Freethought Notes – Documented 4/7/2022

Why do I feel guilty for doing the right thing? – Quora

I feel bad for doing the right thing (

When I look at marathon for disabled, I feel as if I, as an able-bodied person, have no excuse.

Stop Looking for the Silver Bullet and do the Work |

You’re Only as Good as the Company You Keep — Frank Sonnenberg (

To Anyone Who Struggles With “Letting Go” | by Jaimee Ratliff | Personal Growth | Medium

^^The problem is this in written down form: there are a lot of things that are from my past to be used as sources for my future life (not in this house), since I have decided to stay here and necessary evil, I just face these unpredictable, but sure-to-come temptations. I have stayed 14 days and 15 hours without nsfw research the longest since this started, but I can’t keep forcing myself to face this torture and sustain it. I refuse to live a bad life and accept the defeat.
Since I cannot let these things go, there is a little energy on me that says to continue doing the nasties. It’s all or nothing for me; I hope I don’t cause any long term damage.

40 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Pain (

How to Learn to Let Go of What You Can’t Control – Lifehack

Why self-compassion is key to stopping feeling like you’re always in the wrong (

I don’t know how to live. What should I do? – Quora

Defund the police, not education | Liberation News

I say this because I am not going to do all of this work to merely sustain this life with no other goal of changing for the better after that. It’s supposed to be a cycle of changing for the better. Real Help: An Honest Guide to Self-Improvement eBook : Awosika, Ayodeji: Kindle Store

What are the limits of free speech? – Big Think

Why is society always telling me how to live my life? – Quora

5 Reasons Why We Hold On to the Past + How to Let Go – Hush Your Mind

Fundemental Advice: Workarounds Vs Permanent Solutions | Freshservice Knowledge Management : Freshservice

I am not sure if the changing of these feelings are just a normal part of this stage of life or if they rather indicate something graver.

When You Feel Guilty for Moving On | She Blossoms (

How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Move on from the Past – Lifehack

Why do I feel like I secretly want to fail, or at least not be ‘first’? – Quora

How to Stop Finding Fault in Others [15 Expert’s Advice] (

Why do we take risks? – BBC Bitesize

Sometimes we take risks because we’re bored and want to ‘spice up’ our lives.

In most cases this boredom is the result of some imbalance in how we are living.

Why do we take risks? – BBC Bitesize

Is being easily influenced really that bad? (

8 Times That Giving Up Might Actually Be A Good Thing (

Why Is it Impossible to Stop Thinking, to Render the Mind a Complete Blank? – Scientific American

Why Trying to Stop Thinking is Impossible and What You Can Do Instead! (

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” — Morticia Addams | by WWW | Medium

Introduction: Do We Really Want Government Off Our Backs? – Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (

The Creation of Industry Front Groups: The Tobacco Industry and “Get Government Off Our Back” – PMC (

The Time Is Now: Abolish the Department of Education — The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal (

Letter to the Editor: How to teach students how to think — The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal (

How to deal with authority issues » myShrink

A License to Kill: Shoot First Laws, also known as Stand Your Ground | Everytown Research & Policy | Everytown Research & Policy

Shoot First, also known as Stand Your Ground, laws allow people to shoot to kill in public even when they can safely walk away from the danger. These laws threaten public safety by encouraging armed vigilantism. They allow a person to kill another person in a public area even when there are clear and safe ways to retreat from a dangerous situation.

Repeal Stand Your Ground Laws | Everytown | Everytown

Internal Monologue: What It Is, What It Means, and More (

How We Affect Each Other | Psychology Today

A Simple Way to Really See Each Other and Be Seen (

The Mystery of the Nation of Immigrants Who Fear Foreigners (

The Dictatorship That Is School. The top-down structure of school limits… | by Jennifer Osborne | The Startup | Medium

Children Exposed to Violence | National Institute of Justice (

Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Depression (

Buy only what is necessary, not what is convenient. What is unnecessary, even if it costs one cent, it is expensive. – philosiblog

Do the Necessary: A Lesson on Habit, Business, and Life from a Friar | by Will Richardson, MBA | The Startup | Medium

What should I do if my friends are losers and I hate them? Is it bad to just ditch them and move on? – Quora

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What are some of the most underrated things (or people) in the world? – Quora

I’m depressed and convinced everyone has a better life than me. How do I stop thinking like this? Why is it so hard to remember that so many people have it worse than I do? – Quora

I am a racist and proud of it – Charleston City Paper

“I hate my own race. The teachers just always think we’re smart”: Re-conceptualizing the model minority stereotype as a racial epithet. – PsycNET (

‘Americanized’ Recounts What It’s Like To Grow Up Undocumented : NPR

People Admit Who The Most Underappreciated People In Society Are – George Takei

Death is not final. When a loved one dies. ・Angie Corbett-Kuiper (

Why do I want to suffer? – Quora

If the rules are what is keeping you from succeeding, then, in fact, break the rules. It is our moral imperative to break unjust rules

What I’m Learning About Being a Minority in America (

6 reasons why it’s time to defund the police | American Friends Service Committee (

7 myths about “defunding the police” debunked (

It is also a terrible calumny; cops are not murderers. No officer goes out in the field wishing to shoot anyone, armed or unarmed. And while they’re unlikely to defend it quite as loudly during a time of national angst like this one, people who work in law enforcement know they are legally vested with the authority to detain suspects — an authority that must sometimes be enforced. Regardless of what happened with Mike Brown, in the overwhelming majority of cases it is not the cops, but the people they stop, who can prevent detentions from turning into tragedies.

I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me. – The Washington Post (

Characteristics of an Ideal Police Officer ||

If You Want To Master Your Life, Learn To Organize Your Feelings (

If You’re Overwhelmed, Take a Moment to Pause, Reflect and Look Within | by Esther George | Change Your Mind Change Your Life | Medium

What is intrinsic evil? – U.S. Catholic (

Is It Immoral To Be Rich? Yes. Absolutely. Next Question. — The Everyday (

Is being rich immoral? (

Working Out: When Will I Start to See Results? (


why do i always get the worst teammates, i don’t need others, document change log, I’ve got a long day ahead, perfectly follow rules, no one is a perfect angel, we all make mistakes, we all bend the rules, sometimes more often than others, feeling bad for doing the right thing, show no mercy to NSFW contents, good moment at the moment, at the moment, what you want can change don’t be attached, stop everything, no mercy, at this point in my life I don’t need it, stop giving me things I don’t need, stop giving advice, hit the roots, heaven on earth, Dominance hierarchy – Wikipedia, stop looking for easy solutions, it’s how we raise up after mistakes that prove how much we care, I need a permanent solution, I don’t see this as a problem that is to be solved, I think this is hopeless, lesser of the two evils, Misanthropy – Wikipedia, Closure (psychology) – Wikipedia, get a real job, teen mood swings, why do my feelings change so much, why do my feelings change so quickly, fundamental principles, one at a time, planning requries self-control, can happen to anyone, lucky to have such good parents, lucky legality, stuck with people who don’t want to see me succeed, hitting home, tired of coping I want a permenant solution, part of me wants to fail, doing it for someone else, remember you are just a tool, risk factor, next best option, retentionist, reflect allowed, anxiety, destroyed childhood, why does the law allow this to happen to me, I like taking risks, very reason why, stopped caring, eliminiate risks, eliminate uncertainty, influence can either be morally good or bad, only way, allowed to feel, it’s not about the conclusion it’s more of how you reach it, permission to feel, plan your feelings, plan the changes in your feelings, rewarding careers, implement strict rules, maturity, I/we don’t have all day | meaning of I/we don’t have all day in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE (, too strict, lack of newness in life, pushing an agenda, vulnerable, healing from trauma, hidden abuse, i will still love you, real world, anti teacher, attachment = dependency, attachment dependent personality disorder, copy good behavior, instinct=intrinsic, know the difference between good dogma and bad dogma, trust and authority, authority issues, trust issues, using your thoughts, causes of needing to use coping mechanisms, english lanaguage, everyone goes thru this, Vigilantism – Wikipedia, the community is the police, confused authority, kill anyone who stands in your way, smart recovery self control, trust murders, Process Thinking – Wikipedia, men only, defunding, psyche, Men Only Have 4 Moods, manly buisness, manly work, impossible for some people, why is this possible, surviving torture is living against our wills, experiencing against our will, hard work is only way, never let your guard down, ignored, nobody helps me, do only what is necessary, start small, no hope left, By any means necessary – Wikipedia, it’s ok to break the rules, Keep me in check – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, know that better is possible, it comes with its perks and downsides as well, parks are the downsides sometimes, my new parnets, parenting yourself, be your own authority, I need some new better friends (becuse being alone and bad friends need to be replaced), better is possible, keep your feelings to yourself, going into a trade, I want to be everything in my life, a whole life planned ahead of you, just wait and see, forget the rest, wish good on others, the mystery of consciousness, against our will self-control, how to survive is how to live, stop hanging around losers, daily motivation, to be exist verb, stop thinking like that no matter what, now is not the time to make new relationships, at this point in my life, romantic, be conservative with the people whom you are around with, self-made, bare bones, protecting my rights by knowing them, just for laughs, do you deserve what you want, real feelings from past dealings, secure your wellness, I don’t need reognition and or attention in fact I need the opposite, they want to take our money, people at their worst, how to deal with people you can’t stand, stop looking at me, forced to trust, go to bathrooom take care of buisness, criminals need parents not prison, setting moral boundaries, student responsibilties, i don’t want to be a part of society, accessible, be a kid again, take a moment to reflect, i need some gas like a car does, change comes from within, make a decision already, finishing unfinished business, pleasing the mind, not final, It’s not over yet, see it as a distraction, a necessary evil, Moral hazard – Wikipedia, I will only eat until I have done something productive, vigilante justice, I don’t need to be seeing that, they were asking for it wearing such clothes, supposed to feel bad, moral corruption, i need to start seeing results now, acting as a burden obstacle, can always be worse, before they become gremlins, before they are brainwashed,

everything about the job I work reminds me of something bad, it’s like a mini-trauma trigger

sometimes you have to kill a life to save a life.

One of these days I need to take the time to organize the research that I am conducting.s

organizing feelings can make your life a whole lot better. just having the thought of organizing your feelings makes your day better.

The funny thing is, is that it’s not really a big deal, but it can be if survival needs are not met.

I can’t wish good on others if I don’t have good myself. It’s emotionally impossible.

I need to stop feeling guilty and surprised, I am litearlly getting what I deserve.

This website acts as a Think Tank.


Freethought Notes – Documented 1/13/2022

What is the limit between following my standards perfectly as a priority without thinking anything else and documenting notes out of need for self-control

By putting one thing on you are putting one thing off; This is called multi-tasking; In the same way we indirectly ignore things that we don’t know we are talking about.

Source matters

Look out for the desire, they come like a thief in the night-when you least expect it.

Should not disturb you

Tolerating inconveniences

Ready to constantly move on- change

Science fiction doesn’t make it a fact

Ready to learn

I want a job that I can perform that will help people who can’t help themselves to help those in need. Maybe a therapist.

Stay in society grey area

Everything is a risk

Poverty hurts

There Is always something better than you

I don’t want to see them as it triggers causes (applying the need to avoid mistakes) of bad traumatic thoughts

All require trust even being anti social although it arguably requires more to be social

Someone to admire

Psychology behind everyday life

There is no such thing as randomness that’s like claiming that there are unexplainable phenomenons. There are only unexplained phenomenons.

Is it controllable?

Unconditional respect

Have a big of respect please

Legal immigration

“Blue wave”

If only you could clearly see how events shape your interests

Predicting your feelings is a great skill when applied

Only know what you’ve learned from the past. This is why you can’t imagine new colors.

Thinking is manually filtering things. In this case make sure your surroundings manually filter out the bad thoughts. This takes effort.

You’re not a big shot. You’re a “regular” person – but you are special and someone will treat you like it.

External motivation- happen to me-Blame others

Informal education

Describing itself

Informal education is the best

These bad thoughts only occur because I need new mistakes to finish. For example, it is only when making the mistake of talking to my mother (focusing on distractions here) that I am able to have a sense of urgency to identify some thoughts. So at this point it’s either I make more mistakes and write down notes or I avoid all mistakes, get just as much as notes, but at one point, these notes get deadly boring to document. And I need to have a source of new information to look back upon. Slow progress. That’s the cycle I’m observing.

Resist the mistakes it’ll do you longer term better- you will be using them for moral limits – maybe not pushing them but definitely moral.

I hate waiting
I hate being vulnerable
“Voluntary” is suffering voluntary
Coping mechanism
Less is more

You never know a person until you’ve seen them going through a mentally stressful situation. This is because one can turn into a whole new complete person. Mentally stimulating.

Set artificial deterrence obstacles just in case your mind does wander

Conservative psychology

Prevent mental dilemmas. Since mental illness can happen to anyone, anytime.

I am being left behind and dragged. I am not keeping up with the others

“The things we hide” include from taking a dump to suicidal thoughts.
Hide is defined as deliberately don’t showing or training the subconscious mind not to show. Implications. Our actions speak, but no one recognizes.

To be is to what to be so stop wanting to by setting standards on everything one does. You don’t check the phone in the middle of the class – same equivalency to all other activities. I hate it when my brain trains itself to compare myself to others. It’s as if my brain is an involuntary muscle. I also hate the requirement for the goal. Like why can’t it be easier?

Keywords: weak spot, soft spot, conditions, same mistake, stuck with me, ready thoughts of others (only if this is your goal), multitasking, moral behavior, moral opportunity, look out for,

The death penalty logic is flawed saying it’s a deterrent is like waiting for the crime to be committed. It’s also like gathering up some people and killing them all in hopes that you’ll kill the criminal.

No human being can do this.
Sometimes I ask myself if I am even a human being regardless of the fact that I look like it. What’s really in my brain is what makes me a human being. I need a psychiatrist to help me improve my life.

Don’t let it crumble before your eyes

Sure it might get boring, but moral perfectionism is what everyone strives for.

My goal in life is to point out fallacies

I need new sources of information and to start networking

The presence of other unnecessary people at my school keep reminding me of my past

Find the money vs. making it find you

I can reach it, but I can’t sustain it forever

I would if I could

Manipulated to want

Focus on the causes of the addiction and then avoid it. Stop self controlling.

Society stays as is because of reward and punishment. A clear example of a problem and solution is smoking. People smoke knowingly that it is only going to cause health issues later in life. This is also proof that your fate has already been decided.

“Healthy” coping mechanism

Stop the need to resist by avoiding school altogether

Priorities not needing to take notes vs. making mistakes to take notes

Iconic, sacrifice, taken for granted

Give it some time

Pressure is a necessary evil as without it, I wouldn’t have to document notes. But I need to find a balance.

Feeling good doing bad things is a way of the body working againt the self; Practice self-control and prevent this from happening.

confuzed=don’t know what one truly wants, having their desires change over time, human behaviorual theories, good pressure, practicalism,

All feelings are involuntary

Admit that you’re jealous, that’s the first step

Don’t get too comfortable

Unneeded risk

Shouldn’t be desensitized to

Do your best, all the rest of

Allow yourself to make mistakes

distraction, blame others, it exists only if you focus upon it, don’t get comfortable with tolerating sin

Requires sacrifice of unneeded things for a goal set, is the goal unnecessary?
You can’t bring it

never underestimate the power of anything

How focus affects behaviors

What if your feelings were a hand: what would you say they do?

Opinions are innacccurate predictions and explantions of the preset-tense and futture-tense, identifying as a process
opinions are also partial facts- see: cherry-picking fallacy

Your feelings tell you what your mind is not focusing upon. If it’s too good to be true it is, it’s a form of a cherry-picking fallacy, but for some reason you keep commiting the same mistake.

My thoughts are comming into view

My head and my body are two completely differnet people, at different places.

In the middle between caring and not caring

I missed out on my childhood. I had to work hard, but I was immediately given a place in playback.

Lata Mangeshkar



A variable is the question that is asked to be answered; For example, waht is your goal?

Former drug addict now works to help those in need | New

I consider myself a former drug addict. An addict of both bad and good things. Not all drugs come in the form of a substance or a needle- some even come as immorality disguised as feeling good.

Ebenezer Suresh

we are all addicted to something, just like I am addicted to documenting these notes out of necessity after getting my trust broken over and over again

some things are only there if you care to think it – like goodness or badness, it starts with a push; thinking is a team effort.

don’t start till you have all of the requirements first and if you don’t at first, make sure you fight to get them


thinking is cherry picking (fallacy), get a real job, thinking is a fallacy, moral is a fallacy, self-control, measuring, opinionated evaluation,, theoritical ability to exersize, facts are specific to when not vague statements that classify many posibilties pls grey areas yet to be identified (see: UFO), book smarts, the goal is to identify the goal, illusion of pain, make it understandable, make it unbearable, understanding pain means to get over pain, missing you, how much are you willing to invest, how much work are you willing to put in, predict your own behaviors, do not act on impluses, do not react, clear goal, focus on the goal, don’t get used to it, don’t tolerate it, change what you don’t like immediately, don’t put it off, that’s procastination, don’t let people tell you Don’t procastinate but actions say as otherwise, simple as input (investement) and output, on a minute molecular level we are all very different – not this normal and common, naked eye limits, survialism, obstacle to survival, i am just a “regular everyday normal” guy, based on how you are treated, can you afford to be curious, common sense and respect for human life, let nature take its course, all goals are the same, respect my goals, mental illness is real, Good pressure vs. bad pressure, social science statistics, Social Statistics, consideration of information, come without struggles, part of the plan, what was that word again, prevent to need to, allow yourself to, no self-control, feelings as a hand, feeling transitioning, don’t give in, feelings something else about feelings levels, control your feeling, it isn’t automatic you must put in effort to practice self-control and draw the line to say this is wrong, perfectly curious, just as bad as, only morally good is possible, new problem, make or break, it takes two, in the mind lesson, works out for the better, focus thinking and behavior, ive always wanted a friend, all goals are set out of curiousity: either curious to see your name come out of their mouth- it’s always a form of curiousity, where to look for, source, you had a friend in me, perfect source of motivation, mistakes are my motivation to pursue manual labor-which is why i find my goals conflicing to be perfect and not perfect to write more notes conflicting, implications set goals, roast, moral boundaries, my feelings won’t let me, moral emotions, Interest Emotion, nsfw contents should be treated as badly as cheeze pizza contents, mistakes are proof that you are trying, mistakes are good, mistakes are opportunities to learn, deliberately make more mistakes, mistakes are how i learn, train of thought, thought flow, as long as you are not dead you are fine: whatever does not kill you onlymakes you wiser, have faith: it will all pay off one day, being a Christian (a moral person) is not supposed to be easy, immoral curiousity, save me from moral decline, don’t give in, self control, moral support, don’t give up, put my finger on it (identify it’s limits), calmness, not an excuse, science is not an excuse, man to man, it’s just one possibility, descibing the definition using the definition=self-explanatory, describing the word using the word, describing the limits of the definition, observing thoughts, pleasure, unlucky one, bad happening to me, if you follow the rules nothing bad should happen to me, folding under pressure, who is “me” – you are an idea repected in the head – happened you, you are society, you are the very thing you hate, use resist, feelings, obstacles test who really wants, devaling money, recognize criteria, calling it differently does not change the critieria, devaluing money: see: rupees to dollars, i don’t want to hurt your feelings, i missed out on my childhood[2], feelings criteria, blame others or blame yourself, I need some drama in my life, crying (problems) keep you alive, putting myself in a bad situation, think before it’s too late, what should i feel, calculated risk, describing itself, possibility, bad faith, book smart no common sense, measuring opinon, on another level, academic writing, sacrifice, personally affected, unconditional feelings, act on feelings, measuring socioeconomic status, i used to be a bully, doctor supervised weight loss, feelings down, download your feelings, working against gravity, going against nature, going against the wind, from humble beginnings, open to be convinved, convince me meme, Literal and Figurative Language, difference between law and science, Figure of Speech, Part of Speech, what does morality measure, moral as an adjective, former drug addict, inspirational source, we all need a God, we are all adults here, we are all addicted to something, coddled kids crumble, that’s the point, i got nowhere else to go, unintended side effects, moral change measure, be your own doctor, but he started it-so let me tell you something you end it!, be alone, moral comparison, moral purpose, keep me from being bored, open-minded=ready to learn mindset,

I document these notes to make myself feel better when I am passive aggresively being tortured


Google Docs


Whilst all links linked above are arvhived on; At times, website owners don’t want parts of their websites archive so they email the webmsater of the archive site and request to take down what I’ve archived. This may happen, so don’t get mad. (this happens outside of my control, and I would not be able to calculate this)

For Moral Support Section:

Questions to ask scientists:

TIP: Invest the energy into questioning yourself if you ever feel like you are getting emotionally attached to someone, especially respecting authority.

Stop training yourself the wrong way.

Authoritarian supporting people suffer from the authoritarian syndrome

I will be using this as a part of the journey that will lead me to change my attitude towards scientists, and academics in general: I want to like them.

How exactly am I supposed to learn?
What exactly is the step by step process?
Why do I care more about politics than I do of academics?
Why do I feel so pressured?
Why do I not like asking questions?
Why haven’t I thought of this before?
Why am I expecting a reward for questioning?
Why isn’t it easy?
Why don’t I like learning academics?
Why did I lose my curiosity before?
Why do I not care about science as I did before?
Why be moral?
Is questioning itself a form of behavior?
How does answering questions change someones’ mind?
What does it mean to act like a scientist?
What is the psychology behind a scientist?
What is emotional attachment?
Does punishment being attachment to ideals to values, etc?
Why do I feel attached to this blog?
Why is it that once I started questioning things: I do not feel attached to this blog anymore?
Teaching science or teaching morals? (life skills or scientific method?)
Can you ask questions and answer them to improve daily life?
What keeps you staying in society?
Does questioning feelings and authority make you feel less emotional attached and dependent on them?
What is the relationship between conducting experiments and psychology behind conducting them?
How are my feelings programmed?
Why do I feel too lazy to question things?
Why am I observing?
Scientifically speaking, what is keeping me alive? What is controlling me?
Why am I attracted to certain things? Does that mean I am emotionally attached to them? Does that imply that I didn’t ask enough questions?
Does everything have a scientific explanation?
Is science basically psychology since we are becoming aware of ourselves?
How can I live my life carefree?
What is an observation? And how can we make one without reacting?
Do our surroundings influence what we see? For example, does something happen if we do not lay our eyes on it (see: medusa turning people into stone once looked at)
Why is this possible?
Why is it that inequality exists? A: morals
Why am I scared of learning science? Am I scared that it will change my mind and make me not as emotionally attached to things?
Are we born scientists?
Can we question our feelings? Can we treat feelings as if they were a separate person that is to be respected?
Is conducing science easier than most people think?
What is the part of speech of science?
What are some words that should not be words?
What is your evaluation, opinion on laymen terms?
Why do I feel a need to control?
Why do I feel the need to perform science experiments in the middle of class?
What is your opinion on social constructs?
What is the scientific method thought process?
How does early childhood development affect attitude towards science?
Is it possible to become interested in science when you’re over age, per say, 30?
Is science a synonym for questioning natures’ authority?
Is science really as easy and simple as asking a question?
Is a scientific explanation the only type of accurate explanation?
What is the average mental health status of a scientist?
What are all of the possible ways to look for answers? In other words, do answers always come in the form of symbolizing the usage of words or does it come in the form of actions?
What is the explanation behind morals (aka: the science of morals)?
Why do I feel the need to not practice science and leave it? Why am I feeling insecure about studying? What is the root cause of this?
Why am I feeling lazy about this?
Is science just improving your schedule? How do use science to improve life?
Is economics a science? Does it offer a scientific explanation?
What is moral economics?
What does science mean to you? Personally?
Why am I developing feelings for something?
What does your average lifestyle look like? And is it the same as all other scientists?
Why don’t some people do well in school?
How can the average person become suddenly interested in science?
Do you have random thoughts? Or are you disciplined in thinking? (Thinking rules, thinking itself is a rule)
Is it really as easy as making an observation and formulating a question and a hypothesis? This sounds too good to be true
Is questioning a type of behavior?
Is observing behavior a behavior itself?
Is thinking itself a form of a behavior?
How is science categorized? What is the formula equation for that?
If you learn science and become aware of certain things does it automatically change your mind? For example, no one in their right mind would eat the chocolate cake after knowing that it was really poop in disguise.
Isn’t everything natural: even the idea of God?
Are ideas to be imagined?
What are some things that will never be explainable? A: Why some people will never change their minds.
What prompted this thought?
Easier said than done but how do I become detached to whatever I am attached to? Education and hard work is the only way, take responsibility for education;
people don’t like cops because the are a necessary evil
What motivates an evil genius?
Why don’t most people have the attention span for pursuing their curiosity?
What can I do to make myself care?
Theory: Addiction to love drug dopamine’s instead of curiosity is powered by dogma.

Why I hate being social

  1. I don’t know where to draw the line (since it’s not clear: if I should or should not act on my impulses), and if I do I don’t want to be the sole enforcer.
  2. people aren’t instinctively cooperative with my same goals (like what are you looking for in a relationship) like me
    1. also known as taking advantage of my respect (symbolism) and push my boundaries
  3. social people tend to be pro death penalty indicating that they have lost their sense of childhood