Why I am comfortable with breaking the house rules – Documented 4/24/2022

Sometimes, in order to go up, you must first know what it feels like to go down

Failure is a part of success

Organizing my reasons for breaking some of the house rules for the greator good.

  • I am watching videos with sensetive contents and nsfw refrences because I need a way to cope at home when I am waiting for my shoes to arrive. This is a part of being successful.
  • Taking my phone into the bathroom; I do this because it is impossible for a person my age to need a low level of “pleasures”
    • Watching the sensetive contents and nsfw contents using the phone in the bathroom is always done as one of the only accessiable stress relievers; It is done by
  • Speaking of nsfw contents openly as such; Keeping it to a degree of anonymity, of course, I need to first admit that it is a problem in order to solve it; And not to keep turning a blind eye and pretending as if it were not a problem..

I am documenting these notes as such so that I may remind myself not to get scared and make sudden movements to hurt myself. This also serves as a symbolic purpose of confirming that I will be commited to the freethinking notes and personal development of myself.

Freethought Notes – Documented 4/15/2022

Promoting justice through leadership and innovation – Fair and Just Prosecution

What Did I Do To Deserve This? — Dr Hayley Watson

Stop Deny your experiences – pretend it never happened

stand with victims

trauma-in-early-childhood.pdf (gal2.org)

Angela Johnson’s answer to Why do my parents expect me to be perfect when they didn’t raise me perfectly? – Quora

Overprotective Parents: Signs, Examples, & Impact on Mental Health (choosingtherapy.com)

I 100% believe we all have both. It just needs to be brought out.

I’ve seen the sweetest, kindest, most loving women (my grandmother) turn into the actual spitting image of Satan. What cause this? Methadone Withdraw. I’ve seen some of my best friends turn into monsters due to trauma, drugs, etc. The underlying similarity is that the evil was in them all along, it just had to be brought out. I consider myself a very kind, giving. Selfless person, however I know I could tear my enemy into pieces if it came to that. And as bad as this sounds, I would enjoy it. Doesn’t make me a bad person, doesn’t make me a good person. I guess were all both deep down.

Does evil exist in everyone? | Debate.org

Will Jesus Be the Only One in Heaven With Scars? | Finding Your Way (johnmichaelhelms.com)

Closure and Justice: A Qualitative Study of Perspectives From Homicide Survivorship Experts | Springer Publishing

Am I the only one who’s struggling? – Tshanina Peterson

‘They’re struggling behind closed doors’: Doctors reveal disturbing stories of child maltreatment amid pandemic | Better Care Network

6 Signs Someone Is All Talk (forbes.com)

An alternate way of learning would have worked better for my success – The Washington Post

Being Rich isn’t for Everyone!. Think about this: if everyone was RICH… | by Sandy Shapcott | Medium

“I WANT TO CHANGE BUT I’M JUST NOT READY YET” – Freedom Nutrition Coaching (archive.ph)

No, Not All Parents Deserve Forgiveness | by Rachel Presser | Medium

Examples of Vulnerable Populations (capella.edu)

Cultural Conditioning: How the World Influences Our Beliefs (exceptionalfutures.com)

What America Would Be Like Without Blacks | Teaching American History

Enlightened Solutions – Crying is a Sign of Strength, Not Weakness

Does everyone have a dark side? – Quora

Apathy – Why It Matters If You Stop Caring About Anything – Harley Therapy™ Blog

I had a bad childhood. How do I heal? – Quora

Teachers Turn Classes Into Boot Camps | Education World

1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good character.” (biblehub.com)

The Gospel–The Poor Deserve to Be Poor and The RICH Deserve to Be Rich (linkedin.com)

Are there people who deserve to be poor? – Quora

What is life without the guidance of parents? – Quora

Sportsmanship starts with respect for opponent (usafootball.com)

Dad Tattoos His Son’s Cancer Scar On His Own Head To Boost Son’s Self-Confidence | Bored Panda

Scars of honor[1]- Chinadaily.com.cn

Able-Bodied Privilege Checklist | Project Humanities (asu.edu)

Freedom Is Earned – Motivational Video – Fearless Motivation

Why ‘Acting-as-if’ Will Make You Twice As Successful | by Barbara Grace | Medium

Poor people and the law (brookings.edu)

What is the rule of law (americanbar.org)

Opinion: Texas Abortion Restrictions Only Make Poor People Poorer – GSO (goldenstateopportunity.org)

The law of this country is only for poor people. Do you agree? – Quora

Stop Putting Yourself In A Box! (thriveglobal.com)


success is a priviledge, what are you willing to sacrifice to reach your goals, sacrifice is everything, it must be replaced, you can leave anytime you want, culture of life, jeopardizing security and freedom, naturalism, cut short, reliable, trustworthy, we are not your parents, taken for granted, Spoiled child – Wikipedia, be your own prosector, normalcy is a mental illness, life after high school, life lesson, learning boundaries, how it works, every bit helps regulated enviornment, even a little difference, room for growth, excersizing is a privilege, do it for me, live my life for me, no matter what, using death as a punishment and using life as a reward, limiting consciouness, cheapening consciousness, killing curiousty, how does mental illness work, don’t like labor, from homeless to, starting cars, easy to get easy to let go, justice system, ability to change, what made you make the decision, let the citizens decide, therapists decide, victims rights advocates, it is a priviledge to support the death penalty, nothing is complex it’s all about the basics, cleanse me, why not, i have faith, giving up everything for, proteceted by law, sustain, life isn’t for me, know your rights, someone to relate to, police are the law, part of society, how to behave in public, use it as an example of what not to do, I want to change my mind but I can’t meaning someone else is controlling me, hitting my feelings, don’t like the law then change it don’t follow it to change it, get to the top then change it, victimology, focus on, descriptive, disowning, real world, rural, from fat to fit, no going to get better, getting used to being a human, high end, develop your own style, be confident, innocent children, gen z political views, i don’t want to deal with life, options, opportunities, Children don’t judge, goofiness, You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks – Phrase Meaning, Origins (knowyourphrase.com), you deserve respect, child abuse should be illegal, closure, dependency, prolonged pain, abuse of trust should be punishiable by death, no motivation, how to decide, incompatiable, surround yourself with compatiable poeple, rewards sutain, social status, you are not welcome here, self-regulation, same old advice, survival is getting boring, survivalism, causes of liberalism, causes of lonliness, people turn conservative when they don’t have much of a family, causes of wanting to go to school, handling stress, unquestioniable desires, physical power struggle, using people as tools, start from scratch, how to live and die, guidiance in life, feeling support, everyone has a different progression model, nothing is the ending (no, not even death), no guidiance in life, from all angles, i like helping people, moral priorities, good sportsmanship, confidence booster, healing from scars, not in this alone, struggling with you, struggling together, know that you are not alone, intrinsic natural, making progress, intrinsically good and or bad, what makes it good or bad, dogmatic, asking for help is a sign of strength but is not treated as such, crying is a sign of strength, education first, you have options, know your options, workout motivation, how to be social, dangeous freedom over peaceful slavery, equal treatment is not fair, Pick on someone your own size – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, to bring dishonor, why does the law allow for poverty to develop,

I have no social skills

And I don’t think it is a problem

At this point in my life, I am focused on mastering the basics. This, meaning to take care of my body at the utmost priority. I learned to do this the hard way, I was addicted to coping mecahnisms and not solving the problem at hand: a lack of self-control and moral compromising. I decided that I needed to go thru the hard things to make things easier in the longer-run, and that is why I am happy to say that I am suffering for the next couple of years of my life to be better.

Freethought Notes – Documented 2/15/2022

put yourself in the shoes of God and make an obstacle course for yourself

Make a program that will make yourself think and it be physically impossible to do immoral things

The reason why the school is doing bad is not a valid reason to underfund them, it is a valid reason to help them. We do things because they are hard: the opposite of what you’d expect our feelings to be.

every disaster movie begins with a scientist being ignored


List of Phobias A-Z: Most Common Fears, Types & More

My Silence Means I Am Tired Of Fighting – Mind Journal

Was all they can do to – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Envy us – that’s all they can do

Is Paying Taxes Patriotic?

I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy – Idioms by The Free …

The Psychology of Victim Blaming – The Atlantic

Blaming the innocent for Mass Murderers | Canada Free Press

Why do the wrongdoers sometimes still succeed in the world?

By David. Do not fret when wicked men seem to succeed! Do not envy evildoers!

◄ Psalm 37:1 ►

Catch up to you – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Nothing that comes easy, lasts; And nothing that lasts comes easy.

I will take my time to succeed. It may seem as if I am lazy, but I will burst.

“Free” College Would Depreciate the Value of College Degrees Even More

my opinion on politics in a nutshell: some places should remain conservative and others liberal, as separate goals to be pursued/sustained

The US “labor shortage” is just a wage shortage


Great Employees Are Not Replaceable (forbes.com)

Do I have to pay taxes on forgiven student loans?

Can People Change? – Mindful

Military Spending’s Out of Control while Slashing It Could Easily Fund Medicare for All

Child welfare programme

How Did Something Come From Nothing? – guernseydonkey.com

there is a clear gap | English examples in context | Ludwig

Cheating In College: The Numbers And Research

The Nation’s Teaching Force Is Still Mostly White and Female

Why the Teaching Profession Is So White and What We Can Do About It (educationpost.org)


only in your dreams, why do men have a higher, it’s been so long since I’ve been happy, the pursuit of happiness, I am the government, the people are the govt – there is not the people vs. the govt., as an enlistee I am owned by the government so if you kill me I will be avenged, cop killer, quick get the gun meme, I hate remembrance, in the end it all worked out, it’s just a feeling, let it go, mentally stuck, A way of caring, scientists aren’t “nerds,” make it physically impossible, we all have some healthy dosage of the baby elephant syndrome, there is no easy to way to talk about human nature, made up for synonym, losing time, I am a limit, no laws, anarchy, protect me from myself, I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain, I’ve seen some stuff meme, hard to get, hard to please, start now, common fears, scared of monsters, tried best, start small, social protection, do now prevent jail later, life experience, practicalism, communication without words ted talk, only moral way, snowflake, meakling, Author’s purpose, literary devices, keep them stupid, unexpected, deceitful, it’ll come back to get you, reap and sow, reap the rewards, type of caring, don’t wait the fire does not last long, don’t thank me yet, misinterpreting, paying taxes is patriotic, death penalty as ritualized killing, safe place to sleep, keep from, looking from above, in memory of, kill for me, glad I changed your mind, try new things, no one is a victim, no such word should have been created to be used to describe such peoples, we’ve yet to know more about them, political personality, the nature part of, part of nature part of us, scientists for congress, stress relievers, give them credit, who will protect us, who will hurt for us, start off right, start off on the wrong foot, a new chapter, feel scared intentional, feel the Bern, I need more time, never enough, death row doctor, a chance for life, a stranger, hope you change, Content Word, missing adjectives, missing information, whole person, you begin when your pain begins, criminally insane, flesh desires, world desires, keep on going, forever is a really long time, longer than you can say long, something has got to be easy in order for the others to be harder, serve as a reminder, right to die, comes easy, give it your all, be willing to die for a cause, anything that’ll get the train moving, learned by myself, learn to cope, close to death, each individual, all by myself, curiosity is everything, someone has to be stupid to give us an example of who not to be, how you use examples, freedom to be stupid, do not get caught, veto, I’ve got a new friend, I’ve got a friend in me, natural feelings, someone to worship, correlation, unrelated correlation, placing guilt, p* as a drug, close to recovering, you are a king, I’ve seen some things, I’ve watched an execution, rural, student loan forgiveness, change what you can’t accept, change what you can accept what you can’t, people change, outside of school, learning is a distraction, distraction depends on the goal, artificial breaking point, someone take over me and do good using my body, people change, purpose of pain, remember someone is always better than you, play like you’re number 2 to stay number 1, purpose of self-control, ask and you shall find, morality is the purpose in and of itself, look deep within nature, nature changes your mind, you’re a natural, not giving my life up for someone else, taught to steal, esoteric, select enlightened few, return to god, treated like a baby, practical effects of thinking, you don’t get us, defense spending, in principle, there is a difference, thank the troops, thank me later, money for wars but can’t feed the poor, in the city, stop confusing the nature of you vs. how you use yourself: version of you, constant fear, tempt, married soul, free-range, kill me if you have to, social protection, deterrence, such a chad, investing in education, sign of trust, trust issue, confidence boosting exercises, public school, program your life, owned by the govt., it’s not magic, if I can do it you can do it, scientist in the military, constantly looking for new ways to improve, focus on yourself, never stops, keep building, get into the habit of, build good habits, build, automate it, overpopulation, make it easier, rural needs, physical barriers, intellectual disabilities, you comply because you want it to end, part of the problem, keeping my sanity, clear gap, limits on social media drugs, clearly in the wrong, here to stay, make your life easier by making it work for you, chasing social status, poor dressing like rich, fear of the unknown, utilize people, stop relying on that body, what else God, why are most teachers women, t pose assert dominance meme, inked ideas, from the comfort of your home, can’t afford to make any mistakes, doctor for the poor, glow up, worth it,

Successful people are always looking for ways to improve themselves

You Comply Because You Want It to End, but It Is Because of Your Compliance That It Will Never End

how the system works

We do things not because they are easy, but because they are hard

The more you dig into the rabbit hole, the harder it’ll be to get out of it so why not start now – as soon as possible? The nature of such curiosities is bad.

Ebenezer Suresh

What does science have to say about mass murderers? Are they born with any particular gene type? Any other similar characteristics?

Why I stopped being so hard on myself

… but should probably start being hard on myself again.

Main Reason: I hate hating things

It’s hard getting yourself out of poverty.. alone.

When others do not cooperate towards your moral goals it’s hard to get anything done.

This is why you need to target the root cause and know what to change, the cause of the feelings and change it.

However do not be discouraged, there are many things poverty can teach you. But do not confuse this with what is actually learned.

Take poverty as an opportunity to learn.

Is societal expectations a form of man vs. man or man vs society conflict?
What are the expectations of the usage of the death penalty, and what are it’s actual effects? Are the effects solely ideal, in the head? What if a potential murder didn’t care and rather the law motivated him/her to murder?

Why are most serial killers men? Is this an example of the result of toxic masculinity?

Side note, I realize that I am far calmer in organizing my thoughts on paper: Is this because I have artificial energy from talking to people and experiencing peer pressure, resulting in displaced feelings?

Moral Dilemma – Documented 5/30/2021

  1. Attending to other people from the past
    1. For example, I deliberately went and saw him
  2. Doing it in private with no solid rules set – shouldn’t want to do this anymore, I am not a human
  3. Seeing Alexa
  4. Getting mad since I had no nail cutters (I do now)
  5. Using vacuum cleaner to clean house
  6. Also using soundcloud without setting solid rules

Self-Assigned Responsibilities

I feel as if these are things that I cannot fix if I wanted to live in society.

Should I just keep learning from this?

Non-self control came from the phase of making bad decesions.

Use other people who have made it far when they were my age as inspirations.

I feel as if I am flying in the air.

It’s not fair that I have to deal with others and people of the elite don’t have to. I’ll have to go with my usually tactic.


Building house on the rock

Moral Dilemma – Documented 5/27/2021

  1. Last night, at around 10 – 11 P.M. I experienced the lack of motivation to pursue not using the iPhone to look at certain types of content
    1. Therefore, I am going to re-administer the policy in the bathroom and consider the past as not going to judge rather learn from, and if that happened with significant others in view, I have an excuse.
      1. This means that we don’t do it because of the feeling, not the emphasized content, because we are a part of nature.
    2. As a kid ofc I am going to get off track and be with others.
    3. Stop imagining things about the people whom you knew in the past, yes the policy of only respecting those from the past exist for the purposes of getting them to leave me alone, but still, that’s not likely so stop worrying about it.

Yes, in order to be a scientist, it must be boring because it’s not dogmatic, rather asking why and coming to peace with it.

Things I have been worried about

  1. Texting Ethan
  2. Old friends (Dillon)
  3. Imagining older people who I’ve been friends with in the past

Setting Goals – Documented 5/25/2021 / + Attitude Notes

Setting Goals

  1. Make moves regarding the drivers license
    1. Set up the appointment already!
  2. Act Testing
    1. Start using mothers’ account to start the test practice you purchased
  3. Decide on when to use what whilst in the home; Moral Dilemma
    1. Using Headphones – even thought I don’t know if the Dogs’ barks can get through
    2. Is it okay to use websites on iPhone even thought it has no filters?
      1. Tip: Don’t take any risks, have immense self-control because nothing else works.
      2. Should I use repetition or rights? A: Rights; I’ve always used rights, it’s the only stable thing (and yes, I know this came from history)
  4. What to do with my grades, ackwnodlege and plan ahead what is going to happen; Ask questions, identify what is more likely to happen, college processes, etc.
    • Question to ask:
      • Would I need to attend in-person schooling next-year?
      • It does not seem as if I must repeat the grade, since I am assigned English 4
      • It also seems as if I have only failed 3 classes this entire semester according to the Transcript Page Under Grades in Hac20
      • It also says that I have 21 credits cumulatively, also considering the grades from 7th and 8th grade; I have signed up for the scholars curriculum: meaning that I must get 26; but at the bare minimum I only need 22/23 to pass.
      • Ask the replace the “Apprenticeship” class if possible; If not, that can be one of the classes I can fail for next year.
      • Reschedule to find any neuroscience related classes.
  5. Plan out feelings for when you should feel what.
    • For example, take care of that Ethan situation
    • Should I tell him that I am unable for the entire summer? Or should I just not pay attention to any texts?
    • I am worried about being sensitive and staying on track: failing classes, in school senior year, making decisions process, military, and keeping desire to become a scientist.
    • Maybe I should stay with Ethan and study the personally affecting judging words that I use. Either imaging and judging or direct event judging words used.
      • ^ this is why i need a limits on caring to study and learn what what experience
      • I need some artificial energy!
      • I’ll go for 1 day this summer and decide on what to do next based on weather or not he texts me; Remember pushing limits and pursuing the study of neuroscience, have a list of excuses ready say going to camp.
      • I do need the artitifical energy, but I also need to regulate the sources
  6. do not use phone whilst not using white noise
  7. do not make decisions about weather or not I should use headphones without first using them for the better; My practiced bias is showing. -> this isn’t likely due to wearing off phase and needing others for morality.
  8. some other do nots’

Attitude Notes

After speaking with my mother today via verbatim about the status of my grades, I figured that I need to have some self-control and tolerance and set boundaries and understand the situation first before I do anything else (see: reward punishments’ only phase (reaction, immediately, I feel as if there are more phases) , also see: time loops (example: judging as good pressure); See: information must be defined like this via time passage, not reflecting or looking forward for pragmatically identifying or setting pragmatic goals)

Goal: know limits of rights and responsibilities, and keep this laptop.

I must make time to resist and not bend my knees and go down to the earth uncontrollably every time, invest in the future, it’ll get better.

Also add; just because you don’t like the feeling it “gives off[1][2]” doesn’t mean it’s bad. See: level of ones’ attitude. This also proves that judging feelings does exist. This also proves that feelings are everything. This also proves that you must be in touch with history and ask questions. Also see: comfortable with being uncomfortable as a mind-concept, overlapping feelings.

Focusing itself is a goal and sometimes our flashlight (our very eyes) shine in areas that we don’t have words to identify it as.

I am only identifying some words outside of my whole feelings as-is.

Examples of physicals constantly, we just don’t use it as examples, what does this imply about the process phase? Focusing on the phase or the content of the phases variables, known as examples.

Add mind-concept; (see layers): ripping it out of place and replacing it.

We are still going through a phase, it’s all an experience: ask yourself: (setting goals for the future pragmatic always none for setting future goals for studying the past events, coming to peace) “how did you make the decision to come this far” A: I didn’t some one else forced me into this time look, reward punishment phase using semantics and wordplay. and time loops. You must be aware of the thought process behind the (part) physicals, content, examples, of these words, it’s easy to id. this because of the nature of the words used to (think, force etc.)

Inspired from: Should I use repetition or rights? A: Rights; I’ve always used rights, it’s the only stable thing (and yes, I know this came from history)

moral of the story: living “in” [idk what this means ignore it] the past or learn form it, we always use the past for learning from it not matter what. see: paint smear, tires burnout and then slowly fading away.

Some things require something else; That require is a certain type of experience. In the same way of this education quote, no one can take away experience, because experience communicates to you differently, which is basically studying science. Only you can become self-aware of this.

Measure the amount of artificial energy it takes for be to be chasing these goals and what this implies about level of awareness.

Why specifically me? (why aren’t you talking to a rat about this? Why, me? A fellow human being? This is what it means to derive via nature formula; To see the real value) Not even specific, it’s rather dividing me (my lifestyle as a whole; See: judge yourself by lifestyle, aka. as questions about why history) into pieces, I am not me, I am my experience as a whole (see: attitude is background, mentally is physically, tires skid marks “fading away” “scars fading away” “).


How is the word “me” dividing nature and time comprehension? Is it am emphasized word? Like this speed bump is (used as a mind-concept)[4]?

What kind of mental energy does it take (require; meaning to identify past here) for one to identify an object as me, or another person with a name? This has to do with time loops.

[New] Words are invented based on the nature of the complexity of us and our self-awareness.

Hating religion is a clear example of content words and phase still going through.

To know what you’re doing (means to be aware of how you’re doing it, not using examples of phase words to describe it) to be aware

Document the nature of the complexity of the word in or to see how it affects you dogmatically (lack of questioning history) and studying history as a science. Understanding history, you’ll see that it’s really all simple. See: delicate feelings, attend and nurture these.

Limits of learning delicate feelings = phases.’

“I was in graduate school studying the hormones of human attachment as part of my thesis..


Alternative facts and how to identify it’s time loop [means how to id. the word as the word itself (see levels of the definition)] (see recalling from past, multi-tasking invisible lines, level of awareness of the present tense= phase awareness, the past is now [see: puppet lines from past, studying history asking question, dogmatic]) We are hardwired to learn form history, that’s what these feelings mean. [see: role of religion in capitalism] [also see: that’s how the complexity of words are created]

questioning history, etc.

Questioning history is more that just questioning history itself and only history itself it’s actually multiple things at once (see multi-tasking, coming aware of) since we are human you just have to be aware of this in order to put it into words; For example: Questioning why this exists, is an example of questioning history AND WE MAY NOT EVEN REALIZE IT! (see time relations, loop; See: hitting as reward; Not a punishments’, because this word is derived as a feelings word; see recalling word, remembering, not understanding; If the word is purely physical, like punishment’s, then it’s not a learning academic word); It is merely being aware that you are nothing but a rock!

We only use certain words like: “stupid” and “punishment” only because we ‘respect’ people see personally affected; (meaning we treat their desire to live as something special; See: pro-l circlej.), we see them as 3d pillars that we must bottle up feelings (see: maze and water flowing rocks, treating fellow humans as special, rather killing parts of nature) (this rhetoric is an example of a thought process that is to be aware off, also see: level of ones’ attitude, channeling feelings) an react to, stored as content lack of understanding. We must be aware of this, it should not be under the ocean (see: limits of awareness = pushing limits); Also use the mind-concept of the half-sun on the horizon and its’ rays shining through.

“stupid” and “punishment”

Identify how these words are used. should I call these derive out of feelings, or dogmatic words due to the nature of how their definition was derived and exists? See: types of words used on ones’ thought process.

Behavior example of what phase?

Words itself describe ones’ thought process, either take the content to heart or you can classify it as a formula word.

Unicorns exist in my head and my head only and the invisible math lines[5] from science proves to us this.

Examples of this

taking place, placing words on words, level of attitude = level of the definition of the word, see layering on ice cream cone as a mind-concept.

Is scheduling like pursuing morality? Does it need to be upheld by others?

In order to answer this question, look at the definition of the word: “schedule” and classify it as a type of definition = don’t just wave the word around. Does the word describe you or an idea? And are you the idea? If not what kind of relationship do you have with engaging with this outside force? (See: forcefield)

Do I take the definition to heart and be dogmatic? (see: loving people requires ignorantly of history, actively studying it does not) Or should I not be dogmatic and question how this was derived to myself, since the answer is right in front of me, see without curiosity feelings and chasing human limits, see moving to the outside.

You’re actually studying the feeling [it gives off, since it’s not a phase anymore; studying yourself, see never come back since studying is a phase in and of itself], you can tell this because of the type of words that are used -> only judgmental words which are used to pursue morality and set pragmatic goals for the future to be in the middle, not to die or to be completely conscious and push limits.

How to read your feelings as rational?


Road goes straight learning phase then there is speed bumps dividing and emphasizing

[5] refer title / you don’t see these lines in the air, do you?
this looks an awful lot like the suns’ rays

Definition is an example of what? Yes, definitions of words can be examples of things too, see definitions only come across via respect, therefore not a noun, rather is an adjective.

Why definition means why thought process why history, you are questioning history proving the lines’ existence. No new words, just historical words, no judging the past. This proves that we actually focus on our thought process and not sympathize with deriving such words, rather used them to remember. We remember words, not feelings. If the words can only be used as remembrance then it’s derived via feeling physicals and is dogmatic.

remember words

Doing something to the content

remembering is also a form of a thought process.


Are feelings like paintballs that are to be splattered or are they like the atoms in the air that don’t wear off (come to peace); In order to understand feelings, you must stop schedule (morality) understand human nature and die or become a snow-flake to reach full consciousness.

Your political views implies a lot about this other behavior implying that it’s all about awareness. I like drawing these conclusions and lines between things I never even knew, there are virtual connections and layers!

more do – more phase = more not learn from history questioning lines.

Indoctrination is an adjective that describe an action phase. Only possible to identify this as a imaging phase or a direct judgement in order for this to make sense. See: how learn words, shaping words. Asking questions about [insert word here].


Identify how this definition was derived and the types of words it takes to describe it. This should make one aware of the specific feelings via verbatim.

How morality does not make sense with/align with time.

motivation to stick to schedule and to resist distractions proves that this is morality and out of place, rather is tolerance (see floorboard emphasizing dividing dent self-control)

Going through any sort of phase is always an example of a personally affecting dogmatic word in action (see: limits situation come across word). (see phase of life) (see consciousness via verbatim)

Only if you are able to judge this can you think that this is a good thing or (add judgmental noun, adjective here: such as indoctrination)

adjective here: such as indoctrination)

If you don’t understand it – it’s a remembering type of word.

It’s not going to kill you, stop being so sensitive

and the whatever dosen..

is actually a bad thing to say, one must be delicate and sensitive to identify the specifics of the thought process words.

Are you over life? Do you understand life? Language?

senses communicate to us

Whatever you sense, rather how you sense focused upon.

Study: Religious children are less able to distinguish fantasy from reality


A lot of what we do it judgmental words used and not actually understanding, truth is, most of us are religious if we practice morality. Truth is, we, too, are religions. Words are thought processes.

You will make decisions in the same way you were gaslighted from learning phases to do. If you didn’t plan it at birth, then it’s invalid.

Identifying an idea or an adjective (because feelings, like time changes constantly; see: judging the past using the word: “sorry”); For example, why is there another word for hitting which is [hit]ing. These words basically mean the same thing.

Can we identify the real reason; Real reasons can be put into maps, etc.

Religion is an example of how people willingly fully make it harder.

Phase judgmental words

Awareness of past = Awareness of future (Everything is one thing and that is nature, there is no need to use more than one word) and that we are rocks

Do you constantly spend time trying to identify words? Drawing conclusions in nature? Putting thoughts in words, or are our thoughts itself (measured in) words meaning that it’s really our feelings?

constantly spend time trying to identify words?

[*] Once you know the variable of time, and other things (pushing limits) it’s easy to measure the situation.

Drawing conclusion, bag of weakness, not in my control mind-concept.

Don’t make it hard on yourself, just ask questions and be aware, the level of questioning does make it word, be aware of your own behaviors’ stupidity.

Words are supposed to describe the limits of something (what it’s doing that you don’t realize, see awareness phase {and the newly identified word: “realize”) (the limits of ones experience, I was right, in order to sympathize with such words one must experience a certain number of events, see unaware of the past); But most words act as mental limits, keeping you passive. This word can only be came across (understood) if you experience experience, or else it’s just you judging facts imaging events, then judging the content that you imagine (see multi-tasking the very fact that in order to understand it you must judge it proves that you are only your lifestyle and must be aware of it). judging facts word. The words you’re using are limits of the thought process itself. Phase judging words, etc., must interpret the behavior (aka pushing limits) of nature.

Focus on the squeezing lines; It’s like not focusing on pushing limits storing content in feelings, rather focusing on the very alternative facts itself. Storing content in feelings is valid because of the phrase: Separate thoughts from feelings.

^ What does it mean to ask, discuss, describe, all of these are goal-oriented words. I remember me documenting them as such before. Also forms of identifying, pushing limits, sympathizing with situation, oversimplifying, content words. See pragmatics words.

Insert 3D graph bending in the middle and focusing on the actual lines in the middle as focusing upon it.

Doing things only requires empty air feelings.

How alternative facts are used to jokes; For example indirectly calling someone stupid by communicating behavior as “please stop proving my point”

Is a schedule like morals and only used for remembering? Is this why pushing limits is not following a schedule? And that stupidity is rewarded?

The words you use indicate the level of attitude you have, which is basically the phase you’re going through (see: scared of death), as living itself is a form of a phase.

Since virtually is physically: You ruin everything you virtually touch. The very fact that we are passive around others is proof that we are in the middle, we have ben trained to be desensitized that’s what it implies and how it should be interpreted.

Abnormal psychology is the branch of psychology that studies unusual patterns of behavior, emotion and thought, which could possibly be understood as a mental disorder. Although many behaviors could be considered as abnormal, this branch of psychology typically deals with behavior in a clinical context.


Using words such as mental disorder proves that you have the mere priviliage of being able to theoretically able to judge the imaging event, or be able to judge the event you’re experiencing right now.

able to judge the event you’re experiencing right now

Using words like me and you divide the interpretation of the current event

You can never imagine the specifics, this proves the judging facts rhetoric to be true.

We can’t see specifics with bare eyes as we have been trained to practice morals; We don’t look for or notice these things.

Outline of a human body as a part of this world

Outline of a humans body in water. One whilst being dead (as a part of nature) and the other one not being dead rather alive and gasping for air.

If we accepted that we are a part of our surroundings, we would be dead (see dead person floating on river picture below) if you can’t see the text, click here
This is what happens if you’re conscious and are going through a phase
One with nature, no dividing nature. No curiosity lines (see mind-concept), just a part of nature.

Our consciousness is like a wave that takes years to wear off (aka. die).

mentally is physically. how cleaning up our mind is the same thing as [imagine this] cleaning up after a party.

Limits of words as a formula to use; No matter what we always use a formula; See stereotyping thought process. See: phase words; See different opinions.

mechanics like the thing going up and down. ; Make it hurt to value more. Se reward punishment’s phase mixing in and not wearing off.
wave coming to and end.jpg
wave coming to and end 2.jpg

dent in car for purposes of depicting emphasis (like I really mean it, attachment)

lack of thought process awareness (via verbatim) leads to

Scheduling is basically morality it’s done without thinking, basically unaware and insec. [Interpreting behavior = interpreting feelings, not using judgmental words]

Small Distraction proves location of ones’ attitude calculation (sensing in the air calculations)

If it has a size it has a location (on the timescale) and on physical body (see under rat under the mat)

You are like a printer that’s constantly being fed pieces of information, but are not realizing the special value of being alive: Don’t take this for granted like most people do.

Just because it’s fake, what does this mean, mentally?

Identify your fears (aka feelings) and push them to the limits; There are many quotes on feeling forms of fear.

refer title

The only information that you can ever be aware of is how nature works, either not specific to your experience (proving that you are a part of nature and don’t need to be emphasized) present tense, planning to id. the past, planning to id the future pragmatic goals, planning to id. events, planning to id. theories.

If you have to deny it, that itself is proof that I am right. I want to have these kinds of skills in interpreting behavior whilst in such a situation. This means that I actually have more skills to understand the situation without the information virtually “going over my head.[6]

You will see snobbish attitude they are practicing whilst I see past that

[6] circle – your head lines- the information being gained

What are the possible feelings, possible interpreting styles? See: Explore the vast sea of experiences and yes, be immoral.

The very fact that our very experience itself is our thought process is proof that we must be aware the limits of our experience (see: question: how does exp. work?).

The only way you can “move forward” (see how this word is being used, see: time loops, labeling bad) is by looking at the past and learning from it (see: words only used in this way to make sense to prevent me from being sad, any type of emotional).

In order to follow a schedule your surroundings must be not be tempting and if it is energy from the past knowing as training for tolerance and self control.

Judging surroundings is proof of judging feelings as one must judging owns’ lifestyle. See learning phase: the when content and how you live life matters too!

Can hate be a form of love? (see possible interpreting styles and tat feelings are complex and mean something that you mustn’t ignore; I need to find more proof of this and how it’s being ignored on the regular) [*]

Options don’t exist because such ideas must be focused upon

not understanding experiences is like broken strings used to play a guitar, point is

“programming language” – see computer interprets it as 0’s and 1’s, computer stores it in the brain and must be aware of this. (see task manager vs. interpreting gameplay in action)

interpreting gameplay in action

Without this interpreting style there would be nothing else.

[*] What is love? [See format of a noun and the questions to ask based on level of complexity of definition of this word: “love”]; Answer this and give examples, and you can find answers to the words known as cats, say “I love (this is an example of explicitly via verbatim stating it, interpret behavior) cats” -> this is proof of storing content in feelings. See: placing in bag as a mind-concept.

the only way words can be stored is in ones’ attitude, that’s just the nature of words.

Comprehend in 3D not 2D words; But there is no such thing as merely idea words, only adjectives posing as noun , which are rather examples of identifying it whilst under a phase (see I hate you now and love you then, planning to change feelings)

In order to be aware of the formula you must experience it, as experience itself is the formula, they’re called feelings.

The form of seeing the 5 hour energy is actually the very air itself.

information is organized in the mind like it is virtually in the air, mentally is physically, interpreting behavior, wearing off takes a lot more than you’d expect (see understanding history) phases, stored on content (like breadcrumbs), attitude is background no desensitizing it,

understanding history

See: types of communication and graphs

Sanctity of life

refer specifically me another fellow human being, and love as a feelings relationship word

love as feelings

Love is still a vague word

feelings relationship

[*] This is an example of ideal variable manipulation happening to delicate feelings.

We know that only one perspective is accurate but all feelings matter and should not be divided, rather studied as is, not willing to change it as we are a part of nature. The level of words used can be lead to identifying the facts.

Pro Con Gun Control

When you judge something – any event experienced (See when and how and what is interpreted, should tell possibilities of the wording of what based on when and how) – you’re actually judging your own lifestyle (see puzzle on ones’ attitude)

Time loop words example: Judging past events to call it an assault weapon; possible thought processes words, that’s what the words used implies to past experience (don’t judge for future, use it for future pragmatics).

What is the information gaineds’ relationship to time, timeline, lifestyle, etc. What other properties can be added to this something that; Pushing coin mind-concept.

morality is a clear example of judging past and not caring to understand; morality is just a set goal for understanding.

Spoiled is a word that describes a set of behaviors, spoiled is a phase, a phase that is not specific to timeline rather identified via a reaction.

Studying imperfection: Spoiled can only go one way, using the word spoiled describes how a person is being partially affected by it in the situation (see: reacting in the situation looking back at it), I am able to reach this conclusion because I am judging the event imaginatively not being a part of it. Personally affecting and not being able to realize that it’s a phase is proof that we are our limits of experiences.

What are the words that we can use to explicitly identify what we felt back then? It’s definitively not spoiled, rather a form of personally affected and storing content in feelings, aka tolerating. You practice these things and aren’t even aware of it in the moment.


Using words classifying them in the air is this very limits.

How imagining the judging the abortion situation is the same thing as (use same criteria [known as same logic as this] here)

See only way to come across this feeling is if it was bottled up for a long time, as a part of pragmatically identifying, etc. same feeling different content words used.

You can only use the word spoiled if you judge. See formula for formulating feelings and words = level of attitude.

How to we describe the feeling of that moment? By doing this you are reflecting on the past and coming to peace with it.


Some words (actually all words) carry an emotional attachment (such as pro-life)

Goal of identifying using feelings such as pro-life. Can only be pro-life if you are subconsciously aware of your own thought process. How is one motivated to set the goal of being pro-life? see: below:

See: emphasized words, using words not feeling, moralistic goals, content words, etc.

Oversimplifying, content, sympathizing = substituting all words.

Measured as “stupid” phase; No, that’s oversimplifying how it affects you, you are being unaware.

Map out the energy on ones’ timeline it takes to identify why. See: only when using judgmental words to judge the past. See: lifestyle time relations.

What kind of timeline mapped out energy is needed in order for one to be for say “I want to be pro-life because in the event that I do go out of line morally, I have the government there to back me up” What kind of set subconsciously set goal is this? it takes energy to set goals.

You must accept their desires as nature (is it possible to take it this way), and plan out the possibilities and prepare for them.

The goal of having abortion debate is only to shame to debater.

Smartness isn’t an opinion it’s a fact about ones; state of mind, it’s about identifying a fact accurately that makes it an opinion.

Actually no all is an opinion if not in learning phase. Because of the when gained on timeline location and the how gained. Opinions are just states of mind, forget the label opinion – grouping ideas in one word, just look at the definition of the word opinion, what pushing limits variable does it identify or is it a purposely limited one like money is.

What specifics differences to what variables?

Freethought Attitude Goals

  1. Identify the types of questions asked and ignored (used as rocks closing in on) in order for one to feel these feelings because your feelings aren’t special rather have been experienced by many others.
    1. Closing is a judgmental experience (or theoretical event) word
  2. Instead of properties of words, focus on properties of feelings.
  3. Map out the many forms of focusing upon [such content]
  4. Declassify the (possible) ways it can be used as, this is what it means to be open-minded as a scientist looking for a formula.
    1. Once you are a scientist, everything else seems easy, even blue-collared jobs; See: studying imperfection
  5. Use iPhone notes
  6. Use iPhone videos
  7. Only one way to self-control
  8. Don’t overestimate your own state of mind; This is proof that we are judging feelings. See respect special.
  9. Find out the behaviors (reflecting and putting pieces bac together after broken) of how people become pro-life.
  10. Jugging adjective like murder oversimplifies the situation.
  11. Declassify time relations and reflect (is a thought process BTW) upon why we need God for morality.
  12. Judging opinions proof it’s all in the very process of judging it that creates the feelings.

Every word deserves a format formula like this (as puzzle pieces)

Atheism isn’t morally bankrupt, we just know now that a dogmatic God isn’t necessary to want to think for anymore.

Planning to identify. Why these two aren’t the same, don’t involve personally affecting pragmatics (see model); See definition, see false equvilicent logic.

Content is logic. See: false eqiviliancy

We the misplaced blades shape in action

Should I document more non-applicable motivational quotes