How do we differentiate feelings? Proving that, since there are changes, differences in feelings over the comprehension over time proves that FEELINGS ARE FACTS.

Inspiration from: “Love-hate relationship” loving the hatred?

loving the hatred?

loving the [what]?

This proves that the limits of how we formula sentences is the limits of how we express our feelings via verbatim.

How do we differentiate feelings? Proving that, since there are changes, differences

Because of the existsiance of differences, changes, this implies that a format formula exists to interpret behavior, this is called learning neuroscience formulas, language, since language itself is a formula (how it was developed that is and learned, see how language was learned via your past experiences if you wanted to really understand why[2])

Youth Suicide Rates In The Rise


Focusing on what content keeps you alive

“I want you to experience [this feeling]”

Is it about what we experience or how we experience?

A: Determine the definition of experience; Definition= limits; What is the format formula for experience? How do we measure this variable?

Do words carry an emotional attachment?

Inspired from: One-worded words, definitions, and physicals as examples; We always start off with the physicals and then give them names so it’s easier to remember and mentally categorize. “What comes to mind?”

Words are remembered

Focusing on thoughts vs. focusing on feelings; Focusing on thoughts means (implies) that you are not focusing on the multi-tasking and toleration that is going on at that exact same moment that you are focusing on feelings for.

proving that only if you are unware of such facts (phase) will you pursue doing as such.

Feelings = Desire; And it’s up to us to be aware of the specifics of such as desire.

Feelings change = constantly set goals change

using words to describe something other words in action; see: measuring words via verbatim

It’s always you want or don’t want, focusing on what you want never focus on what you want to not to want.

Wanting is a phase, feelings change

Focusing on being alive, focusing on the fact that you’re giving the pro-lifers a chance, using the information differently. It’s about whichever state of mind you wish to be in with the bias of time moving constantly.

Other lines, that should be focused upon, for example, instead of focusing on the contents of the words, focus on the frequency of the words’ presence.

Feelings, how we measure feelings is how we are tolerance and measure importance(in such a context of using content words, being asked, by yourself).


The study of desire” = phycology?

“We are bound by our desires”

Why don’t the lower class develop the desire to overthrow the working class? is it because they are subconsciously scared and practicing multi-tasking?

Why socialism could work if we all wanted it too[1-refer testing limits of desire=feelings; when testing feelings you’re actually testing desires’ limits][2][see: capitalism and voluntariness], unfortunately, there is always that one authoritarian persons’ desire that circles around.

The whole abortion debate (is multi-tasking a form of debating ourselves, mentally?) proves that – if you are not alive and focusing on being alive, then you are not aware of limits, rather following morality.

Specifics feelings = Specifics understanding of situation, current situation.

Why does it cost a lot to be poor?

if you’re happy I’m happy too quotes

Source – Google Search

^ This quote above proves that we judge our very own feelings which proves the theory of using the past for pragmatics, and judging feelings nothing else since we constantly have feelings since everything we senses is a form of touching and touching causes feelings, and some are stored on the attitude as a routine via repetition[1] [2].

The Death Penalty can also be used for encouragement, not just deterrence; “Proving the measurement of feelings” are facts -> also proving awareness, since IT TAKES TIME to be aware and calculate it.

The Death Penalty can also be used for encouragement, not just deterrence

The death penalty proves itself not to work.

The same thing can be told to being pro-life (sanctity as a feeling of human life) and pro-choice (not feeling the same way about the setting of said plan)[another source] / contagious feelings like pro-life feelings moving in the air which is the thought process itself, you are identifying feelings via verbatim, studying feelings.

Pro life except in the case the woman’s’ life is in danger proves level of fear.

and what are the limits of the plans being used for motivation? See: limited thought process experience, can you imagine that experience?

Proving the measurement of feelings are facts

Constantly practice measuring them via a scale professionally.

Brother died of alcoholism; so Donald never touched alcohol. (Jan 2016)


Death penalty deters like violent TV leads kids astray. (Jul 2000)


Being able to plan to think is proof of comparing sounds to ideas. Get out of this pragmatically applying phase.

Saying Bring Back The Death Penalty means, I (short term reaction plan to) want to stay alive and live in such a manner and have other people…

Reminder: unaware of what you wanted when you were a baby speaking baby language you wanted to be a scientist

Only you can feel the relationship feelings.

[1] – Formulas are how it affects the body, the human body perspective specifically, measured by the scale of feelings, calming down whilst wish others requires a different level of attitude, a different scale used to measure.

I can argue for multiple positions because Understand the science behind it and not stigmatize it.

The real reason why you do it is always because you feel some form of un-comfortability

See: Overlapping feelings mind-concept

It’s actually the other way around (see: science fiction); This proves that we do it to stay alive because our safety and security is threatened [1][2]

why as the format of how, this above^ (hard), and dogmatic (such as it’s murder)

“Toxic Vibes”- Why are some feelings not able to be adopted (whilst talking about the same content) when not close with each other?

like the flashlight focusing on mind-concept

“nah nah nah b b you can’t get me”

Feelings are contagious