Shipping to Basic Combat Training Now

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>As I a speaking, I am currently waiting on a long-deserved, now-delayed flight. I will see you, future myself, until my sanity returns.</p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>Currently waiting at Gate 3 at the LR Clinton National Airport with a person shipping to the same base as me, who happens to be in charge of both of us. It has been enjoyable so far and wishing myself to continue doing the same.</p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>Saw and met some good folks that I conversed with my time here at the airport and back at meps.</p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>Met with a person named Brandon Tucker who seems to be joining the air force active duty and shipping tomorrow and joined for personal development reasons. This person is 20, married and has a kid.</p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>Also met another person named Nikki, a friendly person.</p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

Freethought Notes – Documented 7/2/2022

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71-i8lsD7mL.jpg (850×1360) (

Why Physical Touch Is So Important for Humans| KCM (

Humans are made to be touched — so what happens when we aren’t? | (

Why Physical Touch Matters for Your Well-Being (

Involuntary Joy | (

The Difference Between Voluntary and Involuntary Singles | Psychology Today

quote-mindgasm-noun-an-exhilarating-neurostorm-of-intense-intellectual-pleasure-fully-revelatory-jason-silva-87-42-59.jpg (850×400) (

Spontaneous Orgasm: 6 Reasons Why It Happens and What to Do (

The Disturbing Pleasure of Involuntary Cruelty | WENDY POWITT

What is normal? | Reinvent Normal | Why label? |

That fear of being found out | Financial Times (

DS3zEMlVwAABiKa.jpg (1125×1125) (

Can You Get Someone Committed to Rehab Against Their Will | Sober College

To My High School Friends, As We Go Our Separate Ways (

Deprivation and discovery motives determine how it feels to be curious – ScienceDirect

quote-the-only-real-ill-doing-is-the-deprivation-of-knowledge-plato-75-84-55.jpg (850×400) (

“Fearless”: Improving Sexual & Reproductive Health of Female Sex Workers | India HIV/AIDS Alliance Blog (

Understanding the Sexual and Reproductive Vulnerabilities of Female Sex Workers | India HIV/AIDS Alliance Blog (

Advocating for Stigma-free Healthcare for Female Sex Workers | India HIV/AIDS Alliance Blog (

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If I am not planning on pursuing a masters degree right after a bachelor’s degree I should consider the option of commissioning as an officer.

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inspirational-criticism-quotes-16.jpg (731×731) (

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whoever-criticizes-others-must-have-something-to-replace-them-criticism-without-suggestion-is-like-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

quote-i-will-tell-you-what-i-can-t-abide-and-i-think-the-internet-has-really-created-a-space-jennifer-garner-10-67-08.jpg (850×400) (

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Good-Constructive-Criticism-Quotes.jpg (800×800) (

Keeping healthy relationships with people is not the same as seeking fame or validation. It’s a healthy source of seeking fame and is rather healthy validation. You don’t have to be known like Micheal Philips in order to be a great swimmer or Usain Bolt to be a fast runner.

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720) (

Were-all-faking-it-1024×480.jpg (1024×480) (

“Deep down, everyone is just faking it until they figure it out.” | by Brendan McCaskell | Medium

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5349577-Louie-Giglio-Quote-As-long-as-we-are-faking-it-we-are-just-showing.jpg (3840×2160) (

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images (225×225) (

A Thank You to My Parents – Because I Don’t Want Your Stuff – Just Call Me Homegirl

main-qimg-b78725c0451d8b0fb46edc29afcc2fb9.webp (318×463) (

I want to have fun, but my parents won’t let me! | Annie Fox’s Blog

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You need to allow your kid to gain independence step by step. You don’t keep them dependent because they are already dependent, if that was the justification, then how would they change?

When Labels Don’t Fit: Hispanics and Their Views of Identity | Pew Research Center

4422329-Harbhajan-Singh-Yogi-Quote-Life-is-simple-Life-is-not-complicated.jpg (3840×2160) (

Life is not as simple as you think. It is simpler… –

benjamindisraeli1.jpg (600×315) (

i-will-never-apologize-for-being-me-speaking-the-truth–giving-all.jpg (620×620) (

never-apologize-for-being-you-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

Stop+apologizing+Quotes.jpg (512×269) (

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Quotes-from-Girl-Stop-Apologizing-by-Rachel-Hollis-2.png (1000×1500) (

dont-bother-apologizing-if-youre-just-going-to-continue-doing-the-things-you-said-sorry-for-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

1632621505_Stop-Apologizing.jpeg (700×700) (

c2810eac6b25fc2508a01ab8d5ef1ca0.jpg (640×640) (

307046-Stop-Apologizing-For-Who-You-Are.jpg (480×480) (

8bf9ccb6a4677e96dda3389feab9598f.jpeg (720×720) (

quote-from-girl-stop-apologizing.png (750×750) (

Girl, Stop Apologizing! – Happy Mama Tales

girl_stop_apologizing_quotes.jpg (1920×1080) (

quote-free-yourself-live-your-life-stop-apologizing-for-who-you-are-garret-john-loporto-81-32-66.jpg (850×400) (

source (1200×630) (

Rachel-Hollis-quotes-greencleandesigns.com_.jpg (800×800)

My tactic for the physicals is to find the perfect person (if not finable, make one up in your head and draw it irl) and then to compare everyone to the standard of perfection, until I find a real-life person.

Throughout your childhood, your body was just getting ready to be a parent. That’s the goal of this all. The goal of life is to be a good parent.

You-are-not-fat-you-have-fat-You-also-have-fingern (800×800) (

We all have a trap that we’ve fallen into and are getting out of. Stop being in that nsfw cycle, find something else to replace it.

Things That Are Absolutely Okay To Hide From Your Partner In A Relationship (

Is It Ever Okay To Keep a Secret? | Dr. Alison Block (

When You Hide Something From Your Partner, Here’s How Your Body Reacts (

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Difference Between Self Defense and Retaliation – Ask Any Difference

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c4add8bf0ec544887876b5995b8f614f–original-quotes-morning-inspiration.jpg (500×500) (

470015-Mark-Twain-Quote-Don-t-part-with-your-illusions-When-they-are-gone.jpg (3840×2160) (

6595020-A-H-Almaas-Quote-When-will-you-begin-to-exist-then-When-will-you.jpg (3840×2160) (

Did Humans Exist With God Before They Were Born On Earth? (

web15-featute-thws-truth-580×370.jpg (580×370) (

another-problem-with-having-a-good-heart-is-people-think-youre-stupid.jpg (620×620) (

6663470-Alex-Berenson-Quote-If-stupid-people-didn-t-insist-on-thinking.jpg (3840×2160) (

I-m-stubborn-not-stupid-There-s-221273.jpg (640×643) (

quote-i-hate-it-when-girls-act-stupid-cause-they-think-it-s-cute-intelligence-is-sexy-niall-horan-79-62-22.jpg (850×400) (

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anigif_sub-buzz-5329-1566514110-1_preview.gif (360×243) (

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Why Stereotypes are Harmful – Momentous Institute

Why stereotypes are bad even when they’re ‘good’ | Oliver Burkeman | The Guardian

Harmful Psychological Effects of Racial Stereotyping (

Exercise for the treatment of depression and anxiety – PubMed (

Make a post titled: What people don’t get about addiction and depression and maybe make it to a ted talk

Does Other People’s Success Make You Feel Bad About Yourself? (

SESREX on Twitter: “Remember putting others down to make yourself look or feel better helps no one. You don’t always know what people are dealing with or trying to overcome. Just share the love my stranger friends 🤍” / Twitter

main-qimg-d290e7e45305b9863f8fd119d14dce7f.webp (602×283) (

699184-Dylan-Moran-Quote-The-terror-of-failure-can-make-you-feel-like-a.jpg (3840×2160) (

If Self-Discipline Feels Difficult, Then You’re Doing It Wrong (

Why no-one can “make” you feel anything. – Caroline Ferguson, Mindset Trainer

Explore Yourself and Explore Your Style (

More Is Less? – The Minimalists

Why Successful People Leave Their Loser Friends Behind (

Richard Marks’s answer to All of my friends at school do hardcore drugs and drink. They bond over this addiction and constantly talk about it and do it. What should I do? – Quora

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people-will-provoke-you-until-they-bring-out-your-ugly-side-and-then-play-victim.jpg (620×620) (

main-qimg-32f76ee173fbea678c0978615f19ae5b-lq (563×549) (

Why do people get mad and act like they are the victim when they do something wrong and get called out for it? – Quora

People will provoke you… – WomenWorking

To Achieve Success and Mastery, What Are You Willing to Sacrifice? — Mr Feelgood

sacrifice.jpg (610×367) (

What Are You Willing To Sacrifice? – BooknVolume

To sacrifice means to replace the bad ones with the good ones.

106720369_615352009091592_8765024155455854190_n.jpg (721×578) (

Mark Minervini on Twitter: “Whatever is most important to you is what is going to show up the most in your life. Ask yourself: When it really comes down to it, what does everything else take a back seat to? Is your dream worth prioritizing? It better be! Because that’s what it’s going to take to be great.” / Twitter

4bJB8061.jpg (1080×1080) (

what-are-you-willing-to-sacrifice.jpg (3840×2160) (

804ea491fdab8222055edeb3b33f8dfb96ebec7a515d319d363e4df970820114_1.jpg (720×740) (

It all comes down to what are you willing to sacrifice for your goals

People-think-depression-is-sadness.png (700×875) (

real-depression-is-when-you-stop-loving-the-things-you-love.jpg (620×620) (

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720) (

Depression_is_real_as_the_word_itself_Be_nice_to_people_you_don_t_know_what_they_re_dealing_with___1597919478_5238092.jpg (800×500) (

Depression-Quotes-1.jpg (680×480) (

20-min.jpg (800×900) (

195020-Terry-Pratchett-Quote-If-there-was-anything-that-depressed-him.jpg (3840×2160) (

Depression-Quotes-8.jpg (1004×704) (

Depression-is-real-It-happens-We-go-198806.jpg (1200×630) (

689130860-People-talk-about-depression-like-its-something-weak.jpg (600×600) (

cfc2f87f56f6902e7e40df59aaabb1ee.jpeg (650×720) (

sad-lonely-depression-quotes-its-always-worse-than-it-seems.jpg (500×325) (

quote-depression-is-a-real-demon-in-the-woods-for-a-lot-of-creative-people-you-know-it-s-part-ethan-hawke-86-69-36.jpg (850×400) (

quote-if-depression-has-been-viewed-as-a-taboo-subject-in-the-church-then-suicide-and-suicidal-sheila-walsh-160-37-76.jpg (850×400) (

The-absolute-worst-part-of-depression-is-that-even-though-you-know-youre-depressed-youre-unable-to-stop-yourself-from-getting-worse.jpg (720×405) (

the-people-who-succeed-despite-depression-do-262859.jpg (1200×630) (

quote-how-can-you-frighten-a-man-whose-hunger-is-not-only-in-his-own-cramped-stomach-but-in-john-steinbeck-36-90-36.jpg (850×400) (

Depression-is-very-real-It-ll-back-114009.jpg (1200×630) (

6c8cabf37877cb80e5aeb620881e0128-fighting-depression-quotes-depression-recovery-quotes.jpg (736×736) (

803419009-548094_362643350440088_193325447371880_1011518_1937087855_n.jpg (720×629) (

quote-i-ve-had-a-tremendous-problem-with-depression-in-my-life-i-d-rather-not-talk-about-it-henri-nouwen-21-62-57.jpg (850×400) (

quotes-on-depression_quotes4-11_820.jpg (350×194) (

5b9e99dc250000350036edb1.png (940×788) (

i-was-in-a-self-induced-depression-welcome-to-me-real-world-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

photo-1588031710692-25195b092ab1 (1000×1000) (

quote-i-was-in-a-self-induced-depression-welcome-to-me-real-world-natsuo-kirino-41-56-31.jpg (850×400) (

KCRF_HPC_Meme_-_Dr._Kelly_Brogan_1.jpg (700×700) (

115-Depression-Quotes-and-Sayings-About-Depression-37.jpg (735×959) (

depression-in-life-quotes-by-avijeet-das-1981592.jpg (900×600) (

Anxiety-is-Having-64-Tabs-Open-But-In-Real-Life.jpg (700×700) (

Untitled-5.jpg (1280×720) (

the-only-valid-cure-for-any-kind-of-depression-is-the-acceptance.jpg (620×620) (

williamjames1.jpg (600×315) (

“People-understand-me-so-poorly-that-they-don’t-even-understand-my-complaint-about-them-not-understanding-me._-1024×1024.jpg (1024×1024) (

When-I-m-depressed-I-ll-lie-159685.jpg (1200×630) (

Earl_Nightingale.png (1848×1000) (

271669127_299370552223173_4479199179425114581_n.jpg (490×490) (

Stenson Fullson’s answer to Why do some people lead a relatively easy life while others struggle all their life? – Quora

People Think They’re Better Than Average, but How Much Better? | Psychology Today

The Illusion of Average: Implications for Scientists | CSPO

14df9834df932adb4fef06f1dfff249a6499c9888060132d97b6aad6201b4c74 (980×551) (

There is no such thing as a mistake, there is such a thing as a turning point and/or changing goals. A mistake is inherently and indirect comparison, so calling something a mistake is a comparison.

Why do some people never face any problems? – Quora

stereotype.jpg (771×466) (

Being Too Independent Stems From My Trauma (

Anna Chlumsky: ‘As a young person… I was for sale’ | The Independent

I was not ready to be a mom, but I am one. And I want out. Am I alone? | by Modern Parent | Modern Parent | Medium

Ever since I was young, I’ve always had the desire to harm the vulnerable. I gained pleasure from seeing such things suffer. For example, I wanted to kill baby birds when I saw them.

> Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can. [source]

Copy-of-Blue-Dynamic-Fitness-Youtube-Thumbnail-3.png (1280×720) (

ifyoulovelife-min.jpg (575×491) (

94d9c8696e3c553f439a5d4894c1b920.jpg (2048×2048) (

1721927-Bruce-Lee-Quote-Stop-wasting-time-in-playing-a-role-or-a-concept.jpg (3840×2160) (

Quotation-Steve-Harvey-Your-reality-is-yours-Stop-wasting-time-looking-at-someone-82-48-54.jpg (1200×640) (

Wasting-Time-Quotes-Relationship.jpg (600×857) (

quote-the-thing-is-to-try-to-do-as-much-as-you-can-in-the-time-that-you-have-kenneth-more-90-0-090.jpg (850×400) (

bf4eeebad08324764174038d818c6963.jpg (680×517) (

Everyone is entitled to a safe home, and if that’s called being entitled (in a bad way) then I don’t know what good entitlement is? If no one is entitled to anything, then that must mean they aren’t even entitled to life in general, which is something murderers would say. Don’t make yourself comparable and justifiable to what murderers do.

Whatever you do, just make it a goal to not fall into the trap of nsfw-curiosity addiction

8f13a3eb81deba9a50d7a5ff094a32b4.jpg (1024×768) (

a75203b3a344c512c96a9aa78b123f3b–quotes-for-girls-fall.jpg (500×250) (

quote-it-s-so-important-to-reach-out-to-people-you-trust-and-who-can-give-you-honest-feedback-tim-gunn-129-20-81.jpg (850×400) (

Knoco stories: The biggest barriers and enablers for knowledge Management (

1*3CeVouv2cOXIQny0j7_i3Q.jpeg (1400×1053) (

You think you have it worse? See this: main-qimg-9244aa5d12bb89d77173d24afb4c5638-lq (602×1071) (

main-qimg-f7385f21e9ce6e4c8cde678c7b4efd87-lq (602×803) (

Five reasons why I won’t cover my scars – Bring Change to Mind (

6727919-Augusten-Burroughs-Quote-This-is-the-truest-thing-I-know-Scars-are.jpg (3840×2160) (

img-20220422-62623bb792c9f.png (1080×1080) (

Making Habits Automatic — Sustainable Evolution

Compare yourself to better people if that’s whom you want to be like

Actors Who Committed Suicide | List of Male Actors Who Killed Themselves (

e5ea84c87c7000faf8192248eb151119.jpg (640×644) (

When You’re the Unlucky One – Still Standing Magazine

main-qimg-74d8c309fd7d3d6f4249f7a6cba6bdcb-lq (602×803) (

quote-i-m-the-luckiest-unlucky-person-tig-notaro-86-87-93.jpg (850×400) (

Think-youre-escaping-and-run-into-yourself.-Longest-way-round-is-the-shortest-way-home.jpg (720×405) (

edgarallanpoe1.jpg (600×315) (

quote-home-is-not-where-you-were-born-home-is-where-all-your-attempts-to-escape-cease-naguib-mahfouz-114-31-80.jpg (850×400) (

1008980-Naguib-Mahfouz-Quote-Home-is-not-where-you-were-born-home-is-where.jpg (3840×2160) (

654a79bc4b7928812c0bb67c97003ebc–running-away-quotes-travel-posters.jpg (474×474) (

i-want-to-run-away-and-never-come-back-quote-1.jpg (400×600) (

1077119-Portia-de-Rossi-Quote-I-was-trying-to-find-a-reason-for-having-had.jpg (3840×2160) (

Don’t want my kids to experience hardships even though that’s the only way they can grow. A healthy dose of hardships is okay, just make sure not to kill them.

nipsey-hustle.jpg (1080×1004) (

Simple-Not-Easy-Low-Res-250×300.jpg (250×300) (

8bcdf2_2dd38236777d44e3a1a68bd4334b6004-mv2.png (711×400) (

950369.jpg (300×387) (

people-will-provoke-you-until-they-bring-out-your-ugly-side-and-then-play-victim.jpg (620×620) (

Why can’t we give reviews on our military recruiters on their responsiveness, etc.


10 Proven Ways to Judge a Person’s Character – Lifehack

Get the judge out of my home

when-you-judge-others-look-at-yourself–you-too-have-flaws.jpg (620×620) (

73.png (600×400) (

1466440611-look-at-yourself-before-judging-others.jpg (600×400) (

1729433078-quote-when-you-point-your-finger-at-someone-three-fingers-are-pointing-back-at-you-anonymous-280930.jpg (850×400) (

3e289d0a68a55bf6cc67b0d2c3985776.jpg (704×711) (

583004e1a029ff066f44b7d6915df9fe.png (720×1280) (

abba87dc02afb10467363fc299d84845.jpg (236×301) (

d68ed5246e862f0191bee84f36eea1f5.jpg (480×854) (

WAly6564.webp (720×720) (

74dfb7e82a0c29d924c06b9d4d3024ad.jpg (500×488) (

9ec028b1225e90e61fd51edfdeff484d.jpg (640×640) (

When Work Becomes a Game | Innovation| Smithsonian Magazine

Make the Job a Game (

just-when-it-seems-like-life-is-getting-good-something-always-has-to-come-along-and-ruin-it-quote-1.jpg (560×720) (

459674ffb42a1f35ce6dc37fbbf00e53.jpg (630×400) (

why-is-it-that-every-time-things-look-like-they-are-finally-going-to-be-okay-something-goes-wrong-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

im-one-of-those-unlucky-people-who-had-a-happy-childhood-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

9220681d1bac874795ac03fea4e8ec23.jpg (500×665) (

now-and-then-there-is-a-person-born-who-is-so-unlucky-that-he-runs-into-accidents-which-started-out-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

4522916-Gary-Ryan-Quote-It-s-simply-not-enough-to-just-show-up-and-do-your.jpg (3840×2160) (

be-a-role-model-not-a-critic-dont-tell-your-children-your.jpg (620×620) (

quote-we-as-parents-are-our-children-s-first-and-best-role-models-and-this-is-particularly-michelle-obama-69-37-53.jpg (850×400) (

1098756d273235db8a9112363bf10740.jpg (500×353) (

Quotes-About-Role-Models-214-Quotes.jpg (1000×694) (

4e1169df28326c87289dbd955b1c627d.png (400×200) (

c4f9b9e37a49b0d5ccbc6db5bb584dc1.png (520×520) (

2ad287c6bff9c83b0a024d1a10eedba8.png (355×563) (

Why some people want facial scars – BBC News

I Feel “more body confident & less scar conscious” – Kechi Okwuchi as she spends Time at the Beach | BellaNaija

all-you-need-is-motivation-false-you-need-fear-and-an-approaching-deadline.jpg (551×380) (

4750f46d347ca3433bc7bfe98fa11e22.jpg (585×582) (

motivational-memes-22-720×944.jpg (720×944) (

motivational-it-is-not-this-day-memes.jpg (600×451) (

give-me-some-credit-for-the-hell-ive-paid-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

2912065-Evita-Peron-Quote-Put-down-me-for-a-lifetime-of-success-give-me.jpg (3840×2160) (

Everyday sadism: Pain And Pleasure: Why It’s Funny When We See A Person Falling Down (

Ever Wondered Why We Laugh When We See Someone Fall Down? (

5f9400c4a834b408668b37b2111a50c5–videogames-every-day.jpg (236×236) (

Is it wrong to join the military because you want to die meaningfully? Whether that be by stray bullet in a war torn village, or stepping on a anti-personnel mine/IED on snowcapped field. I’m being specific so I can be understood. – Quora

1384948432-Have-to-fight-for-attention.jpeg (500×500) (

3763c2cdd94063d34be17891c121584d.jpg (590×829) (

4fbf45736033c80e0aa86d1fd62b9ec5–luck-quotes-wise-quotes.jpg (500×660) (

Why Do Some People Suffer More Than Others? (

Are those who don’t suffer only there because of those who suffer? I think so. Think of it like this: Without soldiers, there wouldn’t be safe spaces for those teachers to perform their teaching lessons, etc.

05195b92f065e049987291e63bceff9b0e6569-wm.jpg (640×920) (

i-hate-that-phrase-the-real-world-why-is-a-478112.jpg (660×400) (

i-hate-that-phrase-the-real-world-why-is-a-478112.jpg (1200×630) (

c969f6549d65b56ea016c8346f544aef.jpg (640×920) (

People have always hated “The Real World” |

The definition of stuck: Why Do We Always Seem To Repeat The Same Lesson? –

but-sometimes-in-order-to-win-you-have-to-make-sacrifices-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

one day but not today

martinlutherkingjr1.jpg (600×315) (

Just know that if I have to hurt myself to get rid of the nsfw contents, I am ready to do so as such: I will give up my life for a cause.

friends-rachel-green.gif (288×200) (

Enable Me To Grow – Building Baha’i Inspired Homes

sprout.png (560×315) (

The Minds Journal on Twitter: “Not every place you fit in is where you belong #FitIn #WISEPICK” / Twitter

CxNXIz_WQAE22cV (700×700) (

Fitting in | It’s Only My Opinion (

Getting mad at certain things shows you’re a sane human being. For example, getting mad at those who hurt vulnerable things is a sane person’s quality. It’s something we mostly all share.

1015849116-ea31ff01512ce332da94dac3cf665993.jpg (720×419) (

stop-being-mad-4fb05e4ff5.jpg (600×702) (

anger1.jpg (500×500) (

If a man is left behind, you are as good as that man that was left behind.

Why does the mere presence of someone bother/irritate me? – Quora

Science Has a Word for Those People Who Just Really Annoy Everyone For No Apparent Reason |

theres-only-so-much-you-can-take-when-constantly-try-with-someone-and-all-they-do-is-push-you-away-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

i9.png (700×700) (

KNkvO0-Vnug-KLnfF7Q_Vpes-e6V9BVzLGTId66zo4E.png (600×432) (

polar-bear.jpg (524×772) (

dd822bb9a267984cf2934ea6d3a052ef.jpg (748×480) (

zJZJOxY5Iksbew8dE5k091vDo47jbmTubAH8rxwKSV0.jpg (640×720) (

main-qimg-a9f842a777058bac2addd7b35e375f99-lq (602×845) (

Some people just don’t deserve to be parents (

big-INTen1306_3.jpg (354×500) (

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720) (

3960352-Max-von-Sydow-Quote-Movies-give-me-an-opportunity-to-go-places-I-m.jpg (3840×2160) (

M2p93675.webp (720×720) (

just-give-me-an-opportunity-butters-stotch.gif (498×498) (

charity-work-is-very-important-to-me-and-gives-me-an-opportunity.jpg (620×620) (

I-will-not-give-a-chance-to-anyone-who-did-not-giv (800×800) (

1849167108-chris-perry-quote-ive-got-to-take-advantage-of-the-opportunity-they.jpg (289×361) (

619OkxC68hL.jpg (907×1360) (

2121156-Earl-Nightingale-Quote-Don-t-wait-for-change-You-change.jpg (3840×2160) (

Don-t-wait-for-the-world-to-60187.jpg (1200×630) (

315576161-stop-sticking-around-waiting-for-change-when-all-you-really-need-to-change-is-who-youre-with-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

6707480-Jesse-Itzler-Quote-People-are-always-waiting-for-something-to.jpg (3840×2160) (

Social Norms and Why We Need to Question The World Around Us | by Shruti Karthikeyan | Medium

Why Questioning ‘The System’ Should Be The New Social Norm | HuffPost UK Parents (

Is it possible to be born as a female and to think I should have been born a male? – JFCS of Greater Philadelphia (

i-shouldnt-have-been-there-i-should-never-have-been-born-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

4777870-Thomas-Hardy-Quote-I-wish-I-had-never-been-born-there-or-anywhere.jpg (3840×2160) (

frankaclark1.jpg (600×315) (

Quotes ‘nd Notes: Image (

I don’t feel comfortable with my body, not in a self esteem sort of way more of it doesn’t feel right. – JFCS of Greater Philadelphia (

original.jpg (722×1125) (

Force Yourself, Yes, Force Yourself to Do That Task | Psychology Today

Forcing yourself is the only way to make yourself do things.

Never rest until you get to where you want to be

the-force-is-within-you-force-yourself-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

415GxVrXcgL.jpg (320×500) (

> Every life has a story…. if we only bother to read it; So, be open-minded and stop being so prejudiced

Everyone Has a Story | Empathia

There are times when you should be open minded and others when you should be focused

Don’t redeem your reward yet, have self-control in times of trouble

How People’s Prejudices Develop (

I am not settling for less than I deserve

Life is easy only if you follow through with your initial instincts.

Looking for perfection. Heaven on earth is what I am striving for.

If you wait for others, then you’re giving them control, be very cautious when doing so.

I Used To Be A Bully | Teens Against Bullying (

> The bullies themselves are victims, too, and need help just like the children they bully. “Because bullies are so aggressive, they are viewed by peers to be so difficult to deal with, so they are rejected,” writes DeLisi. Many bullies experience some type of abuse at home, and bullying others is simply a coping mechanism. Counseling can be provided as an avenue for bullies to talk about their feelings. Bullying may be a growing problem, but we can stop it by treating all victims: the bullied and the bullies. [source]

Used to be a bully | Childline

How does nature communicate with us? – Beyond Words Publishing

if-you-could-do-it-again-would-you-meet-thenm-40235201.png (500×521)

a51253a8a4658640b51540bd6d70ecbc.jpg (500×750) (

45616761_2330517103643159_4143824407556521984_n-85358107.jpg (960×952) (

if-you-could-do-it-all-over-again-would-you-change-anything-quote-1.jpg (500×452) (

1050-Life.jpg (960×960) (

65136-Yogi-Berra-Quote-If-I-had-to-do-it-all-over-again-I-would-do-it.jpg (3840×2160) (

original.jpg (480×360) (

f2e96833261063c44044124192efa0f3.jpg (851×315) (

Being around productive people: it’s like a completely different society.

A Different Society Altogether (

a7fa6d2091746d12ef2ebd116934e8a6–pollution-environment.jpg (736×736) (

b7d6c33c88d29a568be9f1b894fa8ed2.jpg (416×239) (

151af2ce19e7fa2584c8ee3b67328284.jpg (560×720) (

Future-Generations-Quotes-Sayings-Future-Generations-Picture-Quotes.jpg (620×800) (

960986982-quote-if-we-intend-to-provide-a-better-life-and-a-better-world-for-future-generations-we-can-t-ignore-john-kasich-98981.jpg (850×400) (

bc997e964fff346e082acb01ee5fccef.png (1000×554) (

the-future-depends-on-what-we-do-in-the-present-quote-2.jpg (800×600) (

abrahamlincoln1.jpg (600×315) (

original.png (726×724) (

naomicampbell1-2x.jpg (1200×630) (

2530923-Lewis-Howard-Latimer-Quote-We-create-our-future-by-well-improving.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-future-generations-will-judge-us-not-by-what-we-say-but-what-we-do-ellen-johnson-sirleaf-86-68-66.jpg (850×400) (

fe995bc483b86c526cbe23002ecd5695.jpg (620×800) (

images (225×225) (

Don’t waste time fearing the future, instead create it.

Fear is an indication that you are wasting your future.

quote-we-make-the-future-better-than-the-past-we-don-t-hide-from-history-we-make-history-john-mccain-64-63-98.jpg (850×400) (

What is stopping you from living the life you want? Attachment to bad things

What exactly stops people from having the life they want? – Quora

Initial discomfort, go through it: Niklas Göke’s answer to What exactly stops people from having the life they want? – Quora

What Is Stopping You From Living Your Best Life? – Here’s What You Should Ask Yourself To Start Living Your Best Life – It’s Rosy (

27567-Albert-Einstein-Quote-The-world-is-a-dangerous-place-to-live-not.jpg (3840×2160) (

Quotation-Albert-Einstein-The-world-is-a-dangerous-place-to-live-not-because-8-72-82.jpg (640×360) (

I don’t know where he went

Don’t fall for the lower standards, rise to a higher standard, and tell that to others as well. The best thing you can do is change their mind.

Is Giving Out Cash With No Strings Attached The Best Way To End Poverty? : Goats and Soda : NPR

They’re just like you – sane and competent people, they’re just poor – So, remember, you could be in this same position to, be humbled: The poor know they’re poor: the roles of shame and stigma in the everyday lives of people in poverty – New Mandala

Ending the shame and stigma of poverty (

The Stigma of Poverty | Making Change Happen (

To end global poverty, invest in peace (

IMG_0170.jpg (720×405) (

Poverty-Quotes-1.jpg (1587×2245) (

87bbcbe2801a6d4b760ea0f38f620d38.jpg (720×450) (

Poverty-is-the-root-of-disorders-in-the-country.-Mozi.jpg (600×327) (

images (236×214) (

682306-John-Legend-Quote-The-best-way-to-fight-poverty-is-to-empower.jpg (3840×2160) (

1892070664-nelson-mandela-quotes-poverty.jpg (650×330) (

mother_teresa_quotes_1.jpg (640×548) (

ffd98192973eb4b661ecdf01e369997e.jpg (509×509) (

61362666e286eddb1177591925829514.jpg (526×526) (

8f9418a50724e7411946ffb3b007de99.jpg (650×650) (

Why I Disagree with “Don’t Be the Smartest Person in the Room” (

2c37020b7b712bce5d416a8a56224cbd.jpg (750×1000) (

311.gif (600×282) (

2643880-Muhammad-Yunus-Quote-Poverty-is-not-created-by-poor-people-It-is.jpg (3840×2160) (

poverty-is-not-just-a-lack-of-money-it-is-not-having-the-capability-to-realize-ones-full-potential-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

69960-Poverty.jpg (320×320) (

b64527b258727b6df7d27b549764993b.png (1587×2245) (

quotes-on-poverty-education-1.jpg (564×705) (

Quotes+Poverty+exists+-+NaijaStore-715047.jpg (720×720) (

616697975-Famous71.jpg (1024×768) (

0cb6bc675b078358c7961454839d0124.jpg (650×488) (

quote-rich-people-play-the-money-game-to-win-poor-people-play-the-money-game-to-not-lose-t-harv-eker-57-25-42.jpg (850×400) (

76452-Robert-T-Kiyosaki-Quote-The-world-is-full-of-smart-poor-people.jpg (3840×2160) (

5c8d9e8f7c000c86c34bdd0fafb8ef3a.jpg (640×856) (

jeanpaulsartre1-2x.jpg (1200×630) (

Poor-people-dont-have-time-for-investments-because-poor-people-are-too-busy-trying-not-to-be-poor.jpg (720×405) (

219771-Gloria-Steinem-Quote-Rich-People-plan-for-three-generations-Poor.jpg (3840×2160) (

Rich-People-Plan-For-Three-Generations-Poor-People-Plan-For-Saturday-Night-Poor-People-Best-Quotes-Rich-People.jpg (2269×2850) (

images (225×225) (

quote-our-poor-people-are-great-people-a-very-lovable-people-they-don-t-need-our-pity-and-mother-teresa-34-89-91.jpg (850×400) (

poverty-quotes-tvrrmu5qtt0=_d.jpg (1280×853) (

dreams-quotes-txpnmu9urxc=_d.jpg (1280×588) (

rich-people-are-poor-people-with-money-345770.png (1080×1080) (

2586974-Newt-Gingrich-Quote-I-will-continue-to-find-ways-to-help-poor.jpg (3840×2160) (

Always-it-is-the-poor-people-who-52225.jpg (1200×630) (

bf89d98fffc1f6d427cc0a0cae217047.jpg (600×600) (

quote-poor-people-know-poor-people-and-rich-people-know-rich-people-it-is-one-of-the-few-things-moss-hart-66-11-82.jpg (850×400) (

images (214×236) (

images (660×360) (

the-best-way-to-help-poor-people-is-to-not-be-one-of-them-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

ee03c99c1d80eff4bc8fac697f154ed1.jpg (500×660) (

ive-heard-that-the-best-way-to-help-poor-people-is-to-make-sure-you-dont-become-one-of-them-quote-1.jpg (560×720) (

normmacdonald1.jpg (600×315) (

62218e1397169f1d46cd3797_mother-teresa-quote-about-hunger-feeding-poor.jpg (1200×629) (

images (300×168) (

MR8e5418.webp (720×720) (

578388-Charles-Barkley-Quote-I-like-to-help-poor-people-who-got-no-chance.jpg (3840×2160) (

Steve-Wynn-Nobody-Likes-Poor-People.png (800×453) (

quote-if-we-want-to-help-poor-people-out-one-way-to-do-that-is-to-help-them-explore-and-use-muhammad-yunus-65-92-16.jpg (850×400) (

It-is-as-difficult-for-most-poor-56342.jpg (1200×630) (

quote-the-only-difference-between-a-rich-person-and-a-poor-person-is-how-they-use-their-time-robert-kiyosaki-57-40-12.jpg (850×400) (

crime-is-for-poor-people-you-dont-need-to-rob-the-bank-if-you-own-it.jpg (620×620) (

George-Orwell-quotes-92.jpg (600×315) (

23.png (600×400) (

ive-learned-to-never-underestimate-the-impossible-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

original.jpg (720×540) (

help-status-269×300.jpg (269×300) (

quote-help-young-people-help-small-guys-because-small-guys-will-be-big-young-people-will-have-jack-ma-82-40-21-1-e1454450408481.jpg (600×282) (

some-people-think-that-poor-people-are-lazy-actually-it-takes-a.jpg (620×620) (

1646256954-082657ad52af979cb3714faad7dd21b8.jpg (400×480) (

dc3bbe9f1feb9ffa555cf0e01c0410d5.jpeg (648×469) (

where-rich-people-can-make-honest-money-poor-people-have-to-steal.jpg (620×620) (

it-is-easy-to-romanticize-poverty-to-see-poor-people-as-inherently.jpg (620×620) (

do-you-hate-poor-people-or-do-you-just-hate-poor-people-with-jobs-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

d24f06124250b278c1f4f02639de2b2a.jpeg (487×540) (

the-best-way-you-hurt-rich-people-is-by-turning-them-into-poor-people.jpg (620×620) (

It-is-the-consumers-who-make-poor-55078.jpg (1200×630) (

quote-do-not-really-like-rich-people-as-they-make-us-poor-people-feel-dopey-and-inadequate-george-saunders-119-69-26.jpg (850×400) (

if-i-ever-get-rich-i-hope-im-not-real-mean-to-poor-people-like-i-am-now-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

Poverty-should-first-be-addressed-in-the-59845.jpg (1200×630) (

2488704-T-Harv-Eker-Quote-Rich-people-take-advice-from-people-who-are.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-poor-people-in-america-today-people-who-are-officially-in-poverty-have-a-higher-standard-michael-medved-133-46-44.jpg (850×400) (

481618378-quote-when-rich-people-fight-wars-with-one-another-poor-people-are-the-ones-to-die-jean-paul-sartre-162953.jpg (850×400) (

foreign-aid-is-taking-money-from-the-poor-people-of-a-rich-country-and-giving-it-to-the-rich-people-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

quote-my-empathy-for-poor-people-comes-from-having-been-one-of-them-for-so-long-from-knowing-michael-eric-dyson-127-95-10.jpg (850×400) (

our-poor-people-are-great-people-a-very-lovable-people-they-dont-need-our-pity-and-sympathy-they-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

d6e320e4b692ff1d9a1047149fe1ee01.jpg (600×1050) (

humanitarian-quote-helping-people-1-picture-quote-1.jpg (450×450) (

The-death-of-a-billionaire-is-worth-22540.jpg (1200×630) (

i-think-clever-people-think-that-poor-people-are-stupid.jpg (620×620) (

n857uynf86m41.jpg (640×821) (

There are many people out there that deserve praise and recognition but don’t get it.

I had to go through it to realize its value, therefore ifa not a wasted experience rather a learned one, so, don’t call it useless.


i am my own dad, it’s ok to be the odd one out, think about the children, think about your children, you don’t want to have kids whose father was a nsfw addict, how will you act as a future parent, Think of the children – Wikipedia, former depressed, utmost importance, we all need physical touch to live, hiding secrets is the same thing as changing clothes in private, anhedonia, involuntary pleasure, normalcy trust, false feelings, reinvent average, things to do private, against will, no one will treat you like i did, no one will treat you like family, you love your family as it is a source of trust, family isn’t a set of people rather how people treat you, don’t let someone slap you and them offer to heal you and call it love, means so much to me narrow minded, deprived of knowledge | English examples in context | Ludwig, knowledge deprivation, stop stigmatizing nsfw, out of control bodily functions, I can’t believe we are over, nsfw-yrisk, some nsfw is nsfwizion, controlling my body, allowing control, forced entry, ignoring reality, smacking the face is real, acting as both the solution and problem, breaking point boundaries, Arousal – Wikipedia, it’s not hard unless you make it that way, everyone goes thru this, slightly buff makes me horn, schadenfreude, have it all, don’t like being known, i like my privacy, it keeps happening, never forget the feeling, don’t worry about it, you’ll never forget the feeling, age-appropriate, exposed to violence at an early age, mental develpment, done in small doses, Urban Dictionary: First Love, never forget my first love, public access, bad childhood memories, good vs. bad boundaries, there is a fine line between good and bad, overboarding physicals, drugs make you forget (problems) and thus make you more happy, drugs make you more narrow-minded, narrow-mindedness isn’t always a bad things – it’s like focus you must do it on the good parts only, are we all just faking it, military voice, physicals, stop making fun of people we are all finding it out, those who understand the struggle know how hard it feels to keep yourself surviving, law making process, we all have problems, arguably bad, objectively bad, stop me from making mistakes[2], i want to learn something new, stop parents from doing things for you, tricking thinking process, happens more often than you would think, everyone is going thru a phase I’m doing my best to help out by not insulting them and keeping quiet, how would you parent your own kids, don’t know what I lost, start somewhere else, allow it to happen, allow morality to help you, social circle, I know that I am not mature enough for social media, soft skills, post high school graduation, stop apologizing, semi fit, make some compromises, i make no promises, paradox of consent, I like being forced, good and bad at the same time, control involuntary, stop making it complicated, i can see it happening, i can imagine it, you are not your body, get fit, it’s okay to hide things, both smart and fit, retribution vs self defense, guaranteed rights, you are someones’ dad[2], people can change, they think we’re stupid, stereotypes are bad, stop being narrow-minded and explore the world, explore new style, best first better next, retribution, I’ve been humbled, it’s all fake, stop being narrow-minded about the wrong things, you can do it without help, you can’t do it without cooperation, it all comes down to what are you willing to sacrifice, detachment from objectively bad things, not there yet, life is not in my control, finding heaven, change in family dynamics, coming from the best, Stereotype – Wikipedia, not all crimes should be punished, not all criminals should be kept in prison, not all criminals are bad, enablers, Enabling – Wikipedia, mental games, mind tricks, why many people think they’re above average, Illusory superiority – Wikipedia, learn to feel, learn to get comfortable failing, open to make mistakes, breaking stereotypes, hungry for more, self-fulfilling prophecy, you don’t see that everyday, make it the norm, forced lucky, either way you didn’t choose to live, no excuses, explanations as an excise, explaining why I’m right, barely escape, tactic, practice scene, real, make it regular, don’t miss out, personality shows, independent person since young, i am not ready to be a parent, internet history, slightly buff, quick, escape, stop being vulnerable, vulnerability looks cute, stop being deceptive, tiring, stop telling white lies, stop oversharing, stop being submissive, learn boundaries, learn physicals, everything is physical, perfection forever is never ending, find something to replace bad curiosity, nsfw curiosity, non-nsfw curiosity, spongebob, live for the moment, pharmacists are basically legal drug dealers, stop stalling your goals, if not now when will the time be right, stop letting others control you, stop trusting others/the wrong people, trust is giving up control, denying scars, as long as you do your best, no damage is permanent, no one makes it out alive, being alive is something special, ability to feel feelings and experience emotions whilst sustaining life, lawless zone, reparenting yourself, the law does not care, fitness best version of myself, Urban Dictionary: being extra, express yourself for the goal of stopping the need to be so extra, home is like prison, it’s easy to live a healthy life, Simple, Not Easy – Medium, how many people fail step 1, top 1 percent kids, surprise me, know something i don’t, i just want to have fun i just want to spend money, i just haven’t found what i’m looking for, What are some of the common problems faced by people every day? – Quora, nothing is useless, deformed peoples, at least you know how it feels, finalize, how to judge people, learn to judge, best i can do now, they think we’re stupid, nobody is stupid they just need a bit of help, give the bennifit of the doubt, see the good in people, i shouldn’t be affected by the things i am not in control of, i shouldn’t be alive, complex feelings, acting as a human firewall, filtering system, just to show that it’s possible, they need it more than me, bragging about skills, all society is is bragging and showing off, boundaries between showing off/bragging and merely existing, shouldn’t have dressed like that, how does it feel to be scar-less, all you need is motivation, i’m not ready, Enmeshment – Wikipedia, you’re not fat you’re moldable, looking for a strong base, Give me credit – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, not my fault you were raised wrongly, emotionless, Rush it – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, changing families, getting a new family, restroom trained, put off the urge, closely, sacrifices have to be made, once addicted always addicted, missed out on life, we owe it to ourselves, stop waiting for others as it implies that you overly trust and depend on them,  financial independence happens step by step not overnight, growing takes allowance, strong foundation, white culture, my goal is to be healthy fit, stop hiding, get the basics right, glimpse of heaven, stop being mad, explore yourself, know your boundaries, desire to hurt cute things, fake it if you don’t belong, there is only so much you can do, survival mechanism, there have to be boundaries, version of me, Cooperate with me – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, the best you can do about mistakes is to pretend like it never happened, no scars, if you’re not ready to have a child who does not live normally you don’t deserve one, unmotivated, i should have been born as a, follow instincts, depersonalize it, dehumanize it, force yourself, everyone has a story, i used to be so prejudiced, it comes naturally when you’re ready so don’t try to, life is communication with nature, put your trust in, pretend like it never happened, unavoidable, preventable disease, a new father, don’t ruin your body, care enough, a new family, bitter making this, don’t want to have to do this, my own little corner of the world, right authorities, lawyers are douches, right authorities, basic human needs deprived, lawyer social boundaries, face of the future, understand the motivation behind it, we are the future… literally, keep grinding everyone else is, get back on track, anyone can make it in america, we are the future generation, stop being attached to poverty, attachment=wanting, narrow-minded focused, adult moves, big boy moves, you are a human robot, personality disorder, school should teach you how to learn, language is communication and communication is everything, get the basics right, back to kindergarten, school should focus more on language and how to learn using it, customize it, 

Physicals Section: Fairly Fit Peoples (people that are just starting out on their fitness journey)

how-to-close-a-bank-account-hero.jpg (1306×704) (

It makes me really happy when a f. Has slightly fithands, makes it look femi. But still strong

Right hand side kids’ face: 2B54C20400000578-3196558-image-a-89_1439476333990.jpg (634×911) (

DT_Fit_Guide_ShopByTops_Semi-Fitted.jpg (648×842) (

436×436.jpeg.7dec430038d346c7b780a3a650e8bb4a.preview (200×200) (

Meet #Rowan2025: Elementary Education Major Madison Jacobs (

400px-Jessica_Jacobs.jpg (400×532) (

d3a934d2_720.jpg (1280×720) (

823DB520-E04E-4F82-86EE-17FE59E1678C-Madison-Jacobs-1170×550.jpeg (1170×550) (

Keywords: semi fit people, start local, more often than you think, Make excellence the norm, stop being clingy, 

Position themselves in a disadvantaged position and only give them one way to get out

Unlucky-in-Love.jpg (792×456) (

main-qimg-102f44c194dac25b42b22da5dfe660c3-lq (512×342) (

woman-bad-luck-shirt.jpg (1200×630) (

11 Women Reveal Their C-Section Scars and Recovery Stories (

realworldcastnow.jpg (1240×775) (

‘Americanized’ By Sara Saedi Is The Painful True Story Of One Teen’s Experience Growing Up As An Undocumented Immigrant — EXCERPT (

They look better than me: These middle school students have a warning about teens and social media | WAMU

Texas girl dies from brain-eating amoeba contracted while swimming (

Fit In Twenty – Home | Facebook

Are Those Mysterious Phantom Bruises Something to Worry About? – ClassPass Blog

hero-image-calendar-429829.jpeg (1280×853) (

It’s nice to see these people doing regular human activities other than binding

Local physicals:

Arkansas skating on YouTube 

I am just now realizing the world is larger than school and I had missed out on sports and a social life.

Daily Dose of Laughter – Funny Section:

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Sad Moral Support:

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“We’re sorry to see you go” – roast my unsubscribe email! (

Why Is Mental Health Stigmatized in India? (

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Copy rich people: Top 10 Colleges with the Richest Students | CollegeVine Blog

Get a hard drive reader

Transfer Billing Responsibility – Wireless Customer Support (

Ask recruiter the following question:

Explore what grey’s anatomy is all about – it seems as if all of the successful rich peoples’ kids are into it.

Watch the sunset.

Quora Question from a long time ago – part of freethought notes:

Will there always be something we do now know?

 I originally asked this question after thinking much on the topic of creativity, will creativity be infinite, meaning will creativity be alive and well forever, such as until the ends of the universe? In case of any of you are wondering the answer to a similar type of question is over here.

As many of you know, we humans are considered the most smartest race on earth, according to many scientists here in the United States. But I always wondered, are humans limited to what they think? This question astonishes me from certain perspectives, for example when you wonder about this, you often tend to think of what is the point of doing this work I am doing right now, what if I just don’t do it, i’ll just let someone else do it, I will enjoy my live because the average lifespan is 76 years. What is the point of doing this….. 

Sorry if I kinda seen vague I will be adding more elements and information soon.

Freethought Notes – Documented 6/15/2022

Vulnerability: How Much is Too Much? | LinkedIn

When Vulnerability Becomes Too Much of a Good Thing | by Renee C | Sum of Our Parts (formerly Idle State) | Medium

How Much Vulnerability at Work Is Too Much? Brené Brown Just Explained in 6 Words |

Stop Trying to Be “Vulnerable.” Do This Instead. | Jordan Harbinger

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How to be vulnerable at work without spilling everything, from Brené Brown | (

Vulnerability Gone Wrong: How Much Is Too Much? (

Vulnerability Needs Healthy Boundaries – Here’s Why (

“Every master was once a beginner”

“Vulnerability without boundaries is not vulnerability” – Brene Brown | LinkedIn

How Much Vulnerability at Work Is Too Much? Brené Brown Just Explained in 6 Words |

Being Vulnerable Does Not Mean You Don’t Have Boundaries

Vulnerability in leadership — oversharing? | BetterConversations

Do it, whenever you’re ready.

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Challenge Your Unexamined Beliefs — Zen Thinking

expand-your-inner-circle-to-include-those-who-can-challenge-your-thinking.jpg (620×620) (

Do not be fearful of challenging your own beliefs… | Otrazhenie (

2405165-Bruce-H-Lipton-Quote-Your-own-beliefs-are-selecting-your-genes-and.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-we-have-two-alternatives-either-we-question-our-beliefs-or-we-don-t-either-we-accept-pema-chodron-45-94-88.jpg (850×400) (

4408398-Andrew-Bernstein-Quote-Find-the-beliefs-that-are-strangling-your.jpg (3840×2160) (

0bf6bd02222f883d7bf6a7fdbb7c6a4b.jpg (640×640) (

Averages are Meaningless* | Neil Kakkar

The End of Average: How We Succeed in a World That Values Sameness: Rose, Todd: 9780062358363: Books – Amazon

Why Science Says the Average Student Doesn’t Exist (And What This Means for Student Ownership) – John Spencer (

Ask yourself: What physically matters?

I don’t want to start off in my parents house, I want to become independent then become vulnerable enough to be nurtured by myself. I hope no one will take advantage of the vulnerable in society[2][3].

Proverbs 22:22-23 Don’t take advantage of the poor just because you can; don’t take advantage of those who stand helpless in court. The LORD will argue their case for them and threaten the life of anyone who threatens | Good News Translation (GNT) | Download The Bible App Now

6464128-Winston-Graham-Quote-People-might-think-it-lonely-living-on-my-own.jpg (3840×2160) (

You must accept that some people are just pure evil and you should stay away from them or else you’ll become like them – Since you are the average of the 5 people whom you spend the most time with.

Why do some people become parents in the first place when they don’t know how to be a parent? – Quora

Because people don’t see having kids as a turning point

I Don’t Really Know How to Be A Parent – Rachel Toalson

I Don’t Know How To Parent – Her View From Home

How to Make Your Own Family (

I can’t just permanently forget something, it’s a part of my past forever.

Revealing the Invisible: Confronting Passive Racism in Teacher Educati (

Revealing racism (

Social media helps reveal people’s racist views – so why don’t tech firms do more to stop hate speech? (

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quote-stay-close-to-anything-that-makes-you-glad-you-are-alive-hafez-68-70-11.jpg (850×400) (

be-happy-you-are-alive-and-be-good-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

255eb3d2d046dbcfa29e3f968d1a2334.jpg (440×440) (

1131098447-quote-after-you-have-a-kid-you-re-just-so-happy-to-be-alive-madeleine-stowe-270248.jpg (850×400) (

im-happy-to-be-alive-im-happy-to-be-who-i-am-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

i-m-happy-be-alive-today-youre-breathing-youre-smiling-12804544.png (500×918) (

everything is a drug choose wisely

If you start early and on the wrong note, this will happen to you: Bodybuilder Calls Out Fitness Influencers After Admitting Steroid Use (

Make These 17 Health Goals Into Daily Habits for Better Overall Wellness – Lifehack

health-goals-1024×700.jpeg (1024×700) (

my-goal-is-to-build-a-life-that-i-dont-need-a-vacation-from.jpg (720×720) (

my-main-goal-now-is-waking-up-healthy-every-day-and-going-on-with-life-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

quote-my-goal-in-life-is-to-leave-behind-a-safe-and-healthy-world-for-our-children-before-maisie-shiell-59-86-34.jpg (850×400) (

quote-denial-of-numerous-problems-can-happen-in-any-organization-and-i-don-t-mean-this-as-chris-lowney-158-12-22.jpg (850×400) (

795177-Bill-Johnson-Quote-Faith-doesn-t-deny-a-problems-existence-It.jpg (3840×2160) (

slide_2.jpg (960×720) (

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addiction-denial.png (300×231) (

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denial-anger-bargaining-depression-acceptance-stages-emotional-state-mental-health-with-man-coming-accept-problem-cartoon-flat-vector-illustration_341509-2110.jpg (626×235) (

jdonaldwalters1-2x.jpg (1200×630) (

quote-from-every-wound-there-is-a-scar-and-every-scar-tells-a-story-a-story-that-says-i-survived-craig-scott-67-76-02.jpg (850×400) (

quote-time-may-heal-all-wounds-but-it-does-not-erase-the-scars-jane-yolen-45-21-17.jpg (850×400) (

1373891708-large.jpg (500×300) (

if-better-is-possible-good-is-not-enough-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

16 Things Your Successful Friends Have Given Up | by Tim Denning | | Medium

4 Types of Friends You Need If You Want to Be Successful | Medium

Why having successful friends can make you successful, too | HelloGiggles

How to Deal with Friends Being More Successful (

What No One Ever Tells You About Friendship And Success (

Top 10 Lawless Countries In The World (

find-what-you-would-die-for-and-live-for-it-683×1024.jpg (683×1024) (

DharmamitraJeff on Twitter: “Find Something You’d DIE For And LIVE For It! #ProfoundSimplicity #SimpleWisdom #Inspirational #LifeQuotes” / Twitter

How to Find Something You Would Die for, and Live for It (

main-qimg-c24d32f02f8518b2cf21b9b3479e7110-pjlq (515×645) (

I Am in Full Control of My Life & Enjoy Every Aspect of it! – LetterPile

4428622-Marina-Abramovi-Quote-In-my-work-I-have-complete-control-but-about.jpg (3840×2160) (

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You-Friends.jpg (700×700) (

Being Selective is Good: Friendships You Want To Keep | by Alice Lam | Medium

Why do some parents never give any advice or guidance to their children? – Quora

quote-there-is-no-such-thing-as-pure-good-or-pure-evil-least-of-all-in-people-zedd-136-66-33.jpg (850×400) (

City Arrest: Harassment, attack of multiracial group prompt woman’s arrest in Berkeley (

How to Deal with Someone Who is Harassing You (

Does grooming by child abusers lead to Stockholm syndrome? (

5hf4na.jpg (500×559) (

trauma-bond-quote-300×206.png (300×206) (

Stockholm Syndrome: Precisely What Is Stockholm Syndrome? (

Stockholm Syndrome: Capitalism Edition | by ThoughtMatter | ThoughtMatter | Medium

Are there any real examples of Stockholm Syndrome? – Quora

Inspirational Fitness Story: From A Regular Indian Male To Becoming An Ace Marathoner (

ProperGander*TM: You are not a capitalist, you are a wage slave with stockholm syndrome to your captor, capitalists. – tw (

workers worker profit.jpg (580×754) (

79757204_541762509706797_3546607869312892928_n.jpg (320×288) (

Why Some People Seem to Have it All – Unsettle.

> Don’t bully anyone; They haven’t reached the best version of themselves yet. Recognizing this fact will help you realize others’ potential and stop exploiting them.

6652915-Polly-Horvath-Quote-Some-people-well-most-people-just-seem-to-show.jpg (3840×2160) (

600aa9ee35dfe975953c794325be9247.png (600×600) (

Willpower is nothing but labor and energy for labor, no matter how strong you are, runs out at one time or another.

When Willpower Isn’t Enough – Freakonomics

True, we all need cooperation.

just-deciding-to-forgive-isnt-enough-because-willpower-alone-wont-work-.jpg (620×620) (

196201-Terry-Pratchett-Quote-Everything-is-a-test.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-everything-is-a-test-terry-pratchett-47-20-26.jpg (850×400) (

4669286-Jeffrey-Zeldman-Quote-Test-everything-including-assumptions.jpg (3840×2160) (

3965682-S-J-Watson-Quote-With-him-everything-is-a-test-affection-is.jpg (3840×2160) (

119 Ministries

196569-Lewis-Carroll-Quote-Begin-at-the-beginning-and-go-on-till-you-come.jpg (3840×2160) (

1783020-Nick-Vujicic-Quote-We-all-start-with-zero-We-all-start-at-the.jpg (3840×2160) (

the-daily-cookie-80-glinda-wizard-of-oz-start-beginning.jpg (800×800) (

i-start-at-the-beginning-go-on-to-the-end-then-stop-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

i-shall-start-at-the-beginning-though-of-coarse-the-beginning-is-never-where-you-think-it-is-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

lewiscarroll1-2x.jpg (1200×630) (

fb_image_5b3243df1483c__700.jpg (700×368) (

46243219.jpg (267×400) (

Sometimes less is more

1221681-Jesse-Lauriston-Livermore-Quote-It-took-me-five-years-to-learn-to.jpg (3840×2160) (

172679-Pablo-Picasso-Quote-It-took-me-four-years-to-paint-like-Raphael.jpg (3840×2160) (

1611551-Aileen-Quinn-Quote-It-took-me-years-to-actually-get-comfortable-on.jpg (3840×2160) (

71OyQ72wX3L.jpg (1051×1360) (

The Key to Finding Happiness: Stop Trying to Be Happy | Mark Manson

The Happiness Trap: Why You’re Never Satisfied and How to Break the Cycle | by Mike Fishbein | | Medium

How to stop being self-satisfied and start being persistent – Quora

8ec35a6e847ab0c6de932c6033dae2e2.jpg (563×600) (

why do some people just have it all? | Mental Health Forum

Anxiety-Parents.jpg (1198×1788) (

2688309-Jon-Stewart-Quote-I-don-t-want-to-die-before-my-parents-die.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-i-don-t-want-to-die-before-my-parents-die-especially-my-mother-because-i-think-that-jon-stewart-143-30-59.jpg (850×400) (

d37ad6e21ce84aa95a3df8fc0fab340a.jpg (640×920) (

It’s time you start realizing your actions have an effect on your future kids. So, if anything, do it for your kids. They say having a kid is the greatest feeling in the world, so check it out.

Why you shouldn’t bully anyone:

10 shocking weight loss transformations of 2018 that will inspire you! | The Times of India (

How to lose weight and get fit like this guy who lost fat by following this one genius diet hack | GQ India

Weight loss story: “I have cried inside trial rooms trying on clothes that didn’t fit me” – Times of India (

Ram Kapoor’s weight loss transformation details: What is the 16-8 diet? – Lifestyle News (

Why fat people have it better: My 80 pound weight loss story and how I got started – Afro Girl Fitness

Study: ‘To succeed in America, it’s better to be born rich than smart’ (

Opinion | Is it better to be born smart or rich? You probably won’t like the answer. – The Washington Post

You shouldn’t be rich right now.

0*ycUi7JcCA4moxiuy.jpg (1400×1400) (

What Happens When You Are Not in Control? – Embracing the Unexpected

“Make me care…” The Power of Story | by Christopher Bronke | Medium

“Make Me Care”. It’s probably the greatest story… | by Scott Myers | Go Into The Story (

Make Me Care | The Pixar Way (

Stigma makes it more difficult to fight CSA – Prostasia Foundation

SELL ME THIS PEN!. How To Be A Badass Salesperson! | by Kenney Erimakonosine | Medium

Bruises in Children: What’s Normal and When… | Riley Children’s Health (

Some Self-Defense Tools We Hope You’ll Never Have to Use | the Beijinger

How to be happy again? Forgot what happiness feels like. (Depression Help) | 7 Cups

“But Everyone Goes Through That” – Come Dance in the Rain!

Can People Change Or Is Someone Stuck? | BetterHelp

Why You Need to Let Yourself WANT – Erin Stutland

I don’t need it they need me

AbsolutelySoberHat on Twitter: “Your feelings are not the law.” / Twitter

Why do some people feel more comfortable with strangers than with people who know them? Do you feel that way? – Quora

Finding Joy in the Midst of Pain (

Is a Controlled Environment the Same as a Cleanroom? (

Why do drugs feel good if they are meant to be disliked? Because if you like them, it shows that you have been tricked into being satisfied with so little.

How do I stop being predictable? : relationship_advice (

quote-you-cannot-strengthen-the-weak-by-weakening-the-strong-william-j-h-boetcker-3-5-0569.jpg (850×400) (

1760696-Gordon-B-Hinckley-Quote-You-can-t-build-a-great-building-on-a-weak.jpg (3840×2160) (

List of suicides attributed to bullying – Wikipedia

Porn should be treated like an ex-girlfriend, it should be replaced (preoccupied) and forgotten

> replacing an ex is the only way to forget


challenge your beliefs, forget about everyone else and focus on being the best version of yourself (I’ve seen some pretty humbling janitors), should inspire you to do it, physically impossible, limits of the body represent the limits of the (or your) physical world, test your limits, female instinct, Mate guarding in humans – Wikipedia, male instinct, fit doctors, fit for live, automated habit, what’s your secret, how to get ahead in life, being vulnerable is strong, fit first, best of both worlds, balanced lifestyle, breaking stereotypes, able-bodied, part of society, challenging beliefs, short-minded, I want to start now, I want to get a good base to start on first, I wish no one would make fun of me on this journey, I wish everyone would cooperate with me (but them not doing so as such is what makes it fun), men take more risks, ignored in the mainstream world, find that right person, no one is better than another, my goal in life is to be healthy, close call, starting position, forget everything you know, relearn, the wise man builds house on the rock, a buff person depends on those who are not to keep their body clean, perfect people exist you just have to find them – they are hidden gems, admitting you’re wrong requires vulnerability, denial of problems, just to start, I would sacrifice my life for that knowledge, trust yourself, struggling with vulnerability, removing yourself from bad situations gets tiring after a certain point, here to stay, we are all enforcers of the law, why is bad possible, have hope, how far is too far, boundaries and self-control, find something you would die for and live for it, be selective with your friends, Trust law – Wikipedia, forced to trust, everything is forced, everything is an effect of childhood, good at hiding abuse, trust the law, Exploitation of labour – Wikipedia, journey, focus on others, uncomfortabiltiy, privitized, stop looking at others and living in the city, the city is too distracting, uncomfortability is an artificial man-made thing, do it yourself, Do it yourself – Wikipedia, make it work, studying success, how to stop being satisfied, stop allowing yourself to be tempted, control your body, limits of feelings or feelings are limits, deciding what I want to keep and let go is traumatizing, build your community, is it possible to get dumber, stealing intel, don’t try to open it now, mental healing, now what, personalize your phone, Sell me on – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, i’ve seen worse, sacrifice masculinity for knowledge, head start in life, I hate being an immigrant not because of the way I am treated but because of how I’d treat them if I was not a minority, doing the unexpected, Soft skills – Wikipedia, Technical Skills: Definitions and Examples for a Resume |, drugs are gateway to heaven, allow yourself to start over, deception is real, jealousy is a sign of a bigger problem, coddling isn’t always a bad thing > babies have to be coddled to grow up to become stronger men, forgetting an ex, 

Why would you even have kids when your own life isn’t settled?

Moral Support:

Fairly fit women:

Love this woman’s feminine but buff hands

tumblr_lyniygnjnb1qzu2ja.gif (245×212) (

This buff Japanese 10-year-old boy’s body will put all gym bros to shame – Culture (

Here’s what’s really going on with the Jacked Kid from ‘Swole Baby’ Memes (

Buff Mom Says Her ‘What’s Your Excuse?’ Post Sparked ‘Fit Shaming’ – ABC News (

Freethought Notes – Documented 6/13/2022

experimenting with my body

6879149-Steven-Magee-Quote-At-the-age-of-48-my-body-had-become-a-chemistry.jpg (3840×2160) (

Your body is a living experiment | Unimed Living

Living in a World that doesn’t Understand Mental Health | by See Me | Medium

I don’t like doing certain things in front of my parents.

4078020-Tyler-Blackburn-Quote-As-life-goes-on-I-m-learning-to-trust-myself.jpg (3840×2160) (

10 Ways To Learn About Yourself. To learn about yourself is to provide… | by Eric S Burdon | The Startup | Medium

self reflection.png (330×321) (

robertaheinlein1.jpg (600×315) (

001-happy-quotes.gif (1200×1200) (

0.jpg (500×700) (

quote-do-not-pray-for-easy-lives-pray-to-be-stronger-men-john-f-kennedy-52-6-0687.jpg (850×400) (

Scientists say luck is real; here’s how to create your own – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather | Indiana Traffic (

List of Emotions: Mental Health Journal Depression Anxiety | Etsy India

71f8fe09ca726af52d9f2f465e3a16c2–boss.jpg (557×622) (

Proverbs 23:11-14 TLB – Don’t steal the land of defenseless – Bible Gateway

Michael W. Rickard II’s answer to Why is the philosophy of ‘don’t hurt the innocent/defenseless’ so prominent in prisoners? – Quora

ccc889cfb72b3c210b174b160e641a00.jpg (850×400) (

quote-the-measure-of-a-decent-human-being-is-how-he-or-she-treats-the-defenseless-bill-o-reilly-21-81-00.jpg (850×400) (

061283933569e0b73b391973c312f494.jpg (600×400) (

No Words Can Describe The Depravity Of These Crimes Against Nature And Its Most Vulnerable And Defenseless. – Friends of Hanauma Bay

freud-quote-love.jpg (1200×630) (

Overwork Is a Trap, Not a Solution – Annie McKee

Relatable situation: Why Do Victims Stay? (

Tumblr: Image

do-now-cry-later-vector-lettering-calligraphy-motivational-quote-do-now-cry-later-vector-lettering-calligraphy-139272144.jpg (1310×1689) (

12446512_0.jpg (630×630) (

30 Lessons My Parents Didn’t Teach Me | No Meat Athlete

Psychotherapist: 10 Ways to Stop Giving People Power Over You (

The Longing for Connection – Meditopia Blog

Not every question has an answer to it yet.

It’s a paradox; where does the need to control come from? Some say God, others say they don’t know

i need to draw the line of torture and unacceptable torture

Young children learn by copying you! – MSU Extension

The Joy of Sadness – PsychAlive

Addiction Transfer: Are you swapping “unhealthy” behaviors for “healthy” alternatives? – Girls Gone Strong

Knowing When An Activity Becomes An Unhealthy Addiction | KQED

Children of Alcoholics: The Impacts of Alcoholics on Kids (

Nobody posts their failures — so here are some of mine | by Natalie Howells | Medium

What is ‘Found Family’? – Whats your Grief

Can’t help it

Change your bases now to research and to stop feeling secretly jealous.

your-life-is-not-your-own-keep-your-hands-off-it.jpg (620×620) (

851196716b57de97bcb83d05edfba2af.jpg (1024×1024) (

1*rfSTJ3dzi4XcQTQmaP06Mg.jpeg (1080×884) (

Feeling like we have no control. This is a crazy time in this world… | by Treadmill Treats | Medium

Why Addicts Can’t “Just Stop” – Great Oaks Recovery Center

7_Cs_Single_Version_One_Page_439_568_c1.jpg (439×568) (

4102nC45zaL._SR600,315_PIWhiteStrip,BottomLeft,0,35_SCLZZZZZZZ_FMpng_BG255,255,255.jpg (600×350) (

Seven%2BCs%2BBaseball%2BCard.jpg (858×1156) (

Do People with Addiction Have No Control? (

Social problems like poverty isn’t just “someone else’s’ problem,” rather is “Everybody’s problem

You are only as good as your tools

quote-our-very-living-is-selling-we-are-all-salespeople-james-cash-penney-86-85-03.jpg (850×400) (

We+are+all+salespeople….jpg (1024×768) (

We-all-need-salespeople-with-humility-honesty-80279.jpg (1200×630) (

salesmanship-is-limitless-our-very-living-is-selling-we-are-all-salespeople.jpg (620×620) (

quote-many-of-us-think-of-salespeople-as-people-travelling-around-with-sample-kits-instead-charles-m-schwab-137-32-14.jpg (850×400) (

(NSFW) Drew this as a coping mechanism tonight : drawing (

il_570xN.3306015885_tigx.jpg (570×760) (

106.jpg (1080×2240) (

richarde ~nsfw~ on Twitter: “its called using sex as a coping mechanism sweaty look it up” / Twitter (

(NSFW) Is masturbation is a good coping mechanism? Why? Or Why not? : AskReddit (

quote-i-have-a-way-of-dealing-with-situations-where-i-come-off-awkward-or-people-think-i-m-aubrey-plaza-62-50-89.jpg (850×400) (

Codependency and the Art of Detaching From Dysfunctional Family Members (

Detachment From a Family Member With Alcoholism (

What makes someone emotionally detached from their family? – Quora

Codependency and the Art of Detaching From Dysfunctional Family Members (

quote-all-humanity-is-one-undivided-and-indivisible-family-i-cannot-detach-myself-from-the-mahatma-gandhi-48-47-95.jpg (850×400) (

Attachment is dependency

3223912353880e3f6f76934118693498.jpg (500×729) (

b6c3fe16008c0bfbeb769960d19ff4ef.jpg (315×315) (

2076223-Haruki-Murakami-Quote-You-re-not-a-kid-anymore-You-have-the-right.jpg (3840×2160) (

1*JPeP8T_T-Xv4aEbD2a6tIQ.png (1080×1080) (

Everyone is a Sinner But Me – Kindle edition by Smith, Mark , Smit, Mark . Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

This is what I used to think

This is what I was trying to do for the longest time: TULA Blog – How Decluttering Can Help You Enjoy Your Life and We All Want to Enjoy Life More Right? (

Why do I feel as if everyone else is living and enjoying their lives and I’m not? – Quora

What to do when everyone’s living their best life, except you | by Dr. Alexandra Domelle | Thrive Global | Medium

Sadness vs. Clinical Depression: Definition, Symptoms, and Treatment (

29777-Sri-Sri-Ravi-Shankar-Quote-When-you-wish-good-for-others-good.jpg (3840×2160) (

taking risk is the only way to achieve success

Captura-de-ecrã-2018-07-11-às-17.03.02.png (1196×1198) (

never-lose-hope-hand-lettering-vector-id1231169632 (1024×1024) (

never-lose-hope-black-white-lettering-illustration-banner-postcard-poster-clothes-logo-advertisement-design-handwritten-154427144.jpg (800×800) (

9778ba7b742586bec6d5a46b9d7b4155.jpg (700×789) (

My dad made it seem as if doing adult work should be rewarded, when it shouldn’t it’s not that big of a deal.

It-s-hard-to-get-enough-of-78038.jpg (1200×630) (

Addiction is the unconscious, compulsive use of psychoactive materials or agents. “It’s hard to get enough of something that almost works.” The traditional concept: “Addiction is due to characteristics intrinsic in the molecular structure of an addicting substance.”

I have never seen a dumb buff person have you?

3f5d00e043cc3604651120a3101f078e84036fafb6d75fe3946a5c6f39fccbb4_1.jpg (1080×1336) (

3fd92f5696824306b92823aa33484ab81fb6abda0bbf623b36b0adcfedecb459_1.jpg (640×594) (

Two Brothers Were Raised By An Alcoholic – Kirk Franklin (

Two-Brothers-Were-Raised-By-An-Alcoholic-Father.jpg.webp (700×700) (

Recognize Your Accomplishments – alis (

The Vicious Cycle of Addiction – Breathe Life Healing – Addiction Treatment Center Los Angeles (

Unrealistic Social Media Portrayals May Contribute to Body Dissatisfaction | National Eating Disorders Association

Why It’s Important to Admit You Need Help (

“For Educational Purposes Only” | Radware Blog

Imaging putting this tagline on a porn video

Can you become addicted to cocaine after using it once? | Drug Policy Alliance

Yes, if you can justify immorality once, you can justify it many times.

Learning to Parent Yourself as an Adult | Psychology Today

You Can’t Force Independence – Happiness is here (

THE IRONY OF FREEDOM—Independence Requires Dependency. – King of Kings Lutheran Church (

The Myth of Being Comfortable with Failure (

How to convince my parents to let me make my own mistakes – Quora

How to Deal With Overprotective Parents and Gain Your Freedom – WeHaveKids

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33338134-10156639450645809-2600180034291367936-o-1_orig.jpg (1080×1080) (

The Struggle Of A Lost Soul Searching For Their Passion | Thought Catalog

Keywords: writing is my therapy, i’m tired of changing, strong bases, stop being mainstream, you don’t need to be famous to, sociology, Reinforcement – Wikipedia, impossible, Involuntary treatment – Wikipedia, Affective science – Wikipedia, control impulses and delay gratification, Don’t deserve the reward yet, Urban Dictionary: Found Family, start local, control addiction, addiction is losing self-control (the absence of it), self-control choice, can’t control addiction, allow me to develop, stop having a kk. Of being dominated, develop your own style, do it when you have time, cheating poor peoples, perfection is within reach, it is possible, physically possible, Prevent Resist Support, mental health is real, physically handicapped, not a kid anymore, no one can escape, master the look, drug cravings, parenting yourself, Independence is taught by someone else it’s ironic, impossible motivation, tolerate, allow me to make mistakes, my parents raised me wrongly, soul searching, 

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When-you-can’t-be-real-then-don’t-make-fake-promises2-300×300.jpg (300×300) (

Why don’t some Indians respect personal boundaries? – Quora

Rape Culture – Women’s & Gender Center (

image.png (512×512) (

I hate to see others succeeding not because of pure evil but because they remind me of my failures and what I missed out upon

Mental r* is involuntary thoughts; “stop thinking” is it possible

A child that is not safe at home is not safe anywhere else

If it’s not done today or right now, it’s never going to be done.

Go to the gym at 5. You don’t have a reason not to.

If you don’t like the law then change it; don’t break it in private. Do it proudly.

For me, hitting rock bottom would be better than being tricked and living a half baked middle class life.

It’s not about how you will act when you don’t have much – it’s how you will act if you do have much. The question is – Will you still be humble?

Why are Indians so close together? Why do they lack a sense of privacy?

Frauds make me sick

You must first be comfortable being vulnerable to be strong. Nobody is born buff, we are all born vulnerable babies.

Explore your options

What if you were your parents

Forever a part of your past

Not an nsfw relationship but just memories and why it’s bad

Curious of the unknown vs. fear of the unknown

The goal is to have an elitist demeanor

Is learning from mistakes more practical?

Do what you want to be doing for the rest of you life – as if you died tomorrow.

It can’t wait and my body is right. Why do my surroundings not cooperate with me? Why not my goals? My goals are changing because my surroundings aren’t consistent

Keywords: go down to go up, rock bottom lessons, everyone is not your friend, sentenced to torture, let him learn, do it early, routinely, no one messes you up, deeper memories, etched, don’t try me, exploring growing, it’s a process you must trust, do it now to permanently stop yourself from doing to, make it physically impossible, whatever is Practically possible (not theoretically) will happen, stop relying on feelings, stop waiting till you feel guilty, how to satisfy curiosity for bad contents, don’t test it, it’s not worth it, many ways to die, test dying, close to dying, happy for you, unexpected goodbye, last time I saw you, never meet again, cross paths, never got to say goodbye, believe first, withdrawal, parents let me, doctors parents, Asian parents, reverse bad effect, understand the system, de-stigmatize sensitive problems, progress, manual feelings changing, changing feelings gear, stop taking risks, stop waiting to feel bad be proactive, only way I know how to relieve stress, the system is so unfair to me, as long as it’s not illegal, you have a better chance at life than me, worry about yourself, worse is possible, focus on the goal and don’t let it hang by itself provide it comfort, flawless, involuntary, disturbed, learn from the best, living is learning, constantly learning, program your events, calm down no one is pointing a gun to your head, force feelings, what’s going to stop me, source of learning, every moment spent not mb’ing is a moment won, Characteristics of a fact, opinions are real, how to live life, life’s’ instruction manual, keep up with life, nsfw is equivalent to a drug, personality change after moving out of parents house, 

Why punish people when punishment is exactly what made them do so as such anyways?

I hate liking this stuff

Now that school is coming to an end you can finally start your real world successful lifestyle.

Answer the question: what is keeping you alive?

The hard way is the only way. Meaning, yes, everyone goes thru this.

Should I make a list of the things of when I was embarrassed this week?

It was potentially the last time I saw Alexa in a classroom with me ever again and I never knew

Why is nsfw so stigmatized? I can’t come out cleanly without any potential repercussion.

Remember when you face the punishments, you asked for this. Well, no I didn’t, I didn’t ask to face these unnecessary obstacles. I didn’t ask to be born essentially.

I am scared to try new things because something always goes wrong

Either I don’t want to be a human or I don’t want to live in this house which encourages these things.

I’ve had my trust abused so many times I don’t think it’s recoverable. Do I trust first?

Why am I not having the same energy as before,

Sure its boring but it’s even more boring to cause heartbreak

a229978ccbd24632d01adbe16b2d9d56f14ecfa9.jpg (675×900) (

I think I found the one thing that I’d give my life up for.

How Will Smith lost 20 pounds — & the weight of childhood trauma (

Will Smith Opens Up About Why He Started Filmimg His Weight Loss Journey (Watch Video) | 🎥 LatestLY

I am quitting documenting notes for the sake of my mental health – Documented 6/11/2022

Reason being is that I don’t feel as if I am getting much value out of blogging in my day to day life anymore. I feel as if I’ve overdone it. It’s as if I am unhealhtily addicted to blogging.

The intention was to use blogging as a means of getting better and documenting my thoughts for as long as I live, or even forever.

Eventually tho, it became a coping mechanism – Nothing wrong with using this as a coping mechanism, but it was the only coping mecahnism that I used, which required me to stay at home and deal with non-sense here.

I’ve been writing about how one should live a balanced life, but I, hypocritically have NOT been doing that. I rather have been living a life of getting into trouble, regretting it, and going back to getting into trouble again. All because I do it for the sake of maintaining a website.

Freethought Notes – Documented 6/11/2022

b46.png (960×644) (

4eah0l.jpg (500×768) (

Hebrews 9:22 According to the law, in fact, nearly everything must be purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness. (

Gender transitioning – Wikipedia

spread the word of the app

2450346-Cassey-Ho-Quote-If-you-want-it-bad-enough-you-ll-find-a-way-to.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-you-can-do-anything-you-want-to-do-if-you-want-it-bad-enough-bill-russell-114-31-91.jpg (850×400) (

I know these quotes to be true because I know that since I really wanted to pursue the nsfw, I gound a way to circumvent the ban.

In the real world there are no rules.

207202-Fred-Rogers-Quote-Transitions-are-almost-always-signs-of-growth.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-transitions-are-almost-always-signs-of-growth-but-they-can-bring-feelings-of-loss-to-fred-rogers-135-26-74.jpg (850×400) (

life-is-one-big-transition-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

10-10.jpg (1837×1924) (

Choose+what+you+sacrifice+to+reach+your+goals.jpg (940×788) (

47118_4531072org.jpg (1490×1117) (

Dave Ramsey – What are you willing to sacrifice? #DaveDaily | Facebook

acieve2bgive2bup-3-637×600.png (637×600) (

Urban Dictionary: Don’t hate the player hate the game

13 Little But Powerful Ways To Shatter Your Ego | by Daniel Whalen | Ascent Publication (

d4e3b954-846e-4fb9-8ff7-79f72d7259c6_text.gif (400×224) (

one or the other but not both

Matthew 6:24 No one can serve two masters: Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. (

Attorney General Eric Holder Speaks at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library & Museum | OPA | Department of Justice

> In 1965, when President Johnson signed the landmark Voting Rights Act into law, he proclaimed that, “the right to vote is the basic right, without which all others are meaningless.” [source]

> Without the right to life from birth till natural death, all other rights are meaningless. [source]

a803a659ec96a307609af0687995b015.jpg (640×640) (

231510-Stop-Breaking-Your-Own-Heart.jpg (720×960) (

Strong Enough To Be Weak, by Jon Kabat-Zinn (

adc.png (709×404) (

811P+9qvISS._SS500_.jpg (500×500) (

838cb41038a2480c4e18d7fc9893e031.jpg (600×315) (

> You know you’re old when you start using phrases like “back when i was a kid”

quote-back-when-i-was-a-kid-i-never-liked-the-kind-of-kids-that-my-kids-have-become-they-re-mike-tyson-108-66-74.jpg (850×400) (

13 things you should give up if you want to be successful (

People Don’t Change – Stop trying to change people – YouTube (

Stop Trying To Be “Liked” By Everyone [#1299] | Dre Baldwin – YouTube (

273194950-dont-let-it-go-to-your-head-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

5 Signs You Were Raised by Parents With Bad Social Skills (

if-you-are-a-white-male-you-dont-deserve-to-live-you-are-a-cancer-youre-a-disease-white-males-have-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

white-and-straight-zach-galifianakis.gif (640×360) (

What did I do to deserve to be an indian? And born with these types of parents? What did I do to not deserve to be white?

Motivation Monday – Don’t Make Things Complicated – When the Kids Go to Bed

Don-t-make-your-life-complicated-Adapt-140356.jpg (1200×630) (

199034-Don-t-Make-It-More-Complicated.jpg (520×423) (

life-is-really-simple-but-we-insist-on-making-it-complicated-quote-1.jpg (560×660) (

2851817-Margaret-Atwood-Quote-This-above-all-to-refuse-to-be-a-victim.jpg (3840×2160) (

2e2467f544a72fa070699ec1e169390c.png (500×700) (

Why you drink even though you don’t want to. • Counselling & Therapy Online (

Because you’re forced to by someone else; It’s the longer-term effect of not getting the basics right.

Why do I want to get hurt? Meaning I like to look for reasons for people to say hurtful things toward me or I want to feel physical pain like cuts and bruises. What’s wrong with me? – Quora

Why do I feel the need to hurt myself? (Self-Harm) | 7 Cups

When you get mad and angry at others, are you really only hurting yourself? – Quora

97549-Jim-Rohn-Quote-No-one-else-makes-us-angry-We-make-ourselves-angry.jpg (3840×2160) (

I used to be vhetemantly opposed to the death penalty on the grounds of victims rights, until I had something like that happen to me. Then, I decided to silently support it.

Does wrong describe the reason (cause) of the action itself?

> These true stories from Ask Reddit will churn your stomach, because there’s nothing more unfair than a rough childhood. [source]

Iconic People Who Had Shockingly Horrifying Childhoods |

7 Celebrities Who Had Terrible Childhoods | Life | SuccessStory

Why do I always feel so uncomfortable talking about my emotions with my parents? (Family Stress) | 7 Cups

Why I don’t always share what’s on my mind with my parents and what they can do to find out | Voices of Youth

scars are really cool : unpopularopinion (

Scars don’t look badass : unpopularopinion (

USC doctor serves and protects as a reserve police officer

Can a doctor be a reserve police officer? – Quora

i like constant work

12 Habits That Reveal a Lot About Your Personality | Reader’s Digest (

Family members rarely say ‘thank you’: study (

quote-nothing-you-do-for-children-is-ever-wasted-they-seem-not-to-notice-us-hovering-averting-garrison-keillor-15-47-97.jpg (850×400) (

‘Every Marine a rifleman’ still relevant, says sergeant major of the Corps (

origin.jpg (850×400) (

6904009-Dita-Von-Teese-Quote-I-always-say-either-take-the-steps-to-lose.jpg (3840×2160) (

29c5e98928081b92281996b303f9968e.jpg (430×706) (

B1OGJ8t+8ZS._CLa|2140,2000|81kqW4KzFqL.png|0,0,2140,2000+0.0,0.0,2140.0,2000.0_AC_UX342_.png (342×347) (

6cc2316714b79bcee359f3a5fbeae817–workout-motivation-motivation-quotes.jpg (236×314) (

coaching4coaches: Image (

Either Way You Slice It This Happens When You Choose | coaching4coaches (

79a90d96-ebfa-4317-a3a7-1f2ca437c8c7_text.gif (400×215) (

6441a8cee7660f7b2c9b1764c6735080–girl-models-bodybuilding-quotes.jpg (236×236) (

51JXatMCD0L.jpg (907×1360) (

5 Simple Ways To Get Your Life On The Right Track | by Steve Spring | Live Your Life On Purpose | Medium

Is nsfw just a stigma? A mere social construct that is inherently meaningless and all psychological?

Chicago’s NSFW artists are combatting stigma on nudity through sexual affirmation and artistic expression – The Columbia Chronicle

st,small,845×845-pad,1000×1000,f8f8f8.jpg (1000×1000) (

Sadistic Tendencies Are Common (

quote-i-m-a-recovering-drug-addict-so-it-s-not-a-subject-that-i-take-lightly-but-i-do-agree-russell-brand-150-59-72.jpg (850×400) (

Are all humans sadists? – Quora

Are They Living Healthy? How Well Are Soldiers Taking Care of Themselves | RAND

As Non-Black POC, We Need to Address Anti-Blackness – YES! Magazine (

Racism in academia, and why the ‘little things’ matter (

10 Of The Unhealthiest Jobs In The World |

Pretending Nothing Is Wrong: The Road To Ruin in a Relationship – Teal Swan Articles – Teal Swan

An eye for an eye: Sadistic people are more likely to seek vengeance – Hindustan Times

Misha’s answer to Did we exist before we were born? – Quora

Crappy little countries (

Everyday Sadists Walk Among Us, Study Says – Emotional Health Center – Everyday Health

Sadism Leads Certain People to Seek Vengeance, Study Finds – Neuroscience News

People Who Seek Out Revenge Find Pleasure In Others’ Pain, Study Finds

91104787-stop-bothering-me-emotional-quote-lettering-calligraphy-graphic-design-typography-element-for-print-.jpg (1300×1300) (

Standing firm in times of challenge by Pastor Dave (

How-to-Stand-Firm-in-the-Face-of-Christian-Criticism-1-1024×640.png (1024×640) (

How Entrepreneurs Can Find the Right Problem to Solve – HBS Working Knowledge

What is consent only discussed when talking about intercourse? Why isn’t it discussed with verbal harassment?

Proof everyone, even Einstein, has a “bad side:” Albert Einstein’s travel diaries reveal his racist, misogynistic side – The Washington Post

Wiz Khalifa on Twitter: “I used to think goin to sleep late was cool. Till i realized wakin up early is the real boss shit.” / Twitter

Traditional Ideas of Masculinity Trap a Lot of Men. It’s Time to Escape. (

lewis-pugh-quote-lbc4s2a.jpg (1200×630) (

If You Don’t Know What You Want, This Is For You | by Sah Kilic | The Startup | Medium

When You Don’t Know What You Want Anymore (

If it makes you feel any better, most of us do drugs

Get Angry the Right Way (

862882453-quote-you-always-hurt-the-one-you-love-allan-roberts-309789.jpg (850×400) (

Jessica Price on Twitter: “I keep seeing this quote going around. It’s a great quote! But it’s not actually from the Talmud. It’s something a bit more complicated, and quite lovely, and credit should go where credit is due. (Thread.)” / Twitter

Astraea Foundation on Twitter: “‘Do not be daunted by the enormity of the worlds grief. Do justly now. Love mercy now. Walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.’ quote from Pirkei Avot ARTWORK by @gracedchin” / Twitter

Your presence is hurting everyone around you.

People will laugh not because they hate you but because they can’t understand you.

people-can-change-a.jpg (600×400) (

Arkansas Fitness & Athletics

A Lack of Communication in the Family (

> Communication is the only thing keeping societies alive. Verbal and non-verbal.

Why rest should be part of work.. There’s a story I often tell. It’s from… | by IanSanders | Medium

Carolinas Telco FCU on Twitter: ““Magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.” #WednesdayWisdom #Halloween #Quote #Halloweentown” / Twitter

a5603ea0-071f-427d-89b7-70595b494760_text.gif (400×300) (

1550929-John-Michael-Montgomery-Quote-Life-s-a-dance-you-learn-as-you-go.jpg (3840×2160) (

1550932-John-Michael-Montgomery-Quote-Life-s-a-dance-you-learn-as-you-go.jpg (3840×2160) (

First try and then trust. English Proverbs (

315275-Jared-Leto-Quote-Try-and-fail-but-never-fail-to-try.jpg (3840×2160) (

McClellan: Some justice is better than none | news |

‘Law Abiding Citizen’ should be jailed for wasting talent | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

17552-FrenchProverbs-Quotes-EN.jpg (500×500) (

Be so busy improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others. #quotes #sayings #proverbs #thoughtoftheday #quoteoftheday #motivational #inspirational | Motivational Quotes for the Day (

Musicians and Singers Who Started Late But Still Made It Big (

Musicians and Singers Who Started Late But Still Made It Big (

My life in 3 words:

it all comes down to what is the purpose of life

The No-Contact Rule: The Most Effective Way To Move On From An Ex (

James 1:16 Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. (

Right Goal, Wrong Methods (

Wounds That Time Won’t Heal: The Neurobiology of Child Abuse | Dana Foundation

‘Father’ is a title earned, not given (

9e92dd8c_1f12_4426_b7ac_131dca1d294a_screenshot.jpg (1162×480) (

not-the.gif (444×250) (

238324-Tony-Robbins-Quote-Success-leaves-clues-Proximity-is-power-Love.jpg (3840×2160) (

tony-robbins-quote-q7adb3–portrait-background-125-1200×630.jpg (1200×630) (

Being a Real Man – The Way You Carry Yourself – Azuro Republic (

3962327-Kazuya-Minekura-Quote-Why-would-anyone-want-to-turn-back-time.jpg (3840×2160) (

Quotes-About-Wanting-To-Go-Back-In-Time.jpg (800×800) (

Dealing with the Reality That Not Everyone Can Succeed (

Anyone Can Be ‘Successful’, But Not Everyone Will | by Tom Stevenson | Medium

4533331-Mike-Moreno-Quote-Anyone-and-everyone-can-and-will-succeed.jpg (3840×2160) (

2959817-Howard-Dean-Quote-We-know-that-no-one-person-can-succeed-unless.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-as-long-as-you-try-your-best-you-are-never-a-failure-that-is-unless-you-blame-others-john-wooden-75-84-12.jpg (850×400) (

quote-as-long-as-you-are-trying-your-very-best-there-can-be-no-question-of-failure-mahatma-gandhi-79-95-30.jpg (850×400) (

quote-as-long-as-you-try-your-best-that-is-all-that-matters-you-don-t-have-to-be-the-fastest-penny-lancaster-93-19-34.jpg (850×400) (

Good intentions are useless if they are changed in the face of adversity.

Don’t think that the damage is irreversible. Even scars go away after you die.

There are some things that your body just has to express. For example, like pooping – Regardless of the outcome the body has to poop to let it all loose.

Green Elementary on Twitter: “We are ready to welcome our staff back tomorrow. Gearing up for the best year yet as we “Lead, Love and Learn”’together! #iLead” / Twitter

EBKoTVjWwAEM8o2 (510×680) (

When-excellence-becomes-a-habit-success-becomes-83393.jpg (1200×630) (

quote-the-habit-of-excellence-can-become-enjoyably-addictive-dick-devenzio-117-17-72.jpg (850×400) (

willdurant1.jpg (600×315) (

The ben carson story shows that it’s possible for people from a background like me to succeed.

Let go of useless statistical information like: Income inequality: The top 1% in the US and what they make, by state (

40b.jpg (500×598) (

cover7.jpg (800×450) (

quote-doing-nothing-is-very-hard-to-do-you-never-know-when-you-re-finished-leslie-nielsen-21-44-17.jpg (850×400) (

quote-it-is-awfully-hard-work-doing-nothing-however-i-don-t-mind-hard-work-when-there-is-no-oscar-wilde-35-77-70.jpg (850×400) (

2043602-Tupac-Shakur-Quote-No-one-knows-my-Struggle-they-only-see-the.jpg (3840×2160) (

5ac7459d7ed6c667169a69f08e6e9f3f.jpg (1200×1500) (

Stop blaming the end-user | LinkedIn

Stop Blaming Users. Make Security User-Friendly. (

stop blaming the user interface

Stop blaming people: it’s a Design problem | by Quinn Keast | UX Collective (

Why do we always get into trouble then regret doing it?

Many of us could relearn lessons taught to preschoolers in adulthood. I need to go back to the basics.

What Makes Men Vulnerable to Addiction? | Waypoint Recovery Center

Risk Factors of Substance Use in Men | High Focus Centers (

6463090-Joseph-Brodsky-Quote-Believe-your-pain-This-awful-bear-hug-is-no.jpg (3840×2160) (

03.png (600×400) (

Mission Ahlul Bayt on Twitter: “‘I forget my pain when I remember yours’ #YaAbaAbdillah” / Twitter

DA-rlDjXkAAKY4x (720×861) (

2cc684340c7a6697274ef03f863eb898.jpg (588×588) (

232928-Rick-Warren-Quote-The-secret-of-endurance-is-to-remember-that-your.jpg (3840×2160) (

artworks-000095841933-e1qgdb-t500x500.jpg (500×500) (

“do work for me” isn’t a valid excuse, as it’s like saying live my life for me. It can be a valid excuse, hence why computed programs exist, like autocorrect. Truth it, we are all one another, we are all extending our arms out to one another.

Addiction is not the addict’s fault, it’s whoever enabled them to become one.

The Evening Sun | We Owe Our Way Of Life To Our Fallen Soldiers (

To Those Who Risk Their Lives for Us, We Owe a Better Welcome Home | Home Matters (

You can be both strong and smart; See Here: Thank you to my father, Ronald Stewart McCuiston, for serving in the U.S. Navy from 1957-60. He served aboard the USS Northampton as a lieutenant in the gunnery department. He went on to become a Professor of Mathematics after obtaining his doctorate from the University of Georgia. [source]; Also many other sources from real-life peoples of whom I know of.

Hillsborough County – “We Owe It to Our Fallen to Live Life to the Fullest”

The Man Kept Alive Against His Will | by Calin Aneculaesei | History of Yesterday

Everyone comes back to how you think you should live your life and what reason you have to live.

139779185_3570861403020817_2555481733307836751_n-3475502599.jpg (1080×1080) (

wish-someone-would-notice-wish-someone-would-give-me-a-57076389.png (500×967) (

Don’t be tricked into thinking that you love the man, you just need money and financial freedom.


threatening my goal of living/surviving, involuntary termination, anything done involuntarily can be considered a slight form of r*, must be weak to be strong, be strong enough to be weak and vulnerable, be strong enough to be weak, back when i was a kid, post-nut clarity – Wiktionary, there is no curing intention, saving resources, saving the best for last, don’t deserve you yet, there are better people than me, stop being cocky, my choice, my control, everything is a choice but whose choice, addiction means it’s not in your control, stop worrying about others quotes, why do i want to hurt, still identifying the answer, now or never, you only learn the hard way, some things are meant to be learned only the hard way, hope exists, it had to happen, demons leave me alone, instinct, learn about my life, racial relations, missed out on my childhood, natural feelings, cope, i would have never guessed, the country personality naturally comes when you are left alone (it’s a sign of independence), doing wrong for the right reasons, nicest people have the roughest childhoods, my goal is to be well rounded, my parents are racists pieces of crap that assume the worst – I would say it’s a self-fulfilling and self-depreciating prophecy but I refuse to be a victim, really want parents, don’t see them as parents see them in the eyes of the law, mind tricks are real, i am a cop, acting like you own the place, leave your kids alone, you are your own adult, i don’t like sharing my feelings to my parents, tried and tested, Personal development planning – Wikipedia, goal plan, Goal setting – Wikipedia, the goal of thinking, everything comes back to you, i don’t your approval, irreversible time, everything is situational, don’t unleash the beast, i am the law, the law is only as good as it’s enforced, wish the best for you, irreplaceable, says a lot about your personality, where to learn communication skills, how do you treat family members, either way you lose, looking for problems to solve, are we all a little sadistic, drug cravings, common issues, sadism retribution, consensual, force fart, i don’t know what to want, explore your career options week, exposure therapy, Collateral damage – Wikipedia, I am not as good as them, always wanting more, money in money out, not a human, start now, complicated relationship, financial dependence, reminders, delivering justice, blocking people in real life, moral backbone, secure attachment, on your own, stop being narrow minded, not everything needs an opinion, stop wasting time forming an opinion, speaking with losers, it takes time to develop an opinion, where excellence is the new normal, like a different society, ruined childhood, for the better, uncomfortable being vulnerable, every master was once a beginner, try to gauge what it feels like, all words are made up by other words, all words are made up words, all word are adjectives, father is an emotion, everything is exploring and learning (those are the two base characteristics), not a father, change relationship with alcohol, save for later, extract the good, constant challenge, never satisfied, mood pictures, as much as you care, move on in society, school of life, preference choice vs. force, don’t get too comfortable because this is not your final best form, I am like a completely new person, nobody deserves anything, means so much to me, enablers, resting is a part of working, need a place to dump my thoughts, too easy, stop making life hard, resting is productive, rest vs. laziness, there is a fine line between resting and laziness, I have seen so many disciplined people (I thought such a character trait was rare, but it seems as if excellence is the new norm), tagline: excellence is the norm, i have hopes and dreams too, let the bad things go to replace them with good things, is this what you want forever, don’t play it safe, let the drugs go, learn by trying is the only learning I’ve heard of, learn as you go, no guidance and still made it, true feelings, get your priorities straight, think like a salesmen, it’s not the end of the world, how well do you handle failure, unhealed pain, butterflies in stomach, constantly feeling challenged, on my feet, thanks for making me feel special, friends in high places, don’t unleash the beast now, not now, start local, psychological damage is real, Late bloomer – Wikipedia, treated as an adult, nobody cares work harder, stop worrying about others, excellence is the norm, care enough, explore your options, adult choices,my parents don’t listen to me, you are as good as your worst player/your team, there is still a possibility, judge a man by what he will do for others, life is only as good as you make it, forfeit the rewards of sin, threat to society, before they are broken, no limits means that nothing exists, it’s expected when you have a chance to do it, human formula, motivation to fakely succeed, social media and socializing is fake, stop liking to do dumb things, stop doing everything but becoming a scientist, nothing is everything, I don’t like being physically challenged, take control of your life, diversity your friendships, extract the good, save for later, involuntary life events, how to treat (opposite gender), overexaggeration, getting attention, all problems step from a lack of resources of knowledge and wisdom, don’t rush it, in development, self-contorl skills, I was here before, make a conclusion by yourself, traumatized for life, be friends with whom you want to be like, scarred for life, do it when you need it, keep the end in mind, focus skills, eyes on the prize, never lose hope, forced to experience, better is always possible, easy to say if you’re not the one taking the hits, stop gathering useless information, society is built upon soldiers sacrifice, addiction is always involuntary, involuntary addiction, blaming addicts is like blaming the victim of the crime (like why are you a victim of child abuse, something you couldn’t control since you wern’t aware of your own rights), don’t take it personally, why study nsfw is like asking me why be curious (not it’s not, pure curiosity will never go into nsfw curiosity), we owe our lives to soldiers, get better sources, life is unpredictable, not “all-that,” brought alive against own will, people don’t take it seriously, find your base, don’t want to hear anything from him, fake love, constant problems in my life, tired, breaking the addiction cycle is hard to do as most of it is not in your control, 

When I see others my age having a good time and not having any scars on their body, it makes me feel jealous as I never had the opportunity to pursue such endeavors.

My dad not tending to me like the equivalent of betrayal.

It’s a clear and cut decision, you just need to promise you don’t want the nsfw and good things will come. Don’t do it because you came this far, do it because it’s the right thing to do.

It’s not that people don’t care about you, it’s just that they have things to care about themselves.

People stop caring not because it’s not important anymore but because it becomes less of a priority, but trust me, people still care if they can.

Blog Post:

He does not know how to parent.

People let bad things happen to you then get mad at you for being mad.

networking is everything because society is only made up of those who network.

Which is what drugs make you feel – as if nothing else matters.

It feels good when you start paying for things. I need to stop training myself to be proud of my family for useless crap like Indian culture does.

I’ve been living in a society where people don’t value high achievers and letting people take the time to heal. I’ve got to change my view of society as it’s how I view myself. I need to get the basics right. I need to stop being so weird.

Admit that you outright hate Indian culture.

“regretful guilty pleasure” are the three words used to describe how I feel when I engage in nsfw contents. I feel regretful as I know I could be doing better with help, guilty because I know it’s not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, and pleasured by it because it feels good. I don’t know which feeling to keep.

The reason I cannot move on from nsfw is because recovery is stigmatized as we cannot talk about problems that are of nsfw nature.

I needed hope that pleasure still exists. It may not be what truly makes me happy forever, but I know that something out there makes me feel special in some sort of way.

The only time you look at NSFW content is to study it.

I am at a crossroads now – I can either choose to pursue nsfw content and run a risk of getting addicted back into it again (right before I go to basic) or I can choose to pursue healthy pleasures to then convince myself why it’s not worth it.

I still cannot get over the whole getting caught against your will scenario. I thought that nothing in life could ever stop you and your will, but blindsiding someone is the worst possible crime of all time. Along with being held against your own will.

I need to find healthy pleasures in my life soon before I break out into a NSFW addicted monster.

Epicureanism: Use Epicurean Philosophy to Find Happiness (

61QGTOJ7jBL.jpg (850×1360) (

The nsfw desires is a high-risk environment 

I’d do anything for love except wait for it.

The desire to stop nsfw quickly dies out at the face of competition. I quickly change my desires and look the other direction. I force myself to do so because it feels so good, I know that it does as I’ve tested it.

You have to understand that your father may not necessarily be willing to help you get the iPhone exchanged for a new phone. You must do that yourself.

Mexico is on some crazy crap

I noticed that windows stopped correcting my spelling errors and grammatical errors

D1 Training Little Rock – Home | Facebook

I need to go to boot camp already to straighten my life out.

It’s all about the tactics used.

Brooke Vincent posts incredible before and after photo since losing a stone in twelve weeks after quitting smoking | The Sun

nintchdbpict0003756550082.jpg (670×574) (

I was raised to be not comfortable with doing certain things.

Army offers $25K for 30-day quick ship > U.S. ARMY RECRUITING COMMAND > U.S. Army Recruiting News

Proof minorities can make it out: Jonny Kim (M.D.) (LCDR, U.S. Navy) NASA Astronaut | NASA

A fantasy of mine: If you’re abused as a child by your parents and you later become a police officer, can you arrest them for child abuse? – Quora

I am choosing not to unleash the beast right now because to me, it’s either all or nothing. I will be at a point, one day, where I can pursue my dreams in peace.

You are sticking to your parents because it’s the only relatively safe place you know of at the moment. Once you find financial freedom and a better place to stay you can then

Do you ever wish you went Active Duty? : nationalguard (

Anyone regretted going from Guard to Active Duty? : army (

Active duty or National Guard??? : army (

68A reclass : army (

Army APFT Standards For Males And Females [Updated 2022]

Wear Orthodontic Braces & Want To Join The United States Military? Here’s What You Need To Know! – Stop Tooth Pain in its Tracks (

I am deciding to save some of the contents that I have come across during the flawed phases of my life

Just interesting: Can You Be Charged for Knowing About a Crime and Not Saying Anything? (

Boy returns money he stole from cash register after seeing CCTV in Thailand – Buy, Sell or Upload Video Content with Newsflare

What Is Acne Mechanica? (

I’ve considered doing this: Technical Engineer |

It’s never too late to change and start from the bottom. The key thing to realize is that you have nothing to lose.

People need to realize that there are only a limited amount of resources in this world; So, stop hogging all of the resources.

Parenting yourself

Now that you are out of school, you need to start looking at role models who are out of school as well, you need to stop having a childish mindset (you should have stopped this a long time ago, but hopefully you realize how you’ve been living under a rock).

Darren Waller overcame drug addiction, became Raiders’ breakout star (

Todd Marinovich – Wikipedia

Its-fortunate-to-have-friends-in-high-places.jpg (720×405) (

law-order-corrupt-corrupted-police_force-laws-lawbreakers-mfln10405_low.jpg (800×378)

Which states have produced the most 5-star football recruits over the past 10 years? – MaxPreps

Become more aware of better people, this will give you hope.

I-did-then-what-I-knew-how-to-do.-Now-that-I-know-better-I-do-better.-Maya-Angelou.png (800×800) (

50657-Maya-Angelou-Quote-When-you-know-better-you-do-better.jpg (3840×2160) (

buff looking cheerleaders

Buff person rings up nsfw fantasy.

To Do:

Moral Support:

Moved to a google document called SFW Physicals Notes.

A Pill to Make Exercise Obsolete | The New Yorker

Just labeling it as nsfw itself puts a stigma, like why emphasize that? It’s like labeling me black when race isn’t really relevant.’t%20matter%20what%20others%20are%20doing.,matters%20what%20YOU%20are%20doing

follow the law and you’ll be just fine

law enthusiast

Do what is right for you

I have scars on my body that I feel insecure about.

I want to restart the looks of my body so that I can workout a perfect life.

Freethought Notes – Documented 6/8/2022

Is it ever OK to miss your baby’s birth? | Family | The Guardian

4487752-Lizzy-Caplan-Quote-It-took-me-a-long-time-to-realize-that-being-a.jpg (3840×2160) (

it-took-me-a-while-to-figure-that-out-and-to-realize-what-a-gift-that-i-had-been-given-and-when-i-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

quote-it-took-me-a-while-to-realize-that-s-just-your-body-preparing-you-to-do-something-jesse-brock-106-49-28.jpg (850×400) (

not-everyone-you-lose-is-a-loss-it-took-me-8357866.png (500×566)

il_570xN.3263597728_rcnd.jpg (570×570) (

Dr. Chelsie Romulo on Twitter: “@DominiqueJL15” / Twitter

6546616-Chris-Fabry-Quote-The-goal-of-prayer-is-not-to-change-God-s-mind.jpg (3840×2160) (

Refuting “Abortion as Self-Defense” (

Is the Self Defense Exception Consistent with the Belief that a Fetus is a Person? | Bill of Health (

BBC – Ethics – Abortion: Abortion in self-defence


> If it’s meant to be, it’ll come back to you; No it won’t you go out and chase if you care about it that much.

It all started on the day of my actual birth… – YouTube

2169828-Edgar-Cayce-Quote-Don-t-feel-sorry-for-yourself-if-you-have-chosen.jpg (3840×2160) (

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” – Richard Branson [1200×630] : QuotesPorn (

17160cef580fb96937b971aa30581895.jpg (800×800) (

2507631-Ziad-K-Abdelnour-Quote-You-can-t-make-people-work-harder-People.jpg (3840×2160) (

it-seems-like-i-always-had-to-work-harder-than-other-people-84.jpg (620×620) (

if-youre-not-willing-to-work-hard-let-someone-else-do-it-id-rather-be-with-someone-who-does-a-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

Inspirational-Hard-work-quotes-2.jpg (480×480) (

Hard-work-Quote-23-bit.ai_.png (4096×2136)

its-hard-work-meme.jpg (600×830) (

Anything done involuntarily is comparable to r*.

Does the average person really exist? | BBC Science Focus Magazine

The Average does not exist! (

Does The Average Person Exist? : math (

Conversation Agent – Valeria Maltoni – The Average Person Does not Exist

2000_Reintegrative-Shaming.pdf (

35a9ae08089dc9baeae9b76b570ffb1e.jpg (705×960) (

intellectuals-solve-problems-geniuses-prevent-them-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

6381730-Stephanie-Perkins-Quote-You-can-t-avoid-your-problems-forever-No.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-never-let-life-s-hardships-disturb-you-no-one-can-avoid-problems-not-even-saints-or-nichiren-58-44-28.jpg (850×400) (

you-can-avoid-reality-but-you-cannot-avoid-the-consequences-of-avoiding-reality-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

1994973-Charles-R-Swindoll-Quote-This-tendency-to-avoid-problems-and-the.jpg (3840×2160) (

anthonyjdangelo1.jpg (600×315) (

quote-poor-people-will-do-almost-anything-to-avoid-problems-they-see-a-challenge-and-they-t-harv-eker-57-19-42.jpg (850×400) (

Urban Dictionary: right to be mad

Anger can be reasonable or unreasonable (

4423294-Buck-Brannaman-Quote-There-is-something-in-the-human-psyche-that.jpg (3840×2160) (

salaam mediaa on Twitter: “Everybody has their own problems, Just different levels! #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha” / Twitter

962051-Josh-Hutcherson-Quote-Everybody-has-their-own-problems-No-matter.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-everybody-has-their-own-problems-no-matter-how-big-you-think-yours-are-there-is-someone-josh-hutcherson-122-99-23.jpg (850×400) (

8ec35a6e847ab0c6de932c6033dae2e2.jpg (563×600) (

4517c67e44da1ffe442ea0457134ebf4_default.jpg (720×720) (

2718639-L-Wren-Scott-Quote-Everyone-has-their-own-special-set-of-problems.jpg (3840×2160) (

c309c3947fc5fd856ed11597fb69f9bf.jpg (1080×1080) (

68a17790344a564db8c51b8eba2f112e.jpg (750×1124) (

quote-i-m-glad-that-my-journey-has-been-gradual-and-slow-instead-of-instant-because-that-allowed-jade-hassoune-148-89-19.jpg (850×400) (

21cb3e59ce70ac3f789449a706cb8164.jpg (620×800) (

New research debunks myths about who enlists and why (

A mercenary army of the poor? Technological change and the demographic composition of the post-9/11 U.S. military: Journal of Strategic Studies: Vol 0, No 0 (

86754b2468e7fa627555c771806b9add.jpg (564×743) (

165292-Haruki-Murakami-Quote-I-ll-never-see-them-again-I-know-that-And.jpg (3840×2160) (

1731040-Charles-Bukowski-Quote-If-I-never-see-you-again-I-will-always.jpg (3840×2160) (

f979891a1021f8967aa0aea4b2b682c8.jpg (600×600) (

1339357754592_2914559.png (420×294) (

emilecoue1.jpg (600×315) (

Are You Still Friends With Your High School Friends? (

6454496-Marie-Lu-Quote-I-never-saw-her-again-But-even-now-as-an-old-man-I.jpg (1600×900) (

aebd972c56c92214988f25e4c8013bd5.jpg (640×920) (

Steve Dutch’s answer to Is it true that most people in the USA that join the military are from the poor backgrounds with only basic education? – Quora

> More people don’t join because the few that do, give them the freedom to choose other paths, to pursue their dreams, hopefully for the betterment of the country and the people.

Al Nolf’s answer to Why don’t most U.S. Americans want to join the military? – Quora

Matthew Natur’s answer to Why are so few young people joining the military? – Quora

How to deal with never seeing your classmates after high school – Quora

finally-some-real-competition-competitive.gif (498×258) (

d0ff313c-6fdf-497b-84be-d5c161f1f28a.jpg (640×480) (

zu9s3kbaklx41.png (1198×974) (

dafce8404d0d3059bb8855509f3e8ea7.jpg (640×640) (

quote-if-you-want-to-find-the-real-competition-just-look-in-the-mirror-after-awhile-you-ll-criss-jami-102-49-58.jpg (850×400) (

i-view-it-as-a-real-competition-were-in-a-business-where.jpg (620×620) (

1*8OA_vqIlhKxdnWPUYeOp1g.jpeg (500×500) (

4847592-Criss-Jami-Quote-If-you-want-to-find-the-real-competition-just.jpg (3840×2160) (

Justin Lumpkin’s answer to Are you glad to be out of high school? – Quora

> : the act or process of educating oneself by one’s own efforts especially through reading and informal study [source]

Self-Education: The Skill That Will Help You Stay Ahead (

Joining the Army is the Best Decision I Ever Made – Reserve & National Guard (

1496098202-youll-hurt-silently_fw_.png (500×500) (

Too Personal: What to do when your One-on-Ones get too personal (

Is it bad to get too personal too quickly? – Quora

Try-not-to-take-anything-personally.-No-one-thinks-about-you-as-much-as-you-do..jpg (960×540) (

to-establish-personal-relationships-with-the-people-you-work-with-is-stupid-because-you-never-know-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

try-not-to-take-things-other-people-say-about-you-26759637.png (500×522) (

STOP Trying to be a Hero…It’s Killing Your Best Intentions! (

Stop Trying to Be People’s Hero – Humble The Poet

Leaders, Stop Trying to Be Heroes (

809795-stop-trying-to-please-everyone-else-quotes-1407439.jpg (900×506) (

f0382ba5ddded82119bde6729e33c4dcf0f0e4b9b0788c3c43cf6202fdf56a3f_1.jpg (1080×1080) (

stop-trying-to-be-a-hero-all-the-time-you’re-54564555.png (500×434)

Crown Jesus Ministries on Twitter: “#Youngleader: Not my battle Not my storm Not my business Not my circus Not my monkeys Stop trying to be the hero” / Twitter

stop-trying-to-be-someones-hero-when-its-constanly-hurting-25430148.png (500×522)

5871ccad87e21162_img_5445.jpg (940×940) (

You need to draw social boundaries when talking to people. It’s time to stop embarrassing yourself when saying hi to people that don’t say hi back.

How to be Your Own Thought Police The Minds Journal

Cops are Getting a Bad Rap But You Can’t Just Start Your Own Police Department (

Seattle Police Chief: We Cannot Enforce The Law, You Are On Your Own (

How the Brain Hides Traumatic Memories | Northwestern Medicine

Painful memories – PMC (

Ask a Therapist: How Do I Deal With Bad Memories? (

How to Cope with Memories, Triggers and Reminders | Sutter Health

What Triggers Spontaneous Memories of Emotional Events? – Cognitive Neuroscience Society (

Ads are everywhere, and it’s not okay – LessWrong

Advertising Makes Us Unhappy (

Anywhere the Eye Can See, It’s Likely to See an Ad – The New York Times (

quote-i-don-t-ask-for-your-pity-but-just-your-understanding-no-not-even-that-no-just-for-your-tennessee-williams-51-91-69.jpg (850×400) (

cc92b73d1dfe2c1209fe15f7d2dc45d6.jpg (640×960) (

Nicole-Reed-Bad-Things.jpg (800×800) (

How to Live a Balanced Life | The New Yorker

Poverty, homelessness, and social stigma make addiction more deadly – Harvard Health

9ad.jpg (680×725) (

Temptation is not the sin, giving into it is – Daily Bulletin

quote-forget-the-mistakes-of-the-past-and-press-on-to-the-greater-achievements-of-the-future-norman-vincent-peale-105-99-03.jpg (850×400) (

6c18b1a5265a4f2198747c67ee28818e.jpg (644×720) (

Let-the-improvement-of-yourself-keep-you-so-busy-that-you-have-no-time-to-criticize-others.-–-Roy-T.-Bennett.jpg (800×800) (

677015721-some-things-are-better-left-forgotten-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

Why do people hum to themselves? I find myself humming all day long quite unconsiously, perhaps the same melody for hours, not really paying attention to it. – Quora

61BYtRCPmSL.jpg (907×1360) (

Gordon Lightfoot – If You Could Read My Mind | Painted love affair (

What’s the Point of it All?. A short reflection on meaning and… | by Jun Park | Medium

Study reveals impact of too much parental involvement | Stanford News

Get Comfortable Saying No – Studio/E (

4 Ways To Feel More Comfortable Saying “No,” Even If You’re A People-Pleaser (

Do You Get a Better Workout When Exercising Alone, or With Others? | Campus Recreation | West Virginia University (

f160aed1f933ed447c51993f3e54f47d.png (540×810) (

doing-my-best-concept-card-260nw-578191234.jpg (260×280) (

I’m not proud of everything I did but I’m pretty sure I’d do it all again | Quotes and Movies (

I’m+not+proud+of+everything+I+did+but+I’m+pretty+sure+I’d+do+it+all+again.png (500×576) (

What Makes Something Beautiful? | Psychology Today

I’m Letting You Go — Not Because I Want To, But Because I Have To | Thought Catalog

2990200-Betty-MacDonald-Quote-I-ll-do-it-because-I-want-to-but-not-because.jpg (3840×2160) (

2359866-Socrates-Quote-Do-it-because-it-s-in-your-heart-Not-because-you.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-ask-for-help-not-because-you-are-weak-but-because-you-want-to-remain-strong-les-brown-131-83-31.jpg (850×400) (

1041041904-I-need-you_1.jpg (500×500) (

5 Types of Internal Conflict and How to Resolve Them & Make Wise Decisions – Learning Mind (

We Owe It To Ourselves To Take The Time To Heal | She Rose (

Surround Yourself With People You Want to Be Like (

Why You Shouldn’t Tell People about Your Dreams – Scientific American Blog Network

One Thing People Misunderstand About Forming New Habits – The Atlantic

My goal to be healthier

My goal is just to be healthier, since everything is related to health.

Everything is an Ad. You can simplify all of human behavior… | by Sean M Everett | Humanizing Tech

Alcohol really is no excuse for bad behaviour – research reveals you’re still the same person after a drink (

Everything Is Connected To Everything Else – Quote Investigator

Part of my memories forever

If the path is already laid out, it’s not your path (it’s someone else’s) | by Boom Shikha | Medium

10 Obvious Signs You Are Not Compatible With Your Partner – Relationship Culture

Sometimes your partner can be your father mother or any other social relationship.

Do parents still have control over you when you turn 18 if you live with them? – Quora

Realistic Utopia | SpringerLink

it-will-be-worth-it-to-be-with-someone-who-knows-your-worth.jpg (620×620) (

some-people-arent-comfortable-with-being-comfortable-some-people-really-want-to-be-pushed-and-find-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

spark-brings-success-pictured-as-word-spark-pool-ball-to-symbolize-spark-can-initiate-success-d-illustration-spark-169258658.jpg (1600×839) (

When Encouraging Others is Hard – Crystal Stine

quote-in-order-to-stay-relevant-you-have-to-stay-open-to-new-trends-and-keep-educating-yourself-natalie-massenet-80-78-36.jpg (850×400) (

d67cc3382b8e9a108be39a2952bfc090.jpg (928×960) (

8 Tips That Help Demystify the Creative Process – (

cars-you-will-have-chance,2534889.jpg (743×1000) (

5541a5e789392a3bbfd3a08aca5e816b.jpg (500×500) (

1*DtqA2JX_QfLjS_zutBjMIA.jpeg (800×800) (

108750-Started-From-The-Bottom.jpg (640×612) (

Defending White Space: Race and Self-defense – Cardozo Law Review

39% of Prisoners Should Not Be in Prison | Time

‘Many men in prison are not bad people, just people that have made bad decisions.’ What does that statement mean to you? – Quora

My brain is playing tricks on me – MHA Screening (

10 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Being Happy | HowStuffWorks

Smiling can trick your brain into happiness — and boost your health (

How to Trick Your Mind Into Being Happier (

does-anyone-actually-know-what-you-should-do-when-people-are-singing-happy-birthday-to-you-memes-Z7C7V.jpg (640×640) (

does-anyone-actually-know-what-you-have-to-do-when-13935913.png (500×522) (

Cure for Stupidity (

In the same way, if you think that nothing if your responsibility (not saying it’s not your fault, just not your responsibility), then you will get nowhere as most of your life will be in someone else’s control.

Theres-a-cure-for-youth-and-stupidity-time-and-experience.jpg (720×405) (

211487-But-There-Is-No-Cure-For-Stupid.jpg (480×480) (

quote-stupidity-cannot-be-cured-stupidity-is-the-only-universal-capital-crime-the-sentence-robert-a-heinlein-40-67-65.jpg (850×400) (

6741328-Pamela-Clare-Quote-There-is-no-cure-for-stupid.jpg (3840×2160) (

quote-strange-as-it-may-seem-no-amount-of-learning-can-cure-stupidity-and-formal-education-stephen-vizinczey-30-35-01.jpg (850×400) (

ignorance-can-be-cured-but-stupidity-is-forever-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

7e7304a3eb9821d513e95fb3847986cc.jpg (509×349) (

1329765885-B8yOgULCcAAyr11.jpg (573×538) (

10 reasons why relationships never work out for me – Hack Spirit

8 Reasons Why Your Relationship Just Didn’t Work Out | SELF

2912880-Mikhail-Tal-Quote-Quiet-moves-often-make-a-stronger-impression.jpg (3840×2160) (

The Development of Food Preferences (

d1debe66-98d1-41f4-bb0b-e55458145e0a_text.gif (400×215) (

Why do I keep throwing up before important moments like interviews or competitions and what can I do to stop? – Quora

“It’s all psychological!” (

It’s all in our heads (

“Conservative rap” : insanepeoplefacebook (

b0851e9d8760ebc81e487a621b7ce07a–hard-truth-truth-hurts.jpg (736×736) (

Deep Down, You Know You Want To achievement in Need for Speed Rivals (

The Pleasure of Punishment | Science | AAAS

One of the reason I don’t want to leave nsfw is because it is only known source of pleasure

It’s Not Always Your Fault – Just Between Us

When Overprotective Parenting is a Problem – MetroFamily Magazine

Can Medical Marijuana Control Seizures? (

original.jpg (1024×1024) (

Understanding Substance Use Disorders in the Military – Substance Use Disorders in the U.S. Armed Forces – NCBI Bookshelf (

Nicotine activates and desensitizes midbrain dopamine neurons – PubMed (

Recreational drug use – Wikipedia

I Never Thought My Son Would Play With Guns | HuffPost Life

Join the drug cartel

Jerry Rubin Quote: “Until you’re prepared to kill your parents, you’re not really prepared to change the country because our parents are our…” (

I am not feeling appreciated for who I am when I am being a moral person

Friday is better than Saturday because Saturday is almost Sunday and Sunday is almost Monday. : Showerthoughts (

6 Ways to Defeat Complacency | Bud to Boss

Make it a habit to wish others well.

1bfc3dbc2fb6a01039aab7e791af865f_default.jpg (720×720) (

change your friend group is just as good as changing families

My decision is not open for negotiation

When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong – 2 Corinthians 12:9-11 – Faith Reflections (


I can’t move on without the right resources, of which my parents do not want to provide to me; don’t feel bad for your failures, you need to test it first in order to find a program that works; you don’t have to ask, i like to document memories, mistakes my parents made, someone has to work harder, i hate corporate life, teaching bias, forever in my memories/past, stigmatizing shame, we are still learning how to be perfect, moral requirement, nsfw memes, not safe for life, morbid curiosity, i asked for it, stigmatizing nsfw, say it loud and proud, balanced torture, nothing is serious, right to be mad, reasonable anger, human connection is real, it’s all just a distraction, I’ve been there, I never want to speak of this again, densfwize it, anything involuntary is bad, hitting is like r*, private life reflects public life, stop acknowledging that satan is real, stop wanting something, stop wanting to do bad things, stop being tired, everyone has their own problems, allow me to grow professionally, stop stigmatizing recovery, the more you try to erase me the more that i appear, the more you try to remember the more you forget, the more you try to hide something, Streisand effect – Wikipedia, the more you try to control something, don’t have control of my own life, the world is my classroom, brain controls body or body controls brain, mutually connected, being alone is the problem, stress reliever, justice system, can i see you one last time, do what you can, do not hurt us, necessary goal, transitioning into adulthood, never speak of this again, it’s a big world out there, disconnected, things happen, everything is unexpected, give me some real competition, suck it up, missing memories, scars, multiple personality disorder, drugs, have something to care about, law enforcement, not for me, molded, do it for me, learning about yourself, leaving parents nest, good life choices, restart life, nothing special just practice, Drawing the line – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, words that shouldn’t be words, everything we do is self-defense of some goal, prioritizing goals, abortion as self-defense, school treated me like a child and kept me from moving on, everything is situational, some events brings back painful memories, blogging to cope, how do the rich raise their kids, hurting yourself, having your needs met, digestible, nothing is organized, no one appreciates your hard work but you, everything lasts a lifetime, only care based on how it affects me, moral focus, focus on what exists, limits make it boring, I had feeling bad, moral change, lifetime church member, personal achievements, keep it simple, KISS principle – Wikipedia, memory collector, truly think, let them be, I hate benig faced with challenges, why do i want to harm myself, getting comfortable with saying no, it’s the gear, free range, appeal, de-nsfw-ize body parts, Urban Dictionary: Mental Rape, ads aren’t real, my journey is just a bit late nothing much at all, realistic society, we are all a part of society, we are humans and robots, Social realism – Wikipedia, stop choosing to play a victim, silver spooned, Silver spoon – Wikipedia, happy home life = happy life, military depersonalization, find people who make you feel comfortable about yourself, GoodTherapy | Schadenfreude, Designer baby – Wikipedia, stop being proud of mediocre things that everyone is doing on the regular, no one likes me, get used to it, community, explore, touch skin, don’t go back in life, keep it consistent, stop lying, find a safe place to practice your desires, can’t trust myself, stop being clumsy, stop being childish, all my friends are moving on, stop facing the same problem again and again, what if everyones’ personal life was private, don’t tell me how to live, it’s easy if you have nothing to lose, trick your brain, trick your feelings, i don’t want to do this it takes control of me, Acquired taste – Wikipedia, innate taste, keep up with the competition, involuntary life, you like it because you’re human, what does it mean to be a human, starts off somewhere, my life is all a result of an unlucky choice, someone please kill me, I hate going back and forth, no one is going to save you (not even cold turkey blocker), you have to take a break from freehinking, satisfy curiosity, morbid curiosity, not satisfied with my life, badness is real, stigmitizing nsfwuality, everyone should experience bo. Wr., too good to be true, heaven on earth, sudden changes, refusing to accept the problem is even real, waiting too long, some things should be not done until certain ages, stuck, I don’t have enough patience for this, I want it done immediately, too easy,my curiosity of imperfection and being stuck is keeping me stuck, I deliberately knew that nothing was inherently nsfw and I made it as such, Overpraise Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster, don’t know how to parent, my parents don’t know how to communicate, explore your options, know your options, build your personality, Human overpopulation – Wikipedia, deep down you know you weren’t built for fighting, deep down you know you’re a monster, stop trying to live my life, stop doing so much for me, finding the root cause, everything is a cause, remember the goal, freedom ain’t free, drugs make me feel normal, weak then strong not vice versa, 

if you are not here for me forever then leave

Is Wrestling Real or Fake? Let’s Settle This Now (

Bullish Horns on Twitter: “Remember the goal and never give up. #MotivationalQuotes #motivational #Quotes” / Twitter

1748351-Yogi-Berra-Quote-If-I-had-to-do-it-all-over-again-I-would-do-it.jpg (3840×2160) (

if-you-could-do-it-all-over-again-would-you-change-anything-quote-1.jpg (500×452) (

Remember those who died for our freedom | |

22.-Let-Us-Honor-Those-Who-Died-Memorial-Day.001.jpeg (1920×1080) (

61tQn3UYvDL.jpg (907×1360) (

It’s so scary that these parents don’t know what they are doing, their lives are so much invested in someone else’s they have nothing else to do; What such freaking losers.

Are there too many people? All bets are off | Population | The Guardian

I should have known that I could have switched my iPhone for an Android a long time ago. Now I still have that fire within me; So, now I can block sites against my will.

The best I can do is to keep sane for a while.

Sometimes the most unexpected happens. I just worked out today and I had the nsfw desires.

Who acts as the enabler for your success? Janitors? Lower-class workers?

Cops want there to be criminals in the same way doctors want you to be sick

If I were to do it again, I’d do the same thing, not going to lie.

> The only way is to force yourself

> Everything about your life, about your body, grows! Your cells regenerate; your hair, your nails, everything grows for your entire life. And your soul needs exploration and growth. And the only way you’ll get it is by forcing yourself to be uncomfortable. Forcing yourself to get outside, out of your head. [source]

I want a balanced nsfw life (s* life), not too much or too little. I’ve received too little love.

I agreed to have some of my physicals as imperfect.

quote-the-reason-i-don-t-want-anyone-to-control-me-is-not-because-i-want-to-be-in-control-lady-gaga-84-44-76.jpg (850×400) (×1024.jpg

quote-i-have-to-take-total-control-myself-i-can-t-let-anybody-else-do-anything-for-i-find-david-bowie-113-46-13.jpg (850×400) (

Hugh Kearns on Twitter: “Don’t talk to me. I have no self-control and will talk to you for three hours and achieve nothing. (Thanks, I love you). We all need a sign like this. #acwri” / Twitter

Worried that they might see a better skilled lifestyle person.

It’s sad to assume as such, that people are talentless just because they don’t work a middle-class or upper-class income.

Do you secretly feel good when others stumble? 5 ways to make peace with this very human emotion | (

I am not saying people should go thru what I have gone thru, but if only people could realize that the world isn’t as perfect or as elitist as some may want it to be.

When doing something, ask yourself if you want to do it forever, if not, then don’t do it.

quote-the-tighter-you-try-and-hold-on-to-something-that-you-are-afraid-of-losing-the-more-rhonda-byrne-85-74-98.jpg (850×400) (

sometimes-it-seems-the-harder-you-try-to-hold-onto-something-or.jpg (620×620) (

The Columbia Chronicle on Twitter: “Sexual expression in artwork tends to stigmatize nudity, but Chicago’s NSFW artists are working to change the narrative, affirming their audience and inspiring other artists with their artwork, reports @irviniibarra.” / Twitter

Why do most Indian men love a housewife more than an independent woman? – Quora

Indian Men Step Up! Women Are Finally Saying ‘I Ain’t Your Mama’ (

Do You Think Indian Men Are Finally Appreciating Independent Women | Relationships (

Why Do Most Indian Men Live With Their Parents? (

“When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help. That’s the message he is sending.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh : ZenHabits (

Why Victims of Bullying Often Suffer in Silence (

So much for “back the blue:” Being A Police Officer Is Not Even In The Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs | by David Grace | TECH, GUNS, HEALTH INS, TAXES, EDUCATION | Medium

Nussbaum: Retribution is a Useless Idea, It Can’t Change the Past or Help the Future | University of Chicago Law School (

The Longing for Connection – Meditopia Blog

What To Do If Social Anxiety Is Ruining Your Life | SocialSelf

‘I am 29 and have social anxiety. I have blown my chance at life’ – The Irish Times

^ This is what I feel at 18. Wasted all of my high school years.

1714451-Ovid-Quote-Be-patient-and-tough-someday-this-pain-will-be-useful.jpg (3840×2160) (

someday-this-pain-will-be-useful-to-you-quote-1.jpg (560×660) (

Why are some people so perfect? – Quora

Rebecca Ang’s answer to Why are some people so perfect? – Quora

Mabel Whitlam’s answer to Why are some people so perfect? – Quora

keeping-secrets-was-the-beginning-of-freedom-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

keep-secret-things-secret-and-they-will-serve-you-the-better-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

ed4f79c8a85eeb7bfd2e530126123a47.jpg (705×960) (

make-memories-last-forever-make-memories-last-forever-motivational-quote-161963112.jpg (1600×1689) (

81ba3364ece6f1b23bd31be147700b08.jpg (300×232) (

> the past is forever

1072121-Frederick-William-Robertson-Quote-There-is-a-past-which-is-gone.jpg (3840×2160) (

Indigtransgentrauma.pdf (

Effects of the past

7e768b2cba57e41091b57fd557cae26a.png (705×960) (

240f5f9ad064e100f557128a2fe65262.jpg (600×900) (

From Dust You Came, and To Dust You Shall Return – The American Interest (

Living With Purpose on Twitter: “Be humble and never think that you are better than anyone else…”For dust you are; and unto dust you shall return”” / Twitter

The first step to changing is to have the desire to change. To do this, you must first convince yourself that you need it.

moving forward by fixing the past mistakes; Can’t move on without getting the basics right.

Homeless in Britain: ‘I graduated with honours – and ended up on the streets’ | Cities | The Guardian

Los Angeles Homeless Woman Lost Her Legs to Frostbite (

It’s not that no one cares, it’s just that everyone has their own problems.

I am convinced that it is impossible to change myself where I’m at. And don’t come at me quoting all of this b.s. Because I’ve tried countless times and I am done.

my-life-is-not-my-own-business-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720) (

The Role of Luck in Life Success Is Far Greater Than We Realized – Scientific American Blog Network

Your success isn’t down to free will – luck determines everything | Health & wellbeing | The Guardian

e6efdec4ea27ef122b5336bb55b61d3d.jpeg (493×409) (

Blog Post:

Before you start whining, you asked for this.

Add to b.w. Tactics: buy some time

Set Up Parental Controls iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch – TechSolutions

Another crap feature by apple – It won’t even let me block websites against my own will. Probably because it’ll make them lose their revenue.

I keep pursing the nsfw because I want something to feel proud of, something to block.

i keep coming back to you

If you really regret, you should give up all of the rewards (knowledge acquired) of the things you regret. Forgetting it is the best response.

I am just tired of not being cooperated with.

What is stopping you from pursuing nsfw?

I am considering studying nsfw in my free time

This homeless man looks far better than me; These immigrant parents of mine have no clue what they’re talking about when they are bashing the homeless. They are even better than their product, which is me.

I am not ready to give up on the anti-NSFW journey. I am also not ready to give up on my guilty pleasure of nsfw curiosity.

I wanted harder competition so here I have it, no more easy competitions.

Arkansas Homeless Service Organizations ⋆ Helping Americans Find Help

I am not getting anywhere sitting at the house and crying

I am looking for guidance

I am tired of the “nothing i can do about it now” attitude. I want my body to want to change. But, I can;t do it without others’ cooperation.

The goal of all of this is to have a realistic view of society

Remember that everyone is doing great

Remember that everyone is doing their own thing

I hate emotionless people.

It’s time to document the people that you like and whom you are attracted to. Start doing part of the physical journey now, it does not have to be perfect, just something to show you that there is hope left in this world.

A bit about my work personality, I can’t work well in a professional environment, i hate corporate culture, i hate professionalism, I hate fake people, 

Fellow INFJ’s, how did you leave the corporate life, or any job you have hated? : infj (

What to Do if You Don’t Fit in at Work – Glassdoor Blog ; Look at the picture of the dude in this picture.

I hate reading paragraphs, I love infographics

Hanging out with friends is a form of engaging in social media.

An even more of a greater achievement than avoiding nsfw contents is facing them and not nsfw-izing them as nothing is inherently nsfw


You should strive to have a realistic views of society. Being aware of all corners of it.

f9c08440ff2f4d84ad95045ec98c30bc.jpeg (640×653) (

The more work it takes to document my ideas physically, it makes me want to rest via nsfw.

This could be you

I am trying to make it to where it does not bother me anymore.

Altaf Gul’s answer to Why some people hate Indians? – Quora

Ravindra Rai’s answer to Why some people hate Indians? – Quora

Clear parts of history on this laptop – make sure to use the search feature.

Visit those links and delete the emails of the posted site

If you’re struggling to find motivation, I challenge you to find motivation when you’re struggling, that’s the challenge, now you should be motivated. The secret is that there is always something in everyones’ personal life that can be improved.

For anti-nsfw it gets weird after a certain point if you don’t pursue it. For example, in a corporate setting you don’t tend to human needs and rather act as a robot (Urban Dictionary: corporate robot).

I need some meaningful work, not some job that a robot can replace me by.

Relatable answer: Answer to How bad is it to stay at home all day? Will you go crazy? – Quora

How bad is it to stay at home all day? Will you go crazy? – Quora

Entrepreneur: How to Stop Being a Corporate Robot | Fortune

How I Overcame Being a Corporate Robot | by Steve Brieloff | Medium

Maybe skipping my graduation ceremony wasn’t bad at all.

Coping with everyday life from a homeless perspective | KVII (

How to cope with being homeless – Quora

I remember the robot notion I mentioned above – if it’s not specific to humans, then it’s useless.

quote-when-you-see-a-roadblock-or-challenge-as-an-opportunity-it-is-amazing-how-you-are-already-frances-hesselbein-126-87-29.jpg (850×400) (

Sure, you live in an unlucky setting, but that does not mean you have to stay there and complain about it.

Get to know yourself – Know what you like and dislike; For example, I know for a fact that I hate corporate jobs.

indians have the worst culture

What is a typical worst habit of Indians? (

^I can second those^ as I myself have been guilty of doing so as such

Shawn Brun’s answer to Why some people hate Indians? – Quora

I have large teeth like this:

ff55e471f1820f25d709327f92c8d6b54e-27-teeth.rsocial.w1200.jpg (1200×628) (

I see people with very straightened teeth like this:

close-up-of-beautiful-teeth-after-undergoing-cosmetic-dentistry.jpg (1430×954) (

I need the motivation to find motivation.

Face your fears to see that they are not really that big and shouldn’t be feared.

All fears are an illusion – just disorganized information.

I get pissed when people ask me “why don’t you just leave;” My answer is the risks are greater, leaving me between a rock and a hard place. Also, you don’t know how many times I tried mentally.

When you go a whole week without ejac.:

India Public Hygiene Worst in the World (

Process to reclassing in the Guard?? | RallyPoint

Want to reclass as Infantry? This National Guard school will show you how | Article | The United States Army

U.S. Army National Guard Reclassification Program – USAASC

One of my personal development goals is to go outside everyday (to take a bath everyday, to wake up early everyday, to sleep early everyday)

As long as I know it’s not my fault, I am at peace with the mistake. No mistakes are my fault, but I take the blame and responsibility to fix it.

The goal of all of this is to be an adult and act like one – to be independent.

Learn to live without your parents, claim your future – it’s not theirs.

Backup career:

  • Sales
  • Police Work

Mafia – Wikipedia

American Mafia – Wikipedia

Look out for jobs as such: Which Professions are Associated with Cancer Risk? | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

If you’re not going to delete the NSFW contents you need to accept the risk.

You are your own adult now, so create your own personality. First, you need to be away from those who trigger bad feelings. Yes, I want them executed, but the best I can do is to leave the proximity of where I am at.

not ready to move on

Understand the limits of your own pain.

Don’t feel bad for drawing boundaries, you need to start solidifying your life and to becoming an independent man

Making fun of people is retribution

Coping through blogging: A review of studies on the potential benefits of weblogs for stress reduction | Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace

I couldn’t succeed because people are uncooperative and I was drunk (yes, being drunk is far more common than one thinks – it’s not normal to be bullied, that’s an unrealistic view of society) – I was not in my right state of mind.[2]

I need to work on having a realistic view of society. I need to expose myself to the world and their skills. To stop living under a rock. To first do this, I must move out of this house and take care of my personal hygiene, since everything is personal hygiene.

Toward a Realistic View of Society | Catholic Culture

Ivan-Hall-Explains-How-He-Found-Alexa-Caves-Phone-Number-Before-His-Bachelor-in-Paradise-Exit2.jpg (2000×2000) (

@connor.evanh • Instagram photos and videos (

time is nearing for my basic training

I need to learn the difference between good dogma and bad dogma

31a0a879466755d695a3ba0e88cecfd6.jpg (500×421) (

imag_1927988645_15817503.jpg (771×556) (

remove all bad memories is the same as removing all distractions

To Do:

Equate Multi-Purpose Solution Twin Pack, 12 fl oz, 2 count –

Get manscaped

turn off laptop when urges come

Consider working as a part time lawn mower

Consider doing some side gigs

Document Malcolm Battle, David Shu, and that Nissan girl (I know that she is a senior since I saw her at the senior meeting, not the one on the 13th tho)

Volunteer at the first department

Eat foods that are good for the eyes since your sun visor is broken.

If you need to, ask for the login information for the wifi router and block sites there.

Consider watching toy story 4 or cars 3 (buy disc at walmart)

Find the song of the commercial for the grand wagoneer

i can’t wait to block nsfw contents or to indulge myself in them

how to setup firewall to block sites

Consider going to a community college to get a degree that would add credits for bachelor’s degree in neuroscience.

On the android, buy the app of freedom instead to replace cold turkey blocker for mobile devices since it’s a one time purchase.

Add morbid curiosity as a tag on physicals version of website.

Hall Sweeps Crosstown Track and Field Meet with Conard – We-Ha | West Hartford News

Bridget-McGann-Of-Hall-Runs-As-Part-Of-The-4×800-Relay-2-810×902.jpg (810×902) (

Moral Support:

Teaching About the Death Penalty (

Understanding Death Penalty Support and Opposition Among Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Students – Raj Sethuraju, Jason Sole, Brian E. Oliver, 2016 (

Justice Page teacher: ‘Election week was like a roller coaster’

^ Now that I found the ripped f. Science teacher, I need to find that ripped f. Black teacher (she was teaching kids and I think it was a stock image, another image as well).

There is another similar picture to the black person at the Arkansas scholarship website – the person’s name is Olivia Moka.

Father Absence as a Risk Factor for Substance Use and Illegal Behavior by the Adolescent Sons | Office of Justice Programs (

Parental absence in early childhood and onset of smoking and alcohol consumption before adolescence | Archives of Disease in Childhood (

absent parents and child development

A Father’s Impact on Child Development | Child Abuse Prevention, Treatment & Welfare Services | Children’s Bureau (

Grown Children Who Ignore Their Parents (

it’s not a big deal

find your personality

Gal Blank’s answer to I smoke one cigarette a month. Is it okay or should I stop even that? – Quora

Prosecutors tend to encourage families of middle-class victims to make statements while discouraging families from other backgrounds from doing so. [source]

Freethought Notes – Documented 5/29/2022

PARENTING: The goal of the elementary years is independence (

What is the goal of indepenedence?

The Greater the Effort, the Sweeter the Reward (and the Harder the Loss) – Wellness, Disease Prevention, And Stress Reduction Information (

Lower Your Standards – Jennifer Louden

What Are You Willing to Give Up to Have What You Want?

What are You Willing to Give Up, In Order to Have What You Really WANT? — HavingTime

Health Care: The Cool Stuff Doesn’t Matter If the Basics Aren’t There (

^ It’s not just healthcare.

Why do poor people steal from other poor people? – Quora

Spotify – I Don’t Care Enough To Hate You – song by Jemani

1 Corinthians 13:3 If I give all I possess to the poor and exult in the surrender of my body, but have not love, I gain nothing. (

What Does Processing Your Feelings Even Mean? (

Remind yourself of past successes |

Sometimes the Ones Who Seem the Happiest Are Hurting the Most – Her View From Home

Stephen Hawking admits he finds women ‘a complete mystery’ | Stephen Hawking | The Guardian

8 Lessons Scars Teach Us | Dr. Michelle Bengtson (

The Lesson My Scars Taught Me. If it wasn’t for the scars my life… | by Michelle Brown | Self, Inspired. | Medium

Scars of childhood poverty found in adult brain scans | Cornell Chronicle

Can treating poverty change a child’s brain? –

Poverty changes your brain to make you less intelligent, study suggests | The Independent | The Independent

What if we tended unapologetically to our needs? – Anna Lovind

What Goes In, Must Come Out | The Daily Choice Devotional (

Cycle of Violence and Abuse and How to Break the Cycle of Abuse | HealthyPlace

Nothing is ever personal, and nothing is ever a big deal — thirty two thousand days

Dealing with conflicting desires (

Good needs Bad to be Good – Coolnsmart


being tricked into hurting yourself, i don’t know what i should want, complex emotion, feelings make it complicated, unjust punishment, everything you do is forced, Ambivalence – Wikipedia, stable life, what if i told you everything you knew was a lie,

Freethought Notes – Documented 5/23/2022 – 5/29/2022

The reason why I am so nervous is because I don’t need others to see me.

1461695-Jim-Lovell-Quote-Be-thankful-for-problems-If-they-were-less.jpg (3840×2160) (

surround-yourself-with-people-you-want-to-be-around-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

Self-Confidence: Why some people have it (and some do not) (

Capital Punishment is Too Lenient for Sick and Vile… | 123 Help Me (

When Can I Sue for Verbal Assault? –

anyone-bold-here-share-your-kink-below-71812283.png (500×486) (

Marsy’s Law crime victim rights – Ballotpedia

Should the poor people be banned from having a child? – Quora

Poverty as a Form of Violence: A Structural Perspective: Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Vol 4, No 2-3 (

Scars of childhood poverty found in adult brain scans | Cornell Chronicle

i have a breaking point

5 Telltale Signs You’re Reaching An Emotional Breaking Point (

What does the school do if someone doesn’t show up to their high school graduation? – Quora

2292535-Mel-Gibson-Quote-I-don-t-make-things-complicated-that-s-the-way.jpg (3840×2160) (

Surround Yourself With Successful People and You’ll Become Successful Too | by Dani Jorgensen | Medium

Your Child Is Not Your Friend | Empowering Parents

Your Child is Not Your Equal: Why You Have to Be the Boss (

Solutions To Poor Social Skills – Get The Friends You Want

Poor Social Skills May Be Harmful to Mental and Physical Health | University of Arizona News

I’m extremely introverted, have terrible social skills, and have extreme self-confidence issues. Please help me if you can. : socialskills (

only-the-good-die-young-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

original.jpg (720×690) (

Embrace Your Scars – The Skin Cancer Foundation

To tell or not to tell: The fine line between minors’ privacy and others’ right to know (

How God Is Both Incomprehensible and Knowable at the Same Time | Crossway Articles

How to Make Decisions | Life Care Plan | Kaiser Permanente

The Biggest Problem Gen Z & Millennials Say They Are Facing in 2021 – YPulse

Social Issues That Matter to Generation Z – The Annie E. Casey Foundation (

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6460634-Angelique-Jones-Quote-You-don-t-turn-your-back-on-family-because.jpg (1600×900) (

5622627-Miley-Cyrus-Quote-Some-people-don-t-have-a-family-to-fall-back-on.jpg (3840×2160) (

263878-quotes-about-family-not-having-your-back-80515.jpg (900×600) (

if you really care that much about my mishap, you must have some serious issues

What has the quiet kid at your school done that made everyone shocked? – Quora

What happened to the weird/quiet kid in your class? – Quora

It’s even more inspiring to hear people who didn’t have the means overcome their obstacles by sheer willpower. Which will be me.

Students Share What Happened When The “Quiet Kid” Finally Snapped – Tickld

b247dedeed7bc96672ba7c172902364871aa0586f078915a3b4750a6f01e40b4_1.jpg (1080×786) (

5 Struggles of an INFJ – Taylor Made Teacher

The hidden burden of social anxiety disorder in U.S. military veterans: Results from the National Health and Resilience in Veterans Study – PubMed (

The quiet kid in class

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why-do-i-smoke.pdf (

Race Matters (

Supporting diverse communities | AFSP

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Why does a moral person think that an immoral person is stupid? – Quora

What matters is who is judging you -> God’s Opinion Is What Matters. God’s Opinion Is The Only One That Matters. Don’t Be Overly Concerned With People’s Opinions. – Daily Bible Verse Blog (

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The meaning of life, is procreation. That’s ‘why’ we exist. To reproduce. Nothing more. This is scientifically provable. : Showerthoughts (

inspirational-enemy-quotes-17.jpg (731×731) (

quotes-for-family-reunions.jpeg (600×600) (

the-secret-to-a-long-and-healthy-life-is-to-be-stress-free-be-grateful-for-everything-you-have-stay-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

ethical-dilemmas-have-a-way-of-sneaking-up-on-a-person-if.jpg (620×620) (

Are you willing to lose it all in order to gain it all? Crazy I know, but it’s true. | by Benjamin Moore | Medium

Lose It All to Gain It All | Preaching Today

For Ibram Kendi, being ‘not racist’ doesn’t cut it. He insists that we, and he, be ‘antiracist.’ – The Washington Post (

704757899-let-it-go-its-just-not-worth-it-anymore-quote-1.jpg (500×660) (

you-still-mean-everything-to-me-youre-just-not-worth-the-fight-anymore-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

Do rich people need poor people in order to remain rich? – Quora

Why the Rich Need the Poor | Investing | US News

How the Right Fundamentals Can Change Your Life – Weidel on Winning

Ask yourself: what else do you have to do now? You don’t have any other goal but to better yourself. So start now to get rid of those dull feelings.

Productivity Needs A Purpose (

project_20200313_0003322.png (1080×1080) (

somehow-life-goes-on-with-or-without-you.jpg (620×620) (

dbd911d9f527fb2f8f91a25f3dfb26c0.jpg (560×660) (

quote-doing-the-little-things-can-make-a-big-difference-yogi-berra-76-98-16.jpg (850×400) (

1692383-Nino-Varsimashvili-Quote-Sometimes-little-things-make-a-big.jpg (3840×2160) (

What Should Be The Ultimate Goal Of Education? (

The Goal of Education Is Becoming (Opinion) (

Do You Have To Go To Graduation? 9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Commencement (

Carmen Zhou’s answer to Why did you not attend your high school graduation? – Quora (

Austin Wilson’s answer to My son didn’t go to prom or walk the stage at his HS graduation. Now he doesn’t want to walk the stage for his college graduation. He was popular in HS and a college athlete so it’s not a social issue. How can I make him do it? I want to see it. – Quora (

> Little things make the only difference

Keywords: understanding retributive justice, understanding victims feelings, go easy on the kid, useless philosophy, coping mechanism, no beginning and no end, someone had to be last, show your scars not your wounds, the best you can do now, deciding what to care about, you program life not vice versa, am i really that bad, nothing is more embarrassing than passing out in front of, all human life is sacred which is why we execute and not torture, Consistent life ethic – Wikipedia, invested so much time in you, don’t invest your time in someone, make a real difference, everyone goes thru this, good intentions, was a loser in high school now i am better, changed since high school, ahead in life, do it alone because most people can’t comprehend, i don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone, feelings aren’t bad they just are, i don’t feel comfortable around you anymore patrick, i don’t feel comfortable in my own body, i laugh too much, remind me of, i don’t care about socializing, you got over it that quick, single by choice not my choice, felt like a slap in the face, initiate change, be a leader, be authoritative to get what you want, accept what you lost, schumacher i don’t like to talk about my failures, silent killer, i’m here if you need me, no one will understand me, struggling with ego, no one wants to understand you, you will thank yourself later, the poor will trust anyone, did my best dear lord, can you be an introvert and an extrovert, role of family in marriage, no plan no control, my god told me, anecdotal, it’s not a big deal to join the military, helping minorities, i am unpredictable to myself, no one makes eye contact with me, i just want to be free, free from judgement, know that you deserve the perfect, devaluing, indians are the worst race, if you had a choice would you want to be born as an indian, i know enough to make this decision, some parents shouldn’t be parents, why is my body so sensitive, certain rights should be earned, know your options, don’t remind me of my failures, tricked into hurting yourself, someone has to lose, does immoral mean stupid, almost is not enough, the society effect, i wish i could do that, physically disabled, potential, why do i laugh so weirdly, I need to move on from a person, i need to move on from a person you love so deeply, thinking style, Cognitive style – Wikipedia, extrovred, what’s your thing, express dump, remove all physical distractions, it’s not racist to love your own race, if i could i would take all of you, if i could i would feel nothing, emotionless, who do i want to be my soldier, you are a part of something bigger than yourself, seriousness, society is not for me, who is attracted to me says a lot about you, support group, time to leave home, i don’t feel comfortable around my friends anymore, take initiative, i like being alone, I don’t like being judged, thinking vs overthinking, entertain me, i know your secrets, normalcy privilege, able bodied privilege, real world marketable skills, i was there once upon a time, the rich need the poor, there would be no rich without the poor, Get the fundementals right and your life will be great, Be understanding of yourself, i hate heroism, I wish the bad things in this world would be permenantly deleted, limits make it fun, the purpose of life is to be productive, something to call mine, the purpose of life is to procreate, it makes me jealous to see others doing better as it reminds me of my failures, it’s hard for me to say i’m jealous, anxiety files, the goal of education, comprehend reasons, always something to work on, The presence of other is good to motivate yourself into artificial motivation, always something there to remind me, reality check, starting my journey to becoming white as a minority, Even big shots need to rest, resting is working, i need a vacation, cleanse me, health comes first, I’ve seen worse – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, i refuse to accept that I am unlucky, what are my friends doing now, access to opportunities, reasoning skills, start now you can still win the race, it was a choice I was not forced, stop shoving it down my throat, I didn’t enjoy high school, deep dark secrets, Social engineering (security) – Wikipedia, why do you want to ruin something so good, not my choice, give up these notes if you want to give up nsfw, this is not my home it’s our home, as long as it’s not my fault I don’t care, why does the urge to sneeze go away,I don’t know how to socialize, I know how to follow the law, do it now, do it before you change your mind, no excuses, awkward, informal environment, you need it, let it all out, i am not getting anywhere, know your rights camp, victims rights over criminals rights, seeing constant reminders of someone, forced to experience, repetitive problems, trade jobs, it’s not a bit deal, it’s a fact that it affects you, the law does not care, you don’t need rest, my friend is too needy, not now doesn’t mean never, complex, difficult to work with, willingness to learn, achievements that i am proud of, secretly want me, i’ll do anything, generational progression, Strauss–Howe generational theory – Wikipedia, there is no goodbye, fair and just, if I wish that all indians should die then I would be wishing that I died – which I don’t want (proof that people only care of how it affects them), i hate the indian race, open racist, the reason you’re still breathing, how to let go of past regrets, i am not mature enough for a relationship,i can’t wait to get new friends, i am an adult now, 

How To Know Someone Likes You Secretly (31 Interesting Ways To Tell) –

Sara Soueidan on Twitter: “I can relate to this on too many levels. (Img alt: street graffiti that reads “one day you’ll laugh at how much you let this matter”) Happy Sunday y’all.” / Twitter

Help! My Friend Is Too Clingy! – The Friendship Blog : The Friendship Blog

How to Gently Dump a Clingy “Friend”: 15 Steps (with Pictures) (

main-qimg-637a631d0ef65e33b8eb395622d6878c.webp (540×532) (

quote-rest-and-be-kind-you-don-t-have-to-prove-anything-jack-kerouac-85-29-93.jpg (850×400) (

It’s High Time Indian Parents Realise That Their Kids Are Adults & Can Make Their Own Decisions (

Do Indian parents just have kids so that someone can take care of them when they are old? : india (

Swearing Is Actually a Sign of More Intelligence – Not Less – Say Scientists (

When I turn 18, can I press charges on my parents for hitting me? – Quora

7 Things you will relate to Indian parents! (

CMV: Poor people should not be pressured to not have kids. : changemyview (

my-parents-parents-were-regular-working-class-people-i-ended-up-speaking-in-a-certain-way-and-one-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

10 Types of Advice That Only Narrow-Minded People Can Give / Bright Side

6380399-Barbara-Delinsky-Quote-Parents-can-be-narrow-minded-when-it-comes.jpg (3840×2160) (

29 Things Only A Person Trying to Quit Smoking Would Understand (

Smoking for Stress Relief? Think Again! (

Why Indian Kids are parent dependant way into adulthood, and vice versa. | by Smriti J. | Medium

You can’t just put me down and when I am starting to feel depressed bring me back up again.

quote-my-parents-parents-were-regular-working-class-people-i-ended-up-speaking-in-a-certain-toby-stephens-93-58-08.jpg (850×400) (

Woman-Disowned-By-Parents-9-Years-Ago-Refuses-to-Help-Them-When-They-Become-Homeless.jpg (1200×628) (

How One Group Is Seeding Victims’ Rights Laws Across The Country | Colorado Public Radio (

Legal (

quote-if-you-re-absent-during-my-struggle-don-t-expect-to-be-present-during-my-success-will-smith-59-24-57.jpg (850×400) (

1721130-Tupac-Shakur-Quote-No-one-knows-my-Struggle-they-only-see-the.jpg (3840×2160) (

MRrO2762.webp (720×720) (

– YouTube

Indian Parents Are Different Than American Parents (

House of horrors case: Turpin parents sentenced to life in prison for torturing children (

The Big Question: Are prison sentences too lenient, and does the system need changing? | The Independent | The Independent

quote-diplomacy-the-art-of-restraining-power-henry-a-kissinger-16-1-0187.jpg (850×400) (

If it’s for physicals, then anything can be sacrificed (including the urge to do it now, it can be put off to a later date – if only i had known this before, I wouldn’t have sacrificed my original youtube account) – I know that

Either you can react by saying “oh it’s not my fault and I am being affected by it… oh well; Or, you can say that it sucks and I am going to use and save that very energy to deliver justice myself.” Remember, you deserve it, it’s karma for all of the bad things you’ve done in the past.

Truth is, you being alive isn’t your fault- so you don’t deserve badness sure, but you also don’t deserve happiness.

What am I doing wrongly? Every action you take should be moving towards the goal, yes. But, it’s important to know that you need rests and a vacation – even the runaway slaves know this.

4bc4b1eb555f2f07f556cbf61190886f.jpg (800×800) (

love-is-patient-love-is-kind-bible-verse-701342_final2-cceeb81bb8bb4744a56261302abab733.png (1500×1000) (

Why people ruin happy relationships | HelloGiggles

ed15a26be6eae71f7a5168f0b8f7f6ea.jpg (612×612) (

social relationships model real world relationships with others outside of family; It’s not a bad family bad life or happy wife happy life.

1928412545-b6c7003204ef1918eb196fa2e3763660.jpg (320×320) (

2264531-Maya-Angelou-Quote-If-you-re-going-to-live-leave-a-legacy-Make-a.jpg (3840×2160) (

dbd056a310d3d570aa25edb845e3c7f5.jpg (468×464) (

few-things-leave-a-deeper-mark-on-the-reader-than-the-first-book-that-finds-its-way-to-his-heart-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

If-youre-going-to-live-leave-a-legacy.-Make-a-mark-on-the-world-that-cant-be-erased.-Maya-Angelou.jpg (800×800) (

Why It Doesn’t Feel Good When Someone Else Succeeds | Psychology Today

Procreation is a defined property of life – Parlia

Why do people dislike Traditional Heroes? : writing (

how-does-it-feel-to-be-almost-the-best-its-a-bit-like-not-being-good-enough-at-all-isnt-it-quote-1.jpg (560×720) (

quote-after-all-those-years-as-a-woman-hearing-not-thin-enough-not-pretty-enough-not-smart-anna-quindlen-23-80-30.jpg (850×400) (

quote-becka-was-almost-good-looking-enough-to-be-on-a-reality-dating-show-but-not-funny-looking-kelly-link-111-61-08.jpg (850×400) (

quote-never-make-eye-contact-with-anyone-while-eating-a-banana-harry-styles-120-46-82.jpg (850×400) (

The Decline of Eye Contact – WSJ

What a Lack of Eye Contact Says About You, According to Science (and How to Fix It) |

People don’t make eye contact with me : socialskills (

Choosing a Counselor or Therapist • Military OneSource

being predictable is actually a great thing according to science (

Why Unpredictability Is So Attractive | by Manj Bahra | Game Of Self | Medium

“I Can’t Operate, that Boy Is my Son!”: Gender Schemas and a Classic Riddle | SpringerLink

Study 10 THE WIDOW, WHEN SHE GAVE ALL THAT SHE HAD – Words of Life Ministries

quote-i-gave-you-my-love-i-gave-you-my-heart-i-gave-you-everything-you-ever-wanted-and-all-chris-elam-67-29-21.jpg (850×400) (

480247933-quote-i-gave-you-my-arms-my-lips-my-heart-my-love-my-life-my-all-but-the-best-that-i-had-to-eddie-delange-223542.jpg (850×400) (

No-one-changes-300×300.png (300×300) (

Be-selective-with-who-you-invest-your-time-wasted-time-is-worse-than-wasted-money..jpg (800×800) (

im-single-by-choice-not-my-choice-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

if-its-planned-its-boring-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

ignoring-a-question-is-more-painful-than-a-slap-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

Study reveals top reason behind soldiers’ suicides | Military Suicide Research Consortium (

I did a mistake that made many people make fun of me, how can I fix this? – Quora

Is it “bad” to make fun of people/laugh at their weaknesses? – LessWrong

I didn’t know people cared that much if one made such a mistake? It’s their fault for trusting me to not mess up.

Why Do We Feel Good Making Fun of Others? | HuffPost Life

2f8cc4aac69f330df4d9d78c9fac17ee–mistake-quotes-its-funny.jpg (600×900) (

67c78a62597d653b4c63ed42dad00280.jpg (640×640) (

4NLO3375.webp (720×720) (

4NeR1201.webp (720×720) (

The Three Vows of Monasticism: Poverty – St. Mary & St. Moses Abbey (

Proverbs 11:28 He who trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like foliage. (

Why do you think some people shouldn’t become parents? What causes one to have unrealistic parenting views? – Quora

175994 (1120×600) (

family-comes-first-then-health-if-you-dont-have-those-two-components-there-isnt-much-joy-in-a-career-quote-1.jpg (620×800) ( (500×412)

0d3a1382-a496-4d37-8842-181bc0d1036d_text.gif (400×316) (

Moral Support:

At least you didn’t have it as bad as these people did:

Girl falls at graduation for $50

Girl Falls At Graduation Trying To Do The Running Man – video Dailymotion

It’s possible to change:

Was a loser in high school – Reddit

i-was-a-loser-in-high-school-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (

40f8377b-80ad-4ab8-a8c7-935eef06dac4-MemorialDayWeatherford.jpg (2048×1536) (

whenever-i-hear-someone-say-let-us-remember-those-who-died-defending-our-freedom-in-iraq-i-just-roll.jpg (400×400) (

original.jpg (1000×1333) (

How Indian Kids Raised Without Personal Space Became Adults Who Don’t Care About Privacy : introvert (

How Indian Kids Raised Without Personal Space Became Adults Who Don’t Care About Privacy (

My Indian Parents and Their Twisted Definition of Boundaries | by Anangsha Alammyan | P.S. I 

Love You (

Why don’t some Indians respect personal boundaries? – Quora

indians don’t understand personal boundaries

Celebrities Who Died Way Too Young – Obsev

Celebrities Who Died Too Young, List Of Celebrities Who We Have Lost At Their Young Age – News (

18-Year-Old Soldier Killed In Iraq (

18-year-old soldier killed during training at Fort Jackson identified (

How To Comb Out Locs / K’s 5 Year Loc Journey (

rroasted-on-reddit (800×420) (

5e4cf13c53b06-parents-share-stories-kids-roasting-them-coverimage.jpg (640×336) (

2019 5K/10K Participant 10472 (

Is a ten minute mile “good”? : running (

10 Minute Mile! : AppleWatchFitness (

Average Mile Time: By Age Group and Sex (

Is A 10 Minute Mile Slow? – Rockay

Battle-Scars-P.jpg (735×1102) (

st,small,507×507-pad,600×600,f8f8f8.u1.jpg (600×600) (

4eabdd7259.jpg (3000×3000) (

“battle scars”

Blog Post:

Know the limits for a client relationship

Nigerian soldier sentenced to death for killing civilians – France 24

“Indian racism towards Black people is almost worse than white peoples’ racism” An Interview with Arundhati Roy · Dalit Camera

Making the Switch |

How to Start Working Out When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing (

I want to workout, but I don’t know where to start. What is a good 5 day routine with sets and reps and for what body types? – Quora

  • Research music that is used to grind to work
  • The goal is to get get my life back on track
  • Rebuild your life from being homeless

Is “Verbal Assault” Illegal? (

If someone tells you not to contact them, can they apply legal charges if you do? – Quora

If someone told me to never contact them again, and I dont, can they file a restraining order against me anyway? – Legal Answers – Avvo

My ex-friend won’t accept that I don’t want to contact her. What now? – friendship breakups | Ask MetaFilter

Why Does My Ex Keep Contacting Me? — TIFFY DIAMOND

Witt Law Group PS – Do Not Call, Text, or Send Messages To Your Partner Who Has A No Contact Order (

Can I call the police if someone keeps talking to me after I told that person to stay away from me? – Quora

The Differences between Criminal Court and Civil Court | | Find free legal help and information about your legal rights from nonprofit legal aid providers in your state

What Can I Do if Someone Won’t Stop Harassing and Contacting Me in Virginia? | Bryan J. Jones, LLC (

A creepy acquaintance continues to contact me, even though I’ve asked him to stop. (

V. Raghunathan: ‘Indians Are Privately Smart and Publicly Dumb’ – Knowledge at Wharton (

Did Einstein believe Indians were stupid? His diaries suggest so – World News (

Einstein’s personal diary says Indians are stupid? – YouTube

Why Are Indian Millennials Being So Stupid? (

Indians are stupid according Einstein’s journals (

Why are indian families so nosy?

As an indian, I hate my own race.

if-youre-a-part-of-my-family-i-will-love-you-violently-quote-1.jpg (620×800) (


Ending Compulsory Education | Agency-Based Education (

The Case Against Compulsory Education | by John Egelkrout | Inspired Education | Medium

Analysis: Why Students Should Not Be Required To Stay In… |

school shouldn’t be a battlefield


CMV: Sending your kids to school should not be mandatory. Free, and encouraged, but not mandatory. : changemyview (

Keep your secrets a secret

Bodybuilders are dumb | IGN Boards

Consider doing active duty army

I have a trigger finger for

law enforcement as a backup career

Check out: MOS 31B: Military Police – YouTube (

My military recruiter might be at graduation

Fandom on Twitter: “Jason Momoa shows off his battle scars in behind-the-scenes photos from #SEEatv (via prideofgypsies | Instagram)” / Twitter (

the military is for me

(PDF) Doing military fitness: Physical culture, civilian leisure, and militarism (

More than a Test: Building a Better Army Fitness Culture – Modern War Institute (

If you ever need some immediate support, just watch some FaZe Rug – Wikipedia

Create a good resume

i was right this entire time about school being bad for me at this point in my life when I did not have the fundamentals right. Ex. a functional family.

Why can’t parents admit their mistakes if they’re wrong? – Quora

parents_children.jpg (1200×900) (

cb16dbd34c787f9f3fbd529f8bc93cbe.jpg (735×1102) (

d6f7759294a2af9d948018ce2e5c99f0–our-kids-my-children.jpg (720×720) (

ded5b1c1d526434daf8ec46f5319bc73.jpg (300×284) (

The purpose of doing this is to stay sane whilst staying in this house – I am aware that once I leave these notes may be virtually useless to me.

car porter jobs near me

i want something to care about

i want someone to care about me

After being scratched by my sister, I am only left to ask: What am I doing wrong?

My son does not want to go to his high school graduation. Is this disrespectful to the school? – Quora

> Also, many graduations nowadays are only for promotional and bragging purposes. For this reason, the event can be a boring activity for some. [source

Anyone Else Not Attend Their High School Graduation? : CasualConversation (

> I’m not a fan of ceremonies of any kind. I’d much rather celebrate in a way that’s personal/meaningful for me,… [source]

anyone did NOT attend their graduation? –

Skipping high school graduation ceremony – Parents Forum / Parent Cafe – College Confidential Forums

quote-i-can-t-relate-to-99-of-humanity-steve-buscemi-124-85-05.jpg (850×400) (

cant-relate-wallpaper-17.jpg (850×400) (

5e2daf872dd90.jpeg (1980×1185) (

^It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy

I had to constantly clearing the throat because of my lack of drinking water

“You Dunce!” Administration Starts Punishing Students With Dunce Caps – The Blue & Gold (

The Gladiator Times – The Student News Site of Gilbert High School

You need to understand that you need a document that will motivate you to pursue practical endeavors not just theoretical ones – sitting in front of the computer isn’t going to cut it.

document your experiences from going out with friends today.

Today’s experience with my friends left a permanent mark on me.

To Get:

  • dab pen
  • Thc

This makes me feel better for not going to my high school graduation: Is it a terrible mistake if you do not attend your own university graduation? – Quora

Reddit did you skip your graduation, do you regret it? : AskReddit (

mexicans and indians get along with each other

Malcolm Battle | Central HS, Little Rock, AR | MaxPreps

Ran 3 miles in 20 minutes – that’s like 7:30 a mile! Michael Cardin – AR Cross Country Bio (

Pratyut Anand ran 10 minutes per mile 4 years ago – I have to see if I can beat that score.

I also saw the person at my national guard drill at professor bowl today – he looked like a pretty disciplined dude. Apparently people my age have been doing this for a long time.

I also saw Kwame at professor bowl and his buff light skinned thing.

Also saw another buff dark skinned fem.

Living like this is self harm

JB apps similar to “SelfControlApp” or “Cold Turkey”? : jailbreak (

Is there a phone app (android) similar to the desktop version of Cold Turkey? : nosurf (

You are not much different than the people who use drugs – The Top 7 Reasons Why People Start Doing Drugs – New Life 360° (


Dennis Manning’s answer to Do conservatives like pickup trucks much? – Quora (

Super Strong Kids May Hold Genetic Secrets – ABC News (

Like a different society.

I’m telling you most people are victims of overpopulation. Including me.

Are Your Genetics Good for Bodybuilding—And Does it Matter? | ISSA (

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.” | by David Lagana | Medium

I’m in love with someone, and I can’t control myself when I’m with them. I become impulsive and narrow-sighted. She is a bad influence, but I would do anything for her. I can’t stop thinking about her. What do I do? – Quora

You are your environment your environment is the goal

Study Says If You Don’t Like Exercising, You Might Have Higher Intelligence – Lifehack

Your Helping Could Be Hurting Someone (

I am a racist and proud of it – Charleston City Paper

18 Super Common ‘Ego Traps’ Even The Smartest People Can Fall Victim To | Thought Catalog

Our failures don’t define us, it’s how we rise after we fall that defines us.-Brad Turnbull – The Mindset Journey

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The point of mistakes is to change them

Plus, if you’ve never seen a person trip and fall before, then you are sheltered person.

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I hate the fact that stuff has to be “done in moderation” – as if we humans know any better or aware of the limits

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It would cease to exist

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We shouldn’t make fun of minorities because their goal is to be white or because they couldn’t choose to be born white? Either way, both recognize that being a minority is unfavorful.

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