“Waiting for perfection”

Is like waiting for something that doesn’t event exist.

Is an example of waiting for something that isn’t even there.

the status of my state of mind.

This very moment is what I am looking for.

also refer to: “gauging”

Is our body just wanting (to wait for) for perfection so that we can take it?, Since we are only controlled by surroundings?

Doesn’t mean to be satisfied with nothing.

Earning, like disgusting: is a feelings word; Adding onto that: “earing” describes a system- a system of merit, merit system.

See: “earned money”

Actually the majority of their income probably comes from the dividends on stocks and other valuable properties and that’s legally classified as UNearned income.


Merit system – Wikipedia
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“Battles” can take place virtually as well (in the mind) [this is what it called an opinion, playing games=developing opinion]

Scientists running for Congress are no longer a novelty. But winning still is. The polls say chemist Nancy Goroff, a New York Democrat battling a Republican incumbent for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, has a good chance of becoming the first female Ph.D. scientist to serve in Congress.


Judging someone counts as virtual violence.

(answering) the question what would you do if you were in that situation means to (and refer to WWJD) forcefully virtually develop an opinion

All words that are made up by humans are feelings words; For example, law and disgusting are words that are learned from others, and are rather not scientific facts, rather only used when in a certain state of mind.

When conservatives say you’re wrong they want to make you conform to their alternative reality, science fiction.

only used when in a certain state of mind

Focusing on, being aware of the variable of ones’ state of mind.

law and disgusting

these are cooperation words, for example how morals was created based on cooperation.

Why do conservatives not change their opinions when hearing more complex ideas? A: because they’re too attached to their feelings, family; Attachment=feelings.


Attachment to my life says the death row prisoner as he attempts to escape the gurney.

Practicing morals is like chasing something that’s not even there. Since morals=set of vague goals.

Practicing morals

Same thing with practicing personality, but personality is based on others’ feelings

chasing something that doesn’t exist=forcing opinion=morals are a form of an opinion

refer to feelings really mean this.

People “don’t want (what does this imply, mean?)” you to commit suicide but in the end they’ll put their own lives before yours.

Refer to stored in as a form of fear, pressure.

Morality like social constructs only exist in the head.

phrases – Chasing something that doesn’t exist – English Language & U…
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Using possibilities to identify new possibilities; This is called curiosity; Hence the more you know the more you know that you don’t know

possible feelings, new feelings quotes

i don’t want to find a place to rest and start a family

“thinking in terms of possibilities”

What are the possible sentences that are able to be formed in the English language?

You can either be intimidated and not want to recite numbers up to 100,000 or you can go on forever but..

How do I make myself more curious? A: Start here, with your own lifestyle. Since it is the lifestyle that you must make changes to in order to pursue curiosity.

practicing curious is this learning phase I am theorizing about – it’s a process that is to be experienced, undergone.

Setting laws, social safety programs=what possible states of mind are to be experienced if this is legalized criminalized? And what’s the turning point? And what matters (the vote), interpreting their behavior?

This idea was inspired from the government controlling peoples behavior in regards to simply restricting abortion or seeing the root cause and considering to ‘help’ (loaded goal word here) them.

What is the end goal of you actions? for example pro-lifers make me want to abortion not against it. See: how should you take it, use the piece of information as? See: how do humans work?

if they interpreted my behavior right you would know not to bring it up – it as in abortion. I don’t want to experience hearing bad fear mongering things aka conservatives ideas.

What role does the government play in our lives and how aware of it are we? See: govt. directly or indirectly controlling influencing behavior. idea of: Govt. as a tool, like words used to identify (other) words (that exist) in the head are a tool. As an opinion.

Opinion=level of unawareness. “changing opinion” What is the purpose of opinions? You decide how to use the information. “coming to the conclusion” Possible opinions to have=exploring states of mind phase not narrow-mindedness phase.

Bottling up feelings feeling bad and then performing practicing pragmatics is what happens when there is a lack of help from the govt. or using others as a form of govt (see: practicing morality).

If you practice stigmatizing abortion, you can do the same to other events as well.

Feelings of social stigma changes in life sanctity of life can only come if unaware of considering facts. Calling it wrong creates feelings weather or not you want to lie to my face or not via verbatim (hook them up to the lie detector for specifics, if conservatives don’t want to do this, then we don’t want them on campus. None of that vague freedom of speech crap).

Also see: considering past desires.

I don’t want people get abortions either, but my desires are a bit more complex than simply inserting a restriction on abortion- this is why I am pro-rehabilitation.

This is why the-rap-ists are against the death penalty, because they realize the complexity of the issue.

What possible states of mind are to be experienced if this is legalized criminalized? (assuming vague law-abiding, fear running in background)

A: The government is “taking care” (vague words here, mental limits) of you here.

And what’s the turning point?

See: pain changes people quote

what matters (the vote),

republicans can act stupid, it’s the vote (Aka the grade) that matters in the end.

Check this.

Opinions = lack of understanding. The system and asking questions. Are down a necessary rock?

When I see systematically planning to to change pro chicer mind and form of forced birth, I feel like i don’t understand why.

What do opinions imply understanding since everyone is the same ideal surmise

Do you know and are you were about the variables of the United States bombing Iraq?

Practicing not being scared to ask and answer questions. Don’t stigmatize questions I question murder be considered wrong? 

The end goal is to live in a civil society. 

That’s why some consider murdering some as I thought crime.

Aware of specific everyone conform to pro like imagination of no murderers conservatives are the people and there is an equal and opposed effect. 

Bribery for conservatives and jobs.

Legalize abortion and also legalize murder by that logic. No fear monger.

Pro life only stops your desire not other desire proving the personally affecting feelings theory with ideas.

I have a set a goal to understand it not to know it or to develop an opinion consciously or subconsciously. I want to be in the understanding state of mind.

If facts don’t care about feelings, which facts (are possible to be focused and used); For example, the facts about my behavior in the current moment, or some hypothetical fact being recalled, or…

Saying I am free doesn’t mean you’re (actually) free; Interpreting ones’ behavior does.

When you’re saying “I am a liberal, you are actually saying I am a liberal for now

What area all of the possible ways idealistic information can be used?

see: care to reflect on own thought process, thinking about thinking

thoughts as in what variables of thinking. This conclusion can only be came across after asking questions.

Change thoughts=changing focus

Sure abortion as murder and that’s a fact, but you know what else is a fact, the fact that I still don’t want to crimilinilize murder. Wants=opinions.

Identifying which facts, and when are they identified; This is why identifying facts is a form of an opinion. See: Limits of thinking.