Questions to ask neuroscientists:

do scientist joke?

What is the average lifestyle for a scientist? Or is there even such a thing called an average lifestyle?

How do scientists know when to stop testing? When the get bored? When they stop finding new things?

How do you define fact and opinion?

Questions to ask neuroscientists; These are questions that I cannot get answers to unless I research in the lab myself, but are good questions to use to be inspired.

Q: Why don’t we see the world like this? (in terms of this)

speaking in terms of science see: variables of units of measurement (search this one other word), scale

Proving: channeling feelings

How do we formulate questions? (this should prove ideal system relationship and invisible lines)

What are the possible things that can be studied?

When do scientists decide to stop testing, experimenting? Is it whenever they don’t find anything new, curiosity? this proves that life itself is an experiment. Is this proof that we stop when we stop seeing new things? morality curiosity forms fear-mongering.

does documenting the results affect the results? For example, when you have to write down a quick reaction in only 2.5 seconds?

Alive bias, dying physicals limits, dramatizing information thought process and emphasizing ideas, introducing ideas/plans.