I didn’t post anything for the months of September and October of 2022.

I am kind of sad that I broke the steak of at least posting once per month.

This was done due to the fact that I was at basic combat training, and instead of using the time to tend to this website, I used the time to call my family and see how they were doing.

Again, I apologize for the gap in content, however, it was justly needed.


Routines are fine, but it’s also important to try new things as well

I’ve tried to be a robot and stick to a routine indefinitely, but that’s impossible as sooner or later that urge of wanting to break the routine comes into play. This is one of the reasons I find myself wanting to masturbate and to smoke – because I want to experience something new in my life.

This is why I listen to new music whenever I take a bath or do something mundane like that.

As I spend more time being alone and coping with myself as an adult. I started to play music in the car as I drive, which helped cope with my boredom of having to drive from place to place when I initially didn’t want to.

If you want to fall asleep faster and sleep for longer, exercise more

You need to give yourself a body a reason to fall asleep and you can do that by exercising.

I learned this as some nights when I am unable to sleep on command after the day. I found myself staying up late and waking up early. Some days only having something close to only 3-4 hours of sleep.

I found it very questionable how I was able to perform as a fairly non-sleepy adult whilst being “sleep deprived.”

Sooner or later I realized thru anecdotal experience, that it was the lack of exersie/productivity that fueled my lack of a need to sleep.

Ss soon as I started pushing myself to the limits, I started to sleep longer, which, for me is better.

This is because your body needs a reason to go to sleep. Implying that if you are unable to feel tired at nighttime, it’s time to start actually doing something with the energy you have accumulated during the day so that you can feel the need to rest during the nighttime.

Keep yourself occupied

idleness is the key to unproductivity.

One of the things being in the army had taught me is time management. I learned this out of trial and error given my need to survive BCT.

And if you find yourself doing the boring and mundane, expedite the process of doing it. Complete it as fast as possible. Move with a sense of purpose so that you can be done asap, and have much free time left over with the benefits of being clean.

I stopped feeling bad about having sexual urges

I consider relieving these urges is a form of therapy. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the things that keeps me sane.

I finally stopped feeling so bad about having such urges and release them properly – by doing so in private and safely.

It took me some time to realize that I am a human too and I need to rest sometimes too. Since I am doing adult work, I deserve to enjoy adult benefits.

How I’m doing at AIT – 20221203

during this little free time I have, I’ll spend this time reflecting on how far I’ve came this past year and a half I’ve had this blog up and running.

first of all, it’s almost mind boggling how time flies. As I look back up onto the posts from before, I simply cannot comprehend how much time has passed as I was thinking and documenting my ideas.

It took me quite the effort to adapt the new lifestyle basic training had bought up unto me, but I did it, I survived!

I’ll be honest, basic training wasn’t a piece of cake only because I had that injury on my right foot because I kicked a door too hard just weeks before basic training and also because i had to break the habit of being an excuse maker and always expecting perfection to happen to me. I’m glad I broke that habit because it bought me into reality. Sure, reality isn’t favorable at all and is quite fucking hell compared to heaven or other standards of perfection, but, I can gladly say that I’m learning to be an adult and that’s the goal.

And now to get to the part of which this blog Post title addresses – how I’m doing at AIT.

As I’m listening to the music I used to listen to as I blog (see SoundCloud playlists) as I lay on the bed making this very blog post, I can tell you that i am feeling a bit upbeat, but also focused on my goal.

My army-related goals are to become ranger qualified, air assault, sniper school and to become a warrant officer in my MOS of a 68A.

I dont really know what to say in the moment of these moments other than the fact that one day I’ll look back and think that it was something special. So I guess I’ll wait. Until then, ciao.

Shipping to Basic Combat Training Now

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>As I a speaking, I am currently waiting on a long-deserved, now-delayed flight. I will see you, future myself, until my sanity returns.</p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>Currently waiting at Gate 3 at the LR Clinton National Airport with a person shipping to the same base as me, who happens to be in charge of both of us. It has been enjoyable so far and wishing myself to continue doing the same.</p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>Saw and met some good folks that I conversed with my time here at the airport and back at meps.</p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>Met with a person named Brandon Tucker who seems to be joining the air force active duty and shipping tomorrow and joined for personal development reasons. This person is 20, married and has a kid.</p><!– /wp:paragraph –>

<!– wp:paragraph –><p>Also met another person named Nikki, a friendly person.</p><!– /wp:paragraph –>