Why I hate being social

  1. I don’t know where to draw the line (since it’s not clear: if I should or should not act on my impulses), and if I do I don’t want to be the sole enforcer.
  2. people aren’t instinctively cooperative with my same goals (like what are you looking for in a relationship) like me
    1. also known as taking advantage of my respect (symbolism) and push my boundaries
  3. social people tend to be pro death penalty indicating that they have lost their sense of childhood

Loaded words are determined as such based on the way they are expressed not by the status of their factual validity.

This is what indoctrinating and assigning the feelings of good and bad, or another alternative fact/variable/opinion/loaded words into ones’ mind is.

^ That is an example of emphasizing, setting the goal of identifying certain thoughts via an open-mind (ex, setting and pursing the goal of listening to someone)