What are any important phycological facts about your lifestyle?

your lifestyle

Your lifestyle encompasses your entire life events.

important phycological facts

Phycological facts are important by nature, there is no dividing as important, there doesn’t even need to be such a word.

What is the information considered in order to create this (use this) as a definition

Encompasses=part of definition’s; Left wing mindset isn’t different from rights wing mindset, we understand you more than vice versa.

Right wing = words aren’t enough

Left wing = too idealistic for pragmatics. What is the difference between a baby and a clump of cells? None, one is just a label to make it seem bigger than what it is, therefore, the vague loaded word: baby is a form of a loaded pragmatics, feelings attached word that only exists in your head.

All words describe (a form of) behavior (of humans or of nature of humans)

morals=pressure, peer pressure normalizing,

Capitalism = morals since we use police to enforce hierarchy (and most people don’t knwo that it’s cops running in the back of their head, which is the problem in and of itself),

atheist “behavior“, atheist believing (believing is a form of behavior that we take specially, this is called God derived religion, know it or not; proving awareness)

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Taking it personally = pragmatics, personally affecting, feelings, physicals, skills set,

Dividing nature into object nouns = feelings formula = proving feelings phase (sensitive to specifics)

Why specifically me must I perform this calculation? When i am nothing but an interchangeable variable a throwaway worker, not all of my talents are being used, potential being reached.

Feelings phase formula:

An ice cream store determines the cost of its sundaes by using the formula C = 0.50s + 0.35n + 0.25t, where C is the total cost in dollars, s is the number of scoops of ice cream, n is the number of scoops of nuts, and t is the number of liquid toppings. A Nutty Sundae costs $3.55. It has 3 scoops of nuts and 2 different liquid toppings. How many scoops of ice cream are in this sundae?

C = 0.50s + 0.35n + 0.25t

^ By following this formula, this is the feelings formula (refer all is a form of mathematics)

Theory: dividing definitions = phase; refer to categorizing definitions=awareness (for example the thought process of using the word steal, see: words are the thought process in and of itself, and stealing is only a label)

Q: Why does society downplay kids’ opinions? The dirty secret of so called ‘manilihood:’

A: Because kids’ opinions are the same as scientists’ opinions. Kids are scientists. And barely any average common man listens to scientists on the regular. Remember when you were a kid?

executing a man is the same thing as executing a kid, the child within.

scientists are leftists – immoral.

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Phycologists know that all kids are born scientists but rather promote right wing ideas [also see: anti-psychiatry, right wing involvement] for the sake of promoting inequality and self-depreciation

“Happens to you;” Treat your children like scientists if you want them to be one!

Inspired from Conservatives trashing Progressives and not treating them like baby children born scientists, rather ‘adults’ or political toys. For example: NRA’s New Ad Calls Obama “Elitist Hypocrite” For Having Amed Protection For His Children; Insted of the NRA insulting them, they could have taught him like a social scientist, but no, they go regular people mode and start insulting people.

the law is just for moral people, the moral people are the only ones who are concerned about first setting the law

“Take it seriously” means to take the goal that you’re pursuing with cautious feelings; Thus proving feelings attachment to said goal developed identified and pursued.

“I just don’t have the energy to hate women who get abortions, hence why I am pro-choice”

Can you constantly switch opinions from pro-choice to pro-life at a time?

Is it possible to constantly change opinions, for example, bring pro-choice one second and pro-life the very next second? And why does it take much time to decide, lawyer thought process practiced here.

Either realistic ideas pragmatic ideas or emotionally attached to pragmatic ideas.

Failing a test actually indirectly and ‘secretly’ (from pov, this needs to be aware of) measures perfection and intelligence don’t let stigmatize it – it’s a form of, sign of, strength not weakness.

In the same way, the more funnier you are, the more liberal you are likely to be. Called mindset implications of not pushing limits.

Anything that is able to be encouraged or discouraged isn’t worth it.

failing is a strength not a weakness. It shows what you can and cannot do, specifically physically,

It takes a certain state of mind in order to be able to understand someone elses’ judging.