Thinking patterns brainstorming notes (Otherwise known as thinking variables):

There’s a reason pro-lifers keep saying it over and over again then it is because of dopamine creation

libertarian socialism is build upon cooperation of the masses.

“Emotional equations”

Identifying politics as a necessary evil and then thinking more about it. Is like saying drugs are bad long term but they help my body cope short term.

How to Make someone care enough to find out; for example, do you care enough to find out whether or not systematic racism exists at the athletic club hiring center or are you just going to use the information for pragmatics and just give them your key card and Move On.

Just because you don’t think you’re delusional doesn’t mean you’re actually not delusional hence don’t think, rather than think.

Saying free will exists only proves its doesn’t exist i can tell this by interpreting your behavior.

Mentally restrict themselves from considering to murder a person.

Liberal = no boundaries no manner.

plan to think preparing as a part of the process of thinking.

Debating is useless; It’s like only after you’ve taken the test do you realize your mistakes, reach that conclusion.

Define what it it and pay attention to how you define it and the words true purpose ending goal? For example morality words to stop you from thinking, asking questions – this is why Republicans aren’t invited on campus- because of their Republican language.

Define government as the same thing as charities. Private charities – used like it. That’s based on your perspective how you feel. Using the word charities by itself is a loaded word. Not just based on how it’s used – rather the only way it’s used is loaded way are words like charities.

why vague things shouldn’t make sense to you.

It’s not just about the mere concept of [insert word here; Ex. Gravity]; rather it’s about how [said word; gravity] affects you.

See focusing on content under definitions examples of words. Also see: focusing on alternative facts, focusing on content stored (see pelican open mouth for food), and focusing on pushing limits.

“It’s not just about the concept of (insert idea here)…”

it’s about the idea in action

This is my inspiration^; gravity in action, constantly, we are just now becoming aware of it.
Ignoring actual thought process is what bends the pipes for a new thought process, in this case, comparing it.

What are you looking for in life? Expecting. because you still want to be alive, so what are you looking for whilst desiring to be alive. And if you understand what life is, will you still desire to be alive?

What does it mean to be angry? You can either judge your own feelings, or develop the care to understand its’ existsiance by questioning it. + Mind-Concept Documented

Identify your own feelings means to consider the past (come to peace with the pressure), as the past is a part of the present, it leads to the present

If you measure your feelings (see level of awareness) in a manner where you want to engage in a physically deemed as separate idea you are then leaving debris[1] on that area and are unaware of how to measure angriness. Words are physical too.


Original: What does it mean to be [insert an example of emotion(al) word(s) here]?

However it makes you feel (measured) by the millisecond is how it should be.

You’re just experiencing what it feels like to be virtually hit by a load of information

the second you start respecting something other than yourself, the second you have stopped understanding yourself.

If you want to future understand opinions, don’t debate them, question why you feel as such, because most likely the feeling comes from not answering a question, such as dogma (see controlled by lines; Also see that we cannot be a detective if we don’t have feelings of curiosity)

reflective light as a mind-concept, except for more accurate ness since we are alive only some light gets deflected and subconsciously calculated, not all.

also work on: toleration

Examples of words depicting ones’ status of comfortability in action:

do next: examples of representing ones’ location on a race and how a timeline isn’t always accurate.

comfortability in action

how do I represent this, communicate this as a mind-concept.

Remember, it’s about focusing on the content, since all words are content words as they are physicals.

Some ideas ARE truly better and your behavior towards it, shows it – as long as you’re alive, that is; And that’s a fact about your opinion (opinion as a form of behavior interpreting); Proof of this is found in how come the mass majority of don’t people change when punished via jail time.

Proof of this is found in how come the mass majority of don’t people change when punished via jail time.


Some ideas ARE truly better…

Refer overlapping feelings mind-concept, when one identifies that following morals and not rebelling is more comfortable[1].

more comfortable

The adjective: “more comfortable” describes ones’ feeling on the matter, which are upheld by virtually channeling feelings.

New question: how are labels formed: like “family values” or “islamophobia”

TIP: I’ll answer it myself

Study the concept of definition

Studying science just means to study your very own senses; Study your own body; We are only becomming aware of ourselves – either in terms of words or leftover feelings that aren’t able to be put into words

…and not react to them like identifying short-term plans of setting the goal of identifying feeling in the air; like the word: “stolen.”

study your very own senses

See: sixth sense

Choose to think

Cant use the word store without emotional attachment therefore it’s a feeling word

Is Gender a solid fact that is to be identified (ex. the existsiance of air is a fact), or are they alternative facts (ex. social constructs, ideas used as mental thought process words used for the sake of civil discourse)?

social constructs are still real and are a part of nature.

How a word is formulated into existsiance: [Rough Draft]

  1. based on content
    1. example: social constructs are just as good as alternative facts
  2. how it’s used
    1. example: criteria, “information” used as criteria
      1. new question: what are the limits of this inspiration: so that I can find the formula for pushing limits, as well as the formula for not pushing limits.

to do inspiration: classify the word: “quotes” based on content.