Questioning Process Formula

Questioning the questioning process, process of questioning formula, all possibilities,

Know what questions to ask to avoid consciously actively developing feelings.

Is it possible to formulate a set of questions that are to be used by a scale and not formulating questions on the spot, rather have a formula sheet to read off of? Is is possible to plan to predict what kinds of questions would be asked, since curiosity is to be practiced not imagined.

Questions are to be formulated on the spot, not to be planned, imagined, and then executed.

Can be called a ‘plan for executing curiosity’

There is no such thing as a ‘curiosity curriculum’ in the same way there is no such thing as a ‘turn into a liberal curriculum’ since “You’re not supposed to know or know what you will find”

Attitude Notes – Documented 7/10/2021

Interpreting as behavior or interpreting as a variable called wrong?
You’re looking to be a kid again and die as before born
Is conservatism facasism in nature? Conservatives are the brainwashed manly ones.
Consciously calculate thoughts or be forced to think otherwise.
Indirectly judging=not paying attn to the specific facts not alternative vague stigmitiziable facts, basically laymen terms. This is why I claim that conservatives are just not curious or honest with themselves.
Only way to be pro-life is to ‘be a man’
Awareness of label as most Americans as liberal even if not know it past (see: live off welfare, shameful for being on welfare and channel those feelings to get out) and one else
Conservatives consider themselves as libertarians for the babies, and same thing with libertarians for life, but this doesn’t make sense with human limits.

Consider your past experiences and failures and learn from them don’t keep forgetting them and falling victim to the same temptation, see considering information for definitions; don’t make the same mistake twice; ideally using; see: life is learning turning point; check notes application for homeless actually learn, interpreting behavior scale,

Ben sharpiro stigmatize behavior

“You’re rights end when mine begin” Rights only begin with you think it begins others opinion on pro-life isn’t facts, don’t confuse opinion with facts, first define the two terms. Opinions and a facts are (thoughts) processes. Don’t let people secretly convince you otherwise, whilst listening to nopinions.

What is the variable of what motivates you, the lack of awareness is the why

Interpreting ideas (talking out of an abortion) vs. interpreting behavior (well women are still going to get abortions anyways)

From his perspective, criteria. Who is using such words, expressing such feelings?

“It would be so nice to have a therap9st 24/7”

The problem isn’t politicizing academia, the problem is you labeling it as politicizing as the problem. This proves awareness of point of view, awareness of own bias, if it exists. If expressing wanting to be alive, you automatically have a bias.

Scientists’ lifestyle; Match this. Pursue these goals after first defining them, basically chasing the contents of the definition.

Opinion is just the development of one, so is facts they are both processes

At the point right wingers claim liberally bias, looking at cnn for trouble I am thinking that reality does in deed have a liberal bias, and we need Repubs for imperfection studying.

Proof that kids’ perspective matters (what does it mean behavior here to a kid): kids are all born atheists, unaware of this made-up variable called God. Proving.

“Don’t give advice outside of profession.”

Putting into words what my body wants, what I want: is to chase my curiosity without having to be scared to do otherwise, this is what I am looking for whilst alive.

Politics doesn’t exist to kids as a variable so keep it like that.

Only in America do you have secular pro life influent by religions. See: Europe atheism and pro-choice. Even if you’re secular pro-life, to be (manipulated to want to identify as something that isn’t here), you’re wanting to be a form of religious; Basically all forms of pro lifting is religious.

There is no such thing as religious ideals unless you yourself categorize opinionize and stigmatize (opinions=stigma) such ideas as such (pro-life as a solely a religious ideals), see: secular pro-life.

I was always curious as to how things were “derived”

“You must be delusional if you think you can take my gun rights away” says the Republican right winger; This is proof of altering your reality to make everyone else suffer and conform to your reality. See: “It doesn’t have to be like this”

Looks good on paper ~ Socialism
Looks good in practice (see: communicate by showing not by telling me verbatim or via books) ~ Capitalism, for now, specifically, make sure to emphasizing judging style as for now, since opinions change, but rather are not planned to change; See: can’t change an old persons’ mind.

Opinions to scare one to want to life as a necessary evil. Too much too little, just right.

Tim Scott: “America isn’t a racist country” The variable of countries cannot be racist.

All forms of motivational expression are intentional it’s just that sometimes, others pressure and make decision for us: see alcohol peer pressure

Motivated that thought to introduce; For example, stop talking abortion debate idea in math class, they’re not virtually (solely ideally here) relevant. This also proves the content of said ideas exist, feelings words, alternative facts, vague ‘facts.’

saynotodrug schooling rallies: Talking about drugs makes one want to do it even more. This is a form of public behavior.

Republicans just want something to defend to give their life ‘meaning’ (somethign to look for whilst alive)

Check on categorizing words using more (made up) words is an example of definitions, See: don’t use more vague words, use more specific words, don’t stop at vague words as conclusions. The only way to use vague words is as a conclusion.

Extra-ordinary in extortionary – don’t be average and conform to social stigma positives and body telling you to test more as otherwise.

How labels can be used: I work as Harvard… as a janitor.

In order to be into politics you must first be personally affected by it?

Think about thinking: how did you come across of a cliff hanger and does the variable cliff hanger even exist, or is it only just an empty variable?

Quit focusing on morals as the wrong thing.

Why is the variable of ‘Ebenezers’ political views’ Important? See: sharing information ideally=interpreting behavior wrongly, information stored as a social construct, like morals and the more you are in touch with them the more…

Setting definitions makes me feel good: In my opinion (yes, setting def’s is a process of setting def’s), religions is whatever keeps you alive and in society and not wanting to kill others (using information as)

Judging other states of mind as being bad or as a jerk states of mind, see: murders of hope (virtually murdering ideas here) are jerks vs. murders who physically murder people are jerks.

Hate the sin love the sinner:… as of the actions of one as different…

Add keywords: morals, morals=comfort zone, control feelings,

Inaccurately interpreting others behavior is what motivates one to chase what isn’t existing, what isn’t there, basically.

Right wingers is to keep one unaware

Capital punishment is a form of corp. Pun.

Set rules and then do it, don’t be in the process of setting morals, aka (subconsciously) gauging morality. See def of god as the ability to feel love: inaccurately interpreting behavior to reach a conclusion.
Tip: the rules are already set; It’s called the law, and all you must do is to follow it, you have no obligation to say hi or bye to anyone. My intentions aren’t to hurt your feelings, rather to organized every second of my lifestyle. See: we are only programmed. Interpreting behavior.

Evolution, creationism, used as toys,

Difference between freedom and freedumb see: freedom from debt relief, based on def of freedom.

Know how to understand

Take desires expressed specially (see: morals contracts, letting others live as a part of expressing mercy) and into consideration; See: not everyone wants baby healthcare.

By being pro-choice, as pro-lifers say you’re being indirectly interpreting behavior as ‘against life’

Check on the rhetoric “The facasist nature of liberalism”

Choice is just a level of awareness to identify as a choice as a state of mind. Choice is socially constructed word used to say I am not in an oversimplified, direct control of you, virtually recalling states of mind here.
Choice is something you can change (From their pov, some thing that it’s impossible for me to change and are unmotivated, this is who conservatives target. In order to make themselves feel good about it).
Another word is ‘decision-making process’ (constantly in decision making process, pressure as a part not apart of the decision making process)

Ideas are to be identified, recalled, reflected upon, since not everyone is like me, as a conservatives, I will still be a liberal unless someone else is stupidly brave enough to do as elsewise.

Focus on being able to id (as a layer here) as a form of a state of mind.

Manipulated to want

to : ‘Come across thoughts’, everyone wants you to be like them. Leftists want to radicalize liberals conservatives want to raise little conservatives.

Channelize curiosity via studying books not via others, as that’s only slow progress, ‘stop depending on other for happiness quotes’: See it as a problem based on the way it’s developed.

Interpret behavior opinion phase, looking back at conservative ideas in and unbiased manner, weather or not the are good ideas: see: conservative historians.

Wanting to: Categorizing ideas as an opinion itself.

Comparing yourself existing behavior to a standard that doesn’t even exist (but in your head, thinking as a form of imaging, see: moral outrage and peer pressure).

Feelings are reward and pun system.

“I don’t have time to perform that calculation, reach that conclusion”

Finding new sources and listing it on the site.

Copy scientists’ lifestyle, as ideas in action. Vision in place.

‘That’s the problem with labels like facts’ ‘ there is no such thing as facts, rather facts is a process, a way of thinking, there is only what is the process of identifying facts.

Thinking about thinking is useful
Using such words

Q: What is the end goal of asking this question? A:This proves that the process of receiving the answer is all about the experience itself.

‘Not good enough’ looking for something

I wish bad things didn’t feel so good, in order to avoid such things one must first be away from others.

In response to saying just because you went to college doesn’t make you smart, smart is a made up term like healthy it’s a fake criteria applied process.
The process of identifying opinions as one as health and not, as a goal; pay attn. To the process

Goal in iding itself is a opinion= practically , pragmatically
Psychology of intellectuals
Psychology of doing whilst understanding why, it’s all in phycology

Specifically vague
Specific opinions, always vague format
Contradiction in terms

Labeling as a body of knowledge that exists in the air as abstract nouns vs, way of thinking.

Necessary evil, don’t divide people by rep and say us. vs them.

It’s a fact about how I feel, how to id. what other’s feel.

You not wanting other to get abortions’ is your feelings, be aware of this fact abut how feelings work (how feelings work=opinions).

Calling one as a baby is like judging the process of specific facts existing in ones’ head.

Moral measure since still alive bias

Atheism only exists in head.

Experiencing the presence of God as a feeling; presence of ideas in head exists, too you know.

Conclusion feeling, thinking in terms of vague words is a conclusion in and of itself.

When does thinking end?

It’s there but you don’t see it

Why do we think in terms of words?

Thinking is feeling.

If you can still feel bad there are still thing that have yet to be changed in your lifestyle, so stop feeling good and start changing things,
Someone needs to take courage and tell everyone to stop living together.

I’ve been born planning since birth

What are you actually learning in school.

If you feel uncomfortable change it, don’t ignore your very own history, rather learn from it.

Look at is as a: Possible states of mind; This means to categorize the information properly and not to develop an opinion, This is step one in how to understand.

Consider the past to learn from mistakes, learn that being with others and family values if the problem.

Thinking is as complex as reality itself.

Setting def’s for=state of mind, level of awareness

thoughts=ideas and vice versa

specific to your lifestyle, sense, since all is affecting lifestyle that should be considered as a part of life, setting def’s for. Recall that setting def’=considering what pieces of information.

do you consider the corporations to be a form of a government?

consider as a part of the definition.

TIP: Don’t explore curiosity (your own limits) with others, you will never be curious enough to find out the conclusion, the specific facts, as the process is identifying itself that should be sympathized with, see formula for learning=understanding.

What do your feelings mean in relationship to the idealistic system; proof of this is shown here: why you feel sad that your mother died, but I don’t.
Also refer to: What do feelings mean?
Categorizing as anything but specific facts is an opinion

Forcing as a process only considering information ideally

Process of labeling; don;t let others play a role in decision making called influences,

Def’s as conclusion considering informations can’t change words.

The variable contents (defs’ here) of reasonable doesn’t’ exist except in your head as a variable like God.

Liberal elites have easy lifes

Wanting to identify as process
Dividing as states is an opinion
Liberal and leftist support at the same time ideals
Calling one authoriani is like saying you;re an example of authoritarianism – bit not directly saying so as such
Woke supremacism is just as bad as whitwe supremacism” – says a person, i respond, yeah, only to you, in your head, being influenced and controlled by others.

What others think vs. being aware that you care about this variable only exists in your head.

Ben Sharpiso doesn’t understand why liberals even exist to begin what, to understand people means to understand the psychology behind them

An opinion is a process of identifying
Choosing to identify as natural or unnatural categorization labels
Religion by def is choosing to id. When as an opinion itself.

Search alex_with_an_a as alexas coughlans middle school instagram account.

All thoughts are being Forced to think, feelings phase, considering information to decide forced to think, proving awareness.

Deciding on the spot means that you don’t consider the past, means that you forgot how they abused you.

Calling it [insert label here, such as religious ideals, religion is a made up word, considering how it was made as a social construct], is the same thing as saying it as a ‘you’re categorizing it as such.’

Don’t assign anything meaning that considering the past as as feelings phase interpreting the psychology of it.

Since conservative ideals are adopted in peer pressured manner, it’s a clear example of a false equivalency when conservative claim peer pressure to liberal ideas and liberal faculty

See: opinion=behavior interpreting style.

Politics is an example of a mental limit that is created via respect, systematically, long-term being forced to respect others, because, if not, then you will be like those deemed as violent threats Trump Supporters storming the capital

What is the purpose of this ‘problem?’ Turning point of conforming to deeming as a problem peer pressure phase here.

What is the purpose of this ‘problem?’

In the same way, conservative influencers exist to make people want to be conservatives.

Behavior is a euphemism for language. They can be used as interchangeable variables.