Plan=one of the [specifically vague] possibilities that is being focused on (via specific energy=unaware of how as motivation) and used to pursue (used as guidance).

used as guidance

For example, many people use God and a Northen star as their guidance.

that is being focused on (via specific energy=unaware of how as motivation)

See: pro-life unaware motivation energy is exactly why one is pro-life, don’t dramatize these facts. This is something so complex about feelings that most laymen don’t understand.


In the same way opportunities don’t just come to you, rather you must chase them, same thing with desiring to identify other thoughts ideas, as a part of brainstorming; “there doesn’t seem to be any desire for rehabilitation”

variables of thinking.
execute it in your head before you do it irl.


lack of desire. Awareness of the limits of your desires, like the waves can only reach a certain length on the shore.

how to think=how to calculate (using variables)

if you did it rightly, you will reach a liberal conclusion.

how to think

Can what to think be classed as a part of how to think and vice versa? What is the conclusion, how is the conclusion that is a part of the final conclusion (learning phase).

in the same way:

how to apply the [quadratic] formula


This is proof of formulas being used, applied, as in applied knowledge, and the motivation for applying said knowledge; Now, the question is, how does this affect awareness and what effects does pressure have on this and in what ways is this similar to formulating a law and putting it into practice (see: unaware of how pragmatics).

To take it seriously, like the election outcomes, means to purposefully limit yourself of the information to the fact and not to imagine science fiction ideas.

Ask questions and care enough to identify the answer.

Don’t take no, vague for an answer and be satifisied.

When should common sense be used is a matter of opinion planning for ones’ own life- morals are just what are intended to have in common.

Ask questions

What is a question? Define it. Its limits? Ironic, refer to metacognition, I am asking a question about the process of asking questions. What is the format formula for asking questions? Question the how and about the how using the how; Proving awareness.

Questions like ideas are waiting to be identified, the contents of this is not being aware of how questions work, rather identified with pragmatics feelings in order to pursue the goals, for example, saying: “I hope you die” in this context vs. this context

care enough

1, 2,

Types of caring.

For example, care enough to know your rights, to be aware of them and to know when they are violated.

denying to answer the question is proof of caring to identify (building up hostility).

asking questions not the same as answering

Planning to want to/wanting to plan to legalize murder is a clear example of identifying a complex system, specifics ‘out there,’ feelings start thinking stops.

tempted to want to [do this], proving layers.

feelings start thinking stops

refer to: morality and dogma

How the laws for/of definitions of words are set:

Formulating definitions = formulating laws lawmakers fighting since both are testing limits: this is a type of thought process.

the laws for/of definitions of words

can definitions be used as laws? (words are tools, mentally used as)

Atheism and darkness is defined as a lack of belief and compared to an existent belief.

tips: Planning out possibilities

What possibilities (of ideas, events) does the word: economy classify?


Remember ideas can be a part of an event, like abortion caring to ask more questions or enforce morality.

See: variable, limited possibilities, words are tools, Economists who study economies,

Is using such words to describe said theories’ limits (opinions’ limits) is what is limiting your vision in visualizing possibilities? See: focusing on words’ contents.

Theory: The feeling used to identify answers like they do in “Win a Million dollars gameshows” is proof that the feelings is attached to the content being identified (solely ideally).

feelings is attached

I have a strong feeling (alive bias) that this has to do with the nature of the words, variables: like economy

Theory: The said feelings are mixed up and are derived from physicals?

the word: economy

Other examples include: crime rate, scientist new inventions rate, Job possible variable 

Cant have personal freedom without economic regulation; this proves complexity of opinions in relationship to identifying variables that don’t even exist (for example economics)

Opinions = being scared of things that aren’t even there.

The whole point is to convince you; meaning to make you unaware, looking at this from an unbiased perspective reflecting it doesn’t make me feel bad; for example death penalty.

The whole point of having opinions is to get over them.

Government is just a tool that is identified in theory (previously known as ‘out there’ as a system: like capitalism), is it not something that is to be seen as scary.

All words are derived from either of the parts of speech, words are tools used to identify the limits, which are the words used to describe the theoritical situation themselves.