rather dogmatic.

scientific method as a thought process

Facts are to be accepted not to be changed, facts, like science is all around you accept surroundings.

Define fact.

categorization opinion

Calling it political doesn’t distinguish said ideas one bit; in the same way calling it theology doesn’t distinguish it from the fact that it’s vague

prevent the need for abortion; banning abortion does not work longer term
pro lifers claim: we don’t not outlaw murder but people still murder, I say, hold on we are getting there, slow progress, I cannot practically apply all at once, and plus, it’s a false equivalence to categorize events based on one vague charsteric as a similarity.

when you’re alive you are vulnerable to the disease of narrow-mindedness, social stigma, religious polsterozing, etc.

It’s hard to know when to start bringing yourself out of poverty

willfully ignorant = not caring to understand and treat nature as a part of nature, treat us like plants we are a part of nature, nothing is wrong with (human) nature

Why do we have access to religion and not science labs?

facts=natural law limit

Cause and effect of feelings; Know your motivation and it’s long term effects, aka. the effects; It’s not like you can develop the desire to commit suicide out of nowhere, no, that has to be experienced within a certain subset of experiences.
This is why conservatism works.

keep asking why

asking the right question

I don’t want to spend my entire life trying to get the bare minimum

I will not stop till i reach perfection that is what i originally set out to be, and will not change goals

Sociology is for those who care to improve their lives.

Where the decision is made matters too

Why do so many smart people wear glasses?
This is why I hate symbolism

Would you ruin your health for academics?

physically possible vs. physically impossible (practical vs. impractical)

the law isn’t reality unless you make it reality

in order to make changes to your future life, you must first change your lifestyle

is family personal?

Why are conservatives so confident in morality and the death penalty? Does it “always work”

What is the behavior of pro lifers once they’re told babies aren’t special? Asking the right questions here…

who says “I want to be a common man when I grow up” via verbatim? And who shows it in action?
no matter what, you will have a future, is it inevitable (just so you know the future is anytime after the present tense, so 2 seconds later would be classed as future tense)

You can’t expect the poor to be moral when you don’t give them access to good resources, ex. good schooling experience.

The future is inevitable, even for dead people.

instilling fear for people not to get abortions: thus harassing women and criminals

Why should people be categorized about what they did in the past?
Why call them criminals, and murderers?

treat politics as a form of applying the scientific method thought process: it’s that easy, and if it’s not easy, you’re doing it wrongly

being moral is respecting authority: it’s called putting others before yourself

What Does the Bible Say About Putting Others Before Yourself?

bible doctor (doctor as in: expert)

There is no such thing as an irrational fear, there is just fear; calling fear rational and irrational is just the same as judging others opinions.

What Does the Bible Say About Doctors?
A: nothing of significance, since the bible acts as a doctor for many people.

What is the long term effects of [insert everyday activity here]

Life Tip: Learning the psychology of everyday life can help you sort out your life for the better.

Politics is a lifestyle not just a hobby (meaning it’s a habit not a once in a while thing)

If it can be expected then it’s a fact, if it cannot then it’s a feeling/intuition

Don’t be nice to people give them the opportunity for them to work themselves up

opinion=expectation, prediction (I expect, and predict other people to be moral to me)
Opinion is basically any information other than a fact.
Define a fact.
fact=behavior of nature and we are a part of nature.
loaded words
moral standard for humans
The only fact on abortion is you accepting the fact that murder is always going to happen regardless.
I am not a lawmaker: I do not feel uncomfortable to the point where I would invest in such things that are able to be devalued.

morality is an opinion; therefore it cannot be right or wrong.

I want to have as easy as access to a doctor and a therapist as I do to bad influences.

to expect requires controlling; Hence controlled experiments

make your dreams come true, make your opinions (goals, remember goals are just ideas), come true.

my feeling have a mind of their own

I didn’t ask to feel this way

Middle class people are not medical professionals

learning how it feels

Learning Is Living so treat it seriously

Right wingers do not want to accept facts, rather apply the facts, which is why they’re found in trades.

reality is often disappointing.

it won’t happen unless you think it happen, correlation between thinking and reality

Words are to be used

Subjective words list.

Social order and morals

Is it moral to force morals onto others?

it’s not fact unless the scientific method is applied

What is the real meaning of opinions and why do you rely on the opinions of others to guide your life

Advice comes in many forms, sometimes verbatim or sometimes physical.
Give me an example
Learn from the best
Don’t tell me show me
Showing is the only way to show you can

we all live in our own little world


made up words

Is it solely a fact?

the one and only

The modern day GOP is looking forward to trigger the libs, not to propose any actual solutions.

Attitude Notes – Documented 9/17/2021

Is it moral to force people to be moral?

Long term effects of having an opinion?

every kid is different, some kids need love some kids need love taps

To be manipulated means to be changed

reality isn’t to be changed, in the same way facts are to be accepted not to be changed.
The more you try to deliberately change reality, the more you will fail.

If you want to be successful, you must treat the small things like big things because they are the only things; HABITS ARE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE
SEE: Sleeping and getting up are automatic actions.

moral goals purpose is for cooperation; end goal (reward is none)

sharing the same morals

make it matter

Get out of my way or I’ll (have to put in the work to..) get out of your way? whose goal is prioritized?

Misinterpreting pro choice as pro abortion you are a part of the people presenting a lack of understanding and a straw men argument.

can you read my mind?

i can read natures’ mind.

be moral with a purpose

Just because you are not normal does not mean you have a mental disorder

change is suppsed to feel uncomfrotanle, if its not then youre unhelathy (abnormal) and somrthing is wrong with yku

Many people make the mistake of applying knowledge when they have no knowledge to apply. They must reconsider their leaning styles (aka. Living habit styles)

Since science is habit itself.

We are all smart and equal: it’s just that life treats us differently and we can’t do anything about it because… moral behaviorist expectations.
its just a categorization

If life was neutral there would be no passive of time and no motivation for us to live. Therefore problems make our life worthy.

men are just pressured children: they are not special unless treated like it

I am deliberately not trying to be bad.

Thinking IS EVAULATING ITSELF: there is no difference; apply the scientific method thought process
How to measure=how to evaluate=how to think.
“don’t tell me what to think” they say; but the facts are the same for everyone. So if I don’t tell you what to think: nature, the limits of your experience.. will.

Definition of academia: not of practical relevance; of only theoretical interest.

thinking as a skill; science is pure curiosity (a form of behavior) is it not a body of knowledge

Science, like habits (sleeping habits) IS LIFE ITSELF

Dear pro lifers: If I wanted an opinion on my situation: I’d ask for it, but I don’t want to hear your pro life views.

I would deliberately search opinions on the death penalty [abortion] essays
Don’t present it to be as if it was a fact, sure abortion is slaughter, but what does that imply? That just means the women was in a situation where she wanted to kill her baby, that’s all; If that’s a problem, that’s your opinion, it’s not a fact; What is a fact is that it’s an opinion not a fact.

life is a reaction, moral

Science is a euphemism for curiosity; babies aren’t special: they are like leaves that can be stepped on and broken no need to treat them with respect;

Medical Students for Choice

murder is okay
legalizing murder

At this age what else do you have to do but learn 

Socially effective 

How you start


Finish strong 

Nature itself is programmed 

I wasn’t thinking when I said that

What motivates the middle class to stay middle class?

Science of morality

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters

I wasn’t opinionated enough to want to join a club in school: I was just trying to survive

Conservatism is more of a culture than it is of a practical political ideology

stop wasting time listing to others opinions and start discovering more facts and changes

facts are always specific: therefore, symbolism, isn’t factual

can be seen with naked eye

What pro lifers actually do is peer pressure people into having kids
That’s the fact about their behavior, and the only thing that is a fact is about someone’s’ behavior.

Clearer picture of why.

Level of Understanding nature correlation with political beliefs?

Obsess over it.

We pay so much to put one to death but so little to reduce the need to.

Respect influence 

How does it affect my goal?

In the same way my body lives automatically: I want my body to do the same regarding any work. To be done automatically- done none of them require me.

Copy the behavior of scientists

Sometimes I feel like my mind has a mind of its own.

What if we were all raised and accustomed to cubicles at school?

Long term effects of morality

Recall information 

The bare minimum is the everything that you need for the goal of being alive.

What keeps you alive?

Advice on getting advice: Don’t get advice from people whom you don’t want to be like (assuming you’re using it to apply it to your own life)

I don’t do it unless I feel the need to

I don’t want to feel satisfied doing bad things

It takes energy to resist mistakes rather then to prevent them as you can only imagine the bad things that happened

Distraction from science

I need to stop the cycle of badness and must have time prioritize to reflect on myself

The limits of the laws of nature.

Learn about how you learn

Documenting as you go.

Learn from the best

Source respect

Respect manual labor

Don’t get curious about social constructs

Apply the knowledge you learned from school

Socially constructed variables that you need to know.

Don’t want to be satisfied being attracted to crap.

What do you want to do whilst alive?

The why for behavior is the programming

Care about someone else’s expectations

Can we change the way nature works?

confusing your dreams with reality

how we are programmed in the first 7 years of life; it’s mere conditioning, i can put it into words, you are not special; communicating with nature

i hate manual cars, transition

forced to look at a clock when I don’t want to know the time

endurance Pre Cal Unit 2 (Functions) Test has no ending; Pre Cal Test Corrections Unit 2 B-2 (reset)

classroom expectations

Which fact should be implemented?

Why are opinions always vague categorization and words used?

looking for distractions

limits of hierarchy
Limits of morality

Respecting ownership

feel the need to study

Stop mentioning useless information

how to evaluate (means how to think)

Where does the dogma start?

love is a distraction

50 things they should teach in school, but don’t – Hack Spirit

expected behavior

Trust love confide

Moral and immoral

Can it be expected?

Moral regardless of situation
How does one measure morality?
symbolize words peer pressure
can’t help it: means you are being forced to do so as such

Define illusions and truth, the point is is that they are defined by their examples

Confused thinking about human behavior

Behavioral goals.

Every action you perform is a form of behavior: yes, and behavior is science you are not special, no morals.

confuze you with all these labels

confused twins

treat it as a mental illness

Everyone doesn’t share the same morals: we all are not the same

say it with me bring yourself out of poverty knowing these limits makes one feel more comfortable

if i was resisting temptation then i would resist coming to school

stop it in action, prevent it before it happens: the comfort attachment

get curious at the right thing

get curious not furious (no dogma)

used as a source of heat

limits of how it’s used

It all depends on how it’s used in the head.

the us govt does not do it, we are doing it ourselves

You are contributing to the social order by being passive about it, respecting it.

Is it a moral issue or a financial issue?

treated the same as anyone else
Treating a dog as any dog and not specific to context: How to respect basically.

Why Treating Everyone the Same Isn’t Really Fair Treatment at All

‘All we want is to be treated the same as anyone else’

limits of curiosity

proactive prevent learning morality

calling it dialect makes one understand the limits of such behaviors, language.

Do you know when this ahh whipping going to come

Southern “accent”

judging the opinion of others

What you are able to think is your reality, we all live in our own little world, but are not aware of it.